The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 466

Chapter 466: The Insane Wang Clan
Chapter 466: The Insane Wang Clan!

Translated by: Hypersheep2325

Edited by: Michyrr

"In addition, I have one most important duty for you."

Wang Chong spoke indifferently, but his expression grew even graver.

"Right now, gather all the wealth we have and send it all to the Zhang Clan. In addition, tell the head of the Zhang Clan that they can begin production with the Wootz Steel and Meteoric Metal!"

Slapslap. With Wang Chong's words, his index finger flicked twice, causing two sheets of paper near him on the ground to fly up and shoot into Old Eagle's hand.

"Without my handwritten order, they won't start," Wang Chong said.

"But, Young Master, did didn't you order that the Meteoric Metal should be kept quiet and not used for any major operations, so as to avoid other people craving it and bringing us trouble?"

"I can't worry about that anymore! If we don't use the Meteoric Metal now, I'm afraid that we won't get another chance!" Wang Chong said with a sigh.

Old Eagle stared in stupefaction at Wang Chong. Though he understood every individual word that Wang Chong had said, when put together, they became incomprehensible.

But there was one thing that Old Eagle could be sure of. Wang Chong had thought long and hard before making these decisions. He had not made them because of any person, and nothing would make him change his mind.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Old Eagle slightly bent his knees and lowered his head. Between his doubts and Wang Chong, Old Eagle had still chosen to trust Wang Chong!

Just like he had in the past.

"Also, gather Zhao Jingdian and the others and give this to him!"

Wang Chong took out another piece of paper.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Old Eagle asked no more questions.

With the pieces of paper that Wang Chong had given him, Old Eagle quickly left the jail.

The gloomy prison was quiet. Now that Old Eagle had left, Wang Chong lowered his head once more, his eyes focused on the ground.

If one carefully looked, one would discover that around Wang Chong were countless tiny, crisscrossing lines.

If one stood up and looked from above, one would realize that these tiny marks formed a map, a complicated and unimaginably detailed map of the Great Tang Empire's southwest border!

Countless papers were scattered on the ground, and the southwest was drawn on almost all of them.

"Not enough it's still not enough. Just relying on these things is still far from enough! Just what am I missing!"

Wang Chong frowned and muttered to himself. Other than himself, no one knew what he was talking about.

The southwest border was already in great peril. The 300,000-strong Mengshe Zhao army, the 200,000-strong -Tsang army once the war began, the Great Tang's southwest border would appear to be in harmony, but those two powerful armies would be waiting like tigers to simultaneously strike.

A sword hanging over the head would drop down one day!

As a general, Wang Chong needed to find a path of survival for both the Great Tang and the 180,000 elites!


Like a boulder smashing into water, Old Eagle leaving the prison with the news that Wang Chong was selling the spirit vein jolted all the great clans and noble houses of the capital.

"What? Wang Chong wants to sell the spirit vein? Has he gone mad?"

The Huang Clan head's eyes opened wide when he heard the news. His first reaction was to think that Wang Chong had gone crazy or that the news was incorrect.

Of all the Wang Clan's property, the most valuable was indubitably the spirit vein in Wang Chong's possession. How could Wang Chong sell it off?

"Hahaha, the Wang Clan actually wants to sell off their spirit vein. Buy, buy, buy! Buy like crazy! Without the spirit vein, let's see how arrogant the Wang Clan can get!"

In the Duke Su Residence, Su Bai was reclining on a couch, happily laughing at the letter in his hand.

Last time, Wang Chong had made him lose all his dignity. However, because Wang Chong had too much momentum, Su Bai could only swallow his anger, but he had never given up and kept constant watch on Wang Chong.

That the Wang Clan was actually willing to give up the spirit vein outside the capital presented an extremely rare opportunity. At this time, Su Bai was completely confident in his ability to convince his father to buy as much of Wang Chong's spirit vein as possible!

"Good, good, good! If the Wang Clan wants to sell the spirit vein, why shouldn't we buy? Carry out my order: gather all the money of our Cheng Clan that we can get our hands on, even if we have to borrow from loan sharks!"

In the estate of the Cheng Clan, one of the capital's four great sword-smithing clans, the head of the Cheng Clan was also looking at the letter in his hand, his brows flying up in elation.

"But father, didn't we offend Wang Chong last time? Might he"

On the side, the only son and scion of the Cheng Clan, Cheng Xiaoshen, couldn't help but offer his opinion. He well remembered that the Cheng Clan had greatly offended Wang Chong when he was selling the Wootz Steel at Bluebottle Pavilion!


Before he could finish speaking, a bump began to rise from his head.

"That was one thing and this is another! In terms of business deals, what does a stinking brat like you know? If that boy from the Wang Clan weren't willing, then why would he bring it out to sell?"

Similar events were taking place elsewhere.

"Father, what do we do?"

In the main hall of a general's residence, Abutong put down the paper in his hand and turned to his father, Great General Abusi.

Abusi was not a general with actual power. Unlike Zhang Shougui, Fumeng Lingcha, or Gao Xianzhi, he did not command hundreds of thousands of troops, nor was he bestowed with ultimate power over any region.

But the tens of thousands of Tongluo elite cavalry under Abusi's command were praised as the best in the world, and played a critical role in the empire.

Abusi silently contemplated his son's words.

Several centuries had passed since the Tongluo had surrendered to the Great Tang, and if one had to be more precise, it was all the way back in Emperor Taizong's reign. The favor that Emperor had showed them had dissipated long ago. Abusi had been able to lead the Tongluo to the summit hundreds of years later and forcefully suppress the other Turks and Hu through his loyalty to the imperial household and his extreme caution!

But the Tongluo were also a very proud people.

If not for their pride, the Tongluo cavalry would not have become known as the strongest horsemen in the world. In the Regional Commanders incident, the memorial that Wang Chong had submitted had greatly upset Great General Abusi.

Before the assembled officials of the court, civil and martial, Abusi had still been forced to kneel. Perhaps Abusi could have accepted this result if it had been the Wang Clan's Old Master.

But Wang Chong was just a teenager who was still wet behind the ears. How could Abusi be happy? How could he forget?

"Carry out my order: gather all the treasures of our Tongluo Tribe and exchange it for gold. Buy as much of the spirit vein as we can!" Abusi sternly ordered.

"Yes, Father!"

Abutong was ecstatic. He had immediately understood his father's intention, and he ran off like he had wings. The spirit vein was a priceless treasure, and the Wang Clan would end up regretting this one day.

That his father had agreed to buy part of it was clearly because he objected to Wang Chong and wanted to teach him a lesson.

As for wealth, the Tongluo had never cared much for gold or silver.

"Wang Chong, Wang Chong, you'll regret this in the future!"

Abutong heartily laughed as he ran!

The Yao Clan and the King Qi Residence were similarly confused.

"Father, what is that brat up to?"

In the Yao Clan Residence, Yao Feng frowned, suspicion on his face. Although he had already been beaten once by Wang Chong, Yao Feng was no fool.

This move by the Wang Clan was very suspicious.

"If we want to know what they're thinking, we have to know what they want. There's no question that the Wang Clan wants to exchange the spirit vein for money, a massive amount of money!"

Yao Guangyi lowered his head, his eyes flashing with thought.

"But what does the Wang Clan need all this money for? Isn't that brat already as rich as a king? Where could he even use all that money?" Yao Feng asked.

At a certain level, wealth became a concept, a number. Yao Feng had come from one of the elite clans of the Great Tang, so he was more than clear on this subject.

When one accumulated a large enough fortune, it became simply impossible to spend that much money. Further adding to it would only serve to add to a number, but it would not bring any changes to one's life.

"Hmph, we definitely wouldn't be able to spend that much, so that brat definitely can't!"

Yao Guangyi raised his head and sneered.

Yao Guangyi was no fool. The Wang Clan had relied on the Wootz Steel to accumulate an enormous fortune, but part of this fortune had inexplicably vanished.

Although Yao Guangyi hadn't found out what was going on yet, the Yao Clan would probably be able to find some clues soon.

It was just that Wang Chong's thoughts were too profound and unfathomable. There were something that Yao Guangyi couldn't understand, even if they were discovered.

At the very least, Yao Guangyi could see no meaning in these moves!

"Father, if that's the case, then we can't let them succeed!"

A harsh look flashed through Yao Feng's eyes as he immediately replied.

"Hmph! Wrong!"

Yao Guangyi coldly laughed. As he put down the letter, his eyes turned deep and sharp.

"No matter what that brat wants to do with all that money, we should do what we should do. Even if he wants to use that money to start a rebellion tomorrow, we should still buy as much of the spirit vein as we can! Why shouldn't we do something that can benefit our Yao Clan?"

Yao Guangyi stuck out a finger and admonished, "Feng-er, remember this: never let your emotions affect how you do things!"

Yao Feng was dumbfounded, unable to speak a single word.

At almost the same time, King Qi and many other great clans reached the same decision.

Just like that, a furious, behind-the-scenes conflict in the capital began. Whether it was the Yao Clan, King Qi, or any other clan, it was only after a long time that they realized what exactly they had done.

Old Eagle had finished preparations for the auction far faster than people imagined. On the same night that the news spread, Old Eagle began the auction.

"Now auctioning the first lot of land in the spirit vein. Covering an area with a radius of two zhang, it is sufficient space for five people to cultivate. The starting price is 30,000 taels of gold!"






A crowd densely packed a remote courtyard in the capital. Almost all the great clans of the capital were present. Old Eagle's voice was like a falling boulder, instantly stirring an uproar in the crowd.

Everyone had seemingly gone insane as they yelled out offers. In just a few short moments, this part of the spirit vein that was only two zhang in radius had shot up from 60,000 taels to 230,000!

At this moment, even the mentally prepared Old Eagle was surprised at the fervor of the crowd!