The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Fairy Of Dainty Hands

Chapter 386: Fairy of Dainty Hands

After hearing Wang Chong's side of the story, Bai Siling and Xu Gan fell silent.

Had Wang Chong never explained these intricacies to them, they wouldn't have been able to decipher them. They could finally see why Wang Chong had chosen to spare Huang Yongtu even though the latter had intended for his death.

"What an irony it is. His hesitation ended up saving him instead!" Xu Gan said deeply.

"Nevertheless, it seems like things are going well for you too!" At this point, Bai Siling suddenly shot a playful glance at Wang Chong and chuckled.

"Spare a Huang Yongtu, and you earned a beautiful lady from the Huang Clan instead."

"Hahaha!" Hearing Bai Siling raise that subject, Xu Gan couldn't help but burst into laughter.

The news that the Huang Clan had sent a doted daughter of theirs to the Wang Clan to wait on Wang Chong had been spreading like wildfire in the capital in recent days.

With most powers in the capital keeping a close eye on the conflict between the Wang Clan and the Huang Clan, it was impossible to hide the matter in the first place.

To be honest, most of them hadn't expected this matter to be resolved with a matrimony. After all, considering that the Huang Clan's doing had nearly cost Wang Chong his life a while back, they had expected the hostility between both clans to run deeper.

It was bizarre that the Wang Clan had chosen to let Huang Yongtu get away with his life, but since both sides had shown the intentions to resolve this matter amicably, and the Huang Clan had taken an extremely humble attitude as well, there was no one who had any qualms about the resolution.

In a way, this was for the best too.

The Wang Clan had managed to earn a great deal of profit, and the Huang Clan was spared from utter destruction. This could be considered as a win-win deal.

"What are you bastards talking about? She's just a guard!" Wang Chong replied awkwardly.

"Hahahaha..." Seeing Wang Chong's embarrassed look, the duo laughed even louder and more heartily.

Wang Chong had always maintained a wise and astute image in front of them. This was truly a rare opportunity to see him being placed in a spot.

Even Xu Gan couldn't help but tease him as well.

"Hmph, you should learn to be content! Great Tang's "Fairy of Dainty Hands", famed for her superior looks and martial arts, is serving as your maid, what else do you want?" Bai Siling said as she glared at Wang Chong.

"Fairy of Dainty Hands?" Wang Chong asked in surprise.

"The famed Fairy of Dainty Hands in the capital is actually Huang Qian-er. She's the most talented offspring of the Huang Clan. You didn't know that?" Seeing the bewilderment on Wang Chong's face, Xu Gan added in interest.

The Huang Clan wasn't of the same standing as the Wang Clan, but it was still a powerful clan in the capital. Among the scions of the upper society in the capital, there was no one who was unaware of the Huang Clan's Fairy of Dainty Hands.

The Zhao Clan's "Spear of Crimson Blaze" Zhao Yatong, the Huang Clan's "Fairy of Dainty Hands" Huang Qian-er... These were figures who possessed incredible prestige within the capital. Possessing both unparalleled beauty and might, they were admired by countless scions.

In terms of reputation, "Fairy of Dainty Hand" Huang Qian-er could fit into the top three among the younger generation, far above "Spear of Crimson Blaze" Zhao Yatong.

This wasn't just because of Huang Qian-er's younger age nor her exquisite appearance, but more importantly, her cultivation was far beyond Zhao Yatong.

"Amidst those fair dainty hands conceal might rivaling the heavens", such were the words used to describe her.

In the past seventy years, Huang Qian-er was the only Huang Clan offspring to master their "Thunderous Resonance of the Dainty Hands"!

It was her?, Wang Chong's heart jolted in astonishment.

He had never expected the young lady whom the Huang Clan had sent to his bedside to wait on him would turn out to be the famous Fairy of Dainty Hands!

In his previous life, Wang Chong had never managed to get into the circles of the scions of upper societies, such as Xu Gan and Bai Siling, and thus, there were many news and information among them that he lacked a thorough understanding of.

Furthermore, when Huang Qian-er walked into his room, she carried a massive silver sword on her back. As a result, Wang Chong had thought that she would specialize in swordsmanship, so he had never thought

After all, considering the name, the Thunderous Resonance of the Dainty Hands was indubitably a secret art involving one's hands.

However, this wasn't the only thing that had left Wang Chong astonished. Along with the realization of Huang Qian-er's identity, he also recalled another matter closely related to it.

Fairy of Dainty Hands...

In truth, Wang Chong had heard of this name in his previous life before, albeit how far away he was from it then.

The famed offspring of the Huang Clan had created an immense reputation for herself in the previous life, and it was far more impressive than those that were currently known to the world.

Her astounding accomplishment in martial arts had left many of her fellow peers in the dust, and many thought that she might reach achieve great things in the future.

However, that never came to be.

While there was no doubt that the Huang Clan's Thunderous Resonance of Dainty Hands was powerful, it had a fatal flaw to it. It was not without reason that no one had managed to master it in the past seventy years. Huang Qian-er's wilful cultivation of the technique had left an immense trauma on her body.

When she was still younger and her cultivation wasn't too high, the trauma wasn't very apparent, and it didn't hinder her by much.

However, the further she progressed, the greater the trauma grew. Eventually, before she was even twenty-seven, the famed Fairy of Dainty Hands had already breathed her last.

Just like how swiftly she rose, her dethronement was equally abrupt and quick.

Wang Chong had never seen the Fairy of Dainty Hands in person his previous life, but he had heard about her tragic outcome, and he had felt great pity for her as well.

Who could have thought that the Fairty of Dainty Hands would turn out to be Huang Qian-er, and the Huang Clan would actually send her to him. This sure was a curious turn of fate.

"Hmph, not only did you receive a hefty compensation from the Huang Clan, you even scored yourself a beauty. You must be extremely gleeful now!" Bai Siling had been staring at Wang Chong intently, and upon seeing that he had fallen into a daze, she harrumphed in displeasure.

"Why would I?" Meeting Bai Siling's cold gaze, Wang Chong found himself at a loss for words. How did the subject get to this? What he was thinking about was completely different from what Bai Siling was saying!

On the other hand, despite Xu Gan's nonchalant exterior, he was already laughing heartily on the inside. Even a fool could easily see that Bai Siling was being jealous.

"Siling and Wang Chong, I still have some things to attend to so I'll take my leave now. You two can continue whatever you were doing." Xu Gan stood up, and with a vague smile on his face, he bade his farewell.

He wasn't so foolish as to get between the both of them at this moment.

"What do you mean by that? I have nothing to continue with him! I'll be leaving now!" For some reason, Bai Siling abruptly flew into a rage at Xu Gan's words. She abruptly stood up and left without any hesitation.

Upon seeing that sight, Wang Chong was completely stumped.

"A woman's heart sure is indecipherable!"

Only Xu Gan, who had been watching the entire scene from the side, seemed to be able to comprehend what had happened, and he shook his head with a helpless smile.

Nevertheless, the affairs between the both of them should be resolved amongst themselves. Outsiders like him shouldn't interfere in it.


Eventually, the tension between the Wang Clan and the Huang Clan gradually calm down, and the curtains finally fell on the incident of Wang Chong's assassination.

As for the Yao Clan and King Qi...

Without sufficient evidence, no matter how certain Wang Chong was of the matter, there was nothing he could do about that. This was also another convention within the upper society.

Nevertheless, the Yao Clan and King Qi also didn't walk out of this matter completely unharmed. While it was impossible to deal with the both of them, their allies weren't as untouchable. In the period when Wang Chong was recuperating from his heavy injuries, they found themselves heavily suppressed.

Making use of the momentum from this incident, King Qi and the Yao Clan's influence in the Bureau of Military Personnel were clipped.

Despite so, in order to appease the Wang Clan, they chose to remain silent on the matter.

Otherwise, that could easily spell a war between both factions.

After all, even the old master of the Wang Clan was incensed over this incident!


It's about time for me to return to the training camp!, Wang Chong thought as he gazed at the fleeting clouds above him from the entrance of the Wang Family Residence.

It had been twenty days since the end of the mission, but Wang Chong had yet to return to the training camp to report the end of his mission.

As such, the Halo of Dusk Stallion wasn't in his hand yet.

Since he had already recovered from his injuries and dealt with whatever that was necessary, it should be time for him to return there.

As Little Shadow was still in the midst of his recovery, Wang Chong chose to ride on another steed, and along with Little Shadow, a few guards, and Huang Qian-er, he left for Kunwu Training Camp.

"Let me just make things clear for now. I'll only be responsible for your safety. Don't even dream about making me do anything, I won't agree to it. At most, we'll just go down together!"

Carrying the same silver sword on her back, Huang Qian-er glared at Wang Chong coldly from her steed.

"This lady over here... I don't recall having called you along?" Wang Chong rolled his eyes.

He hadn't asked Huang Qian-er to come along with him, but for some reason, after hearing that he would be returning to the training camp, she immediately asked for a steed from the Huang Clan and tagged along.

"You still dare to say! At this point, does it matter whether you called me along or not?" Huang Qian-er raged furiously before galloping ahead.

"..." Wang Chong fell silent.

That was indeed true. The Huang Clan had entrusted Huang Qian-er to Wang Chong to have the latter wait on him, and one most important aspect of that was to ensure Wang Chong's safety.

In a sense, this was the Huang Clan's attempt at redemption after their involvement in the previous assassination.

On this matter, there was very little Wang Chong could do about it.

Even though Huang Qian-er could be considered as his subordinate, the Huang Clan's orders still took precedence over his.

However, putting aside Huang Qian-er's cold attitude, he had to admit that she was a ravishing beauty.

Her skin was extremely smooth and fair, and there was a slightly translucent quality to it, reminiscent of suet white jade.

Back then, when Wang Chong had taken the Huang Clan's letter from her hand and accidentally touched her skin, the smooth sensation at his fingertip had nearly left a ripple in his heart.

This didn't seem to just be an innate quality she was born with, it seemed to be related to the martial arts she practices as well.

At the same time, she possessed a slender figure with defined curves, elegant, but bewitching at the same time.

Fairy of Dainty Hands!, Wang Chong thought as he glanced at the elegant back before him. Her black, silky hair put up in a bun contrasted deeply with her white robe and fair skin. She resembled a fairy from the heavens, unsullied by the dirt of the mortal world.

Even he couldn't help but be moved for an instant. However, these thoughts and emotions swiftly disappeared from his mind.


Pulling on the reins of his steed, he galloped ahead for the training camp.