The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Fight
Chapter 414: Fight!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


On the other side of the practice field, the -Tsang First Prince coldly laughed. This battle was already reaching its end and he was about to enjoy the pleasure of victory. How could he let the words of a single person disturb him?

The -Tsang First Prince became one with his neighing warhorse, transforming into a surging trail of dust charging straight toward Li Chen.


Wang Chong snorted as if having expected this sort of scene. He raised his right hand, and then, bang! A streak of lightning seemed to sear through the sky as a thick metal arrow crossed half the practice ground and brushed past the prince's horse, thudding into the ground.

Neigh! The light brown horse whinnied and reared, and the -Tsang First Prince atop had a nasty expression.


Before the -Tsang First Prince could raise any objections, a furious roar exploded out of the golden-roofed building at the edge of the practice ground.

That arrow ordered by Wang Chong had not injured the -Tsang First Prince, but it had provoked the official from the Chamberlain of Dependencies within the building.

"Where did this bastard come from? Did you not understand what I said? You cannot injure the -Tsang First Prince! Are you deaf? An injury amongst the members of the diplomatic mission will lead to a dispute between the two countries. Which clan has a bastard son like you? Are the words of the Chamberlain of Dependencies just wind blowing by your ears?"

The official of the Chamberlain of Dependencies in the building was implacably furious.

They had already issued a warning and had the Imperial Army standing guard here, but there were still people who didn't listen. It was truly absurd!

Somebody! Quickly take him away!"

Standing at the balcony, the official extended his index finger at the distant Wang Chong, his complexion ashen, his voice harsh.

The crowd around the practice ground became restless as several Imperial soldiers rushed toward Wang Chong.

And on the other side, the -Tsang First Prince looked no better than the official. That arrow just now had not been merciful. If he had not reacted quickly, he would have been shot through.

"A master archer!"

The -Tsang First Prince twisted his head around and glared at Wang Chong, hatred instantly making Wang Chong his target.

At the same time, everyone in the practice ground also focused on Wang Chong.

"I already said that this battle was already over. Since you insist on feigning ignorance, I'll say it again. Doesn't -Tsang want to acquaint itself with the young elites of the Central Plains? Don't you want to find someone who can defeat you? Then, your wish is fulfilled. Tibetans have always esteemed strength, so they shouldn't have this little skill and only know how to bully the weak, right?"

Wang Chong leisurely sat on his horse. The first part of his words had been spoken in the tongue of the Central Plains, but he had ended by speaking in flawless Tibetan language.

When Wang Chong spoke this smooth string of Tibetan words, the originally angry -Tsang First Prince and even the -Tsang Great General Dusong Mangpoje and the other Tibetan warriors behind him were visibly affected.

The Great Tang of the Central Plains regarded the Tibetans as barbarians that were not even worth their contempt, so no one would ever go and learn the Tibetan language. Other than a few people in the Chamberlain of Dependencies, this was the first time they had encountered someone in the Central Plains who could speak Tibetan.

This was actually not a very good feeling.

Moreover, this also meant that they could no longer communicate with each other in Tibetan in front of these people of the Great Tang.

"Who are you? How can you speak the language of us Tibetans!"

The -Tsang First Prince narrowed his eyes as he finally turned his body to fully face Wang Chong. He had suddenly grown very interested in this fully-armored horseman of the Great Tang.

He was even more interested in him than he had been in that Great Tang scion who he had beaten black and blue.

"Moreover, since you want to step forward, that's also fine. You should know the rules for this match. Only those below the age of twenty-six have the right to participate in this challenge. The Great Tang of the Central Plains is reputed for its illustrious heroes, famed as a gathering of young elites. They shouldn't need to cheat for this sort of challenge, right!"

The -Tsang First Prince had a proud expression, but his eyes flashed with cunning.

"What are you looking around for? Why aren't you seizing him?"

A severe voice spoke, after which Wang Chong heard the stomping of footsteps behind him, several powerful energies rapidly approaching. He chuckled and, without even turning his head, he cast a dazzling token behind him, which landed in front of two Imperial soldiers.

Upon seeing that lively dragon on the token, the Imperial soldiers trembled and came to a halt.

"Hahaha, didn't you want to know who I was? Just as you wish, I'll tell you!"

Wang Chong looked across the practice ground at the -Tsang First Prince. He possessed incredibly keen insight, so he already knew what this prince wanted.

His right hand gripped the brim of his helmet and pulled. A head of long, pitch-black hair toppled down. A white face was revealed beneath the close-fitting armor, the face of a handsome young man.


A chorus of shouts rose from the crowd at the sight of this young and exceptional face.

In the building at the edge of the practice ground, an official of the Chamberlain of Dependencies who had been quietly sitting the entire time, clearly one of high authority, suddenly stood up. His entire person seemed to have been struck by lightning as his complexion rapidly changed.

"It's him!"

At this moment, he finally recognized who this youth who had suddenly appeared on the practice ground was. The one person who was most unwelcome in the Chamberlain of Dependencies, who was most loathed, was unquestionably this youth before his eyes.

Whether it was the Regional Commanders incident or the Goguryeon Assassins incident, everything that Wang Chong had done had easily reversed the great efforts of the Chamberlain of Dependencies.

The Wang Clan had gained the glory and reputation they had desired, but in order to calm the unease they had created in the capital, the Chamberlain of Dependencies had expended a great deal of money and energy to calm the foreign envoys. They also had to convince the Hu and other foreigners in the capital that all this was an accident, that the empire's policy toward the foreign countries would not change.

Without question, the entirety of the Chamberlain of Dependencies was unanimous in their hatred for the youngest scion of the Wang Clan.

"Bastard! Didn't I tell them? They can't allow this scion of the Wang Clan to get close. How did he manage to mix himself in the crowd!"

The veins on the forehead of that high official from the Chamberlain of Dependencies were throbbing. He suddenly felt a very ill omen that this practice grounds affair might get out of hand.

Anywhere this scion of the Wang Clan appeared would become a complete mess.

The official pinched his forehead and said, "Stop him. No matter what, he cannot be allowed to harm the First Prince of -Tsang!"

"Milord, I'm afraid it's too late" an expert of the Chamberlain of Dependencies said. As he watched those two people approaching Wang Chong, he said with deep concern, "Neither that Tibetan or that scion will agree with us. Moreover, Wang Chong also has King Song's token with him"

These final words struck the lethal point of this mighty official. Like a deflated leather bag, he toppled back into his chair.

King Song's token!

Like a mighty wall, it had blocked out all his ideas!

"There's no need to worry! In the magnificent Great Tang, there's no need to send anyone powerful to deal with you. Just sending me will be enough."

Wang Chong had no idea that an official of the Chamberlain of Dependencies was already keeping watch on him from the building. While speaking, Wang Chong put his helmet back on. With only his eyes showing, he urged his horse forward.

"How arrogant! Since you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

A vicious look appeared in the -Tsang First Prince's eyes. Without another word, he urged his horse to the other end of the practice ground.

Wang Chong looked around and saw that the defeated scion had been carried away. He gave a cold laugh and rode his horse to the end of the practice ground opposite the prince.

Wang Chong did not leak a single strand of energy from his body. This prevented the -Tsang First Prince from seeing what sort of move he would use and just how strong he was.

Two people, one to the east and the other to the west, looked at each other across the vast practice ground. The atmosphere instantly grew tense.

Old Eagle, Huang Qian-er, the official from the Chamberlain of Dependencies, Dusong Mangpoje, and all the scions around the practice ground were completely focused on this pair.

It was so quiet that it was possible to hear a falling leaf.


Wang Chong's hands extended a silver spear in front of him, its Wootz Steel tip pointed at the distant prince.


Wang Chong snorted, and all the Stellar Energy in his body suddenly jolted to life, his entire person suddenly exuding a somber aura.

He was not coming here to take revenge for what had happened on the western roads.

To issue such a challenge in the middle of the capital, these Tibetans were acting far too arrogant. Even the people from the Chamberlain of Dependencies would not be able to protect them.


The earth quaked, and in the next moment, the White-hoofed Shadow exploded forward, bringing Wang Chong like a bolt of lightning toward the -Tsang First Prince.


The prince gave a fierce smile as his light brown horse neighed and shot forward with an equally majestic momentum.

In the shortest of times, these two warhorses had pushed their speeds to the limit.

Forty zhang, thirty zhang!


There was a rumble of metal. Without any hesitation, Wang Chong had released the Halo of Dusk Stallion.

A massive halo extended from Wang Chong's body to the feet of the White-hoofed Shadow and then began to expand. The massive halo weighed more than a thousand jun and caused the ground to slightly sink.

Hum! After the first halo appeared, there was another flash of light as another halo emerged.


The appearance of the halo beneath Wang Chong's horse caused a resounding roar of laughter to echo over the practice grounds.

"Brat, so this was all the skill you had! And here I thought you were strong! You're dead for sure!"

Light flashed around the galloping horse as the space behind the -Tsang First Prince darkened. In this darkness flashed the faint image of a massive black yak. It persisted for only a second before entering the prince's steed.

The -Tsang First Prince's speed instantly quickened.

At this instant, there was a clattering of metal. One, two, three five halos expanded under the hooves of the prince's mount.


Space rumbled as the two riders and two warhorses reached extreme speeds. Like two shooting stars, they rushed heedlessly toward each other.

There was no holding back, no hesitation.

Their speeds were so fast that a massive gale stirred over the practice ground, its roar howling through the world!