The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 469

Chapter 469: Wang Chongs Request
Chapter 469: Wang Chong's Request!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In the past, Wang Gen would have assuredly voiced his opinion. The Great Tang had sufficient strength to deal with any force, whether it was Mengshe Zhao, -Tsang, the Eastern and Western Turkic Khaganates, Goguryeo, or the Abbasid Caliphate.

If it didn't have this strength, the Great Tang would not have its current prosperity.

Every person of the Great Tang firmly believed this point.

But this time, Wang Gen was quiet. For some reason, Wang Gen heard the message from Wang Chong that Old Eagle had relayed to him.

"No matter what happens, please tell Big Uncle to not issue any opinions!"

This was a message from several days ago. It seemed like Wang Chong had already expected this to happen.

Chong-er, just what did you see? Just what reason has you so deeply concerned about this matter before the court?

Wang Gen's eyes were unfocused, his mind in turmoil.

Wang Chong had been acting too strangely as of late, but no one dared to say that he had gone crazy. At the very least, he had found out what happened in the southwest a long time ago, much earlier than the Imperial Court.

It was hard to say if his nephew had already anticipated all this.

After all that he had experienced, Wang Gen found himself more and more unwilling to disregard his nephew's advice.

"Lord Wang? Lord Wang?"

Whispers could be heard as the gathered ministers looked curiously at Wang Gen. In the past, Lord Wang had always been wise and astute, bold and decisive. But today, he had twice been absentminded and slow to respond.

The hawkish officials found it even more strange.

Wang Gen and King Song were stalwart hawks. To be more precise, they were the banners under which the hawks gathered. Although Wang Gen himself was a civil official, the Wang Clan was an authentic clan of ministers and generals that wielded immense influence in the court.

There was no reason for Wang Gen to show any hesitation on this matter.

"On this matter"

"Court is over!"

Wang Gen was interrupted by a sharp voice from above. Bzzzz!A massive pressure descended upon the officials, causing them all to lower their heads in panic.

But before they could react, this massive pressure retreated like the tide.

When they raised their heads, they discovered that the beaded curtain had been raised and that imposing figure had vanished.

"This is"

"What's happened to His Majesty?"

The officials were all lost. Seldom did the Sage Emperor leave before the ministers had finished debating. For a moment, no one could understand the Emperor's intent and all were bewildered as to what to do next.

That's good. I managed to dodge this problem!

On the other hand, Wang Gen internally sighed. The Emperor's stance was unfathomable, but at least he did not need to make his own stance known.

I should go and see Chong-er!

Seeing the furrowed brows of a few of the hawkish ministers and thinking about where his own decision was trending, Wang Gen hurriedly left the hall.

This court session had been very uncomfortable. He had to find out as quickly as possible why Wang Chong didn't want him to express a stance.

The pressure exerted by the Court of Judicial Review and Chamberlain of Dependencies was unimaginable. Although Wang Chong knew that it wouldn't be easy for his big uncle to get in, it was quite a few days until Wang Chong was actually able to see him.

Candles guttered in the gloomy prison.

Wang Gen was dressed in black informal wear and appeared calm, but the anxiety on his face was impossible to conceal.

"Big Uncle!"

Wang Chong's eyes lit up at the sight of his big uncle and he hastily stood up. This was his first meeting with his big uncle in many days.


Wang Gen nodded his head, his gaze taking in Wang Chong's emaciated look, a tinge of heartache manifesting on his brow.

Of the grandsons of the Wang Clan, the one Wang Gen regarded most highly was not his own son, nor was it Wang Chong's two older brothers, but Wang Chong, this nephew of his that once ranked least in his estimations.

Wang Gen truly found it hard to bear this haggard appearance. But by gritting his teeth and hardening his heart, Wang Gen quickly calmed down.

Wang Chong had killed many Hu in Drunken Sparrow restaurant, attacked the soldiers of Youzhou, and killed Zhang Shougui's subordinate in front of his face. This was far too serious an incident, one that had even dragged in An Sishun, Vice Protector-General of Beiting.

Although An Sishun was only Vice Protector-General, the Beiting Protector-General had always been a vacant post, as it was common practice for the members of the imperial clan to control it from afar. In other words, An Sishun was actually the most influential figure in the Beiting Protectorate.

Although Wang Chong had gotten into conflicts with him in the past, none of them had been this big.

The Old Master had already issued an order that no one was allowed to involve themselves in this matter. Wang Chong had to bear the punishments for his mistakes.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Wang Chong to be locked up in this prison managed by the Imperial Army, Chamberlain of Dependencies, and Court of Judicial Review.

"Relaxafter a while, once things have settled down, no matter what the Old Master says, I'll think of a way to get you out of here My words are also useless against your grandfather, but even he has to listen to King Song's words."

In the end, Wang Gen still found it a little difficult to accept his nephew's circumstances.

"Big Uncle, I know that you want to help me, but I've never worried about these things."

Though these words made him feel warm, Wang Chong still shook his head. Everything had its price, and when he had decided to kill An Yaluoshan, Wang Chong already knew what he would have to pay.

Wang Chong had never regretted his decisions. He was more concerned about something else.

"Big Uncle, tell me, is the Imperial Court in complete turmoil right now! You don't need to hide it from me. I can guess," Wang Chong said, worry in his eyes. In this period of time, what he anticipated the most was news from his big uncle.

The tragedy from his last life was playing out once more in this one. Wang Chong could smell the coming of a storm on the wind.


Wang Gen sighed and nodded.

"The court is currently united in favor of war. The voices from the court and the people are too loud. Even many old ministers in favor of peace couldn't hold on and changed their minds. I can't last for much longer either. Chong-er, you must tell me what exactly you want me to do."

The clouds of war were currently gathered thick over the capital. In the few days in which Wang Gen was attempting to arrange a visit with Wang Chong, he had been visited by countless officials, both civil and military.

Every one of them was asking for Wang Gen to give his opinion. Only Wang Gen knew how much pressure he had endured in this time.

Wang Gen had always favored this nephew of his, but this matter was no game!


The moment Wang Gen finished speaking, he heard a loud boom. Under Wang Gen's flabbergasted gaze, Wang Chong got down on both knees and bowed, his eyes red.

"Chong-er, what are you doing?"

Wang Gen's eyes were wide, his face frozen. It was obvious that Wang Chong's display had caught him by complete surprise.

"Big Uncle, I know that you have many questions and are facing many difficulties, but only you can help me with this matter."

Wang Chong had a very solemn expression as he kneeled. Based on the memories from his last life, there was no doubt that this matter had already reached the critical juncture.

In his last life, the Wang Clan had declined ages ago and lost any right to intervene in this war, but this time was different. Whether or not the tragedy of his last life could be avoided would be decided soon, and he could not allow the slightest error.

"Chong-er, what exactly do you want to do?" Wang Gen said gravely, looking down at his kneeling nephew. The intuition he had refined from decades in the court told Wang Gen that Wang Chong was planning something.

"Big Uncle, if the time comes for the final decision, I ask that no matter what, you and King Song must oppose the war together. The war with Mengshe Zhao must not happen at this time!" Wang Chong sternly said, his head sinking even lower toward the ground.


Shock covered Wang Gen's face.

"Chong-er, do you know what you're saying? Jiange is a ruin, and many people have died. This isn't some simple decision. If the Wang Clan opposes an attack, it'll be universally condemned!"

Wang Gen had truly been stunned by Wang Chong's request. He had always believed that Wang Chong had asked him to delay any opinion because he had something important to tell him, but not this.

To abstain, remain silent, and not express a stance was completely different from objecting.

"Moreover, our Wang Clan and King Song have always been the leaders of the hawks, and all of them follow us blindly. It's precisely because of this that we can build so many connections in the court. The Wang Clan can remain silent, can abstain, but it absolutely cannot shield Geluofeng and object to the war. If I do as you say, the reputation the Wang Clan accumulated over the decades will vanish into nothing. No! I cannot agree to your request!"

Wang Gen swept his sleeve. He didn't even need to think. He had never expected that this would be Wang Chong's request.

If he did this, the Wang Clan would forfeit all of its hard-earned reputation. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, no one would ever heed the call of the Wang Clan or agree with its decisions again.

If he did this, the fall of the Wang Clan would be right around the corner.

It hadn't been for no reason that many of the doves had changed their stances.

"Big Uncle, if we don't object, then it truly will be a catastrophe!"

Wang Chong lowered himself to the ground, pain in his voice.

"The Great Tang was founded more than three hundred years ago, but its collapse might be today!"

In the vast Central Plains, among the countless people living within, the only people who had the foresight and understanding to deal with this crisis were him and the Wang Clan. If not even the Wang Clan could take the proper measures, what hope would there be for the Central Plains?

Without the powerful Great Tang, just who in this vast world would be able to resist when that calamity descended?

He had already failed in his past life. Was he fated to fail in this life as well?

"Chong-er, just what are you saying?"

Wang Gen stood in a daze, completely stunned by Wang Chong's words.

He had watched Wang Chong grow up, but never had he seen him like this.