The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 444

Chapter 444: A Lifelong Enemy
Chapter 444: A Lifelong Enemy!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Drunken Sparrow restaurant was packed with countless Hu, all of them in the midst of giving toasts and clinking their cups. When the doors were kicked in, the Hu were stunned, and then furious.

"Bastard! Who was that?"

"Don't they know that we reserved this entire place? Are they seeking death?"

"Get out of here, or else don't blame us for being rude!"

Like a pack of enraged lions, the countless Hu began to curse, pouring expletives out of their mouths. The Hu had never had very patient personalities. There were several clangs as many of the Hu unsheathed their sabers and swords and fiercely went to confront Wang Chong's group.

But in the next moment, they all came to a sudden stop.

Because they had discovered that the people rushing in outnumbered them by a large margin!

"Kill them all!"

Wang Chong waved his right hand as he strode out of the rain and into the restaurant. His voice was icy and brimming with sternness.

Rain had soaked through the chinks in his armor, flowing down his shoulders, arms, and chest, and finally congregating into a little stream under his war boots.

The Wang Chong of this moment was callous to the extreme.

No one had ever seen such an aura from him before.

"Young Master?"

At the front, Wei Anfang and the others, who had already rushed ahead of Wang Chong, all turned their heads. The capital was an important place, and killing so many people would bring serious consequences.

But there was not the slightest shred of emotion on Wang Chong's face.


The moment he spoke, the Steel Guards of the Chi Clan and the guards of the Wang Clan rushed in like tigers setting upon a pack of wolves.

The Steel Guards and the guards of the Wang Clan had all been recruited from the battlefield. Military men considered it their vocation to follow orders, and their carrying out of orders was inevitable as a toppling mountain coming to earth.

As long as there was an order, they would resolutely advance, even if they were confronted by a mountain of blades or a sea of fire. In this aspect, they were completely different from the students of Deflecting Blade Manor, whose hands were still not stained by blood.


All the Steel Guards of the Zhuang Clan, the guards of Deflecting Blade Manor, and the experts of the Wang Clan had come prepared. Each of them was wearing a suit of armor and wielded an axe or saber. Like a flood of steel, they charged into Drunken Sparrow restaurant. With a cold glimmer of light in the air, they fiercely hacked into the crowd.


Blood flew and screams rang out. In just a single clash, ten-some Hu had been sent flying.

"Kill them. They dare attack us!"

The countless Hu began to roar.

In Wang Liang's party, there had been quite a few guards at his side, and when one added those sailors, his party had been huge. In those circumstances, no one should have been able to bully them.

Wang Chong had found it very strange at the start. How had Wang Liang been injured? But when he saw the situation in Drunken Sparrow restaurant, he knew.

Drunken Sparrow was one of the largest restaurants in the capital, and the number of Hu gathered here exceeded one hundred.

And each one of them was muscular and armed. Not a single one of them was weak. The people by Wang Liang's side alone wouldn't have been able to deal with them.

Unfortunately for them, Wang Chong had come prepared.

"Kill them. Don't leave a single one alive!"

Wang Chong's voice was callous and stern. The righteous did not grasp for wealth and the kind did not command soldiers. The current him was his true self!

It's the thirty-ninth year of the Sage Emperor's reign, so this should be your first time entering the capital but you were already beginning to gather troops back then!

Wang Chong's gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept through the restaurant, his mind completely calm.

The Hu in Drunken Sparrow were wearing all sorts of clothes and came from a myriad of ethnicities. Wang Chong had even met a few of them when he went to see Big Golden Tooth. Wang Chong was well aware that none of these were Hu from the border, but the Hu merchants and guards of the capital.

In the interior of the Great Tang, it was only natural for Hu to get along with Hu. And that person in particular was unsurpassed in his ability to use money and power to make friends and entice talents.

When that great calamity swept down from Youzhou in the northeast at the start of the rebellion, even the Han had been enticed, much less the Hu.

If his guess was right, he was the one who had gathered all these people here.

And in the future, these people would be the source of that worldly calamity. Wang Liang had only unintentionally run into their attempts to gather together and court favor with each other.

No matter what, none of these people could be allowed to leave.

"Everyone else, come with me!"

After leaving enough people to deal with the Hu warriors on the first floor, the icy-faced Wang Chong began to lead his forces to the second floor.

Wang Chong had arrived like a shooting star, taking no breaks, but now that he was in Drunken Sparrow restaurant, the closer he got, the slower his footsteps became, and the colder his expression.

Right before a tiger pounced at its prey, its soles would become soft and its movements silent. Before an alligator struck, the water would be calm and the surroundings silent.

After half a lifetime at war, Wang Chong had made a habit of calming himself down at crucial moments. Only when the mind was like placid water could he maintain his composure, and only by maintaining his composure would he strike true!


The activity on the first floor had already alarmed the second floor. By the time Wang Chong was clanking his way up the steps to the second floor, it was in complete uproar.

Countless sabers and swords had been unsheathed, the sound of metal constantly ringing in the ear. There was also a fierce energy, smelling of blood and battle, seeping through the floorboards.

Wang Chong was no stranger to this energy.

This was the smell of military men, elite troops who had spent a long time on the battlefield and seen blood!

"Just who in the world are you?"

As Wang Chong's groups ascended the stairs, they were welcomed by cold flashes of light. In an instant, they were surrounded.

Unlike the Hu of the first floor, all the Hu here were armored and well-trained, and appeared extremely formidable.

And behind these people was a man of about thirty years old with a hawkish nose and sunken eyes. He had a muscular body, but also the rare refinement of a scholar. This middle-aged leader of the Hu was looking at Wang Chong with a stern and ashen complexion.

Unlike the Hu on the first floor, this one spoke Han, and he spoke it flawlessly. Wang Chong had rarely seen this amongst the Han, let alone the Hu.

And flanking the middle-aged man, two other Hu leaders were looking at him.

Wang Chong's gaze flitted over them, going straight to one of them, a slightly fat and relatively short Hu.

Right when Wang Chong turned his head, the Stone of Destiny in his mind exploded with a torrent of warnings.

But he heard none of them.

At this moment, time seemed to stop. Wang Chong's eyes were red, all his focus on that slightly plump figure standing to the side.

Kang Yaluoshan!

Whether he was called Kang Yaluoshan or An Yaluoshan, or even if he changed his name; whether it was this life, his last life, or a life many reincarnations later, Wang Chong would never forget this face.

How many years!

After so many years, he once more set eyes on this person. How many times had he thought about crushing this person's bones into dust! The Kang Yaluoshan before him was not as fat as the one from his last life, and Wang Chong had never met him when he was this young.

But even with this young and tender face, Wang Chong had still recognized him at a glance.

"I've finally found you!"

Wang Chong clenched his fists, his eyes a bloody red.

Fate had countless 'turning points'. If one used them well, one could thoroughly alter one's own and the world's fate. 'Vast Crane Pavilion' had been the turning point in the Wang Clan's fate, so by provoking Yao Feng, he had altered the fate of the Wang Clan. The 'Consort Taizhen incident' was the turning point in King Song's fate. By altering King Song's stance toward Consort Taizhen, he had naturally changed King Song's fate.

And 'Kang Yaluoshan' was undoubtedly the turning point for the millions of lives in the entire world. In his last life, he had used more than thirty years to finally kill Kang Yaluoshan, but it had already been too late by then.

And right before his eyes was clearly his best chance.

Wang Chong had not expected that the wounding of his older cousin Wang Liang would bring him before his greatest foe. If everything had gone as expected, this was still Kang Yaluoshan's first visit to the capital.

The current him was much less powerful than the one from his past life, and he had far fewer guards at his side. And he certainly did not have the ability to mobilize the foreign invaders.

This was undoubtedly a most important turning point.

If he could successfully kill him, Wang Chong was sure that the fate of the world would undergo a massive change. Unlike in his past life, he wouldn't have to waste thirty years to complete his mission.

These thoughts needed only a fraction of a second to fly through Wang Chong's mind, and he quickly regained his composure.

"Kill him!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as his right foot stepped forward. Under everyone's eyes, he suddenly extended a finger toward the slightly plump, silent, and inconspicuous figure standing next to the middle-aged Hu leader.

"Wait a moment, just who are you!"

The cultured middle-aged Hu flew into a rage, shouting for Wang Chong to stop.

Even though things had reached this point, he still didn't know what was going on. These Han had charged in and immediately begun killing. Although he wasn't afraid of fighting, he at least needed to know why.

But Wang Chong paid him no attention. Since Kang Yaluoshan had appeared here, the two other two Hu leaders were probably part of the Four An Brothers.

Although he didn't know why only three of the four had appeared, this was not Wang Chong's concern.

The erosion of wind and rain might play a part in the collapse of a great building, but its collapse assuredly had to do first with the rotting of its foundation.

Although -Tsang was strong and the Abbasid Caliphate was rich, even though the Great Tang was surrounded by powerful foes, none of them could compare to internal decay.

In the future, when Kang Yaluoshan's rebel army roared into the south, the An Brothers would be a part of it.


No one cared about the Hu standing across from Wang Chong. If they had to kill one, they would kill, and if they had to kill one hundred, they would still kill. When Wang Chong gave the order, they would all execute it.

Deflecting Blade Manor, the spirit vein, and the experts from the Wang Clan and the other great clans formed a force that no one could look down on.


With a flash of light, a red, fiery cloud emerged from behind Wang Chong and instantly vanished into the dense crowd of Hu experts.

The Crimson Blaze Spear, Zhao Yatong!

At this moment, the first person to support Wang Chong was the eldest daughter of the Zhao Clan, Zhao Yatong, who he had met on his training mission.

As a comrade who had experienced life and death with Wang Chong, Zhao Yatong had never seen someone that Wang Chong so loathed. But unlike others, Zhao Yatong didn't have any complicated thoughts.

Since Wang Chong wanted to kill this person, she would help him.

There was no 'why' or thought about what would happen afterward. Some people were natural companions and didn't need to ask for reasons.

Trust was trust. Since Wang Chong wanted this person to die, this person absolutely had to die.


Halos resonated and Stellar Energy exploded. The one following Zhao Yatong was not the Bai Clan's Bai Siling, nor was it the Xu Clan's Xu Gan or Fang Xuanling. It was the Huang Clan's Huang Qian-er.

The famous Fairy of Dainty Hands of the capital was completely drenched, but her eyes were as sharp as ever and her expression even prouder than before. A man's promise was worth a thousand jin of gold, and a woman's promise had never lost out to a man's.

Since it had already been promised that the Huang Clan would serve Wang Chong and follow Wang Chong, Huang Qian-er would carry out this promise until the end.

Boom! A streak of lightning seemed to sear through the air. Like a phantom, Huang Qian-er instantly appeared in the crowd of Hu, the five fingers of her right hand twinkling with a yellow and lustrous light. With just one strike, Huang Qian-er shattered the Halo of Thorns and protective Stellar Energy around the True Martial realm Hu expert. Her delicate fingers pressed against that person's chest and his armor shattered, blood splashing out. Although that Hu expert had done all he could to defend, he was still sent flying like a lost kite.

And Huang Qian-er was so powerful that she sent three nearby Hu warriors flying as well. While those three people were still in the air, Huang Qian-er used her tyrannical energy to shatter their organs. By the time they came back to the ground, they were already corpses.

"Attack, kill them!"

An Wenzhen was furious. He was the oldest of the three, and the one with the highest status. He had been the one to arrange this gathering, but he had not expected this sort of problem to occur.

"Don't go easy. If anything happens, just blame me!"

An Wenzhen's heart had hardened.

He no longer cared that this was at the feet of the Son of Heaven. Since these people had dared to strike at him, no matter where they came from, they would all die!

Since he had already given a lesson today, there was no harm in killing again. Anyone who was so blind as to bully around the Hu was overestimating their intelligence and seeking their death!

He didn't care about other Hu, but in the capital, the Four An Brothers were generals who never let anything go unfinished!

To die at his hands was to die in vain.