The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 430

Chapter 430: Li Siyes Harsh Question
Chapter 430: Li Siye's Harsh Question!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The third World Constraint had finally been successfully passed. Streams of energy rushed out of the depths of time-space, flowing into Wang Chong's mind and body. In a short time, he felt that both his physical and mental strength had received a considerable boost.

"I finally passed through this World Constraint!" Wang Chong delightedly said to himself.

The World Constraint and its rejective power were like a time bomb. If one made a small mistake, people would die. It was only now that he had finally managed to overcome it.

Getting up from the ground, Wang Chong began to warm up his body. Crackclack! His body creaked and cracked as a powerful energy began to exude from within.

This energy broke through the Origin Energy realm, climbing to the True Martial realm Tier 1, Tier 2, and finally Tier 3.

Twenty-some days of cultivation, the pills sent over by Six-Fingered Zhang, and the repayment for passing through the third World Constraint had finally allowed Wang Chong to reach Tier 3 of the True Martial realm.

"With another two tiers, I'll be at True Martial Tier 5. At that point, I can finally upgrade the Halo of Dusk Stallion to the second layer!"

Wang Chong's eyes shone as he inwardly rejoiced.

The strongest aspect of the Halo of Dusk Stallion was not in the boost in strength it provided, but its strategic value on the battlefield.

At the second layer of the Halo of Dusk Stallion, as long as a soldier was standing in the effective radius of the halo, they would receive a constant buff that promoted them to Tier 2 of the True Martial realm, upgrading their strength, speed, and dexterity to this level.

This sort of comprehensive buff was almost absurd!

As he slowly withdrew his energy, Wang Chong exhaled. His thoughts quickly reached out to the Stone of Destiny in his mind.

The longer he spent in this world, the harsher the backlash from the World Constraint became. Wang Chong had already gotten used to this.

But when he had been resisting the power of the World Constraint this time, Wang Chong had realized that the Stone of Destiny had suddenly changed a little!

"The time interval was extended to nine months, but the Destiny Energy needed didn't scale proportionally. This means that in the future, the rejective power of the world will irregularly and rapidly increase. This also means that I will need more and more Destiny Energy!"

Wang Chong lowered his head, his eyes glimmering. Wang Chong had very quickly noticed another thing that had changed with the World Constraint.

Although 60 points of Destiny Energy was a lot, the nine months of buffer was probably enough. What Wang Chong was more concerned about was the last point:

"Every time I successfully pass a World Constraint, my Gold Organs and Flood Dragon Bone will be strengthened. And they will be strengthened in direct proportion to the number of World Constraints!"

This message had never appeared before.

He didn't care much about other things, but the Gold Organs and Flood Dragon Bone were both extremely important to Wang Chong. It was basically impossible to upgrade the former and arduously difficult to upgrade the latter.

The Flood Dragon Bone was a type of Dragon Bone, the lowest grade.

When a warrior cultivated to this level, even the most talented would find getting any further incredibly difficult. When one had a root bone on the level of a Dragon Bone, the difficulty in upgrading it would increase by several times, even ten-some times with each level.

Even Wang Chong, with the memories from two lives, didn't have any good methods of changing this. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been stopped at the Saint Martial realm in his last life without any further ability to improve.

If he could improve his Flood Dragon Bone just by safely passing the rejection and constraint of the world, this would undoubtedly be a surprising harvest.

"Perhaps I can use this to reach a level I never reached in my last life!"

At this moment, Wang Chong had to admit that he was tempted.

There were challenges, but there were also rewards, and the greater the risk, the better the return. This seemed to be a hidden rule of this mysterious Stone of Destiny.

Of course, if he failed, there was probably a harsh penalty waiting for him!


His deep thoughts were suddenly disturbed by a flapping sound from overhead. Looking up, Wang Chong saw a snow-white falcon in the snowstorm, its wings tearing through the snow as it descended.

"It's Old Eagle!"

Wang Chong quickly extended an arm.

Old Eagle assuredly knew that he was cultivating here and would never disturb him unless something important needed his attention.

Receiving the snow falcon, he untied the letter from its leg. As soon he saw its contents, his heart sank.

"He wants to go. I can't keep him!"

After giving a long sigh, Wang Chong leapt down from the mountain. Using the Phantom Steps, he transformed into a blur. As he rushed down the mountainside, he left only a few shallow footprints in his wake.

As his martial arts improved, so did his Phantom Steps. Although he still hadn't reached a level where he could leave no footprints on the snow, casual observation made them seem like the tracks of a rabbit.

Swoosh. After moving several dozen zhang, Wang Chong jumped onto a tree. As snow rustled down from the trees, Wang Chong made several flying leaps and quickly vanished into the distance.

When Wang Chong returned to the mountain where Deflecting Blade Manor was located, the place was cloaked in brilliant snow and was absolutely silent. Other than the twenty guards, there was a tiny number of students.

It was winter, so Deflecting Blade Manor was much more deserted than usual.

Wang Chong passed through the main gate, and the sandalwood stairs creaked as he returning to his own building. With a glance, he was able to notice the two-meter-tall figure standing by his door. That tall and sturdy figure was pacing back and forth, apparently having waited a long time with many worries on his mind.

Only Li Siye could have such an imposing figure in Deflecting Blade Manor.

The sheets of snow blanketed the hills, cloaking everything in white. The signs of winter were all around, but Wang Chong knew that in just a little while, spring would begin.

Once the snow melted and trees began to bud, the annual troop assignments would begin. Li Siye wanted to go to the Western Regions and make a name for himself, so now was the best time.

Only by preparing beforehand could one seize the best opportunity.

It was obvious that Li Siye could wait no longer. From his sunken eyes, it was evident that he had not gotten much sleep lately.

"Come in!" Wang Chong said as he opened the door and went in. Although he was still extremely reluctant to let the Invincible Great General slip out of his hands and his heart still ached at the thought, Wang Chong had finally accepted this unpleasant fact.

'One can't keep someone who wants to go and can't beat away someone who wants to stay.' Li Siye's personality clearly made it impossible for him to easily accept a master or allow himself to be controlled.

He was not even willing to submit himself to a scion of a clan of ministers and generals.

Wang Chong lightly pulled on a bell cord in the room, something he had learned from the other world. Someone quickly knocked on the door to deliver a pot of hot tea.

Wang Chong first poured himself a cup before pouring one for Li Siye.


Wang Chong pointed to the seat across from him.


Li Siye seemed to have a great deal on his mind. Though he took the tea, he didn't sit down.

Wang Chong didn't much care. After sitting down, he opened one of the table's drawers and took out a letter he had prepared. He then threw the letter over to Li Siye.

"I've already prepared everything. Take it!"

"Eh? What!"

Li Siye froze for a moment, and then he seemed to come to his senses, like he had awakened from a deep dream.

"The letter! Didn't you want to go to the Western Regions? I've already prepared things for you. The seals of my big uncle and King Song are also on there, as well as the official stamp of the Bureau of Military Personnel. If you take this to the Bureau of Military Personnel, you won't need to pass through the Beiting Protectorate but can go straight to the Anxi Protectorate to fulfill your dreams," Wang Chong explained. This time, it was his turn to be surprised. Li Siye's reaction had been completely out of his expectations.

Wang Chong recalled that when they first met, Li Siye had been so angry that he wanted to dismantle Deflecting Blade Manor. Now that he had finally been granted his desire, shouldn't he be ecstatic?

"Who said that I came to find you for this?"

Li Siye looked down at the letter on the table, a strange look on his face.

"Is that not it?" Wang Chong asked in surprise.

"I didn't say anything about that."

Li Siye finally regained his composure.

"I came to find you because I have something I want to ask you."

"Ask me?"

Wang Chong raised his head in surprise. As he looked at this bear of a man, Wang Chong suddenly realized that he seemed to have guessed wrong.

"What do you want to ask me?" Wang Chong asked in astonishment. He was truly feeling strange. What question could be even more important than a letter to the Bureau of Military Personnel recommending that Li Siye be assigned to the Anxi Protectorate?

And what was it that had him waiting at his door, pacing to and fro in worry, and even had him ask Old Eagle to send a snow falcon to tell him to come back?

Li Siye suddenly stared at Wang Chong and harshly said, "I ask you, just what is your Wang Clan up to?" His gaze was as sharp as a sword, and he was completely different from how he was just a moment ago.

"What do you mean, 'what are we up to'?"

Wang Chong's face was the picture of surprise. He had been caught completely off guard by this question and was completely incapable of following Li Siye's train of thought.

"A thousand jun of Hyderabad ore and enough Meteoric Metal to forge several thousand suits of armorand don't tell me that's just ordinary oreand you also have thousands of secret martial arts manuals, and also this Deflecting Blade Manor. What does your Wang Clan plan to do with all these strategic resources?

"Ever since ancient times, attempts to usurp the throne by starting a rebellion have never ended well. At present, the world is at peace and the common people can rest easy. I, Li Siye, stand proud upon this earth, and never in my life would I do anything treasonous or take the side of the evildoer. If your Wang Clan harbors ill motives and has thoughts of rebellion, the first thing Li Siye will do is kill you and then destroy the Wang Clan!"

The veins on Li Siye's forehead were bulging and his eyes seemed ready to pop out. His furious appearance was like that of a terrifying guardian of the underworld.


Wang Chong was struck dumb by these worlds. Wang Chong had never imagined that this was why Old Eagle had so urgently called him back and said that Li Siye wanted to see him.

Li Siye had stayed in Deflecting Blade Manor for several months, so he had seen the Hyderabad ore, the Meteoric Metal, and the martial arts manuals he had transcribed

He knew so many secrets, and this fellow actually thought that he wanted to start a rebellion!

This future Invincible Great General of the Great Tang Empire had observed him for several months and actually thought that he was a traitor, that the Wang Clan wanted to rebel!

No matter how open Wang Chong's mind was, he could have never imagined that the concern weighing down this future general was this!

Wang Chong was astonished and flabbergasted, not knowing whether to laugh or cry!