The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 544

Chapter 544: Confrontation The Invisible Contest
Chapter 544: Confrontation! The Invisible Contest!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Young Master, where should we attack next?"

Under the cover of the dark rainstorm, Wang Chong and Old Eagle gathered up their soaked soldiers. Wang Chong's strategy had already shown its effectiveness. The Tibetan army surrounding the mountain range was in chaos and could no longer wholeheartedly attack the Annan Protectorate army.

In all of his career, Old Eagle had never fought in such a carefree and contented manner.

It had felt like dancing on the edge of a blade. They had been fighting more than one hundred thousand Tibetan cavalry, and the slightest mistake would have resulted in instant death. But under Wang Chong's arrangements, each strike was more frightening than risky. It had felt like they had the Tibetans in the palms of their hands, stirring them into complete turmoil.

This was completely different from what Old Eagle had imagined, the cold-blooded and cruel battlefield where one could die at any moment!

For a moment, Old Eagle even had to admit that he had become intoxicated by this feeling.

"We can no longer attack!"

To Old Eagle's surprise, Wang Chong completely rejected the notion.

"Don't forget that the Tibetans have Huoshu Huicang. Our success was partially because we had the right plan, but another part was that Huoshu Huicang underestimated us. He might have ignored us earlier, but now that things have reached this point, if Huoshu Huicang doesn't come out, he'll truly be letting down his title of Great General!"


Old Eagle was dumbfounded.

That feeling of playing around with the one hundred thousand Tibetan soldiers, of having a powerful opponent in the palm of one's hand, had been so intoxicating that they had momentarily forgotten that the Tibetan army had still not moved. Huoshu Huicang, as the Great General presiding over the center of the Tibetan army, had never budged from his position.

As if a bucket of water had been poured over his head, Old Eagle shivered and came back to his senses.

Individuals on the level of Imperial Great General were all influential people. Though their strength couldn't completely reverse the tides of a battle, they could still decide between victory and defeat. In their current status, they were fine if they didn't run into Huoshu Huicang, but if they did, their four or five thousand cavalry were truly useless against someone of his level.

At the very least, it was an easy task for him to deal them a heavy blow.

They could get lucky for a moment, but they couldn't be lucky forever!

"After playing so long, it's about time to put away the toys!"

Wang Chong glanced at Old Eagle and paused.

"Moreover, did you forget what our goal was?"

"Young Master's lesson is correct. I was being careless."

Bzzt! Old Eagle shivered, his body breaking out into a cold sweat. Indeed, from the very start, Wang Chong had clearly stated that the goal of these constant harassing attacks was not pure slaughter. With their army alone, it was simply impossible to rout Huoshu Huicang's army.

Their goal had only been to hold them down!

But this was not their ultimate goal.

"Milord, what should we do next?" Old Eagle sternly said.

"Hmph! After harassing them for so long, it's time for us to move to the next step! Pass on my order and tell them to begin to move! In addition, send a message to Protector-General Xianyu on the summit. Without their cooperation, we won't be able to do this."

Wang Chong's gaze crossed through the vast distances to rest on the summit of that mountain.

The Great Tang would engage in a decisive battle with Ü-Tsang, but that day was not today, not now. The task at hand was to lead Xianyu Zhongtong and the tens of thousands of troops under him safely out of this area. This was the true goal of this undertaking!

"Yes, Young Master!" Old Eagle firmly replied, his attitude one of absolute respect. He paused and then remembered something.

"Then, Young Master, I'll also call back the others."


Wang Chong shook his head, a profound look in his eyes. As he looked up at the thick thunder clouds overhead, an astonishing light flashed through his eyes.

"They have to continue. If they don't continue, how can we succeed?"

Old Eagle was flabbergasted, looking in confusion at Wang Chong, clueless as to what he was thinking. Wang Chong had just rejected his suggestion, but now he was saying that the attacks had to continue.

These were two completely different decisions, leaving Old Eagle utterly perplexed as to what Wang Chong was thinking.


Wang Chong knew what Old Eagle was thinking, but he only chuckled, giving no further explanation. Slowly turning his head, Wang Chong peered into the gloom, looking toward the southwestern region of the mountain range.

Huoshu Huicang, if everything goes as planned, you should be there, right? With your intelligence, you've definitely noticed! But unfortunately…

Wang Chong's eyes shone with a fiery light as he ended this line of thought.

In this world, Huoshu Huicang was definitely one of the most elite existences. Individuals on the level of Imperial Great Generals were on a completely different from ordinary renowned and valorous generals, both in intelligence and in martial arts.

A normal general would truly be no match for Huoshu Huicang. Alas, Huoshu Huicang was facing Wang Chong. Not even this Great General of the Ü-Tsang Empire could have imagined that his opponent had been praised by the entire world as 'War Saint' in his last life!

I didn't think that we would finally contend against each other, even if it's only through this method for now… Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

In his last life, one of Wang Chong's greatest regrets was that he had missed out on that generation of greats, lost out on the chance to match wits with those dazzling Imperial Great Generals and Marshals whose reputations had been known throughout the world.

This was the generation where the stars of generals shone brilliantly in the night sky, but in his last life, when he had become the most renowned War Saint, there were no more brilliant generals to contend with.

This had always been one of Wang Chong's profound regrets.

And now, his wish had been fulfilled.

…Despite the fact that this confrontation between generals would decide the fate of the Great Tang and Ü-Tsang for the next several decades and the almost one million civilians of the southwest!

This war was one that Wang Chong couldn't lose.

"Old Eagle, come over. In a little while, I'll have an order for you to carry out!"

Wang Chong came back to his senses, his eyes regaining their focus.

"Yes, Young Master!"

Old Eagle's eyes brightened as Wang Chong whispered into his ear. In the end, he gave a deferential 'yes' and swiftly left to carry out the order.


The darkness at the base of the mountains seemed still, especially when compared to that earth-shaking battle taking place around the mountains, where thundering war drums resounded through the heavens.

Those Tang soldiers wearing Tibetan armor and riding highland steeds had affected the disposition of the Tibetan army, drawing away a large number of their soldiers. At the base of the mountain, all the soldiers were standing on guard, their primary mission not to deal with Xianyu Zhongtong and the Annan Protectorate army, but to deal with the phantom-like Tang army.

The skies continued to darken as the day grew late.

To the southwest, a group of people were warily peering through the gloomy storm.


Thunder pealed as the sound of horse hooves could be heard in the distance. It had been almost inaudible first, but the sound was gradually growing louder. The Tibetans instantly grew tense.

"Who goes there? Halt! No one is permitted to approach!"

A Tibetan officer placed his hands on his scimitar as he shouted in Tibetan into the rain.

"Take off your helmet and state your name and rank!"

Behind the officer, more and more Tibetans rode forward, their eyes fixed on the distance as they pulled out their scimitars. However, this was all they did. None of them acted recklessly, as they had made the mistake several times of attacking their own people.

Their minds were in panic at the moment. On one hand, they had to doubt the identity of these visitors, but on the other hand, they had to worry about mistakenly killing their own people. Until they had determined the identity of these visitors, all the Tibetans were stuck in a dilemma.


The horses continued to gallop closer, and finally, black and malevolent figures emerged out of the rain as if emerging from the netherworld.

"Don't do anything. We're on your side!"

A Tibetan voice emerged out of the dark night. As those people spoke, they quickly approached.


Not only did the atmosphere not lighten up, it grew even tenser. Fifty Tibetan cavalrymen pressed their hands against their scimitars, the veins bulging on their arms.

"Take off your helmets!"

"Stop! Don't get any closer!"

"Just who in the world are you?"

"Bastard, didn't we say to not get any closer?"


Everyone began to get nervous, because as they were speaking, those horsemen continued to approach, not stopping at all.

"We're not enemies!"

That voice came out from the darkness as it continued to get closer.

"Everyone, be careful. There's something off about these fellows!"

Even the slowest among them could tell how tense the atmosphere was now. After all that they had experienced, everyone was extremely careful.

But none of them dared to strike, as they still could not be sure who the horsemen were.

The rain continued to pour down, drowning out all noise. No one could be sure that these horsemen had heard them. After all, such things had happened before.


Someone coldly snorted. No one noticed that one of the people in the crowd had clenched their fists as they watched those black silhouettes slowly approach, and begun to laugh the grim laugh of death.

When everyone else was worried about the oncoming horsemen, that person looked at them like they were ants walking to their deaths.


Huoshu Huicang looked at the approaching horsemen like they were corpses.

At this moment, Huoshu Huicang was dressed in the armor of an ordinary soldier and had withdrawn his aura. He had concealed any sign that he was an Imperial Great General.

Even Longqinba probably wouldn't be able to recognize him, not even if he was standing right next to him. However, this ordinary soldier still contained that strength that could annihilate an entire unit of soldiers.

Six hundred zhang!

Five hundred zhang!

Four hundred zhang!

As the horsemen got closer and closer, Huoshu Huicang remained hidden and unmoved, but the killing intent in his eyes thickened.

Three hundred zhang!

This distance was already quite dangerous. If they continued… if they went forward just a little more, these people would enter his range. And as long as they were less than one hundred zhang from him, not a single one of them would be able to escape.

The strength of a single Imperial Great General could easily annihilate them.


The horse hooves suddenly stopped. Without any warning, this unit of horsemen had suddenly stopped moving.


Before anyone could react, bows twanged, and a sky-covering volley of arrows landed on the Tibetan army.


Screams filled the air as this sudden assault stupefied everyone. Even Huoshu Huicang was left astonished. Not even he had expected these people to change their plans and use arrows to attack.

And even more shocking was what happened after that!

Rumble! Warhorses neighed as these strange black silhouettes immediately turned around and fled as soon as they fired their volley of arrows.

Before anyone else could react, this army was already at a distance of five hundred zhang!

Astonishment! Surprise! Shock!

Countless complicated expressions appeared on the faces of the Tibetans, all of them stunned by this sight.

"Kill them!"

Rumble! While everyone was still stunned by this sudden turn of events, a person leaped out, pursuing the fleeing horsemen like a lightning bolt.

"Do you think you can escape?"

Huoshu Huicang's cruel and callous voice resounded like a giant gong. His attacks preceded him, red lotuses dropping from the sky like meteors onto the soldiers of the Annan Protectorate army and fiercely exploding!