The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 501

Chapter 501: The Unbreakable Arrowhead
As a person who had lived two lives, Wang Chong had seen far too many things in that apocalyptic period, and he had also known too many secrets. Wang Chong had once seen someone use the Ksitigarbha, though it hadn't been this person standing before him now.

The Ksitigarbha Secret Art could massively boost a martial artist's strength for a short period of time, also improving his defense and the toughness of his Stellar Energy.

This was a method of overstimulating one's potential, but it was extremely effective on the battlefield.

"No one can kill my warriors without paying a price, and I demand that all of you die!"

That Tibetan commander's hair began to spread out around him as his energy rose from Tier 4 or 5 of the Profound Martial realm to Tier 8 or 9, surpassing Li Siye.


Space twisted as thunder clouds gathered in his hands. Before Wang Chong had any time to react, that godlike Tibetan commander in the air had sent a fist rumbling out. The sky dimmed as Stellar Energy crashed down like a wave toward Wang Chong's army.

That wave had not yet landed, but the terrifying pressure that preceded it was like a knife. The well-trained horses could not hold back their plaintive whinnies as they felt the terror of death.

The soldiers Wang Chong had recruited were experts from the great clans, but they were all only at Tier 5 or 6 of the True Martial realm. They were simply no match for this Profound Martial expert who was further boosted by the Ksitigarbha Secret Art.

Although the one thousand soldiers had all been equipped with Meteoric Metal and had essentially emerged unharmed from their previous charges, once this fist crashed down, the tail end of the army was bound to suffer grievous casualties.

"Li Siye!"

There was no time to think, so Wang Chong immediately sent out Li Siye.

At this moment, the only person on Wang Chong's side who could deal with this attack was Li Siye. Li Siye was the future Invincible Great General and authority of the empire, so if even if he couldn't deal with that unusually strong Tibetan commander, Wang Chong truly wouldn't be able to think of any other candidates.

Without a single word, Li Siye's right hand grabbed the massive sword on his back. With a boom, he took off from the back of his horse like a hawk.

"Take my attack!"

That resounding and emotionless voice thundered through the heavens. Li Siye's body disappeared from the air as a massive Halo of Thorns began to spread out from it. In an instant, it had transformed into a majestic storm that engulfed him.

Li Siye had acted without hesitation. Li Siye's voice was still ringing in the air, but that massive and resolved Wootz Steel sword was already slashing down on that Tibetan commander like Pangu1 cleaving open the world.


A gale swept through the land.

Wang Chong couldn't see that battle, but he could feel the earth-quaking booms coming from behind him. That sound was like two massive beasts from prehistory ramming into each other, creating massive gusts that stirred up sand and shrouded the earth.

Wang Chong did not feel the need to watch. He had absolute confidence in Li Siye's strength, and the power of the Invincible Great General didn't rest on something as simple as cultivation.

More important to him was dealing with the remaining 2500 Tibetan cavalry.

"Arrow Formation!"

His right hand raised, Wang Chong immediately gave his second order to form the formation. The small snakes suddenly gathered together into a massive python.

He had moved from the Heaven-Earth Net back to that most traditional of cavalry formations, the Arrow Formation!

The warhorses once more rumbled, the one thousand Great Tang cavalry leaving a long trail of dust as they charged straight for the Echelon Formation of the Tibetan cavalry.

There was a saying in the art of war: 'The superior general breaks the enemy's schemes while the inferior general schemes against the enemy's soldiers; attacking the mind is superior to attacking the city.' Right now, Wang Chong had completely broken the morale of the Tibetan army.


Horse met horse, scimitar met sword, and the clattering of metal and plaintive neighing of horses mixed together into a single din.

"Kill them all!"

The Tibetan cavalrymen's eyes went red from bloodlust, completely infuriated by this scene. Everyone knew that the Arrow Formation used by the Great Tang and the Echelon Formation of -Tsang were two of the most famous cavalry charging formations in the world.

But not even the most formidable of Great Tang cavalry would dare to engage in a frontal charge against the Tibetans. Of all the cavalry strategies, the Tibetan Echelon Formation was undoubtedly the strongest.

Others who attempted to imitate the Tibetans would still not be able to reach their level.

Even Longxi's Big Dipper Great General, the Bane of -Tsang, Geshu Han, had never thought about using cavalry to charge against Tibetans. Instead, he had taken an original approach and developed extremely heavy and large shields to resist the Tibetan cavalry charge.

If not even the mighty Big Dipper Great General dared to do such a thing, what right did these people have to challenge them?

"Kill them all!"

The anger in the minds of the Tibetans instantly reached its boiling point.

The people of the Great Tang, familiar with the tactics of -Tsang, had thought of using a shield taller than a man to deal with the charge of highland steeds. Similarly, -Tsang, after fighting with the Great Tang for hundreds of years, had a keen understanding of the Arrow Formation's weak points.

Although this formation was hailed as the best in the world for piercing through an enemy army, its flaws were equally as obvious as its advantages.

The Arrow Formation's strongest point was also its weakest point. As long as one could break the sharp tip of the Arrow Formation, the rest of the army would fall into chaos!

The strongest was also the weakest!

Without the arrowhead to guide it, the Arrow Formation would lose its sharpness and fall apart.


The two armies clashed, horses neighing as the earth shook. Countless Tibetan cavalry focused all their power on the head of the Arrow Formation.

"Kill them."

"Slaughter the people in the front!"

"Everyone, together! Hold them down and avenge our brothers!"

These rushed and urgent Tibetan cries filled the skies, but when everyone believed that they could thoroughly crush the thousand-man army, the Arrow Formation led by Wang Chong remained invincible. It pierced through wave after wave of the Tibetan echelons, bravely pressing through all of them.

To the disbelief of the Tibetans, no matter how much they charged and hacked, the arrowhead of Wang Chong's Arrow Formation remained like the hardiest of reefs.

No, it could not be simply described as hardy!

Whenever they struck an arrowhead, slowing its speed, the arrowhead would voluntarily sink back into the army. At the same time, another arrowhead would instantly form to continue the charge. No matter how many times they charged, Wang Chong's Arrow Formation remained.

"This is impossible!"

All the Tibetans were dumbfounded. No one had ever been able to block the Tibetan Echelon Formation, nor had any Great Tang Arrow Formation ever endured so many charges.

War was not a game of house. On the intense battlefield, once the head of an Arrow Formation was broken, it would never be given the chance to reform. But no matter how madly they charged, the arrowhead of Wang Chong's Arrow Formation would always swiftly reform.

The frenzied efforts of the Tibetans were futile against Wang Chong!


1.Pangu is a mythological figure who is said to have been born from an egg when the entire universe was still formless chaos. After he was born, he used his axe to hack apart the universe into Yin and Yang, the earth and the heavens. After this, he stood between the heavens and the earth for 18,000 years until he died, the various parts of his body becoming features and creatures of the earth.