The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 516

Chapter 516: Laying Plans The Battle To Come
A fierce gale blew away the dust hanging over the summit, revealing a massive hole. When Wang Chong walked out of the leftover dust with his spear, the entire mountain was quiet.

The Wang Chong of this moment was powerful and self-confident, brimming with vigor and dignity. He had the bearing of a leader, the demeanor of a general.

The impression Wang Chong left on the soldiers was now completely different from their initial one.

Purely in terms of energy, Wang Chong had risen from mediocrity to rank alongside the likes of Old Eagle and Li Siye.

"What sort of technique is that? It's too shocking!"

"Although the Wang Clan is a clan of ministers and generals, I've never heard of them having this sort of technique!"

"If he continues to rise at this speed, Young Master might reach a shocking, inconceivable level!"

Everyone gazed at the summit, revering Wang Chong as if he was a celestial from the heavens.

However, despite their shock and surprise, no one stepped forward to voice their questions. Many people even subconsciously lowered their heads upon looking at Wang Chong, intentionally avoiding this topic. No matter what art Wang Chong cultivated, where it came from, and whether it was righteous or evil, at a time like this, as long as Wang Chong could improve himself, it would be of advantage to the army.

Everything else was not important.

What the southwest war needed the most were masters and expertsthe more the better!

"Congratulations to user! For killing Bachicheng and altering the course of history, you are awarded 5 Destiny Energy, to be dispensed after the mission is completed!"

On the summit, Wang Chong had barely walked out of the hole made by the Leaping Dragon Spear when he heard that voice in his ear.

Haha, it's like that again! Wang Chong thought as he paused for a moment.

Bachicheng had been a competent general under Huoshu Huicang, one of the best taking part in the southwest war. However, before the Annan Protectorate army had been eliminated, he had died at Wang Chong's hands, which had clearly altered fate in a big way. At the very least, Wang Chong had changed Bachicheng's fate. Based on past rules, the Stone of Destiny would definitely have rewarded Wang Chong with Destiny Energy.

What truly concerned Wang Chong was that for the second time, he had been rewarded Destiny Energy but was not given it.

It seemed like all the Destiny Energy would not be dispensed until the mission was completed.

But for every death in Lion City, Destiny Energy was being subtracted from Wang Chong's stockpile.


Old Eagle, Li Siye, Zhao Jingdian, Xu Shiping and the others came up to the summit. Their gazes flitted past Wang Chong's Little Yinyang Sword, subconsciously ignoring the problem.

"Young Master, what was going on with your question about Chilechuan?" Old Eagle whispered.

When Wang Chong had asked that question, Bachicheng's complexion had completely changed. More importantly, Old Eagle still couldn't understand what had been going on there. Bachicheng was the kind of person that wasn't even afraid of losing his head, but Wang Chong's one question had caused him to pale. Moreover, what exactly was Chilechuan?

Why had Wang Chong asked about it?

Old Eagle was still baffled.

"Haha, you'll find out in a little while. Commandant Xu, Bachicheng is dead and Xiangyang Dalu has been exterminated. We've broken through the middle of the Tibetan defense line. All we need to do now is cross the last mountain. Transmit my order: have the two other groups quickly meet up with ours. I want to destroy that last group of Tibetan cavalry today!"

"Yes, Milord! I already informed them a while ago that as long as we succeeded, I would give them a signal. I'm confident that they've already begun to move out."

Commandant Xu clasped his hands and bowed, his tone and expression both extremely respectful.

After this battle, there was no doubt that Wang Chong had won everyone's complete respect and trust.

Facts spoke louder than words. The deaths of Bachicheng, Xiangyang Dalu, and more than ten thousand Tibetans had been achieved with the sacrifice of only two-thousand-some soldiers on their side. Even the most demanding person would cheerfully submit this point, prostrating in worship.

"Mm! Time is short. Commandant Xu, the model?" Wang Chong said.

"Bring the model over!"

Commandant Xu waved his hand down the mountain. Several soldiers quickly ran over, carrying a large iron chest between them. Inside the box was a complete topographical model of the southwest. There were two items of absolute importance in an army. One was the commander's seal, and the other was a topographical model.

After delivering the model, the soldiers withdrew.

With the deaths of Bachicheng and Xiangyang Dalu, the two most important passes on the model were open, leaving an open field before Wang Chong.

There were no longer any threats on the road south. The gathered forces from the other three areas, the remaining six thousand Tibetans, were no longer anything to fear. Most importantly, this trial had inspired in the reserve troops a confidence when fighting Tibetans.

This was the most crucial point.

"Li Siye!" Wang Chong suddenly said. "In a little while, when we defeat that Tibetan army, you have to immediately leave. Take the recruited experts and go here."

Wang Chong pointed at a certain place on the model.


Li Siye glanced at this point and was immediately dumbstruck. The place Wang Chong indicated was not any important pass. It wasn't even along the road to the Erhai plains, but in a completely different direction.

"Young Master, this isn't the road to Lion City!" Li Siye said in consternation.

Even though he had been with Wang Chong for some time now, Li Siye couldn't understand why Wang Chong wanted him to go to that place. This was completely different from what he had anticipated.

Wang Chong said nothing, only waved his hand.

Though a little slow to react, Li Siye very quickly leaned in to listen. Wang Chong whispered at his ear for a spell and then patted Li Siye on his muscular shoulder.

"Go then, and prepare well. This matter is even more important than our current mission. The only person at my side who can do this and that I trust is you," Wang Chong gravely said.

It was far too difficult for one thousand soldiers to alter the course of the war. 'To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools.' 'The superior general breaks the enemy's schemes while the inferior general schemes against the enemy's soldiers.' Wars were frequently decided not by the strength of the two sides' armies, but in places that ordinary people usually couldn't see.


After readying themselves, the army quickly began to mobilize once more, headed toward the last Tibetan garrison.

Another battle was waiting for them!