The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Killing The U Tsang First Prince
Chapter 415: Killing the -Tsang First Prince!

Transalted by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Not good!"

In the crowd, Huang Qian-er's face instantly tensed up at this sight, her heart beginning to fiercely beat. The strength of the -Tsang First Prince was not something Wang Chong could match, no matter what he said.

Old Eagle was also showing some concern.

Although he spoke calmly, he was no less nervous than Huang Qian-er.

And the crowd was also gasping in surprise.

"Heheheh, this brat is dead for sure!"

The horseman of the Tibetan diplomatic mission were gathered together, sneering as they watched Wang Chong like he was a corpse.

No one was optimistic about Wang Chong's chances, not even those who hoped to see the prince defeated. At this level, Wang Chong was no match for the -Tsang First Prince.

"Hmph, you did this yourself. Don't blame me!"

In the building at the edge of the practice ground, a figure from the Chamberlain of Dependencies stood at the balcony, his hands resting on the railing as he chortled.

The Chamberlain of Dependencies could not deal with Wang Chong, but if Wang Chong sought death, they couldn't be blamed. Even if the Sage Emperor were here, he wouldn't be able to put this crime on their heads.

At this moment, probably the only person still confident in Wang Chong was himself.

Twenty zhang!

Ten zhang!

Eight zhang!

Time seemed to slow to a crawl for a moment. When Wang Chong was only six zhang from the -Tsang First Prince, his clear eyes flashed with a cold light, and changes immediately began to take place.


Wang Chong's palm shook and a cold light shot forward through the air. However, this cold light was not aimed at the prince, but at the light brown horse beneath him.


In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong's peach-sized Stellar Energy Iron Cloak fell into the horse's open mouth and into its belly.

At such short distances, not even the -Tsang First Prince had time to respond.


Just when the two were about to collide, White-hoofed Shadow at its max speed, its course almost impossible to alter, the horse suddenly turned, drawing a curve in the air just a few zhang away from the prince as it brushed past.

This move not only astonished the crowd, but stunned even the -Tsang First Prince. Everyone knew that the faster one moved, the harder it was to alter one's course.

The massive inertia was not so easy to disperse. Rashly changing directions would only lead the warhorse to break its bones under the force of inertia and crash to the ground.

No ordinary horse could pull off such a maneuver.


Before there was time for any further thought, the warhorses rumbled past each other. The light brown steed of the prince neighed and, like a rock rolling at high speeds, fell together with the -Tsang First Prince.


And at almost the same time, Wang Chong, now ten-some zhang away, turned around with an S-shaped maneuver, almost instantly reversing his course. Not only had his speed not dropped, he was now moving even faster. He was one with his spear, the tip swiftly approaching the prince, who was just now extracting himself from the corpse of his horse.

"Not good! The Serpent Loop! How does this youth know such an advanced horsemanship technique!"

In the distance, the observing -Tsang Great General Dusong Mangpoje's pupils constricted. He had instantly recognized the exquisite horsemanship technique Wang Chong had used, and his entire person changed.

"The Serpent Loop!"

This was one of the supreme equestrian techniques in the world. In narrow confines, elite riders could make a 180 turn while not stopping and even increasing their speed.

On the battlefield, where cavalry was powerful and of utmost importance, one could easily imagine how useful such a technique was.

But in both the Great Tang and -Tsang, this horsemanship technique was not something an ordinary person could grasp. One had to be at least a general to be able to have such subtle control over a horse's movements.

This was not something an ordinary youth from a great clan or a scion of the capital could grasp, but Wang Chong was truly too well-practiced in this maneuver.

Dusong Mangpoje felt his heart tighten as an intense sense of danger filled his mind. With a whoosh, he immediately shot out of the crowd.

Dusong Mangpoje's reaction was fast, but Wang Chong's was faster.


In the vast practice ground, Wang Chong trailed dust and cracked the earth. The speed of the White-hoofed Shadow coupled with the Halo of Dusk Stallion and Wang Chong's own strength bestowed Wang Chong with the power to rival an expert of True Martial Tier 5.

"Come!" Wang Chong fiercely shouted, the silver spear in his hands bursting with a frightening light. The current Wang Chong exuded an awe-inspiring strength, like that of a war god.

At this moment, the -Tsang First Prince, whose mount had been slain, gave a sinister smile and did something that no one expected.

He did not retreat in the face of Wang Chong's full-force attack. Instead, he took out his saber and slashed at Wang Chong, completely exposing his body and making no attempts to defend himself.




"This move again!"

The crowd around the practice ground were infuriated at this sight and began to curse. The spectators were far too familiar with this sight. The -Tsang First Prince was clearly up to his old tricks, intending to use his body as a shield. He planned to use the method he had used against those other scions to deal with Wang Chong.

"Hmph! You're seeking your own death! Don't blame me!"

Unlike the others, Wang Chong sneered at this sight, viewing the prince as a dead man. The -Tsang First Prince had truly found the wrong person if he thought this move could work against him.

Other people might shrink back, not daring to kill him, but he, Wang Chong, was not like the rest!


With a world-shaking boom, Wang Chong and his horse finally crashed against the prince in mid-air.

It was like two comets clashing in the void. Powerful waves of energy swept through the practice ground like furious winds.


Right when they crashed against each other, Wang Chong jumped off his horse. Clang! Before the crowd could respond, a cold light flashed from Wang Chong's head to his feet. Catching the -Tsang First Prince's at his most unprepared, Wang Chong had fiercely thrust his Wootz Steel sword through the prince's skull!

This had been the time to strike!

Crimson blood fountained out of the -Tsang First Prince's head, covering his eyes, brows, nose, and lips.

The prince's eyes were wide open, his lips quivering, but he could not speak a single word.


His body toppled forward like a wooden pole. Even until the end, the prince's eyes were wide open as if in disbelief that Wang Chong would dare to kill him.

Two countries at war!

The -Tsang Empire at war with the Great Tang, millions of common people swept up in the chaos, countless corpses on the battlefield Was he really not afraid?

Did he not know of the consequences?

He really dared to kill him!


After a moment of silence, the practice ground erupted in cheers. At this moment, no matter if they knew Wang Chong, no matter what great clan they belonged to, they all raised their hands and excitedly cheered.

Wang Chong had done it!

Wang Chong had actually killed that arrogant -Tsang First Prince!


In a nearby building, the official from the Chamberlain of Dependencies smashed the wooden railing.

"Bastard! The Wang Clan does the Wang Clan want to rebel?!"

The official's complexion was a sickly green with a dash of purple while blue veins bulged out of the palm that was still smashed into the railing. His excessive shock and anger were causing his entire body to shake in agitation.

The First Prince of -Tsang!

The First Prince of -Tsang! That evil creature from the Wang Clan had actually killed him! This was an absolute disaster!

Did he know what he had done!?

In this moment, he felt unsteady, like the heavens themselves were about to flip.

And in this building, any member of the Chamberlain of Dependencies who had a little understanding of politics had ghastly pale complexions.

They could already sense the calamity about to come.

A similarly pale complexion appeared on the faces of another group.

"The -Tsang First Prince He really did kill him!"

Huang Qian-er tightly gripped her sleeves, her petite face pale. The weaker Wang Chong's defeating a stronger opponent should have been a joyous occasion.

But right now, Huang Qian-er's fear had been provoked by another matter.

The First Prince of -Tsang had been killed, and at Wang Chong's hands. She could already anticipate the intensity of the coming storm.

And the Wang Clan would be at the center of this storm.

The Huang Clan had just surrendered to the Wang Clan. If the Wang Clan became involved, the Huang Clan probably wouldn't be able to escape.

Wang Chong had been too impulsive!

"Boy, pay with your life!"

Suddenly, a bellow of rage silenced the cheers. Above the massive practice ground, a flood of golden Stellar Energy rushed down like an avalanche, sweeping toward Wang Chong.

Compared to this destructive energy, the battle between Wang Chong and the -Tsang First Prince had been child's play.

In the face of this furious blow, even steel would be pulverized, let alone a body of blood and flesh.

"Not good!"

Old Eagle shouted in surprise and immediately raised his arm and sent out a signal. Boom! A thick metal arrow, dragging a white trail of energy, shot toward the practice ground like a lightning bolt.

Yet when the thick metal arrow of a master archer struck the golden flood of Stellar Energy, it was like it had struck steel, letting out a boom before bouncing away and breaking into pieces.

All this had come too suddenly. No one had expected the Tibetans to be concealing such an expert in their ranks. Even Old Eagle could not react in time.

"Young Master"

Old Eagle's heart sank as he charged forward. But he was already too late. Wang Chong seemed about to die under the flood of golden Stellar Energy. Suddenly, everyone heard a deep voice.

"Dusong Mangpoje! You lost your cool so quickly?"

The voice was not loud, but these simple words seemed to be a natural enemy to that surging flood of destructive Stellar Energy. It suddenly stopped where it was, as if time and space had slowed!