The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Hunting Down An Yaluoshan
Chapter 445: Hunting Down An Yaluoshan!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

An Wenzhen was not able to keep his ferocity for long, because soon after, he heard the twanging of bows at his ear.

Not even the storm outside could block out those sharp whistles.


Hundreds of arrows, each carrying a powerful energy, converged on the building like a cloud of locusts. Boomboomboom! In a set of explosions, these arrows pierced through the walls, honeycombing it with holes.


Miserable screams filled the air. The Hu had been putting all their focus on Wang Chong's party and had been caught completely off-guard by this sneak attack.

It was simply impossible to block these arrows as they burst through the walls. In a flash, more than half of the Hu had been either killed or injured by these arrows.

The archers that Wang Chong had brought were basically all master archers, and every one of their bows had been infused with destructive Stellar Energy. When that powerful energy pierced through the chests of the Hu, it sent them flying before nailing their bodies against the floor.

Although some of the more powerful Hu experts had Stellar Energy protecting their bodies that was able to knock away one or two arrows, the dense rain of arrows still broke through in the end. They managed to last for a few moments before their chests, and even heads, were shot through.

Blood gushed out, pooling into rivers and seeping through the floor below, frightening the Hu on the first floor.

"Damn it! Master archers! He actually brought master archers! Go! Quickly!"

An Wenzhen's complexion had gone ghastly pale.

If one added up the number of people in this gathering and the Hu experts of the capital they had invited on the first floor, they numbered more than a hundred, and all of them were at the True Martial realm and above.

They even had many experts who were on the brink of reaching the Profound Martial realm.

The Hu had fierce personalities and were extremely aggressive, and all of them were experts who had engaged in real combat. An Wenzhen had originally believed that just this force alone would have been enough for them to boldly stride across the capital.

He had not expected to run into this mysterious and ferocious youth.

An Wenzhen was well aware that a master archer was not someone an average person could run into, and not even a great clan could easily gain access to one.

The youth before him was undoubtedly no ordinary person.

More importantly, this youth had outnumbered them!

"Hahaha, do you think you can leave?"

Right after he had given the order to run, right after the first rain of arrows, someone outside Drunken Sparrow restaurant began to roar with laughter and jeer in the Hu tongue. This laughter was like thunder and blended together with the wind and rain. Although the speaker was speaking in Hu, they spoke flawlessly. It was the Invincible Great General, Li Siye.

Li Siye's aspirations had been on the Western Regions, for which he had studied the Hu language. The conversations of those Hu were no secret in his ears.


With a heaven-shaking explosion, a burly figure rammed through the wall of Drunken Sparrow restaurant, leaving a man-shaped hole in the southeast wall.

On his back was a giant Wootz Steel sword, even taller than a normal adult man.

Hum! At almost the same moment, Li Siye struck.

Rumble! In an instant, a numbing energy suddenly appeared in everyone's perception. The sky dimmed and the entire restaurant was plunged into darkness. Soon after, a massive saber energy, thirty zhang long, vast and resplendent like a god and demon, slashed down from the heavens.

The large Drunken Sparrow restaurant seemed to be made of paper as this monstrous energy cleaved it in two. This saber not only cut through the entire restaurant, it also hacked at all the Hu on the second floor.

The screams and the shattering of floorboards, chairs, and tables blended into one.

An Wenzhen had been standing in the direction of this saber energy, and he was sent flying, blood splattering everywhere.

"A Profound Martial realm expert!" An Wenzhen screamed, terror in his heart.

The An Clan was originally a Turkic clan of generals with a great store of knowledge. However, they had been excluded and massacred by the other Turkic clans, causing them to join the Great Tang.

Even so, the An Clan continued its tradition of martial arts.

This fact was evident from An Wenzhen's True Martial Tier 9 cultivation. This cultivation level played an important part in his leading tonight's gathering.

Someone who could shatter his protective Stellar Energy and easily defeat him with one slash of a saber could only be a Profound Martial realm expert, and one at Tier 5 or above.

Just where did this youth come from?

An Wenzhen's mind was in a panic as he was sent flying, and only this one thought remained.

He could disregard that massive number of True Martial realm experts, but Profound Martial realm experts were all proud, and each one had a deep backing and would not easily serve another.

No normal clan could gain the servitude of a Profound Martial realm expert, nor could any ordinary faction.

But even now, An Wenzhen did not know when he had offended this person. Everything was like a bad dream, an unforeseen disaster.


When they saw the strongest of their number, An Wenzhen, being sent flying by this single saber slash and the massive restaurant being chopped into two, the morale of the valiant Hu quickly crumbled.


In an instant, all the Hu experts still alive began to scatter, escaping through the rain.

"Old Eagle, kill him!"

The storm poured in from outside while thunder exploded overhead. Wang Chong's gaze was like lightning, paying no attention to the other Hu. His eyes were locked on that slightly plump figure who had escaped the farthest, several dozen zhang away.

Whether in his last life or this, whether he was at the height of his fame or still utterly obscure, Kang Yaluoshan had always been slippery, acting according to circumstances. If things didn't look right, he would always be the one to escape first and farthest.

But unfortunately for him, Wang Chong had come for him today. No matter how crafty he was, he wouldn't escape today!

Several dozen zhang away, the plump figure seemed to hear that order. He came to a sudden stop, but then he began to move faster, charging through the rain toward a warhorse.

And the moment he began to run, a figure like a great eagle arced down from the dark sky.

This was Old Eagle, in hot pursuit!

And though Old Eagle was fast, another person was even faster. Rumble! There was a flash of light, and then the scene from before replayed. A saber energy, vast and resplendent, fiercely slashed through space, descending upon that plump figure in the distance.

At the crucial moment, Li Siye had finally struck.

In this assault, Li Siye was Wang Chong's most powerful ally. But Li Siye had never seen An Yaluoshan before.

He had originally believed that the most powerful person in the room had been Wang Chong's target, but it seemed that he had been wrong.

But attacking the wrong target had no effect on someone like Li Siye.

Not even the strongest of this Hu party, An Wenzhen, had been a match for him, so how could An Yaluoshan?


The light of the saber cleaved through the darkness. But right when Wang Chong was about to sigh in relief, something completely surprising happened.

Crack! The world suddenly brightened as a blazing lightning bolt zigzagged down from the dark clouds, accurately striking Li Siye's saber light.

This strike not only scattered Li Siye's saber light, the fierce lightning bolt even followed the saber light to strike Li Siye, who was in the middle of a jump.


Li Siye yelled as both he and his saber were sent flying.

"What how is this possible?!"

Wang Chong narrowed his eyes, not daring to believe what he had seen. Even though there was a thunderstorm, this lightning bolt had come down too suddenly.

In truth, it wasn't just Wang Chong. Everyone, including the Hu, was astonished by this scene.


Another massive boom stirred the crowd from their stupor. Several dozen zhang away, in the middle of a torrential rain, a spear was thrust into the ground, its end vibrating.

Right after Li Siye, Old Eagle had struck!

But Old Eagle's attack had also missed. In a flash, An Yaluoshan had used a bizarre movement technique that none of the crowd had ever seen before. His body twisted, taking an M-shaped track, barely managing to avoid Old Eagle's determined strike.

With both these strikes avoided, An Yaluoshan once more began to flee. However, with Old Eagle's interference, An Yaluoshan had inevitably slowed a little.


A cold snort came from behind. The moment An Yaluoshan slowed, Wang Chong suddenly leaped into the air, immediately using the Leaping Dragon Art.

Buzz. In the darkness, Wang Chong seemed to be flung upward by some invisible strength. He jumped several times in the air until he was several dozen zhang in the sky.

"Luo Tong!"

Wang Chong's voice resounded through the darkness.


The crack of the bowstring was like a peal of thunder. In an instant, several sharp arrows flew forth like lightning bolts, piercing through the wind and rain toward the distant An Yaluoshan.

Luo Tong possessed superb archery skills and none of his arrows ever missed their target. Wang Chong had already seen proof of his skill during the Goguryeo Assassins incident.

He needed only one arrow to dispatch one True Martial realm expert. All his targets would groan and collapse. Luo Tong could strike any target within two hundred meters, much less this close distance.

But then the astonishing took place once more.

An Yaluoshan's ears trembled as if he had already expected this. When the bowstring twanged, he suddenly rolled without even turning around. Pressing close to the water-covered ground, he rolled several times.

The six arrows struck the mud while An Yaluoshan, his body covered in mud, clambered up and began to run once more.

Though he seemed rather sorry, he had once more escaped disaster.

"How is this possible?"

On a distant roof, the falling rain on his bronze armor made Luo Tong seem like a war god.

But unlike the war god Luo Tong of the past, this one no longer had that composed and confident expression.

It wasn't that Luo Tong had never encountered such a formidable opponent before.

Someone strong enough was completely capable of sending his arrows flying, but that sort of trait was completely different from what this person displayed.

If someone wanted to dodge his arrows while having their back turned, only one type of person would be capable of this: a master archer!

One that was at least on par with him!