The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 485

Chapter 485: King Song Vaguely Beginning To Understand
Chapter 485: King Song, Vaguely Beginning to Understand!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Everything has returned to the starting point"

While the winds howled overhead, Wang Chong stood at the peak of Deflecting Blade Mountain, his heart incomparably calm. The defeat in the southwest, the interception of the reinforcements, the restlessness of the surrounding foreign countries

Everything was exactly like what had happened in his last life!

When consternation and panic engulfed all of the Great Tang, only Wang Chong was calm, having anticipated everything.

"Young Master, the training is finished. What should be done next"

A familiar voice came from behind him as Zhao Jingdian galloped on a horse toward him. At almost the same time, there was a rumble as hundreds of horsemen charged down the mountain, a crushing momentum exploding from their bodies.

Wang Chong watched these swift figures until they vanished into the distance.

If one didn't know the truth, it would be very hard to believe that these incredibly fierce horsemen were actually the True Martial realm experts that Wang Chong had recruited from the various clans!

These people had come from different clans, practiced different techniques, and had different temperaments, but at this moment, they were beginning to show signs of an army.

Only with Li Siye's power suppressing from above and Zhao Jingdian's ability to organize troops could this sort of army be formed in such a short amount of time.

Although he had still not reached the proficiency from his last life, Zhao Jingdian was already beginning to display that talent for command that had made him Wang Chong's trusted aide.

"It's about time. Proceed with the second phase of training?"

Wang Chong took out a long-prepared diagram from his sleeve and gave it to Zhao Jingdian. These True Martial realm experts hired by the clans were still far from reaching the level of discipline, obedience, and flexibility that he wanted. He wasn't able to command them like they were his arms and fingers, but as long as they could learn the two formations he had given them, it would be enough.

The rest would have to be trained on the march, and this follow-up training was probably not something Zhao Jingdian could do. He would have to personally supervise it.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Zhao Jingdian lowered his head without hesitation and quickly went to carry out his new orders.


Zhao Jingdian's horse left a trail of dust as it hurried away to catch up with the one thousand horsemen. He began to issue order after order, and with these orders, the horsemen began to shift, their movements causing even more dust to rise.

"I didn't think that you really would be training them!"

A sigh suddenly came from behind Wang Chong, as well as a voice tinged with an indescribably complex mixture of emotions. Wang Chong's body shivered as he turned his head. It was a familiar figure, broad-shouldered and sturdy, dressed in a yellow dragon robe. He was slowly walking up from the mountain slope, his every moment imbued with a noble aura.

And behind him was the old butler, silently following behind him like a ghost.

"Young Master, I'm sorry! His Highness King Song didn't permit me to inform you."

Nearby, Wei Anfang had his head lowered and his arms drooped, shame all over his face.

Wang Chong's face went from surprise to a frown, but he quickly regained his composure.

King Song and his old butler shouldn't have been able to get so close without him noticing. But when he thought about that old butler's unfathomable strength and King Song's own power, Wang Chong felt somewhat pacified.

Although he himself had grown much stronger, he was still very far from unfathomably powerful experts like King Song and the old butler.

It was normal for him to not notice them as they ascended.

"Has Your Highness King Song come because of -Tsang and Mengshe Zhao?" Wang Chong indifferently asked, as if he had already expected King Song and the old butler to appear.

"You already anticipated this situation, correct?"

With a solemn face, far less relaxed than Wang Chong's, King Song went straight to the point.

The matter of -Tsang, Mengshe Zhao and Wang Chong had perplexed him for quite some time now. Completely based on his intuition, King Song felt that Wang Chong knew something.

So he had come here.

"On the Longxi, We Tadra Khonglo and Dusong Mangpoje appeared at the same time, leading an army to attack Big Dipper City and restrain Geshu Han. You already knew about this, correct?" King Song said.

Wars between countries were no trifling matter, but he was using this military intelligence to question a teenager. This was the conduct of a madman, but King Song was set on this course.

If he could not clarify these matters, he would never be at peace, would never get a good night's sleep.

To the northeast, the northwest, and around Beiting, all the foreign countries were restless, intentionally or unintentionally holding down the Great Tang's forces. This situation was unprecedented.

Although no one in the Imperial Court had noticed it yet, King Song was already feeling a terrible danger.

It was not so long ago that the foreign countries all feared and respected the Great Tang, keeping far away from its armies. When did they become so bold and reckless?

King Song felt an unprecedented peril in these abnormalities.

If the foreign countries no longer respected the Great Tang and perhaps had even silently agreed to work together and restrain the Great Tang, how could the Great Tang continue to subdue them all and sit steady in the center?

The Great Tang had used decades, perhaps even over a hundred years, to subdue these foreign countries and create the current golden age of peace.

But if this all fell apart, if they lost their fear, wouldn't the Central Plains once more become the target for all the various foreign powers?

A momentary loss could be recovered from, but if this tacit understanding for peace was broken, what awaited the Great Tang would be an unending sequence of wars, danger lurking around every corner!

The current Great Tang was far from its peak of power. The long peace had softened the hearts of the people. But the foreign countries, once naught but powder under the hooves of the Great Tang's cavalry, targets for their crossbows, had benefited from the Great Tang's peace. The long period of trade had allowed them to obtain large amounts of refined iron, pig iron, cast iron, and steel, with which they could forge a large amount of weapons.

They were now far stronger than they were in the past!

While one receded, the others swelled. King Song couldn't help but worry about such problems. The war in the southwest might only be the beginning. The Great Tang could soon be facing an endless storm!

If there was no skin, what would the fur attach to? If such a thing happened, perhaps no one would be able to survive!


Wang Chong immediately and frankly admitted to King Song's question.



The voice from the Stone of Destiny rang out in his mind, but Wang Chong acted like he couldn't hear, his gaze fixed on King Song.

At this moment, King Song was dumbfounded.

Although King Song had this intense feeling ever since he had left the court, Wang Chong's frank confession had still caught King Song completely off guard.

King Song looked at Wang Chong in astonishment, his mind in a complete mess, unable to describe what he was feeling.

The south, Jiange, Longxi's border

Not a single person in the court could have predicted the incidents taking place there, including himself. If someone had said beforehand that they had already predicted all of this, King Song would have called them crazy.

But as for Wang Chong King Song believed him.