The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Going Down The Mountain
Chapter 408: Going Down the Mountain

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Demonic Emperor Old Man waved his hands and said, "You don't have to worry about this. Let me handle the matter of the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art. Just have that eagle tamer under your command work with me."

"But Master, you"

Wang Chong gazed at his seated master, a hint of worry in his eyes. Although his master's hair had turned from white to black and he looked considerably younger, Wang Chong could still feel that his vitality was not as good as it appeared.

And if he focused, he could even sense a strand of chaotic energy in the old man. This was a residual effect from being ambushed and having his dantian broken.

The Myriad Spirit Sea Art required the warrior to cripple their cultivation. Only by crippling one's main dantian could one convert the countless acupoints into myriad spirit seas.

But the crippling of cultivation and reconstruction required by the Myriad Spirit Sea Art was completely different from the ambush and dantian destruction that the Demonic Emperor Old Man had experienced.

Although the Demonic Emperor Old Man had reached a certain level in the Myriad Spirit Sea Art and could attack in a variety of manners that no ordinary person could deal with, the severe damage dealt to his dantian in that ambush meant that he could not endure long battles.

The moment a battle went on for too long, he would immediately suffer from cultivation defect and die. This was why Wang Chong had never thought about sending his master when the one thousand jun of Hyderabad ore from Sindhu had been stolen.

Moreover, once his whereabouts were exposed, there was a chance that those who had ambushed his master, those grandmasters and authorities of the pugilistic world, as well as that 'traitorous disciple', might take notice. They would flock to his location, and probably not even the strength of the Wang Clan would be able to protect his master.

And the Wang Clan might even end up being swept into the battle between martial powerhouses.

Thus, Wang Chong did not dare to lightly use his master's strength.

The area his master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, lived had even been declared a forbidden ground by Wang Chong that not even trusted associates like Zhao Jingdian could easily approach.

Wang Chong did not think he could keep this secret forever, but he would try to buy as much time as possible!

The hall was quiet.

"Chong-er, your master appreciates your filial piety, but I, your master, dominated the world for my entire life. I have never feared anything. Do you think I will do as you hope and live for the rest of my life here like a turtle in its shell?" the Demonic Emperor Old Man said.

"Master, please be at peace. Your disciple will definitely find a way to help you completely repair your dantian," Wang Chong said sternly, kneeling on the ground.

"Haha, just having these thoughts is enough for me. Master knows what he should do."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man patted Wang Chong, a gleam of gratitude flashing in his eyes. He had dominated the pugilistic world, the mere mention of his name causing hearts to quail, and yet in his old age, the Demonic Emperor Old Man realized that his proudest achievement was not his killing of those righteous and evil experts of the pugilistic world or his dreadful inspiration that struck fear in the hearts of men, but this young disciple that he picked up in his waning years.

Whether a person was speaking sincerely or saying one thing while intending to do otherwise was something that he could sense.

And he could sense an extreme sincerity in Wang Chong, true concern and desire to help him.

After growing so used to the constant backstabbing of the pugilistic world, the Demonic Emperor Old Man dearly treasured this sort of sincerity.

"Your master is much older than you, and I have seen many things and experienced far too much. I know what can be done and what can't. And the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art is closely related to the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art of our lineage. In my younger years, I attempted to find it once. Alas, my efforts were fruitless. If we have managed to come upon some definite clue, we cannot let it go, no matter what.

"If we can obtain that legendary supreme technique of the righteous path, perhaps our Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art can accomplish what the seniors of our sect could never do. We can surpass the pinnacle realm of Consummate Perfection and reach an even higher plane!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man declared.

As he spoke, his voice resounded with passion and enthusiasm. Making up for the flaws in the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was his lifelong dream, an effort that he had devoted almost half his life to.

Now that his hope was close at hand, nobody could stop him, no matter who they were. As for whether he could still cultivate with his dantian broken this was no longer one of his worries.

"Disciple understands."

Wang Chong sensed his master's desire and said no more. After deferentially kowtowing three times, he retreated.

After arranging for Old Eagle to assist his master, Wang Chong no longer concerned himself with the search for the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art.

He placed all his mind on cultivation.

As time slowly passed, Wang Chong made great progress every day. He had grown much stronger, a far cry from where he first started, and he was steadily on the path to charging the second tier of the True Martial realm.


A long and clear cry, like that of a dragon or phoenix, shook the firmament. At this same moment Wang Chong's body strode like a rainbow toward the empty air ten-some zhang away.

Hum! Beneath his feet, the spiritual energy in the surroundings began to gather, forming into white, cottony Origin Energy. Wang Chong stepped upon it, turned, and then strode for an even higher space.

Bang! At the second step, Wang Chong's energy was finally exhausted. He became a dragon waving its tail and then suddenly a shooting star, crashing toward a mountain fifty-some zhang away.


There was a world-shaking boom as a massive rock weighing almost ten thousand jin exploded into powder together with the hard ground. Dust plumed in the air, reaching altitudes of several dozen zhang.

After some time, a heavy and energetic foot stepped out of the seething dust. Wang Chong, a silver spear in his hand, walked out of the shrouding dust.

His posture was erect, his gaze disdainful, and he exuded an invisible aura of power.


A gale blew past, sweeping away the plume of dust behind him. A massive pit, ten-some meters deep, was revealed behind Wang Chong.

"The Leaping Dragon Art can only spiral to the second layer. My strength still isn't enough!"

Wang Chong dismantled the silver spear and placed the pieces into a leather bag, after which he gave a long sigh.

The Leaping Dragon Art was extremely powerful. With each leap into the air, one would be able to attract the Origin Energy in the earth. At its best, one could leap into the air nine times.

And at the ninth layer, the power of the attack was inconceivable, with every action and movement able to manifest the image of a dragon.

This power surpassed experts of the True Martial realm and could even defeat experts of the Profound Martial realm.

This supreme technique did not rely on the body's own power, but the Origin Energy drawn from the depths of time and space with each leap. It borrowed the energy of the world to defeat opponents.

Wang Chong was almost at the second tier of the True Martial realm, so he could essentially leap two steps into the air. To warriors of True Martial Tier 4, just a brush from his attack would lead to injury and a strike would lead to certain death. As for blocking, that was simply out of the question.

"The Leaping Dragon Art coupled with the Stellar Energy Iron Cloak will offer me enormous protection at the True Martial realm. I just need to wait until they mature," Wang Chong said to himself.

As he spoke, he opened his right hand. Whoosh! A black shadow rose up from Wang Chong's body and then fell into his hand, shrinking until it was the size of a peach. It was a miniature Iron Cloak, formed of Stellar Energy.

In this period of secluded cultivation, Wang Chong's greatest harvest besides his progress in the Leaping Dragon Art was his success in cultivating Iron Cloak Li's Stellar Energy Iron Cloak.

Although his cultivation was inferior to Iron Cloak Li's, Wang Chong had a far greater and more meticulous sense and control over Stellar Energy.

Iron Cloak Li's Stellar Energy Iron Cloak could attack and defend. With these two supreme techniques, Wang Chong was basically flawless in the True Martial realm.


The Iron Cloak flew out of his hand like a bolt of lightning and covered a rock ten-some zhang away. As the Iron Cloak shrank, cracking sounds came from the rock as it was crushed.

Wang Chong lightly shook the Iron Cloak from afar, causing the countless tiny rocks to crash down into a pile.

"How elusive! In the end, Iron Cloak Li prioritized first impressions, and his thoughts were too simple. The Stellar Energy Iron Cloak isn't merely something so simple as an energy barrier!"

Wang Chong gave a brilliant smile and then began to walk. As he walked, a wave of his hand caused the Iron Cloak to return to his body.


Wang Chong placed his index finger and thumb into his mouth and made a clear and sharp whistle. He soon heard the clopping of hooves as a trail of dust began to travel to him from the foot of the mountain. In the blink of an eye, the greenish black figure of a White-hoofed Shadow appeared before Wang Chong, affectionately licking his face.

"Is it time to go?"

A clear and cold voice came out of the mist. At some point, Huang Qian-er in her snow-white gown, mounted on a horse, had appeared behind Wang Chong.

In these few short months, Huang Qian-er's entire person had undergone a significant transformation. She had gotten stronger, but she had also gotten colder and more aloof. She seemed to be not of this earth, a fairy that did not partake of mortal foods.

Huang Qian-er had also clearly gained a lot from these months in the spirit vein. She had grown considerably stronger.

Perhaps it was because of the Thunderclap of Dainty Hands, but Wang Chong felt that the more powerful Huang Qian-er became, the more aloof, serene, and transcendent she seemed, growing increasingly estranged.

Another person might have felt ashamed in front of Huang Qian-er, but Wang Chong was not.

"Let's go. It's time to leave anyway!"

Wang Chong mounted his horse and was soon galloping down the mountain. Huang Qian-er followed closely, and the two quickly left the spirit vein.

About half a day after leaving the spirit vein, Wang Chong reached the vicinity of Deflecting Blade Manor. But Wang Chong did not head into Deflecting Blade Manor as he usually did, instead choosing to stop at a mountain slope nearby.

"Wang Chong, you're finally here!"

At practically the exact moment Wang Chong's horse stopped, two people suddenly charged out of the lush forest behind the slope. They had elated expressions, apparently having waited for a long time.