The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Agitating The Capital I
Chapter 475: Agitating the Capital! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The capital was foreordained to be restless today.


One carrier pigeon after another flew all over the city.

In a mountain range ten-some li from the city, a slightly plump youth was currently in the middle of meditating. A vigorous Stellar Energy seeped out of his body, transforming into a thick, white beam of energy. It coiled around him like a python, making the young man exude an aura of incomparable valiance.


Upon receiving the carrier pigeon, Wei Hao (Youngster Wei) opened the letter, an astonished look in his eyes.

"Hahaha, Wang Chong, you bastard, you've finally come looking for me!"

Bang! Wei Hao drew back his fingers, crushing the letter in his hands, after which he began to excitedly laugh.

Wang Chong hadn't written much in the letter, only one simple line: 'I want to borrow twenty guards!'

They were childhood friends, so twenty guards was nothing at all. Even if the Wei Residence had strict rules, even if he risked his father's rebuke, Youngster Wei would definitely help Wang Chong out.

What twenty? He would even be willing to find two hundred!


The air vibrated with the clatter of metal. Under Youngster Wei's body, an obsidian-black Halo of Thorns spread out.

It was followed by a second, a third, a fourth!

In this short time, Youngster Wei had ascended from the Origin Energy realm to the True Martial realm, all the way to True Martial realm Tier 4. There were even signs that he was about to break into Tier 5.

At this moment, Youngster Wei was brimming with boundless energy, his strength even surpassing Wang Chong.

This was the power of the Mountain Ascension Art!

Wang Chong had gifted Youngster Wei this technique. It was considered a top-notch technique, but also one that was extremely difficult and had very demanding requirements on one's body.

It was especially difficult at the Origin Energy realm. But after breaking into the True Martial realm, one would become incredibly strong.

Ever since Youngster Wei entered Kunwu Training Camp, Wang Chong rarely called him. Whether he was dealing with the Goguryeon assassins or dealing with An Yaluoshan, Wang Chong had never asked for his help precisely so that he could put all his focus on cultivation.

Wang Chong's attitude toward his childhood friend was one of wholehearted support.

All of the golden ginseng he had obtained from the Goguryeons was a hundred years old. Ever since Wang Chong had reached the True Martial realm, that ginseng had become useless to him, but Youngster Wei could use it, so Wang Chong had offered it with no limit.

The Mountain Ascension Art was different from other techniques, so the Goguryeon ginseng was far more effective on him than on Wang Chong. In addition, practitioners of the Mountain Ascension Art found it much more difficult to break out of the Origin Energy realm and into the True Martial realm.

But the Goguryeon ginseng would lighten the load and provide a large boost in power.

At this point, Youngster Wei had consumed twenty to thirty times the amount of ginseng that Wang Chong had consumed. Moreover, even though Wang Chong had forbidden others from using the spirit vein, Youngster Wei could enter as he pleased.

However, upon reaching the True Martial realm, the Mountain Ascension Art could no longer use the simple energy of the world. It required an energy one level higher, the essence energy of the mountains.

This sort of energy was not like the energy of the world. In normal circumstances, outside of the unique Mountain Ascension Art, it was very difficult to cultivate this energy.

Thus, upon reaching the True Martial realm, Youngster Wei left the spirit vein and headed deep into the mountains. The more primal and numerous the mountains, and the less traveled they were by people, the thicker the mountain essence energy would be.

Youngster Wei had always been a martial arts maniac addicted to cultivation. He cultivated into the night, and from the night until the day. And given that, unlike Wang Chong, he was not bothered by other affairs, he was a perfect match for the Mountain Ascension Art!

As a result, Youngster Wei's cultivation had surpassed Wang Chong's.

There was no doubt that Youngster Wei had reached a level that would have been impossible to reach in his previous life.

"Something must have happened for Wang Chong to borrow guards. I have to go and take a look!"

Youngster Wei's eyes shone as he immediately stood up. With a swoosh, his body jumped forward like an ape, covering more than ten meters in a single bound.

But after a few jumps, Youngster Wei suddenly became a fierce tiger or massive elephant, quickly vanishing among the mountains.

At the same time, somewhere in the capital, there was a three-floor tea house. It had flying eaves and was built in an ancient style, giving off an aura of elegance and grandeur.

An elegant figure furrowed its brows, slender fingers gripping a five-inch-tall porcelain tea cup. It appeared like this figure had many worries on its mind.

Flapflap! The flapping of wings could be heard.


A hint of surprise flashed through Bai Siling's eyes as she subconsciously raised her head. She saw a white carrier pigeon drawing a curve through the sky as it flew over the arching eaves of the tea house and toward her.

Bai Siling inadvertently extended an arm to receive the bird.

"It's him"

As she opened the letter and saw that familiar, crooked handwriting, Bai Siling's originally furrowed inky brows slowly began to relax.

The worries that had vexed her for many a day melted like ice as her lips curled into a faint smile, a flower blooming.

"I just knew that cell couldn't hold you!"

Bai Siling gave a confident smile and took a sip of tea from her cup. A sweet aroma was left on her lips, imbued with endless charm.

Finally able to put down her worries, Bai Siling felt much more at ease. As for the contents of Wang Chong's letter, she didn't much care.

Putting down the cup, Bai Siling, with a graceful stride, quickly took her leave of the tea house.

"Haha, twenty True Martial realm experts Wang Chong, you really can't stand to be quiet!"

In the practice ground within the estate of the Xu Clan, a pigeon was perched on Xu Gan's shoulder. In one of his hands was a spear made of white poplar while in the other was Wang Chong's letter.

"You just got out of prison and you already want to borrow soldiers. Are you starting another operation? The southwest?!"

Xu Gan slightly raised his head, his wise and profound gaze seemingly peering into the depths of time-space.

Xu Gan had always felt a deep admiration for his junior Wang Chong. He was deeply aware that he was no match for Wang Chong's thoughts and deeds, his courage and ambition.

Xu Gan felt blessed to have met him during the training camp mission.

The scions of the noble clans, especially those first in line, were all very proud and arrogant to each other, but Xu Gan had never once acted that way toward Wang Chong.

If there was one person in the capital that deserved his sincere and thorough admiration, that person could only be Wang Chong.


With a flick of his wrist, the spear in his hand whistled forward like a mighty flood dragon, accurately landing in the weapon rack around sixty zhang away.

"Let's go Last time, it was Zhang Shougui and Beiting Vice Protector-General An Sishun. I wonder who it's with this time? Being him really isn't a waste of time!"

After wiping the sweat off his neck with a towel, Xu Gan strode off.

"Haha, just as expected of someone admired by me, Zhao Yatong! Nothing can hold you for long!"

In the main hall of the Zhao Clan, Zhao Yatong finished reading the letter in her hand and left the Zhao Clan's mansion like a blazing cloud of fire.