The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 450

Chapter 450: Andong Protector General
Chapter 450: Andong Protector-General!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Single Character Consecutive Slash!"

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong activated the Stellar Energy Iron Cloak and then used the Single Character Consecutive Slash to jump from the back of his horse and attack.

Both the Eight Steps of the Furious Flood Dragon and the Leaping Dragon Art consumed too much Stellar Energy at this point, and were thus less effective and harder to use than the Single Character Consecutive Slash.

Tcha, tcha, tcha!

Wang Chong's figure seemed to flicker about and his Wootz Steel sword flashed with cold light as it drew out a harsh arc in the air. In the blink of an eye and several bangs, several Youzhou soldiers fell from their horses.

Although Wang Chong was not very strong, his insight and experience far surpassed his opponents'. Only those equal to or stronger than him could pose any threat to him.

"Jingdian, Marchioness Yi, Zhao Yatong work with me!"

Wang Chong's voice resounded through the dark skies, and not even the thunder or rain could drown it out.

Rumble! The warhorses suddenly changed course, and in the blink of an eye, the armored horsemen had gathered to protect Wang Chong in the center. The White-hoofed Shadow, meanwhile, had shot forward to catch Wang Chong.

This ability to change formation took even Tian Chengsi by surprise. But before he could make his own adjustments, Wang Chong's group was already charging toward An Yaluoshan.

Both Marchioness Yi and Zhao Yatong were top-notch experts of the spear, and in cavalry battles, no weapon was better than a spear at breaking through defenses.

Crash! As man met horse, one after another Youzhou soldier was knocked down into the mud.

"Kill him! Kill that brat!"

A flustered voice came out of the crowd as Ashina Sugan took out his sword and pointed it at Wang Chong.

'To shoot a person, first shoot the horse, and to capture the underlings, first capture their king.' This principle was not only known among the Han. The Hu were also well aware of it.


Metal whistled through the air. The Hu were excellent archers, so the first thing to arrive was not a wave of majestic Stellar Energy, but a dense rain of sharp arrows.


The twang of the bow was like a peal of thunder. Luo Tong stood in the distance, and though his body was not present at the fight, his arrow had already arrived. With a single pull and release, half of the rain of arrows had been blocked.

And as for the rest, they were blocked either by the Stellar Energy Iron Cloak or by Wang Chong's armor.

"Deep Sea Xuan Metal heavy armor!"

Standing at the very back of the crowd, Ashina Sugan narrowed his eyes. He had immediately recognized this armor. Deep Sea Xuan Metal armor was absolutely worthy of being a strategic military resource and was an excellent tool for dealing with the attacks of a master archer.

Even a master archer would be incapable of threatening Wang Chong while he wore this armor.

"To have the audacity to attack the Andong Protectorate is like daring to challenge the heavens! Come with me and kill that brat!"

Ashina Sugan's complexion was ashen, his heart resolute.

In Youzhou in the northeast, one person bullying them was already enough. When they left Youzhou, he had sworn an oath that he would not allow a single person to walk all over them.


Ashina Sugan's shout was immediately followed by ten-some yells. These people were all elite troops of the Youzhou army, combatants at Tier 4 or above of the True Martial realm.

The 'cut off the head' plan that Wang Chong so enjoyed using just so happened to be one that Ashina Sugan and An Yaluoshan were fans of as well.

In the Andong Protectorate, this pair had already become very proficient at this strategy. It was precisely through this method that the pair had gradually reached their current status.

Boom! Just as the warhorses had begun their charge, right when Ashina Sugan was raising his sword, the earth suddenly quaked. The wall to the left of them suddenly collapsed and a large number of armored cavalry poured in.

"Young Master Wang, we've come to help you!"

Hearing a familiar voice, Wang Chong immediately turned, whereupon he saw a thin figure dressed in blue leading a group of experts against the Youzhou soldiers.

Zhang Jian of the Zhang Clan had brought the clan elders and their experts to help him.

Wang Chong was elated.

An Yaluoshan, Tian Chengsi, and the Youzhou troops, on the other hand, were stunned.

But before An Yaluoshan and the others could react, crash! Yet another wall collapsed, this time to the west.

"Young Master Chong, we've come to help you!"

In a flash, the Huang Clan's patriarch led a group of elites charging into the Youzhou soldiers.

But this was still not over.

Suddenly, an elderly and vigorous voice roared out like a lion. "Young Master, don't worry; we've come to help you!"

From the back of the courtyard, a stalwart figure, old yet hearty, led a group of experts charging through the rear wall.

"Elder Ye!"

Wang Chong was once more elated. The newcomers were actually his grandfather's old subordinates, Elder Ye, Elder Zhao, and the others.

Wang Chong had not expected that his order would even move them.

"Young Master, who do you want to kill! I'll help you!"

Elder Ye's voice was peerlessly tyrannical, ringing out like a great bell.

In the middle of the courtyard, An Yaluoshan's forces were given another shock. In just a short time, their opponents had once more mobilized so many people.

These two white-haired elders exuded a despotic energy and gave off the thick aura of military veterans. This was not even an aura that old generals who had experienced a hundred battles could have.

"Damn it! Just who is this person?"

These constant assaults caused even Ashina Sugan, who was still attempting to capture Wang Chong, to pale. They had originally believed their forces to be on par with Wang Chong's.

But now that Elder Ye and the others had entered, the Youzhou soldiers were now in a terrible state.

"Withdraw! Complete defense! Turtle Shell Formation! Hurry!"

A panicked voice cut through the rain, and was even repeated twice in both Hu and Han. Tian Chengsi, the field officer of Lulong, was from a family of field officers. He was extremely rigorous in managing his troops, unrivaled in the world in this aspect. In the future, he would be an influential existence.

But at this moment, he wore an expression of panic.

The forces against them were no longer something they could deal with. They were enough to completely crush them.

Moreover, these forces weren't coming from one direction, but all sides at once.

This meant that no matter how powerful, elite, or brave his Youzhou soldiers were, they would also have to endure attacks from three other sides.

On the battlefield, such circumstances would result in absolute defeat!


A massive, exquisite, and complicated Halo of Great Thorns vibrated under Elder Ye's feet. This halo was like countless thorn bushes tinged with streaks of gold. All in all, it exuded an aura of supreme power.

Roar! A giant fist exploded forward, not from Elder Ye's body, but from midair. In this moment, Wang Chong felt like he could see the image of a bronze mountain god behind Elder Ye.

This was Wang Chong's first time seeing Elder Ye strike.

Crsssh! Countless Youzhou soldiers were sent flying. Tian Chengsi's Turtle Shell Formation had been completely incapable of blocking Elder Ye's fist.

And at the same time, armored horsemen thundered in from the other sides, plunging into the Youzhou troops.

"Congratulations to user! For killing 1 Youzhou rebel, you are awarded 1 point of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 2 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 2 points of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 3 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 3 points of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 7 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 7 points of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 8 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 8 points of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 9 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 9 points of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 13 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 13 points of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 14 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 14 points of Destiny Energy!"

"Congratulations to user! For killing 15 Youzhou rebels, you are awarded 15 points of Destiny Energy!"

A chain of messages poured into Wang Chong's mind. In just a few short moments, 17 Youzhou soldiers had been killed, immediately granting Wang Chong 17 points of Destiny Energy, an amount which was rapidly increasing.

The faces of An Yaluoshan, Ashina Sugan, and Tian Chengsi paled, and even Cui Qianyou and Tian Qianzhen, still battling with Li Siye, were visibly affected.

They could barely deal with one Li Siye, but against all these people this pair, even working together, would probably die here.

"Stop! Who are you all?"

"We're the Youzhou army, from the Andong Protectorate! Haven't you got the wrong people!"

The Hu amongst these soldiers were still fighting, but the Han soldiers mixed in with them couldn't help but yell. Yet all these yells could not surpass this one shout:


There was a massive thunderclap above that even managed to scatter away the torrential rains.

An enormous pressure came down. Even Cui Qianyou, who was still in the middle of fighting Li Siye, couldn't help but shout.

This resounding voice could be heard all over the capital. Wang Chong felt a jolt in his heart as he suddenly thought of something.

"Quickly, forget everyone else. Li Siye, Elder Ye, Elder Zhao, Elder Zhang, kill him for me!" Wang Chong pointed a figure at the distant An Yaluoshan.

An Yaluoshan was far craftier than imagined. At the start, he had still been standing at the front of the Youzhou troops, but once things started to go wrong and Wang Chong's side began to hold the advantage, he had immediately retreated to the back, where he was protected by the ranks of the Youzhou soldiers.

"Young Master, I'll seize him for you!"

An old but energetic voice echoed across the sky. Energy surged around Elder Zhao's body as he transformed into a rainbow and shot into the sky. At the same time, Li Siye and Zhang Jian also jumped out and toward An Yaluoshan.

"Cui Qianyou, Tian Qianzhen, save me!"

In a flash, An Yaluoshan's complexion turned ghastly pale and he screamed in fear. He was only at the True Martial realm. One Li Siye was already enough to put him on pins and needles, and now he had to deal with three such individuals.

In this moment, An Yaluoshan felt the thick aura of death and an intense unwillingness welled up.

All of this had been completely unreasonable. He hadn't even done anything, so why did he have to be killed!

Did he have to die here today without knowing a single thing?

No! No! No!

Before he even knew it, Li Siye, Elder Zhao, and Elder Ye, three Profound Martial realm experts, had rushed over to him like eagles descending upon their prey. Suddenly, to the north, a light exploded, as blinding as the sun. It was vigorous, majestic, supreme. This awe-inspiring energy swept through the courtyard, instantly making its presence known.


This word was spoken flatly, yet it hung up high like the moon or sun. It was imbued with a supreme majesty that made everyone inadvertently lower their heads in submission and reverence.