The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 426

Chapter 426: A Brand New Reward
Chapter 426: A Brand New Reward!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Young Master, that's not what I mean."

Old Eagle hurriedly continued, "Although Young Master has already permitted him to read all the scriptures in the cave and he also helped you retrieve the Hyderabad ore, allowing him to read those scriptures is enough of a reward. Wouldn't keeping a few secrets be better?

"I know that Young Master deeply admires him, but he will still leave in the end. He won't be walking the same path as us!"

Old Eagle had always believed his young master to be a smart person, so he didn't understand why he would act so foolishly over Li Siye.


Seeing that Old Eagle really was concerned, Wang Chong couldn't help but laugh. Though he hadn't noticed before, there were times when Old Eagle could be rather adorable.

Wang Chong knew that Old Eagle was only worried about him, and if his goal had been to dominate the world or rise rapidly through the court, Old Eagle's advice was completely on the mark.

But this time, Old Eagle truly was wrong.

The more books the Invincible Great General Li Siye read, the more he learned, the more advantage he would present to him and the future empire.

Wang Chong was not worried that he would read too much, but too little. He was even adding in the 'Bright Wheel Scripture', this high-level technique that could subdue heart demons and calm the mind, precisely because he was afraid that in all this reading, Li Siye might bite off more than he could chew and suffer a cultivation defect.

Wang Chong was confident that given Li Siye's personality, he would definitely read this book.

"Old Eagle, relax. I have my plans for Li Siye and they won't result in any loss for us. Let him do what he wants."

Wang Chong waved his hands and smiled.

Still a little hesitant, Old Eagle finally nodded. Although he still felt a little inappropriate, he still chose to believe in Wang Chong's judgment.

After taking the scriptures that Wang Chong had transcribed from the table, he held them to his chest, bid farewell to Wang Chong, and quickly left for the underground Scripture Cave.

After Old Eagle left, Wang Chong calmed back down.

"It's about time"

Wang Chong fell silent for a few moments and then put the brush back onto its rack. Quite a few scriptures had been added to the Scripture Cave now, and it was already beginning to take shape.

More important now was still the problem of his own strength.

"Since I've now accumulated 109 points of Destiny Energy, I can exchange for 'Origin Energy' rewards," Wang Chong said to himself as he thought about the Stone of Destiny.

In the past, Wang Chong had always exchanged for 'Body' items, but now he could finally exchange for higher-level rewards.

The room was still and devoid of other individuals, and normal people would not dare to lightly enter this room.

Wang Chong's thoughts immediately reached out to the Stone of Destiny in his mind. In the next moment, a screen of light opened in front of Wang Chong, on it a page with a set of completely new items.

'Origin Energy Pill. Cost: 10 points. Can increase a warrior's Origin Energy. Only useful to warriors at the Origin Energy realm. At most, can bring a warrior to Origin Energy Tier 9. At the same time, it will permanently provide a weak boost to the speed at which Origin Energy circulates through a warrior's body. It will also increase the warrior's ability to accept and attract natural Origin Energy.

'Note: Origin Energy Pill will be less effective with each additional pill taken.'

This was Wang Chong's first time seeing the rewards available for exchange in the Origin Energy category. The first thing he saw was a low-level pill that also had an extremely low price.

Although it had a very strict limit, only being useful on warriors of the Origin Energy realm and thus absolutely useless to the current Wang Chong, its use was still very obvious.

'Permanently provide a weak boost to the speed at which Origin Energy circulates through a warrior's body, and also increase the warrior's ability to accept and attract natural Origin Energy.' These two points increased the value of this pill by several times.

'A weak boost to the speed at which Origin Energy circulates' meant that one would be able to strike faster, to use their energy faster, and as battles stretched on, one would possess a greater advantage.

And 'increase the ability to accept and attract natural Origin Energy' meant that when cultivating, one would get stronger at a faster rate.

Although both of these were described as a weak boost, these two effects made the Origin Energy Pill extremely precious, even if it was useless to those of the True Martial realm and above.

"I can exchange for this pill when I need it and use it to reward Zhao Jingdian and the others, increasing their strength."

Wang Chong contemplated the screen in his mind.

An error of a single hair could lead one a thousand li astray. It was just a tiny difference, but since all cultivators had to confront the same bottlenecks, these small differences were often crucial.

And in intense conflicts of army against army, general against general, a difference in the circulation speed of Origin Energy was often the difference between life and death.

It was precisely this point that led Wang Chong to decide that as long as it would not affect his own situation, he would give all the core members of Deflecting Blade Manor one of these Origin Energy Pills.

With a thought from Wang Chong, the contents on the screen changed, revealing another item. This one was related to Stellar Energy.

'Stellar Energy Honer: Alters the nature of Stellar Energy, increasing the sharpness of Stellar Energy. Every third exchange will provide a grade-one Halo of Sharpness. No limits to use.

'Cost: 15 points.'

These simple words caused Wang Chong's eyelids to shoot up. The effects of the Origin Energy Pill were shocking enough, but the effects of this item were even more amazing.

"It can change the nature of Stellar Energy! That's inconceivable!"

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil as he sat cross-legged on the ground.

He had felt that getting a pill that could increase Stellar Energy would be fine. He hadn't expected the Stone of Destiny to have an item that could directly change the nature of Stellar Energy.

This was far more than Wang Chong had expected.

"Exchanging three times will even result in the effect of a grade-one halo. That's basically getting a halo from nothing. That's unbelievable."

Wang Chong was truly stupefied by the 'Origin Energy' items offered by the Stone of Destiny.

Although a grade-one halo was the lowest grade of halo and couldn't change too much, Wang Chong had immediately noticed its hidden value: this ability was not limited.

This meant that as long as one had enough Destiny Energy, one could have a high-level halo that was normally only possible at the higher levels of the True Martial realm, even as high as Tier 5 or 6.

The only problem was that though this reward seemed very generous, it had a shockingly high price.

In order to gain this grade-one halo, one needed to pay 45 Destiny Energy.

This was no small burden for Wang Chong's current stock of Destiny Energy. This sort of expense was not something Wang Chong could squander his funds endlessly on.

Moreover, different grades of halos required one to accumulate different amounts of halos.

When upgrading from a grade-one halo to a grade-two halo, one might only need to accumulate one grade-one halo, but to move from grade two to grade three was not so simple.

And as one went from three to four, from four to five, one would need even more.

"But basically, to exchange for a single grade-one halo is already rather decent," Wang Chong said to himself. He had quickly identified the practical uses for this Stellar Energy Honer. Just like the Origin Energy Pill, the effect of the Stellar Energy Honer could only help warriors fight people on the same level, giving them a small advantage in these fights.

In this aspect, Wang Chong had no need to exchange for a grade-one Halo of Sharpness. The truly wise and reasonable decision was to just exchange for one-third of the halo.

Wang Chong's gaze focused as he swiftly made up his mind and continued reading.

The item that appeared before him now was completely different from the first two.

'Stellar Energy Piercer: Alters the nature of the warrior's Stellar Energy, improving its piercing nature. Provides the warrior a (small) chance of ignoring the opponent's defense, piercing through Stellar Energy barriers and attacking the opponent's internals. Is effective on opponents three levels higher at maximum (Upgradeable! Upgrade Condition: Complete the training challenge).

'Cost: 45 points.

'Note: The Stellar Energy Piercer can be exchanged for without limit. As it increases in grade, the probability of piercing through the opponent's defense increases and the maximum level gap also increases. When the Stellar Energy Piercer reaches a certain level, it can always ignore the opponent's defense, piercing through Stellar Energy with absolute success!'

The resplendent words on the screen finally caused Wang Chong's eyes to shine. This was the most tempting ability he had ever seen offered by the Stone of Destiny.

Although the Stone of Destiny had not said that this ability could strengthen a warrior, a perceptive person like him understood that the ability to pierce through Stellar Energy was far more powerful than the effects of any other item he had previously seen. He could think about ways to improve his strength, but it was impossible for him to grant himself the ability to pierce through Stellar Energy.

Wang Chong's mind was bursting with techniques, but he had never heard of one that could pierce through Stellar Energy.

This ability was undoubtedly one of the only methods to defeat a far stronger opponent!

But the cost to exchange for the Stellar Energy Piercer was far too high45 points of Destiny Energy. It cost even more than Blood Reformation.

But when he thought about that unique piercing ability, this price was worth it.

"There's no need to choose; it's got to be this one!"

With a thought, Wang Chong immediately exchanged for the Stellar Energy Piercer on the screen.


A mysterious bolt of energy flew out of the Stone of Destiny and into Wang Chong's body. In the next moment, thunder seemed to rumble in the building, sounding like it was exploding right next to his ears. A violent energy, brimming with the power of lightning, seeped into the Stellar Energy within Wang Chong's body.

Like water dropping into oil, Wang Chong's Stellar Energy instantly began to boil. A new, unprecedented Stellar Energy characteristic was granted to Wang Chong.

In the span of second, the feeling within Wang Chong's body had completely transformed.

If Wang Chong's Stellar Energy was a calm and deep stream at the start, it was now a turbulent river.

But on the surface, it still seemed very calm.