The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 405

Chapter 405: Li Siyes First Battle
Chapter 405: Li Siye's First Battle!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong went to see Yang Zhao at noon but didn't return until late in the night.

"Whether it succeeds will all depend on luck."

Speaking to himself, Wang Chong began to climb the spirit vein mountain.

All the arrangements had been made, and Yang Zhao had promised to help the Bureau of Military Personnel send an army to assist in suppressing the Dragon Bandits of Qixi Desert.

Li Siye's abilities and the Imperial Court's suppression force should be enough to threaten the Dragon Bandits and Black Dragon Zhao. Now it was time for Wang Chong to enter the spirit vein, calm his heart, and proceed as quickly as he could on the path of martial cultivation.

And this was all he could do at present.

After reaching the True Martial realm, Wang Chong had many things that he could cultivate. One of these was a supreme True Martial realm technique that Wang Chong had learned of in his last life:

"Leaping Dragon Spear!"

Time flew by, and ten-some days were gone in a flash. While Wang Chong was quietly cultivating in the spirit vein and patiently waiting for news, the capital was in a ruckus.

An invisible net had been cast from the capital, seeking to envelop Qixi in the extreme west.

Li Siye, carrying the giant sword forged by Wang Chong, constantly changed horses so that he could travel all day and night to reach the Western Regions.

It was a long journey from the capital to Qixi, and not even a month would be sufficient. Li Siye's method was practically the only method to shorten this time and hasten the journey to Qixi Desert.

And when Li Siye was traveling by day and night to Qixi, Old Eagle and King Song's experts were following close behind.

And the soldiers and horses mobilized by the Bureau of Military Personnel had also smoothly arrived at the Qixi Protectorate, the Beiting Protectorate, and the Big Dipper Army. A joint operation of these armies as a suppression force was not rare. The Imperial Court had conducted these sorts of activities before when encountering such powerful bandits.

In brief, under Wang Chong's promotion, a giant net formed from many factions was swiftly closing around Qixi Desert.


Roaring winds stirred up the gravel and dust in the sea of sand, obscuring the sky. The area around Mount Qiongqi was shrouded in dust.

But the Dragon Bandits were still keeping vigilant watch on the area around Mount Qiongqi.

Although this sort of sandstorm was extremely dangerous to an ordinary person and difficult to endure, the bandits living here had grown used to it ages ago.

All the bandits had used clothes and cloth to cover their noses and mouths, as well as their mounts'. Patrolling in these sandstorms was practically instinct for them.

The guard around Mount Qiongqi seemed relaxed, but that was only on the surface. At various critical areas, the garrison had been increased, and all of them seemed very vigilant.

In their previous raid, they had killed no small number of Sindhi monks. These monks had not been weak, and one had even been a Profound Martial realm expert who had been personally killed by their boss.

After so many years, their boss rarely took part. Later on, news began to spread that the shipment they had robbed belonged to an important figure in the capital.

All of the Dragon Bandits were extremely nervous.

Everyone knew that such an important figure would not just leave things at that! But the Dragon Bandits were not so afraid that they would flee.

In their time in Qixi, they had already experienced far too many suppression forces from the government. Even Fumeng Lingcha of the Qixi Protectorate had been unable to deal with them, much less anyone else.

If they really couldn't beat the great army sent by that important figure in the capital, they would just hide in the desert.


The winds swept gravel across the earth. The ground around Mount Qiongqi shook and a strange feeling came with the wind.

"They're finally here!"

At almost the same time, at the peak of Mount Qiongqi, a tall and erect figure slowly opened its eyes. Even in the sandstorm, these eyes shone with a brilliance that no one dared to look at head-on.

Black Dragon Zhao sat imposingly on a stone chair at the summit. At his left and right were the elites of Qiongqi, all of them gazing somberly in one direction.

An hour ago, he had already sensed a strange aura suddenly appearing in his perception. Moreover, it was heading straight toward his Mount Qiongqi, without any detour.

For a hundred li around Mount Qiongqi, no other life flourished except him and his Dragon Bandits! This person was undoubtedly charging toward them.

"Hmph, that's quite fast. It's only been a little more than twenty days but they were still able to rush over here."

There was a disdainful look in the corner of Black Dragon Zhao's eyes, and he invisibly and involuntarily exuded an ambitious and ruthless air.

It took at least a month and a half to travel from the capital to Mount Qiongqi. For this person to get here, they had clearly traveled through the day and night. This was an indicator of how important that shipment was!

But it was just one person

Wasn't this underestimating him too much?!

If it was the Qixi Protector-General Fumeng Lingcha, even if he came alone, he would still flee, not even staying half a minute to mess around with him. In order to guard against Fumeng Lingcha, he had even installed many spies around the Qixi Protectorate.

As soon as Fumeng Lingcha left his stronghold, as soon as Fumeng Lingcha looked in his direction, a carrier pigeon would immediately be sent to Mount Qiongqi.

But anyone else?

Not everyone would be a Great General of the empire! And in all of the Great Tang, it was only those few people that he feared.

Sending one person to take away the ore he had stolen was truly wishful thinking!

"Boss, they're here!"

A voice suddenly came from his side. In an instant, almost half of the Dragon Bandits on the summit turned to the same direction.

A black silhouette had suddenly appeared amongst the fierce sandstorm, slowly making its way toward Mount Qiongqi, toward the bandit ranks.

He walked very slowly, but with abnormal resolve and weight. It felt like not even a sea of blades or mountains of fire would be able to stop him, nor would a bottomless abyss, and certainly not some sandstorm!

This person had a frightening, enormously powerful, and forever invincible will!

"It's a true man!"

Black Dragon Zhao looked toward the sandstorm, the disdain in his eyes slowly transforming into a shred of respect.

Very few people could make him change his mind with just their figure, but this person had unquestionably done it.


In the sandstorm, Li Siye slowly walked toward Mount Qiongqi. When he eventually drew close enough, he fiercely took the sword of Wootz Steel that Wang Chong had forged and thrust it into the ground, sheath and all.

The surrounding earth quaked. Half of Mount Qiongqi quivered at Li Siye's strike.

"I'm finally here!"

Li Siye rested his hands on the hilt of the massive Wootz Steel sword and breathed heavily. After twenty-some days of overnight travel and running three fine warhorses to death, he had finally reached Mount Qiongqi of the distant Qixi.

Standing at the base of this great mountain, he could finally clearly make out the people looking down on him from the summit. There was the heroic figure of Black Dragon Zhao, his black robe drifting in the wind, and there were the elites of the Dragon Bandits, experts at Tier 7, 8, and 9 of the True Martial realm.

"Black Dragon Zhao?"

Li Siye's voice was brimming with energy, echoing in the air like claps of thunder. The moment it left his mouth, his voice suppressed the sound of the sandstorm. Several of the warhorses were alarmed, neighing as they reared up.

Li Siye had rested only intermittently on his twenty-some-day journey, yet no exhaustion could be seen in his eyes. There was only deep excitement and a longing for the battle soon to come.

"He really is a true man!"

Black Dragon Zhao looked down from the summit and gave a rare compliment. At such close distances, Li Siye could see him clearly, so Black Dragon Zhao could naturally see Li Siye clearly.

Li Siye's massive constitution and burly body was even larger than the strongmen of this generation. Just by standing at the base of the mountain and nothing more, he seemed like a warrior Buddha, unleashing an extremely oppressive aura.

He hadn't even begun to move yet, so one could just imagine how powerful his true strength was.

"I am Black Dragon Zhao!"

Black Dragon Zhao's voice rumbled, brimming with majesty.

"How should I address Your Excellency?"

"Li Siye!"

Li Siye imposingly stood at the foot of the mountain, the sliver of a smile on his face. Since he had found his main objective, everything would be fine.

"Li Siye?"

Black Dragon Zhao frowned, doubt appearing in his eyes. He had eyes and ears across the world, his reach extending to wherever bandits or brigands could be found.

He knew all the true experts of the world, from Silla and Goguryeo in the east to the kingdoms of the Western Regions. But this Li Siye

Black Dragon Zhao shook his head. This name was completely unknown to him. It seemed like this person was not the formidable individual he had imagined.

"Are you from the capital?"

When Black Dragon Zhao spoke again, his expression was much more relaxed.


Li Siye gave a toothy grin. He didn't need to think much to know what Black Dragon Zhao thought of him, but he also didn't care.

His reputation might be nonexistent now, but in the future, his name was sure to be known throughout the world.

"Since you're Black Dragon Zhao, everything is fine. Bring out the Hyderabad ore!"

Li Siye's voice continued to thunderously resound in the heavens, his words beyond doubt.


The moment Li Siye spoke, before Black Dragon Zhao had time to speak, the thousands of Dragon Bandits surrounding Mount Qiongqi finally couldn't help themselves and roared with laughter.

Even Black Dragon Zhao on the summit couldn't help but faintly smile.

"Warrior, I respect you as a true man. It doesn't have to be this way. Join my Dragon Bandits! I have a place for you at my side!"

Amidst the howling winds, Black Dragon Zhao extended a hand and pointed at the empty spot at his side.

"Hahaha, an officer is an officer and a bandit is a bandit. Our paths are different, so we can't live together! I will ask again, Chief Zhao, are you willing to hand over the Hyderabad ore shipment you stole?"

Li Siye's hands rested on the Wootz Steel sword.

"Hand it over? Hahaha! Why? Because of you?"

Black Dragon Zhao's face was covered in scorn. Since this man wasn't willing to surrender, there was no need for him to be courteous.


Li Siye solemnly nodded, apparently unaware of the ridicule in the bandit king's voice.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course!"

Li Siye once more solemnly nodded.

"Hmph, this being the case, then come and take it!"

Black Dragon Zhao's expression chilled. As he spoke, his long hair fluttered in the wind while his arms slowly spread apart.

Rumble! As his arms spread, the thousands of Dragon Bandits charged out from behind the mountain and surrounded Li Siye.

At the same time, even more True Martial Tier 7, 8, and 9 experts walked out from behind Black Dragon Zhao.

This was a pool of dragons, a den of tigers.

This was Black Dragon Zhao's territory.

"Hahaha, I already knew that you would be like this!"

At the foot of the mountain, Li Siye's hand gripped the sword as he heartily laughed. Li Siye's eyes showed no fear as the vast sea of bandits approached, only extreme excitement, excitement for the battle about to take place.

His life was foreordained to be one of battle!

"Since you're not willing to hand over the ore, I'll take it myself!"

His voice resounded across the world. Li Siye gripped and then fiercely pulled out the Wootz Steel sword that Wang Chong had specifically forged for him.


There was a flash of light, and then a dazzling dragon of white light suddenly soared into the skies