The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Number One Expert Of The Wang Clan

Chapter 5: Number One Expert of the Wang Clan

In the flower garden at the back courtyard, Wang Chong sat on a rugged man-made mountain, deep in thoughts.

He had already been contemplating for a very long time.

His father and Yao Guang Yi was going to meet at a place called Vast Crane Pavilion.

That old fox, Yao Guang Yi, was well prepared for it. He had already passed an order to evict all customers from the Vast Crane Pavilion.

At this moment, other than Yao Guang Yi and King Qis subordinates, no one else could enter. However, from the exteriors, it seemed as though the Vast Crane Pavilion was still brimming with customers and nothing was different from the usual.

Back then, his father was duped by this illusion and ended up going along with Yao Guang Yis flow.

Wang Chong was well aware that if he didnt enter, it would be impossible for him to prevent this disaster from happening. However, the Vast Crane Pavilion was filled with experts dispatched by Yao Guang Yi. It was impossible for him to barge in with brute force. Thus, he could only resort to his wits.

I got it!

Suddenly, Wang Chongs eyes lit up as he recalled a certain person. How could he have forgotten that fellow? With that fellow by him, he would definitely be able to sneak into the Vast Crane Pavilion. However, just this much wasnt enough to foil Yao Guang Yis schemes.

No. The Vast Crane Pavilion is filled with experts, I am insufficient to accomplish this task alone. I need a powerful expert!

Upon thinking of this, Wang Chong frowned once more.

He knew himself the best. If it was in his previous life, he wouldnt need to even go through so much trouble. Regardless of how many experts Yao Guang Yi had planted, with his heaven-shattering level of cultivation, he could simply charge in and pummel Yao Guang Yi.

However, he was just a fifteen-year-old kid in this life. With this little strength in his hand, how could he compete with those experienced and hulking experts?

With his current strength, it would serve no purpose for him to barge in. Yao Guang Yi could simply dispatch a single subordinate to expel him from the premises.

At this point, Wang Chongs frown deepened. The delight he felt just a moment ago scattered into the winds.

Where could he find an expert all of the sudden!

Just when he was feeling frustrated, Wang Chong suddenly heard the sound of footsteps approaching. He subconsciously looked up and saw his little sister frolicking about the courtyard as a few guards stood by her.

He had seen such a scene innumerable times in the past, but for some reason, this scene had evoked a completely different emotion in Wang Chong this time.

Ah, I truly am a fool!

Wang Chong slapped his forehead and chuckled. He was fumbling around to look for a lantern when one was right in his hands! Now that Big Brother and Second Brother wasnt here, who else would be more suitable to assist in his plan other than his youngest sister?

To think that he missed out such an expert right in front of him!

At this point, Wang Chong couldnt help but chuckle happily.

In the Wang Family, his youngest sister Wang Xiao Yao was a legend.

Despite being just ten-year-old, her superior talent granted her boundless strength. It was said that she had carried a heavy cauldron when she was just three-year-old.

Wang Chong didnt witness this sight with his own eyes, but since he had heard of it from his mother, it was definitely true.

Wang Chong was even willing to bet that in the entire capital, and that was including his Big Brother and Second Brother, was able to surpass her in terms of talent.

This was even truer for her potential!

As for this aspect, Wang Chong had witnessed it personally in his previous life so he couldnt be any more clear of it. He was well aware of how fearsome his little sisters strength would become in the future.

Actually, the reason why his little sister wielded such fearsome strength was simple, it was because she was born with completely cleared meridians.

Controlling ones breath to extreme smoothness, to the point of an infants, this is a phrase from the Inscriptions of Enlightenment. As everyone knew, everyones meridians were completely cleared when they were still in their mothers womb.

Only after coming to this world and breathing the tainted air of earth will ones body deteriorate and meridians be blocked. At this point, they would fall from a heavenly being to a mortal one.

This occurred instantaneously during ones first cry at birth.

However, his little sister was different. She had a unique constitution and upon birth, her meridians werent blocked along with her first cry. Such physique didnt appear even among one out of a million people.

Thus, regardless of what martial art it was that she practiced, she was able to grasp it quickly, far faster than anyone else could.

The distinguishing trait of her talent was her overwhelming strength.

However, it was a pity that his little sister was still young and she had an innocent nature. She was also extremely mischievous. Thus, she often put off training. Even so, his little sisters strength was still incredible. She was able to easily compete with those who were ten years older than her.

In the Wang Clan, his little sister was, without a doubt, the number one expert. Wouldnt he be foolish to leave this number one expert idling in the house while searching outward for an expert he probably couldnt find?

Furthermore, even though she was vindictive and hated being fooled, she was extremely trusting of him. She would definitely be willing to do as he said.

At this point, Wang Chong leaped down from the man-made mountain.

Little sister, come here!

Wang Chong beckoned her over with a treacherous smile from afar:

Brother will bring you to somewhere fun!

Third Brother, where are you bringing me to?

From the carriage, little sisters head popped out from the windows. Her eyes were staring at the bustling city outside as curiosity filled her mind. Her anger had subsided completely and all that was left in her was curiosity.

After all, she was only a ten-year-old girl. Usually, her movement was strictly restricted and she was not allowed to head to the streets as she pleased. It took much difficulty to sneak out with her older brother without sounding mothers radar, thus she felt extremely excited.

Hehe, dont be anxious. Youll know in awhile.

Wang Chong chuckled:

Remember the promise we made. Without my permission, you arent allowed to attack anyone. Otherwise, I will not bring you out in the future.


Little sister nodded her head obediently, agreeing to his words without even thinking about it. She had complete trust to this older brother of hers. However, she soon thought of something, raised her tiny fists and waved them menacingly:

Brother, dont you dare lie to me. Otherwise, you will be done for! Hmph!

Of course not! How could I possibly dare to lie to you!

Wang Chongs heart beat furiously in fear as he recalled the fearsome strength his little sister wielded. Just a casual pinch could make him die from the pain. If she were to really go on a rampage, wouldnt he be left on the verge of death?

Oh! Isnt that Young Master Chong?

In the midst of their conversation, a crisp shout could be heard.

Were here!

Wang Chong stepped off the carriage and a hint of a smile crept onto the corners of his lip. This was a pavilion he often frequented. Ma Zhou and the gang should be here.

Leading his little sister out from the carriage, Wang Chong saw a group of slovenly people carrying birdcages in their hands and waving their fans standing in the distance.

The group of people seemed to have expected his arrival and had been waiting here for him.

Finally! How long have I not seen you for, Young Master Chong!

The young man that seemed to be the leader of the group had a bamboo fan behind him. He had the looks of a scion to him and the black mole beneath his right eyebrow was extremely conspicuous. Upon seeing Wang Chong, he immediately rushed forward to greet him passionately.

This person was Ma Zhou!

Young Master Chong, we heard that you were punished by your family members and was grounded in your residence. We brothers had wanted to visit you, but the gates of the Wang Clan blocked us out. We were forced to retreat the last few times we visited you, so we had no choice but to give up on the idea. Young Master Chong, are you alright?

Ma Zhou immediately grabbed Wang Chongs hands and showed concern for him. Those who were unaware of the situation might even think that the two shared a deep bond. Just that, the disdain and mock by the corner of Ma Zhous lip could not be concealed.

Hmph, I havent noticed it in the past, but this fellow sure can act.

Wang Chong sneered coldly inside.

Outer appearances are defined by perception, and ones perception changes with ones state of mind. Back then, he thought that Ma Zhous smile looked sincere. Now, upon seeing it once more, he found him extremely arrogant.

Somewhere in the depths of Ma Zhous heart, that fellow had definitely taken him to be a fool. It was laughable how simple he thought the world was in his previous life. He often thought that treating another sincerely would earn him sincerity in return, thus he never tried to guard himself against these scums.

Ma Zhous words were a bunch of bullshit. Wang Chong had asked the guards before leaving, and not a single fly had approached the Wang Clans gates in the last few weeks, needless to say, Ma Zhou and gang.

You have been waiting for me here?

Wang Chong asked indifferently.

Ma Zhou was taken aback. Something seemed off about Young Master Chong today. In the past, he would be extremely warm-hearted to him. Why did he seem so cold today?

However, he attributed it to his delusions and didnt pay it much heed.

Young Master Chong, it is precisely because we heard that you are coming out of seclusion that we specially waited here to initiate you back to society! Brothers, dont you all agree?

As he said so, he waved to his back and the crowd behind him replied him fervently. After which, they burst into laughter, as though watching a monkey being fooled about.

How is it, Young Master Chong? Shall we go?

Ma Zhou turned back to look at Wang Chong with a bright smile on his face. At which, the disdain and mock in his gaze deepened.

Wang Chong was truly too easy to fool, he fell easily with just a few words. Furthermore, this lad believed in chivalry and was completely unaware of the fact that everyone had treated him as a fool, that everyone ganged up to scam him of his money and dumped all problems onto him for him to shoulder.

Where else can they find such a money bag and shield?

As for initiating him back to society, although it was conducted for Wang Chong, Ma Zhou wasnt going to pay up. Ever since hanging out with Wang Chong, Ma Zhou had never paid a single cent.

To tell the truth, the few brothers of his had felt restrained in the few days Wang Chong was grounded and they were starting to miss him.

Without this young master here, who would help to clean up their mess and pay their tabs?

Thinking of this, Ma Zhou became even more gleeful.


Suddenly, a slap flew towards the gleeful Ma Zhou. Pah! Ma Zhou staggered and a fiery sensation spread across his face. Half of his face had swollen up and the palm print on it could be clearly seen.

In that instant, the entire street fell silent.

Everyone was shocked by this slap!

What was happening? How could Ma Zhou be slapped?

You slapped me?

Ma Zhou grasped his burning cheeks as he stared at Wang Chong in astonishment. His head was spinning and for a moment, he was unable to comprehend the situation.

He was unable to grasp what was happening. Wang Chong had slapped him? How could this be possible?

Even the one was slapped was in such a state, lest needed to be said about the others. The other playboys had their eyes widened in shock and their mouths were so large that an egg could be placed within.

Wang Chong actually slapped Ma Zhou?

In this world, anyone could have slapped Ma Zhou, just not Wang Chong. One had to know that the one who was closest to Wang Chong was Ma Zhou.

Otherwise, Ma Zhou wouldnt have dared to fool him like that.

However, at this very moment, Wang Chong had slapped Ma Zhou in the middle of the street! Everyone was shocked by this occurrence. No one knew what was happening.

I slapped you.

Wang Chong stared at Ma Zhou with a smiling face. The only who seemed to be unaffected by the matter was him:

Ma Zhou, I treated you as my brother in the past, and yet you took me for a fool. It cant be that you think that I dont know whats going on at all?


Another wave of astonishment gushed over everyone. Their mouth widened even further. Was this still the simple-minded and easily-fooled Wang Chong that everyone knew of?

Was this still the foolish Wang Chong who proclaimed everyone as his brother and willingly allowed them to exploit him?

No matter what, it didnt seem possible that such words came from his mouth. Wasnt this change a little too big?

Everyone was stunned by the change in Wang Chong. Even more so, they felt a pang of conscience as though their scheme had been exposed. Could it be that this Wang Chong had been playing it dumb all along?

What?! Ma Zhou, he is Ma Zhou?

Just when everyone else was feeling apprehensive of the changes in Wang Chong, a bizarre voice rang out. The little sister of the Wang Family frowned and her round eyes widened. One could feel vaguely feel the rage that was spilling out of her.

In the start, she didnt know that this fellow was the culprit that harmed her brother. At this moment, when everything was clear to her, how could she still tolerate it:

You bastard! To dare to bully my brother, I will beat you to death!

Controlling ones breath to extreme smoothness, to the point of an infants, this is a phrase from the Inscriptions of Enlightenment

Firstly, all books from this novel come from a true source. The true name (as accepted by Wikipedia and in printed press) of Inscriptions of Enlightenment is Tao Te Ching. It is written by Laozi, the founder of Taoism.
I dont know how accurate my interpretation of the phrase is, but I based it off from . I would first like to emphasize that ancient texts are normally interpreted in numerous ways. Secondly, the reason why he compares the former to that of an infant was because an infants breathing tends to be very quiet. Except for their cries, they are mainly silent most of the time.
Some of the other interpretations (other the one I have stated are),
Once you reached a certain level of mastery, regardless of how old you are, your body can become as flexible as that of an infant.

Just clarifying.
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