The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 478

Chapter 478: Old Eagles Worries
Chapter 478: Old Eagle's Worries!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong's mind was constantly simulating, and the positions of the little red flags were constantly fluctuating, being plucked out and thrust back into the model.

At the end, everything in his mind was decided, and the number of little red flags on the model had been greatly reduced. Only seven or eight were left.

Of the 80,000 soldiers, half is infantry and the other half cavalry. They also have a square of master archers! They won't be able to escape the -Tsang warhorses, so if they have to fight, the decisive battle will be here! Wang Chong mentally said to himself as he thrust out his finger and drew a circle on the model. Although there seemed to be nothing around there, Wang Chong knew that this would be the site of the truly decisive battle. The fate of those 80,000 soldiers and the fate of the Great Tang itself would be decided within the bounds of that circle.

After taking into account all the factorsdistance, speed, rationsthat place would be the final hope for the Annan Protectorate army!

When one has done all one can, the rest is up to the heavens! For the rest, it'll just depend on luck! Wang Chong said to himself, a great burden relieved from his mind.

'One misstep leads to many more.' This was a basic understanding needed before making any attempts to predict a foe's movements in a war.

Dealing with famous generals like Huoshu Huicang and Duan Gequan, predicting in advance the location of the decisive battle, luring them over, making preparations such a feat was simply unimaginable for an average person.

But for Wang Chong, dealing with a stronger opponent wasn't a problem at all.

Although the reincarnation had lowered his cultivation level, it had not stripped him of his strategic intuition and attainments.

Time slowly passed as Wang Chong's brush flew at tremendous speeds, piling high a stack of diagrams on his desk. The complexities of war far exceeded the bounds of a simple simulation.

Wang Chong had to prepare for everything, developing a response for every circumstance.

After some time, Wang Chong's pale-faced figure finally opened the door to his study and walked out.

"Old Eagle, send a person to each of these three locations. Have them conduct a thorough investigation and then draw a detailed topographic map to give to me!" In his hand were several maps.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Old Eagle took the maps, his eyes filled with worry at the sight of the black circles around Wang Chong's eyes.

"Have you gotten in touch with the sword shops of the capital about buying their next three months of production and asking them to help us forge items?" Wang Chong said.

Adding on the time he had spent in the cell, Wang Chong had not gotten any proper rest in a long time. But even so, Wang Chong did not feel one bit tired. On the contrary, his eyes were bright and his face seemed to be brimming with energy.

Old Eagle lowered his head and earnestly answered, "Replying to Young Master, I've already sent out the residence's guards, but it's still early. It hasn't been very long since Young Master was released. Although we've communicated with no small number of sword shops and smiths, they still haven't expressed any stance. We'll probably need to wait a little longer to hear any response."

Although he had been at Wang Chong's side all this time, he had also been carrying out all the orders Wang Chong had given him.

But unlike normal people, even though Old Eagle himself didn't move, his carrier pigeons and various birds of prey had never stopped moving.

However, getting in touch with so many sword shops and smiths was clearly not something that could be done in a short time; one night was definitely not enough!

Moreover, actual discussions, signing of contracts, and affirmation at the Court of Judicial Review would require time.

"Hmph, if time is needed, use money to lower it!" Wang Chong said with a grim smile.

Although he was young, he was also no three-year-old. In a place like the capital, if a deal was going slowly, it meant that the price was not enough.

"Old Eagle, let me ask you, when auctioning the spirit vein, how much money did we raise?" Wang Chong asked.

With his long hair, gown, and hands held behind his back, he naturally gave off the graceful air of a noble scion, but he was also not lacking in the manly air of a descendant of generals.

"Young Master, even if you didn't ask, I would still say it. One-third of the spirit vein has been sold off at present, resulting in 1.8 billion taels of gold!"

"1.8 billion taels?"

Wang Chong took in a deep breath, the shock evident on his face. Even though he was the one who had initiated the proceedings, he still didn't dare believe his ears. This sum had far surpassed his original expectations.

"Yes, Young Master. The auction price far exceeded our original estimates. However, although I say 1.8 billion taels of gold, the amount we have in hand hasn't reached that amount. When we began the auction, the great clans still did not have much money in hand, so quite a significant part of this sum is made up of land, businesses, or treasures the great clans used to reach the necessary sum," Old Eagle said somewhat apologetically.

The spirit vein was a priceless treasure that any clan would cherish. But no one had expected Wang Chong to give it up like an old shoe and auction it off.

The clans of the capital all basically went crazy!

However, the price for the spirit vein was still very high, not something an ordinary clan could afford. Many of the clans had bought parts of the spirit vein by offering both gold and clan property.

Even so, the amount of actual gold was still a massive sum.

"So how much is left?" Wang Chong asked.

"About 200 million gold!" Old Eagle said.

The gap between this figure and the one he first reported was rather large, but it was still quite the surprise. The Wang Clan did not have any sort of large-scale business.

The other clans, on the other hand, had an unending stream of revenue from their own properties.

It was precisely this thought that gave Old Eagle the idea of paying part of the auction price in property. Otherwise, it would have simply been impossible to bring in this much gold.

But Old Eagle had no idea what Wang Chong wanted to do with all this gold.

"200 million is enough!" Wang Chong indifferently said, his eyes calm, his plans already made. "Take 100 million and give it to the clan guards. Have them go directly to those sword smiths and shops, and negotiate with them. I want to hear their answer by the end of today. As for the rest of the 100 million, help me find the sword-smithing clans and sword shops on the periphery of the capital.

"Although their forging abilities are inferior to those of the capital, it's enough for what I want to have forged!" Wang Chong said without hesitation, a calm expression on his face.

Old Eagle looked at Wang Chong in consternation, wanting to speak out. 200 million taels of gold was the harvest from auctioning off the spirit vein. By doing this, Wang Chong was just using the money to smooth negotiations.

This would lead to a much greater loss than normal.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Old Eagle had hesitated, initially wanting to urge Wang Chong to do otherwise, but by the time the words had reached his mouth, he had already changed his mind. Wang Chong's will was firm and was not easy to alter. It was clear that anything that Old Eagle said would be useless.


Wang Chong nodded and continued, "Did you inform all of the capital's great clans? When will they arrive?"

"According to Young Master's will, they have all been informed. They should arrive in four hours," Old Eagle said.

"Mm, I understand. I'll go back inside and do a little work. When they arrive, come and inform me."

With this said, Wang Chong turned and walked back into his study.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Old Eagle's voice came from behind him, but right after, boom!A massive energy struck an acupoint on his back. Wang Chong's entire body trembled as all the strength poured out of his body like it was a punctured sack. A tide of drowsiness immediately swept over him.

"Old Eagle"

This was the last thought in Wang Chong's mind as his body toppled.

"Young Master, I've offended you. What you truly need is a good rest. If you continue like this, I'm worried that you'll break down!"

Old Eagle gave a long sigh as he went to pick up Wang Chong.

From the cell to now, Wang Chong had always appeared energetic and not the least bit tired. But Old Eagle was well aware that he was actually exhausted to the extreme.

This was not purely physical exhaustion. The bodies of martial artists were far stronger than those of ordinary people. Old Eagle's true concern was Wang Chong's mental state.

Wang Chong's mind had been operating at full capacity throughout his more than half a month of imprisonment. In the few times Old Eagle had seen him in his cell, he had been constantly writing and drawing.

Even though he didn't understand what Wang Chong was writing, Old Eagle was completely capable of guessing that it had to do with the southwestern region of the empire.

A person couldn't allow their physical body to reach this state of exhaustion. Old Eagle was worried that if Wang Chong persisted on this path, he would burn himself out.

"Rest well, Young Master! Just leave the rest to me!"

Old Eagle put Wang Chong in bed and then left the room and the residence. Since Wang Chong had already pointed out the direction, he should handle the rest