The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Meeting Taizhen In Yuzhen Palace
Chapter 420: Meeting Taizhen in Yuzhen Palace!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Deep within the Imperial Palace, Wang Chong finally met the number one beauty of the Great Tang for the first time. But the moment he met Consort Taizhen, Wang Chong's heart sank. He instantly knew that no matter what plans he had originally had, from this moment on, he had to rethink them.

Because this supreme beauty of the Great Tang was already in a completely different situation from the one that he had understood.

The dark palace curtain swayed as a delicate and fairy-like foot extended out and lightly stepped on the steps of white jade. Those slender and exquisite toes seemed even more crystalline and pure than the white jade underneath them.

And following this slender, jade-like foot was a once-in-a-generation beauty of peerless talent, her figure seemingly carved from ice and jade, her head held high.

"Wang Chong, you're finally willing to see me?"

A voice resounded through the hall, and with this voice, a pair of sharp eyes, a smirk glimmering within them, descended from above onto Wang Chong's body.

And with this gaze, Wang Chong felt his shoulders sink, an invisible pressure bearing down on them.

Wang Chong had never met Consort Taizhen before, but even the most ill-informed and clueless had heard of her. Although Consort Taizhen had sent mighty waves through the Imperial Court, she herself was an ordinary woman of ordinary background.

Though the Yang Clan was a family of regional high officials, it was still far from an influential clan of ministers and generals like the Wang Clan. As for Consort Taizhen, she was just an ordinary woman who knew not one thing about martial arts.

But the current Consort Taizhen was not only exuding the sharp and aloof authority that only the Empress and concubines of the palace would possess, she also had a powerful energy about her that far surpassed his own.

True Martial Tier 9 no, it must be Tier 1 or 2 of the Profound Martial realm. In a few short months, her strength has actually progressed this much!

Wang Chong felt a shiver go through his heart.

Wang Chong had gotten enough of an understanding of the Consort Taizhen incident from King Song to roughly understand Consort Taizhen's situation.

Consort Taizhen didn't know martial arts!

Wang Chong was absolutely sure of this!

And yet in a little more than half a year, not only had Consort Taizhen changed, so had Yang Zhao. The changes with Consort Taizhen, however, were far greater.

"Hahaha, Sister, this is my good brother, so he's also your good brother. Don't make trouble for him!"

A bright and clear voice came in from the side.

There were no outsiders here. Yang Zhao hastily stood up and spoke on his sworn brother's behalf.

'A parting of three days requires one to look at another with a completely new outlook.' The current Yang Zhao was completely different from the one Wang Chong had first met. He wore a white robe and a black hat, and his right hand was stroking his beard. He naturally exuded the vigorous aura of a scholar-official that would inspire admiration in others.

And within him, Stellar Energy flowed, and he possessed a vast energy that only those of Tier 5 or 6 of the True Martial realm could possess.

He had once wandered destitute about the streets of the capital, a bully who had lacked even the strength to truss a chicken. Yet a few months after entering the palace and officialdom, he had undergone such shocking changes that he seemed to have exchanged his body for a new one.

Wang Chong had been diligently cultivating for almost a year, but compared to the few months that Yang Zhao and Consort Taizhen had been practicing, he had still fallen behind.

A forbidden infusion art!

A thought flashed through Wang Chong's mind as he almost inadvertently thought of this class of forbidden art. Wang Chong was no stranger to this art. Back then, his master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, had planned to bestow all his cultivation on Wang Chong through the use of an infusion art.

This method could create an expert in a short time, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man's death would have been assured. This price was too great, so Wang Chong had refused on the spot.

No matter what sort of infusion art it was, if one wanted to make an expert in a short time, the price would not be small. Thus, these methods had never been recklessly spread.

But the imperial household was clearly different.

I had already heard back then of the rumor that there was a secret group of special servitors. These people begin to cultivate from a young age, and the meaning of their existence is to accumulate energy for the sake of infusing it into the princes and princesses. I didn't care much about it then, but now it looks like the rumor was true.

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil for a few moments, but he very quickly regained his composure.

Wang Chong immediately lowered his head and reverently said, "Your Majesty is correct. Wang Chong should have come long ago. But this lowly one was participating in the Kunwu Training Camp and could not withdraw. I beseech Your Majesty for forgiveness."

"Hmph, you're quite frank."

Consort Taizhen coldly laughed, but her expression still loosened somewhat. Although she was somewhat angry at the constant hindrances caused by this youngster, she could not disregard the friendship he had with her cousin.

Moreover, it was true that Wang Chong had joined the Kunwu Training Camp.

However, it was not so easy to dispel her anger.

"Speakwhat is it that you're here for? It wasn't too long ago that you requested the mobilization of troops from the Bureau of Military Personnel. If there was nothing special, you wouldn't come here. Speakwhat is going on?"

As she spoke, she spread her arms apart. Two mysterious and beautiful middle-aged women dressed in white, their energy even greater than that of the old nanny by Princess Nihuang's side, emerged out of the curtain.

These two beauties had hairpins stuck in their hair, grave looks on their faces, and excellent bearing. One to the right and one to the left, they took Consort Taizhen's hands and slowly seated her on the throne of Yuzhen Palace.

In the center of their brows was a striking fire totem in the shape of a teardrop.

A flabbergasted look flickered through Wang Chong's eyes, but he said nothing.

"It's a matter concerning the Fifth Prince!" Wang Chong finally said.

The moment the words left his mount, hum! The atmosphere in the Yuzhen Palace instantly changed, as did the look on Consort Taizhen's face. Even the expression on Yang Zhao's face sank.

Even though he was the one who had introduced Wang Chong, not even he had known what Wang Chong would speak about.

"Wang Chong, do you know what you are saying? You've gone crazy! Somebody, come and send our guest out!"

Consort Taizhen's face was like a sheet of frost. Shooting a glare at Yang Zhao, she immediately stood up and ordered for her guest to be taken away.

Though she had not been in the palace for long, she wasn't blind. The Fifth Prince incident had taken place in the afternoon, but there was no one in the palace who didn't know of it by now.

She was pampered and favored by the Sage Emperor and had entered the ranks of the concubines. There was basically no one in the palace who would dare to voluntarily provoke her.

But even Consort Taizhen knew that there were some things that she could not provoke in this place.

The War of the Princes just so happened to be one of these taboos.

"Wang Chong, you've really gone overboard this time. The War of the Princes is not something we can touch. Do you know what you're requesting of Her Majesty? The Fifth Prince is currently everyone's target, and who knows how many people want to kill him? Anyone who dares to help will become the enemy of all the princes, princesses, and even the concubines. Damn it; if I knew that this was what you came here for, I would never have let you in."

Yang Zhao had a very poor expression. There had been no need for any glares from Consort Taizhen. If he had known about this, he would have immediately blocked Wang Chong.

One could not step lightly into any conflict between the princes. This was common sense. There was no need for the accumulated knowledge of the great clans and their lessons and experiences. Even an ordinary person understood this principle.

The War of the Princes was far too dangerous!

Their position in the palace still wasn't stable. Even if they were favored, this was not a taboo that they could lightly involve themselves with.

It was impossible for them to accept Wang Chong's request!

This had already gone beyond the bounds of an ordinary request!

"Your Majesty!"

Although the temperature had rapidly dropped and the atmosphere was no longer suitable for discussion, Wang Chong did not leave. He had known in advance that this would be no easy task, but no matter what, he still had to try.

"Your Majesty, if an elephant enters a forest, what will happen?"

"What are you trying to say?"

Consort Taizhen coldly laughed. Had Wang Chong gone crazy? A forest, an elephant? She did not feel this question to have any meaning.

No matter what, she would not help the Fifth Prince and put herself in danger.

Yet Wang Chong remained calm, no change to be seen on his face.

"But what if the forest became like this room, yet the creatures in the forest didn't change, and the elephant didn't change? Your Majesty, in the future, what will happen?" Wang Chong continued.

"Wang Chong, just what are you trying to say?"

Consort Taizhen's eyebrows finally began to rise. She stared at Wang Chong, a vague idea forming in her mind.

"Your Majesty, a forest becomes a room, but the animals and the elephant don't change. Does Your Majesty believe that those animals squeezed together will wait to be stomped to death by the elephant or work together to attack it?"

"Impudent! Are you saying that I'm an elephant?"

This time, Wang Chong was interrupted before he could finish. This comparison was far too rude.

"Your Majesty, forgive me! Wang Chong did not have this intention. But does Your Majesty not feel that your situation and the Fifth Prince's are very similar?"

Wang Chong raised his head, his eyes fixed on the enthroned Consort Taizhen.

"Wang Chong, hold your tongue! Her Majesty's noble body has gained the Sage Emperor's favor. How could she be like the Fifth Prince? Do not speak rashly."

Seeing that Wang Chong's line of thought was about to approach absurdity, Yang Zhao quickly hurried to stop him.

"Hmph, Cousin, sit down. Let him speak! I'm quite interested in seeing just what he can manage to say. How am I similar to the Fifth Prince?" Consort Taizhen sneered.

Wang Chong's thoughts were no mystery to her, but if he thought that a few words could change her mind and make her enter the War of the Princes, then he was far too simple-minded.

Even if the one that came today were that Old Master of the Wang Clan, she still wouldn't change her mind.

"Your Majesty, the elephant is too big. Even if it does nothing, the other animals in the room will still feel threatened. Does Your Majesty not feel that this is similar to your situation? Even if you do nothing, you are still a threat to the other concubines, consorts, and even the princes. If Your Majesty does not enter the War of the Princes, will you truly be able to keep out of harm's way?"

As he spoke, the cold smile on Consort Taizhen's lips faded, and her expression finally began to change.