The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Rejection

Chapter 55: Rejection!

Looks like you arent interested in buying my sword! You only hope to purchase a sword worth 8000 taels!

Wang Chong shook his head.

Does gongzi not think that your own sword is worth 8000 gold taels?

Zhao Fengchen chuckled.

Wang Chong simply shook his head smiling, not arguing with him over the matter.

Ill still say the same words. You arent allowed to view or touch it. If you wish to buy it, you can take it for 4800 gold taels. By tomorrow, the price wont be just this anymore!

After saying these words, Wang Chong flung his sleeves and left without hesitation. In the blink of an eye, he had already walked out of the room.

Lord, what do we do? That lad doesnt seem to be interested in negotiating at all!

After Wang Chong left, the a lanky member of the Imperial Army beside Zhao Fengchen couldnt hold back his complaints any longer.

Let me think it.

Zhao Fengchen frowned and contemplated quietly.

8000 gold taels was more than ten times higher than Wang Chongs initial offer. Yet, Wang Chong rejected his offer without any hesitation. His decisiveness was truly beyond Zhao Fengchens imagination!

This was something Zhao Fengchen never expected before coming over.

Lord, why should you argue so much with that fellow? If he refuses to agree to it, we can just fetch the sword hanging on the Bluebottle Pavilion by force!

The lanky Imperial Army member proposed. Wang Chongs prior attitude had left him dissatisfied. They were from the Imperial Army, and the fellow was being way too arrogant.

No! The Bluebottle Pavilion belongs to the Duke of Wei. Other people may not be aware, but dont you know it? After so many days, have you seen anyone trying to steal the swords here?

Zhao Fengchen rejected his proposal without any hesitation with a stern look.

Besides, dont you care about the reputation of the Imperial Army? If such a thing were to happen, how do the rest of our brothers uphold their dignity?

But about Lord Huang

The lanky Imperial Army member protested, but the moment the words escaped his mouth, he realized that he had misspoken. He quickly covered his mouth, but it was already too late. Turning his head over to look at Zhao Fengchen, he saw that the other partys complexion had already turned awful.

Theres no need for you to worry about Lord Huang. Ill handle it myself!

Upon hearing the words Lord Huang, Zhao Fengchen became visibly irritated. His interest in the matter had already dampened greatly:

I will leave this sword of mine with you. When they return, get them to hang it on the pavilion! Since Im unable to buy the sword, Ill join in the duel gamble as well.

Zhao Fengchen removed the ancient silver sword from his waist and threw it over. Then, he left the Bluebottle Pavilion with large strides.

At the same time, outside the Bluebottle Pavilion, Wang Chong and Wei Hao were walking side by side.

That bastard! I thought that he was generous. To think that he is just like everyone else!

Ever since they had walked out of the Bluebottle Pavilion, Wei Hao cursed nonstop.

If not for Wang Chongs question, he wouldve never known that Zhao Fengchen had such a condition behind his purchase of the sword for 8000 gold taels.

Theres no need to blame him. Rather, it would be weird if he bought such an expensive sword without getting the chance to see its quality for himself.

Wang Chong shrugged, not paying any heed to the matter.

In his previous life, Zhao Fengchen treated his money as though dirt. He offered more than hundred thousand gold taels for a single Wootz steel weapon, which left many people thinking that his wealth had gone to his head and that he was simply flaunting his money.

But the truth was the exact opposite. Through Wang Chongs encounter with Zhao Fengchen just a moment ago, he could tell that even though Zhao Fengchen didnt think much of money, he only bought the objects that he found valuable.

As for those worthless objects, Zhao Fengchen shunned them more than anyone else.

In fact, if one were to think about the matter, how could the future marshal of the Imperial Army be a fool?

However, didnt you leave too fast? You didnt leave any leeway at all. No matter what, it was 8000 gold taels! To be capable of offering such price, he was a potential buyer.

Walking alongside Wang Chong, Wei Hao commented in pity. He found it a shame that they simply get such a big fish escape.

Dont worry, hes still on the hook. Hell return soon.

Wang Chong smiled.

Zhao Fengchens relationship with Wootz steel could be almost termed as destiny. It was impossible to sever the relationship between the two. Wang Chong believed that when he unveils the black cloth and showcased the Wootz steel weapon for the first time, Zhao Fengchen would definitely feel the summon of the weapon.

Zhao Fengchen Zhao Fengchen

Wang Chong muttered. Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind and he recalled something.

In his previous life, Zhao Fengchen was a legend. Regardless of whether it was his story with Wootz steel, that cultivation of his, or how he fought to his death with those foreign invaders, the entire world remembered his name clearly.

But compared to the outstanding position he held later on, the current Zhao Fengchen was still an unknown figure. Even though he was a leader of the Imperial Army, there were many of his equals within the Imperial Army.

Based on the memories of Wang Chongs previous life, Zhao Fengchen would remain in the same rank for six to seven years, and the reason for this was because of a nemesis of his.

Huang Xiaotian!

A name flashed across Wang Chongs mind.

Given that Zhao Fengchen was able to become the publicly recognized three greatest legends of the history of the Imperial Army was proof of the incredible talent and strength he possessed. Yet, for such an outstanding person to only become a marshal in his forties was inconceivable.

He only made his name for himself in the latter part of his life.

And the reason for that was because of another outstanding and talented Imperial Army commander.

That person was known as Huang Xiaotian.

Although he failed to match up to Zhao Fengchens accomplishments eventually, Huang Xiaotian definitely wasnt much inferior to him.

In the Imperial Army, other than the current marshal, he would definitely rank into the top few in terms of strength.

As the saying goes a mountain didnt allow for the presence of two tigers, two people of similar interest could become friends, but two people with identical personalities could only become enemies.

It was impossible for Zhao Fengchen and Huang Xiaotian to ever become friends!

It was because of Huang Xiaotian that Zhao Fengchen was stuck in as a general for six to seven years. Eventually, due to his outstanding contribution and the talents he had displayed, Zhao Fengchen soared ahead, pulling the distance away from Huang Xiaotian. From there on, he forged his own legend!

The origin of the grudge between the duo came from an important Imperial Army marshal selection. Back then, Huang Xiaotian and Zhao Fengchen were strong competitors for the position.

But eventually, in the duel, Zhao Fengchen lost to Huang Xiaotian and this precious opportunity slipped past his fingers. After which, Huang Xiao Tian made use of his position as his superior to suppress Zhao Fengchen in his position, keeping his rank stationary.

Judging from the date, the Imperial Army selection should be around now.


When the thought flashed through Wang Chongs mind, he fell into a daze. Suddenly, Wang Chong understood why Zhao Fengchen had come to look for him.

Wang Chong, whats wrong?

A voice echoed in his ear. Wei Hao stared at Wang Chong in shock, unable to comprehend why his friend had suddenly stopped halfway.

Ah! Its nothing.

Wang Chong recovered from his daze and shook his head. Opening the carriage doors by the street, he and Wei Hao stepped in. With the cracking of a whip, the carriage started moving into the distance.

Gongzi, wait a moment!

Suddenly, flurried footsteps could be heard from behind.

Wang Chong and Wei Hao turned around, only to see a member of the Imperial Army rushing over in a panic.

Speak of the devil. Wei Hao turned around to look at Wang Chong with his mouth completely widened, seeming as though he had met a ghost. They had just spoken of the matter, and the other party came right after that. Could it be that Wang Chongs words had caused them to change their mind so quickly? If thats the case, Wang Chong was simply way too incredible.

But contrary to the expectations of the duo, the Imperial Army member asked about another matter.

Gongzi, may I ask about the metal mountain outside the Bluebottle Pavilion? Is that for sale?

The Imperial Army member asked while pointing to the metal mountain which was almost tall as a human.

The Bluebottle Pavilion wasnt too far away from the royal palace. The events that occurred here had long caused a commotion in the Imperial Army. There wasnt anyone else who loved swords more than the Imperial Army.

The duel gamble conducted by the Bluebottle Pavilion had long attracted the attention of the Imperial Army; otherwise, they wouldnt have appeared today.

It was one thing for no one to know of the sword hanging on the pavilion. However, the purpose of the huge metal tower at the door, or rather, the metal mountain, still remained a mystery.

Within the royal palace, all kinds of conjectures had been proposed by the Imperial Army members, and there were even people gambling on it.

This Imperial Army member was also overwhelmed by curiosity. Taking this opportunity, he quickly asked about the matter.


Wang Chong understood what was going on and he chuckled:

Why dont you try guessing!

Leaving behind these words, the carriage left the Bluebottle Pavilion.

Returning from the Bluebottle Pavilion, Wang Chong quickly devoted his efforts to his martial arts practice once more. Judging from the time, the selection for the Three Great Training Camps should have opened already.

From the very start, the criteria for entering the Three Great Training Camps was high. Furthermore, it would only increase in the future. Without sufficient skills and the required cultivation realm, it was impossible for one to enter.

Other than this, Wang Chong also had to contemplate over the matter of his grandfathers birthday.

The core of the entire Wang Clan, as well as the most authoritative person in the clan, was never his father, Wang Yan, or his big uncle, Wang Gen, and even less so, his big aunt and uncle.

There had only been one core to the Wang Clan, and that was his grandfather!

As a prestigious clan of generals and scholars, the Wang Clan possessed an enormous amount of resources. However, usually, it was impossible for the other members of the Wang Clan to notice these resources.

In terms of fortune, the Wang Clan was unable to match up to those smaller clans like the capitals Zhang Clan. In terms of authority, it was unable to compete against the Yao Clan. In fact, the amount of resources which Yao Fengs had access to far exceeded the amount which Wang Chong had.

Even so, the Wang Clan was still considered as a top-notch prestigious clan of the Great Tang Empire!

As for the reason for this bizarre sight, it was because only the clan members whom Wang Chongs grandfather acknowledged would be granted a large slice of the resources.

This was the reason why Big Uncle Wang Gen could join the royal court, and why Father Wang Yan could become a general. The same held for big aunt and uncle as well!

Thus, in his previous life, when grandfather passed away and big uncle chose the wrong faction to stand with, the Wang Clan fell from grace swiftly!

The Wang Clan doesnt tolerate sub-par talents, that was his grandfathers ideology.

As such, until a Wang Clan member displayed sufficient capability and received the approval of his grandfather, he was actually no different from the son of an ordinary clan.

If Wang Chong wanted the resources of the clan to the diverted to him so as to change destiny, he had to receive the acknowledgement of his grandfather first!

Furthermore, the Four Quarters Embassy was a building built by His Majesty for Wang Chongs grandfather and the others. As it was a place for conferences and governance, it was guarded by the Imperial Army. Even the members of the Wang Clan only had one opportunity every year to enter that place!

And that was during grandfathers birthday!

This was the only chance Wang Chong had this year!

Wang Chong had to carefully contemplate over how he could receive his grandfathers acknowledgement!