The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Harvest
Chapter 424: Harvest!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Congratulations to user! For participating in the War of the Princes, the True Dragon Plan, and changing Fifth Prince Li Heng's fate, you are awarded 15 Destiny Energy!"

As Wang Chong walked out of the Imperial Palace in the darkness and the large gate shut behind him, he heard a voice ringing out in his mind. Along with this voice, he felt a gentle breeze, and an invisible energy emerged from the depths of space-time and into Wang Chong's body.

Wang Chong felt a warmth in his body.

"I've finally succeeded!"

Wang Chong's lips curved into a faint smile. He knew that his final letter had proved effective.

When dealing with the Tibetan experts in the practice ground, Wang Chong had already obtained 15 points of Destiny Energy. Now, with his harvests from Consort Taizhen, Wang Chong had gained 30 points of Destiny Energy in just one day.

At present, Wang Chong had currently accumulated 109 points of Destiny Energy!

And if one counted the Destiny Energy he had used to buy the Panther Bone, the Gold Organs, and the Blood Reformation for Li Heng, as well as the Destiny Energy consumed by the World Constraints, Wang Chong had so far obtained more than 200 points of Destiny Energy.

And to Wang Chong, that he had obtained 200 points of Destiny Energy at this point had a completely new meaning

"I can finally exchange for Origin Energy items!"

Wang Chong walked the stone-paved street and gave a long sigh of relief.

The rewards offered by the Stone of Destiny could be divided into 'Mind', 'Body', 'Energy', 'Techniques', and 'Power'. However, because he had not accumulated enough Destiny Energy, Wang Chong had only been able to exchange for rewards of the 'Body' category, like the Panther Bone, Gold Organs, and Blood Reformation.

If he wanted to increase his Origin Energy, Wang Chong could only buy the medicines of the imperial household. But things were different now that he had unlocked the 'Origin Energy' category.

Wang Chong could now use Destiny Energy to buy Origin Energy items that could increase his strength.

Thus, Wang Chong's strength would increase at an even faster rate.

"Young Master!"

Footsteps came from the darkness, breaking Wang Chong's train of thought. Old Eagle, with a large bird on his shoulder, was striding toward him.

"How was it?"

"It's fine."

Wang Chong smiled and signaled that everything had gone well. With things taken care of on Consort Taizhen's side, the Fifth Prince would be able to sleep soundly.

Although he couldn't be said to be absolutely safe, with Consort Taizhen's protection, at least everyone would have to think twice before they acted. Even the First Prince and the Third Prince would not dare to act recklessly.

"Come, let's return to the training camp!"

Taking the reins from the Wang Clan guards following Old Eagle, Wang Chong mounted his horse. Everything was on the right path, and the Fifth Prince was also on his own path to fight for the throne. It was now time for his own plans.

With the Deflecting Blade Manor at its current level of development, it was time to proceed to the next phase of his plan.

"But what I wonder how Dusong Mangpoje is doing?"

As he gazed at the dark sky and the numerous lights of the city, Wang Chong recalled that -Tsang Great General who had traveled to the Great Tang incognito, and a faint smile appeared on his lips.

This famous -Tsang Great General was indubitably an existence that was a great thorn in the Great Tang's side. He was not only extremely strong, but also equally intelligent. Thus, even someone like Geshu Han, one of the Great Tang's heroes who guarded the -Tsang border, was completely incapable of capturing him.

However, with his identity being exposed in the capital, he was probably not about to encounter any good fortune.

"Run, run! Let me see how lucky you are!"

Wang Chong smiled and then urged his horse in the direction of Deflecting Blade Manor.

Dust spluttered under the hard hooves of a horse. While Wang Chong was riding toward Deflecting Blade Manor, in the darkness sixty-some li from the Great Tang capital, a squadron of -Tsang cavalry were galloping toward the Tibetan Plateau.

After Wang Chong exposed Dusong Mangpoje's identity on the practice ground, the -Tsang delegation did not even return to their hostel. They immediately left the capital of the Great Tang, fleeing under the starry night toward the Tibetan Plateau.

"Faster! The Great Tang is no longer safe. Only once we return to the plateau of the empire will we be completely out of danger!"

On his horse, Dusong Mangpoje constantly urged his soldiers on, his expression grave.

An -Tsang officer raised his head and asked, "Great General, might we be overthinking things? Perhaps the Great Tang has no intention of dealing with us? After all, we're already sixty-some li from the Great Tang capital and nothing has happened!" A tiny sliver of hope was audible in his words.

Ever since they had left the practice ground, Great General Dusong Mangpoje had been urging them on. They were not doubting the Great General's judgment and reputation. It was just that they had not encountered anything on their entire journey.

Other than their own doubts, the only thing by their side was the wind howling through the mountains.

It seemed that they were doing nothing but frightening themselves.

"In the past that would be the case, but now is completely different! I also hope that I'm being paranoid, but that's impossible," Dusong Mangpoje sternly replied. Ever since he had left the capital, someone had been locked onto him from a distance, constantly observing and trailing him.

This feeling had disappeared a moment ago, but Dusong Mangpoje did not dare get careless.

'A centipede can die, but it will never fall over.' The current Great Tang was far from that mighty hegemon that valiantly swept through the world. Yet the elites and higher-ups of this empire still contained extremely formidable figures that could not be underestimated.

That Central Plains youngster in the square was the best example!

Dusong Mangpoje had wanted to kill him many times, but he had ultimately managed to suppress the desire.

Although he wasn't clear on the youngster's exact background, it was certainly no ordinary one. That youngster had deliberately attempted to provoke him several times into striking. Dusong Mangpoje had understood what that youngster wanted. If he killed the youth, the Great Tang Empire would have an excuse to attack him in the capital.

If such a thing really did occur, then it would be just like the youth said. He would not have made it out of the capital alive.

The youth's predictions had been right on the mark.

"I had believed that the Central Plains were waning when I made this trip to the Great Tang. I didn't expect to meet such an evil young man on the last day. The lot of the Central Plains is still not completely exhausted!"

Dusong Mangpoje mentally sighed.

The First Prince and the elite horsemen under him served as a cover, allowing him to see the Sage Emperor with his own eyes. This had been a top-secret mission that nobody except the members of their group knew of. Not even the ministers of the Great Tang had been able to see through it.

Dusong Mangpoje had originally believed that nobody would see through it, not even after they finished the First Prince's trick and returned to the plateau of the empire. Unexpectedly, that young man had seen through it, and then he had killed that Tibetan horseman without hesitation, damaging the imposing demeanor of the Tibetan party.

Of course, it would have been fine if that was all. After all, it was just a trick the First Prince had thought up on the spur of the moment, just a game.

But then that youngster had exposed his identity. This was what had truly shocked Dusong Mangpoje.

If this youth had been some famous figure of the Great Tang, he would have been able to accept it. But the youth's age meant that it was impossible for the youth to have ever seen him, much less recognize him.

Just like that, the identity that he had kept intact for three months had been exposed, truly leaving Dusong Mangpoje unprepared.

"Great General, I'm sorry. It's all because I've dragged you down!"

At this moment, a voice came from his side. Dusong Mangpoje turned his head and saw a 'Tibetan horseman' looking at him with an expression of shame.

"There's no need for First Prince's apology. I was the one who decided on this venture. Coming to the Great Tang has been a dream of mine for many years and has nothing to do with you. There's no need for First Prince to criticize yourself."

Dusong Mangpoje grinned and waved his hand.

This ashamed 'Tibetan horseman' was naturally the actual -Tsang First Prince. Tibetans were a dauntless and fierce people who worshipped strength.

The -Tsang First Prince was a prime example of this, and he had a proud personality that did not make it easy for him to apologize to others. However, the First Prince also knew that the gravity of the situation could not be underestimated.

If a Great General of the Great Tang Empire infiltrated -Tsang alone, then the Tibetans would assuredly put all their strength into making sure they stayed.

This was obviously the situation facing Dusong Mangpoje.

Although the others were doubtful, not daring to be sure that someone was truly after them, the -Tsang First Prince knew that the elites of the Great Tang would not let this chance pass by.

If he hadn't been so proud and taken with his intelligence, stirring up that practice ground incident, the situation would have never reached this point.

It could be said that if anything bad happened to Dusong Mangpoje, it was all his fault.

-Tsang had millions of brave soldiers, but it only had a scant few Great Generals. If Dusong Mangpoje were to encounter some mishap in the Great Tang, it would be a massive stain on this mission and deal a critical blow to his chances of becoming the next Tsenpo.

This was the reason for the First Prince's concern.

"Listen to what I have to say. As long as we are still within the confines of the Great Tang capital, Great Tang won't dare to touch us. But once we are a certain distance from the capital, everything changes. If something happens to us, the Great Tang will easily push the responsibility to someone else.

"Moreover, to deal with me, they will definitely attack the rest of you as well. Only this way can they make the incident look convincing. This is why I've escorted you out of the capital. In a little while, none of you should take the main road. Once we leave this place, split up into groups and choose a direction to escape. Do not look back until you return to the Tibetan Plateau," Dusong Mangpoje ordered, his voice carrying an ominous tone.

"General, you're not coming with us?"

An -Tsang officer suddenly sensed something and raised his head.

"Of course he can't go with you!"

It wasn't Dusong Mangpoje replying. A voice had suddenly spoken, frightening the Tibetans.

"Who, who is it?"

"Who's lurking around out there! Get out here!"

As some of their comrades shouted, a few of the horsemen seemed to sense something and turned around as one, their bright scimitars leaving their sheaths to aim at the direction the voice had come from.


A breeze blew past. An aloof figure dressed in snow-white clothes emerged in front of the party. With his silk belt drifting in the wind and his hands clasped behind him, he slowly walked out of the rustling forest.

His thin body exuded an energy as mighty as the mountains and seas.


A silver boot lightly touched the ground, and the world quaked. The energy of the forest in a several-thousand-zhang radius suddenly transformed. All the grass, trees, the branches and leaves began to emit a sharp energy, all of it aimed at Dusong Mangpoje's party on the main road.


The warhorses whinnied, and in an instant, all these fine steeds trained on the Tibetan Plateau reared up, their eyes open and their manes bristling. It was as if they had sensed some terrible danger.