The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 443

Chapter 443: An Intent To Kill
Chapter 443: An Intent to Kill!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Hwoooo! The winds raged while lightning bolts flashed across the dark clouds above. The fine drizzle was now a torrential downpour.

"Young Master, your armor!"

Two Wang Clan guards kneeled on the ground holding Wang Chong's armor, forged from Deep Sea Xuan Metal.

Behind them were the erect ranks of the Deflecting Blade Manor guards. The cavalry of the Zhuang Clan, the Steel Guards of the Chi Clan, the experts of the Wang Clan, and the retired Imperial Army instructors all the guards of Deflecting Blade Manor had arrived, together with all the students.

The atmosphere was cold and somber. Though the majestic rain beat upon their bodies and faces, they seemed to be forged from iron or silver, completely unflinching.

"Wang Chong, what's happening here?"

The speaker was Marchioness Yi, wearing a red-tasseled spear at her back, riding out of the crowd on a rouge horse. She had gotten the news at Vermillion Bird Peak and led her own party over.

She was good friends with Wang Chong's second sister and had the greatest understanding of Wang Chong. There was absolutely nothing normal about today's mobilization.

"Marchioness Yi, do you believe in me?" Wang Chong asked, not directly answering the question.

"Nonsense! If I didn't believe you, do you think I would be here?" Marchioness Yi angrily returned.

Wang Chong turned his head and asked, "And if I want to kill a person? Will you still wholeheartedly trust me?"

Marchioness Yi was stumped. Wang Chong's complexion was icy, utterly devoid of emotion. His voice was calm, but that icy killing intent hidden beneath the surface made even Marchioness Yi tremble.

Marchioness Yi had known Wang Chong for a long time, but she had never seen him like this.

"I believe in you!"

Marchioness Yi suddenly smiled, but her voice was abnormally firm.

Although she didn't know why Wang Chong wanted to mobilize everyone in Deflecting Blade Manor or who Wang Chong wanted to kill, Marchioness Yi was confident that Wang Chong would never kill indiscriminately or slaughter the innocent!

If Wang Chong wanted to kill a person, that person assuredly had some reason to be killed. Marchioness Yi had chosen to trust him, not doubt him.

"Speak. Who's the person that you want to kill? Someone who can engender such hatred in you can't be some ordinary person. Say it, and your big sister will help you kill him!"

Marchioness Yi waved her spear, her expression confident and carefree.

The rain pouring down pinged and clanged against her armor. As Wang Chong looked at Marchioness Yi, he suddenly smiled.

His efforts over this year were showing their results!

Every member of Deflecting Blade Manor had basically complied with his order and come.

No one had asked for a reason or what they were doing. Just this single order from him had been enough.

Just like Marchioness Yi, they had an unreasonable confidence and trust in him.

At this moment, Wang Chong was somewhat moved and incomparably proud.

"Move out!"

Wang Chong equipped the Deep Sea Xuan Metal armor and put on his helmet. His black cape swept through the rain like a saber as Wang Chong galloped forward, leading his forces.

After three li, another flood of steel approached in the rain. Zhao Jingdian, Sun Zhiming, Chen Burang, Zhuang Zhengping, Chi Weisi and there were also the retired military instructors from the spirit vein. All of them were coming through the rain, catching up to Wang Chong's forces.

Zhao Jingdian brought his horse up to Wang Chong's.

"Young Master, where are we going?"

Zhao Jingdian had a calm face, and he had gotten even more powerful since last they met, having crossed the threshold of the True Martial realm long ago.

A black halo of thorns bristled underneath the hooves of his muscular warhorse, sending vibrations through the air as it gave off the clatter of metal.

"Old Eagle, do you know where?"

Wang Chong didn't reply, but turned to look at Old Eagle, his face cold and somber.

"I've already investigated. It's the Drunken Sparrow restaurant on Qiaolong Street," Old Eagle sternly said.

In this period of time, he had sent out countless sparrows and eagles, covering the entire capital in his eyes and ears. Enough time had passed for him to investigate the location of the incident.

"Go! Surround that place. I don't want a single person to be able to escape!"

"Yes, Young Master!"

At the city gate, the three forces finally merged into one torrent. The guards of the Wang Clan, the guards from Wang Gen's residence, the experts dispatched by the various great clans all of them stood in orderly ranks, quietly waiting for him to arrive.

And in the crowd was the prominent figure of Luo Tong, the master archer from the King Song Residence.

This was not Wang Chong's first time working with Luo Tong. This fully-armored and muscular master archer from the King Song Residence had divine archery skills. Even with Wang Chong's experience from his last life, Luo Tong belonged to the elite of the master archers.

Wang Chong said nothing, only nodding before rushing by them and into the capital.

The rain was coming down harder and harder, and the dark clouds continued to roil in the sky. Blazing bolts of lightning cleaved down like giant hatchets, crackling across the sky.

When a lightning bolt flashed across the sky, the entire world was as bright as day.

The rain, the armor, the roof tiles everything reflected the light of lightning. The howling of the wind, the booming of thunder, and the splashing of rain all blended into one.

There were few pedestrians on the streets, only shadowy figures lurking in the buildings and on the roofs. These were scouts sent by various clans of the capital.

But Wang Chong had no time to care about them.

The further they proceeded into the capital, the closer they got to Qiaolong Street, the more tightly Wang Chong's fists clenched, and the redder his eyes became.

Countless scenes flickered through his mind while the sounds of shouting, fighting, sabers and swords clashing resounded in his ear, all accompanied by endless fountains of blood.

The memories from his past life uncontrollably and incessantly flooded his mind.

No one understood more than him what the name of that person in Drunken Sparrow restaurant signified. It was a catastrophe for all of the Central Plains.

When that person swept down from Youzhou in the northeast, the Central Plains would become a sea of blood dotted by mountains of corpses until, eventually, everything became nothing.

HIs parents, his cousin, his aunt Zhao Jingdian and countless comrades who had fought alongside him, those seniors who had entrusted the Central Plains to him, and countless common folk would all die because of this person.

In his last life, when all this was starting, the Wang Clan was in decline and Wang Chong was still wandering about everywhere. Compared to that man, who had the glorious position of commander of three military regions1, he was just the insignificant son of a fallen clan.

Wang Chong would never forget that deep despair he felt as he watched his relatives die.

What he did not do in his last life, he would definitely do in this one.

"An Yaluoshan, I'll have you die for me!"

A surging killing intent rushed out of his body, causing even space to warp.

Rumble! In the next moment, the flood of steel being led by Wang Chong followed him.

Qiaolong Street was as calm as a placid lake. The swaying lanterns hanging from the roofs and the raindrops slapping against them were the only things moving.

"Surround this place. Don't let a single person escape!"

In an instant, this calm was completely shattered.

Countless armored horsemen charged through the rain and tightly surrounded Drunken Sparrow restaurant. Splashsplashsplash. Figures began to jump off the ground and onto the surrounding buildings.

With a creak, bowstrings were pulled, and a forest of sharp arrowheads, twinkling with cold light, were aimed from all around at that luxurious restaurant in the center.

Marchioness Yi, Zhao Jingdian, Wei Anfang, Sun Zhiming, Chen Burang, Zhuang Zhengping, Chi Weisi everyone was staring at Drunken Sparrow restaurant in the center.

A frigid and terrifying killing intent filled the air.

At this moment, everyone knew that this person that had stirred such hatred in Wang Chong, that he had to kill to be happy, was in this restaurant.

Without any other reason, a killing intent began to emerge in all their hearts.

They had known Wang Chong for so long, and they knew that he had never been one to indiscriminately slaughter innocents, and he rarely ever loathed someone so deeply.

Even when Abutong had challenged him and injured Chen Burang, Wang Chong had only disciplined him. He had still let Abutong go at the end.

If someone could fill Wang Chong with such hatred and hostility, that person deserved to die!


In the next moment, there was a thunderous boom as a large foot imbued with a monstrous strength kicked upon the main doors of Drunken Sparrow restaurant, sending them flying.

And as the door was kicked open, Wang Chong led his group charging in, sweeping in with all the power of a storm.


1.Historically, Emperor Xuanzong made An Lushan the regional commander of three military regions: Hedong, Fanyang, and Pinglu. Youzhou was the headquarters of the Fanyang military region.