The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Wang Chong Steps Forward
Chapter 413: Wang Chong Steps Forward!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"What are you up to?"

A questioning voice came from the side. It was Huang Qian-er, her eyes warily fixed on Wang Chong. She had been at Wang Chong's side this entire time, so she had heard loud and clear his conversation with Old Eagle.

"Haha, what I should be doing," Wang Chong carefreely said from his horse. When he saw a few members of the Zhang Clan walking over, he hurriedly waved his hand to them.

"You're simply no match for him. You also saw that Imperial soldier. He had a much higher cultivation level than you, but he still died to that -Tsang First Prince."

Huang Qian-er was incredibly wary of Wang Chong's intentions. Her mission was to ensure Wang Chong's safety, not send him to death.

"You're not capable of dealing with that person!"

"You're underestimating me too much."

Wang Chong grinned. As he began to leisurely take off his robe, he ordered those members of the Zhang Clan to open the boxes and pass over the upper body of Deep Sea Xuan Metal armor.

The Zhang Clan truly had put some effort into this armor. Wang Chong reached out to appraise the armor and immediately felt his hand sinking down. This armor was not simply its weight of one hundred jin.

In both its shape and tenacity, this armor appeared to be incredibly strong, giving off the aura of a miniature fortress.

Wang Chong raised the armor over his head with both hands and quickly donned it. His body felt abnormally comfortable, like a fish in water or a bird in the forest. The armor was extremely well-fitting.

"Since I'm planning to step into the arena, I naturally have an idea of how to win, or else I wouldn't be doing this. And besides if I don't step in, do you intend to go in my place?"

Wang Chong turned to look at Huang Qian-er, a faint smile on his face.

Huang Qian-er's mouth opened, ready to speak, but then she hesitated. There were so many people here, so many experts, but none of them were stepping forward. It wasn't like there was no reason for this.

It wasn't difficult to defeat the -Tsang First Prince, but if one were to wound him or kill him, no one present would be able to assume the responsibility for the ensuing war.

Huang Qian-er was at Wang Chong's side to ensure the safety of the Huang Clan, not to kill a First Prince and bring another disaster on the Huang Clan.

"Haha, this is enough!"

With his indifferent smile, Wang Chong quickly took the helmet from a member of the Zhang Clan and placed it on his head.


At this moment, a mountain-toppling explosion came from the center of the crowd. The originally silent practice ground grew restless once more.

"Let's go in and see!"

Wang Chong's expression shifted as he immediately urged his horse into the practice ground. By flashing the token he had, he smoothly squeezed his way in.

He looked around, and then with a swish, Wang Chong leapt into the air, jumping to the roof of a nearby building.

Here, Wang Chong could look down and clearly see what was going on in the center of the practice ground. Wang Chong's intuition had not been wrong. Someone finally became unable to suppress their rage and rode their horse into the practice ground.

"Come! Foreign barbarians! I'll let you experience the power of the Central Plains!"

A furious voice resounded over the massive practice grounds. Wang Chong's gaze followed the thunderous gallop of hooves and saw a fully-armored young man, seemingly a scion from a great clan, carrying a large spear. He was one with his horse, leaving behind a trail of thick dust as he charged toward the -Tsang First Prince.

This momentum seemed almost invincible, capable of sweeping away everything in its path!

But in the next moment, the crowd buzzed as an infuriating sight took place. As everyone stared, a figure shot forward.

The -Tsang First Prince made no attempts to dodge or defend himself, heading straight for that youth's spear as if seeking his death.


The young scion was stunned. His goal had been to discipline this prince, not to kill him.

There was no time to think. He pulled on the reins to avert his horse's charge.

The warhorse neighed and its four legs almost simultaneously stiffened as it charged past. Snickt! A bloody light flashed, and before that young scion had managed to do anything, a cut had been made on his chest, blood spilling out from within.

"Despicable, shameless! He's doing it again!"

"Is there any skill in using such a contemptible move!"

"Do these Tibetan barbarians know nothing of rules?"

"He knows that we don't dare injure him! That bastard!"

"I didn't think that the grand First Prince of -Tsang would be this sort of character!"

The crowd standing around the practice ground was about to explode from rage.

"Heheh, when two kingdoms fight, the weak become the food for the strong. That's how it is between kingdoms, so that's how it should be in martial arts competitions. What courtesy and etiquette? These rules of the Central Plains are simply laughable!

"It's not like I made you. You did it yourselves. If this is of your own doing, who else can you blame?"

On the other side of the practice ground, the -Tsang First Prince turned his horse around. As the crowd showered him with curses, he sneered, caring not for their rebukes.

He had never been a person of the Great Tang, so why should he care about their curses? It wasn't as if they could harm him.

"Come! Since you want to seek your death, I'll fulfill your wish!"

His gaze fixed on the distant young scion, the -Tsang First Prince gave a sinister laugh and urged his horse forward. Now it was his turn to attack.

But just like before, the prince put no thought in defense, pouring all his energy into his attack.

In an instant, the young scion's complexion turned ghastly.

"Do you still think that I can't kill him?"

The sound of a gown flying through the air coupled with an alluring scent resounded next to Wang Chong's ear. Wang Chong continued to look down at the practice ground, not even turning his head as he asked his question.

"You can't touch this person. Do you not see all those people standing there? It's not that you can't deal with me, but that you can't even touch him. Even though your Wang Clan is a clan of generals and ministers, even if your grandfather's reputation is known throughout the world, the consequences are not something your Wang Clan can endure!"

Huang Qian-er sternly rebuked him with an icy face.

Not long after Wang Chong had flown up onto the building, she had followed him up.

"Ha! That's because you don't understand me much. Don't you know? The more unkillable a person is, the more I want to kill them."

Wang Chong looked at that light brown horse in the practice ground, a jeering smile on his lips. It was like he was looking at someone about to die.

What a wise plan!

Wang Chong watched as the -Tsang First Prince used his own body as a shield, charging here and there, treating his life without care as he coldly sneered.

In martial arts competitions, these competitions of life and death, there were few rules. In this aspect, he actually admired the -Tsang First Prince.

But though his strategy of using his own body against his opponents might work against others, it was useless against Wang Chong.


Unclenching his hands, Wang Chong quickly leapt down from the building and returned to his horse. The battle was already over. On the practice ground, that young scion was in desperate straits, his body covered in saber wounds. If nothing surprising happened, his death was assured.

"It's time for me to step forward."

Wang Chong urged his horse forward.

"Wait a moment"

Huang Qian-er jumped down from the building, but before she could stop Wang Chong, Old Eagle pulled her back.

"Young Miss, be at ease. When Young Master does something, he does so with purpose, and he would never do something without some understanding. Since he's moving, he must have his reasons. I hope that Young Miss can keep your trust in Young Master," Old Eagle solemnly said.

The encirclement and annihilation of the Goguryeon assassins had given Wang Chong Old Eagle's complete trust. Moreover, Old Eagle's trust was not so blind.

The Deep Sea Xuan Metal armor Wang Chong was wearing was meant to deal with master archers, and many toughening inscriptions had been attached to it. Even if a master archer shot an arrow with all their strength, it wouldn't be able to pierce through, so why would the saber or sword of a Tibetan?

In addition, Old Eagle was not someone who only had courage and no plans. He had already moved a master archer to stand guard in the vicinity.

If something really did happen, Wang Chong's Deep Sea Xuan Metal armor and the bow and arrows of the master archer would buy enough time.

On the practice ground, warhorses galloped. Li Chen had never thought it possible that just a few short exchanges would leave him so tired.

Sweat drops the size of beans constantly seeped out of his skin, following the line of his eyebrows and the bridge of his nose until they dropped down from his chin. The salty sweat dripped into his eyes, even blurring his vision.

The small spear in his hands had never felt heavier. The thick stench of blood hung in his nose, and Li Chen knew that all this blood was his.


Li Chen clenched his teeth and cursed. He felt a little regret, not at his own arrogance, but at his underestimation of his opponent's shamelessness.

In these last few days of challenges, his opponent had already grasped the minds of the crowd, and he had also snatched the advantage of bringing the Chamberlain of Dependencies here. He continued to use his body to block, to ram, to press, to approach, to snatch in short, he used almost every method of self-harm to make others afraid to strike out for fear of injuring him.

The prince himself attacked with full force, doing anything he wanted.

This was an unfair battle!

Li Chen knew that he couldn't last for much longer. His body was not just bleeding blood, but strength and Stellar Energy.

Li Chen had a mind to end the fight, but with so many people watching, he found it impossible to just retreat. Moreover, an intense dignity did not allow him to do this.

"Enough! Step down!"

Just when Li Chen felt like he was enduring endless suffering and found it hard to continue, a voice came out of the crowd, accompanied by the clopping of hooves, and a fully-armored figure suddenly rode a horse out of the crowd.

Wang Chong, riding the White-hoofed Shadow and fully equipped in Deep Sea Xuan Metal armor, gripping a silver spear with a tip forged from Wootz Steel, slowly rode his horse into the practice ground.

The vast practice grounds instantly quieted down. When Wang Chong appeared, everyone inadvertently exhaled at the same time.

This battle was already hopeless, and no one wanted to see the tragedy from before replay itself.