The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Placating The Sindhu Monks

Chapter 50: Placating the Sindhu Monks

If it was just anyone else, no one would pay it any heed. However, the Bluebottle Pavilion was clearly backing the seller of the sword, which made the meaning behind the incident completely different. In any case, such an interesting affair had attracted the attention of more and more people from the capital.

When it reached the Cheng, Huang, and Lu Clan, the prestigious swordsmithing clans couldnt remain as calm as they once did.

Even so, they couldnt imagine that what that would shock them the most would occur in the third days evening. It was precisely this unexpected matter that changed their perspective on this matter, as well as the clans view on Bluebottle Pavilion.

2400 gold taels! This should be the most expensive sword in the entire Central Plains!

As the sun started to set, no one noticed a bearded Western Region merchant appearing below the Bluebottle Pavilion. This Western Region merchant was known as Mosaide. and he was a weapon merchant from Charax Spasinu.

Charax Spasinu, otherwise known as Iraq in modern times.

Different from the typical merchants, Mosaide didnt treat the trade of swords as a business. Rather, he regarded it as a pursuit and a hobby.

Mosaide adored swords, and it was to a fanatic level.

He held overwhelming passion for top-notch swords. If he saw such a sword, he would use all means possible to purchase it.

Mosaides greatest ambition was to view the greatest sword in the world.

Thus, the first thing he did, upon coming to the Central Plains, was to tour all of the weapon shop within Great Tangs capital.

However, there wasnt a single sword here which caught his eye.

This should be the greatest weapon shop in the Central Plains!

Mosaide saw the banner on the pavilion and thought.

After touring almost a thousand weapon shops, this was the place where he found the most expensive sword. Furthermore, there wasnt a single weapon shop which was as luxurious as this.

2400 gold taels for a sword; such a price was rare even in the Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu.

Mosaide understood very little about the Central Plains, but based on the rules in Charax Spasinu, only the best swordsmith and weapon shop could offer the highest price.

Judging from this, this was, without a doubt, the best weapon shop in the Central Plains. Those who dared to sell their weapons here had to be the best swordsmiths!

Before I came here, Ive heard that the weapon industry of the Central Plains was far inferior to that in the Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu. From the looks of it, that isnt the case. The owner of the weapon shop must be extremely confident to charge 2400 for a sword covered in a black cloth.

Mosaide had studied the characters used in the Central Plains, so he was able to read the words on the banner of the pavilion and couldnt help but feel impressed by the swordsmith.

The Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu had a massive amount of top-notch swordsmiths, and their weapon forging industry was advanced. However, even the greatest swordsmith wouldnt dare to sell a hidden sword like this swordsmith did.

In the view of the man from Charax Spasinu, this master was definitely the greatest swordsmith of the Central Plains.

Suddenly, Mosaide felt a strong urge to meet with this incredible master swordsmith of the Central Plains.


As the thought flashed through his mind, he immediately headed into the Bluebottle Pavilion. However, right after he took a few steps, a wind blew across.

Ah! My scarf!

Not too far away, an exclaim of a lady could be heard. Amidst the wind, a green scarf flew into the air.

Initially, Mosaide didnt pay much heed to the matter. However, after taking a few steps, Mosaide realized that the green scarf was heading toward his face.

Master, careful!

His loyal guards that followed him here from Charax Spasinu immediately rushed forward.


Upon seeing this sight, Mosaide laughed heartily. He stopped his footstep, and without waiting for his guards to step forward, his hands moved to his waist.

Shua! A cold gleam flashed across, and the scarf, sliced into two, slowly floated to the floor.

The Charax Spasinu guards stopped in their footsteps.

In the distance, the ladys exclamation was abruptly silenced. She stared at Mosaide, terrified.

Splitting through floating hair!

This was the quality of a top-notch saber in the Charax Spasinu!

After cutting through the green scarf in the air with a single slash, Mosaide laughed haughtily and placed the saber back into its sheath.

This was the best weapon in his possession, as well as his favorite one.

Pass two gold ingots to that lady!

After saying so, Mosaide entered the Bluebottle Pavilion. Behind him, two of his guards hurriedly passed two ingots to the terrified lady.

After entrusting the matter regarding the Wootz steel sword to Wei Hao, Wang Chong started to devote his attention to his martial arts training.

With my Panther Bone, I should be able to practice some techniques of my previous life.

Early in the morning, in the Wang Clans backyard, Wang Chong was playing with a string of beads and a thought flashed across his mind.

Wang Chong possessed the knowledge of many techniques from the memories of his previous life. However, Wang Chong had been unable to cultivate most of these earth-shattering skills due to the limitations of his bones.

But now, the situation was different. Even though Wang Chongs bones werent exactly strong yet, with the Panther Bones, as well as the fundamental knowledge from his previous life, he could start learning those less advanced techniques.

I should start from Herculean Punch!

Wang Chong mused for a long moment before coming to a decision.

In his previous life, when those steel cavalries that came from a foreign land appeared in the Great Tang, their overwhelming defense left all of the infantry units in the country helpless.

That was until the Herculean Punch was created.

This kind of punch focused the strength in ones entire body into ones fist, allowing a low-level warrior to exert strength far greater than his physical limits. The very creation of this move changed the situation then.

Honestly speaking, it wasnt a truly profound or powerful move.

But in the Origin Energy Realm, it was an extremely powerful skill. Given Wang Chongs current situation, this military skill was the most suitable for him.

Gongzi, someone is looking for you outside!

Just when Wang Chong was about to start practicing, Shen Longs voice suddenly reached his ears.

Its the two Sindhi monks.


Wang Chong contemplated for a moment before smiling. He had already understood what was going on. After a long moment of absence, it was about time for them to make a move.

Invite them in.


Shen Long turned around and left.

In a moments time, two figures walked in.


Ablonodan and Arloja bowed. Those words were spoken in Sanskrit.

Masters, you arent able to wait any longer?

Wang Chong smiled, seemingly aware of their intentions here.

Gongzi, I am truly apologetic. Just that, this matter is of absolute importance to us. Back then, we have made a deal with gongzi that as long as you are able to come up with 90000 gold taels, you would be able to obtain the 300 jun of ore from us, as well as the right to distribute the Hyderabad ores in the Central Plains.

A long time has passed since then, and the deadline is approaching quickly. I am curious to know how is gongzi faring?

Putting their both hands together, they asked apologetically.

Haha, so the two masters are doubting if I can pay 90000 gold taels or not?

Wang Chong burst into laughter as he pointed the reason behind their arrival.

I hope that gongzi wont be offended by our words as this matter is truly of great importance to us.

Having their intentions pointed out, the two felt awkward and embarrassed. But after hesitating for a moment, they spoke the truth:

Gongzi, I wont hide it from you. Sindhu is currently in a dire famine, and the longer we drag on for, the greater the number of people who die from starvation. During this period of time, we have received several letters from Hyderabad urging us to return. We have no choice but to rush you.

As they spoke, an anxious look appeared on their face. This wasnt an act. Without a doubt, the situation in Sindhu was extremely dire. If the situation wasnt that severe, they wouldnt have come over to rush Wang Chong.

Please dont worry. I will gather and pay you all the 90000 gold taels soon. As for Sindhu If you all are worried, I can contact Turkic merchants first and have them send a batch of cows and lambs to Sindhu.

Even though Wang Chong didnt have much gold left, cows and lambs werent as valuable as swords. One could still buy quite a few cows and lambs for 100 gold taels.

Do you mean it?!

The duo was surprised and delighted. They were moved by Wang Chongs actions. The Turkic Khaganate was much closer to Sindhu than the Central Plains. If Wang Chong could contact some Turkic merchants and have them send cows and lambs over in time, that would be the best for Sindhu.

Given Sindhus current situation, that was truly a great help, even though Wang Chong didnt have the obligation to do so.

Of course.

Wang Chong nodded his head with a smile. No one was more aware than him that the Sindhis were in dire need of help now. Even the slightest bit of help could be exchanged for their gratitude, and it was the best time to win their favor.

Grant a thirsty man a drop of water and he would repay you with a fountain. These words rang true in the entire world. This would prove to be a good leverage in future negotiations over the Hyderabad mine.

As for the 90000 gold taels, if you all still dont believe me, please follow me.

The matter regarding the cows and lambs werent something that could be accomplished now. It would at least take a dozen days or so for it to be sent to Sindhu. However, the 90000 gold taels was an urgent matter now.

Talk is cheap. Since the two Sindhi monks were already doubting Wang Chongs abilities, they wouldnt rest easy if he didnt produce the evidence to showcase his abilities.

These were all within Wang Chongs expectations.

Thus, he called for a carriage and brought the two over to Bluebottle Pavilion.

Ss! 2400 taels!


Wang Chong added in with a grin by the side.

Standing within the crowd, the two Sindhi monks stared at one another in astonishment. On the other hand, Wang Chong was chuckling within. They had arrived early today, so the price they were seeing was still the one from yesterday.

By the time afternoon comes and the banner was changed, it would be 4800 gold taels. By then, it would be impossible for Wang Chong to imagine their shocked faces.

2400 taels Are the swords in the Central Plains that expensive?

Even though the duo did not recognize the characters of the Central Plains, they were still able to read the 2400. The price that was written in large characters before them left them deep in shock.

They didnt expect the weapon market in the Central Plains to be that prosperous.

Is that the weapon you forged?


Wang Chong nodded his head, not denying it at all.

Are you all still worried that I will be unable to produce 90000 gold taels?

No, no!

The two of them quickly shook their heads. They were feeling extremely excited at the moment. If a single weapon could be sold for 2400 gold taels, then raking up 90000 gold taels was no problem to this gongzi before them!

It would be a terrific news for Sindhu if he could truly raise 90000 gold taels in a single month.

They felt terribly embarrassed when they thought about how the doubted Wang Chongs ability to produce 90000 gold taels in the past.

Taking all of this into sight, Wang Chong chuckled within.

Having 2400 gold taels written on the banner was a completely different matter from selling a weapon worth 2400 taels. The two Sindhi monks might have shouldered on the responsibility to sell Hyderabad ores in the Central Plains, but they were clearly ignorant of the condition of the weapon market here.

It is fortunate that they arent adept at communication, only able to speak Sanskrit. Otherwise, it wouldnt be so easy to hoodwink them.

Wang Chong could only feel glad at his luck.

Masters, let us go upstairs to drink some tea!

As he said so, Wang Chong led the duo up the Bluebottle Pavilion

My mistake, Ive been spelling Charax Spasinu as Charac Spasinu. Have edited all chapters to reflect so

Splitting through floating hair:
Its just an analogy. Its said that if ones sword could cut through flying, it is top-notch. Thus, it is often used to describe top-notch swords. In this case, the scarf was flying, and he managed to rip the scarf into two cleanly. (It is actually a highly difficult act, if you dont know). According to baidu, it is said that 70% of it depended on the sharpness of the sword, 20% skill, and 10% luck.

In very rare cases will Hindu eat beef or fish as its banned to eat any livestock in the religion.
Due to the famine according in the story, the Hindu might be permitted to eat beef, but thats mainly due to the dire circumstances. The very first preference to do under such circumstances will be to eat the bark of the tree or leaves. Only when things really get severe will one proceed on to eat ones livestock.