The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 575

Chapter 575: The Decisive Battle Jiaosiluos Panic
Chapter 575: The Decisive Battle! Jiaosiluo's Panic!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

There were many joint attack formations, especially in the army. Whether it was the Great Tang, -Tsang, or Mengshe Zhao, they all had these kinds of joint attack skills, some well-known and some secret. By combining the strength of many weaker individuals and the strength of the formation, they could challenge and even kill powerful experts.

However, such formations had never been easy to cultivate. They required mutual understanding and cooperation, so as a result, only small-scale joint attack formations were currently in use.

Joint attack formations only truly came into prevalence after the foreign invaders appeared.

All the warriors of the continent, whether they were from the Great Tang of the Central Plains, -Tsang, the Eastern and Western Turkic Khaganates, or the distant Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu, had realized that none of their attacks were very effective against these otherworldly invaders.

All their attacks were half as powerful when used against these invaders, so they all had to think about other methods. Thus, the small-scale joint attack formations suddenly became the focus of attention.

All the empires and cultures of the world, including the Great Tang and the countries surrounding it, began to devote a large amount of manpower to researching and developing joint attack formations.

A great number of joint attack formations were developed at this time. In a short period of time, the small-scale joint attack formations reached their peak power, and Death's Scythe was an outstanding example from this era.

Although time had been short and Xu Shiping, Xu Andun, and the six Black Dragon elites had still not trained extensively in Death's Scythe, the combined power of these eight was more than enough to deal with Jiaosiluo.


Zhao Wujiang and Luo Ji worked together with the Death's Scythe joint attack formation, and it took only a few seconds for the ten people to enclose Jiaosiluo. Even if Jiaosiluo had been ready, it would have still been too late to escape!


Vast waves of Stellar Energy surged as eleven people clashed in midair and the surrounding soldiers looked on in shock. Jiaosiluo screamed as his Swordfanged Beast transformation was forcefully dispelled, the energy scattering from Jiaosiluo's human form.


A dark red spear, shining with a bloody light, plunged through Jiaosiluo's chest, narrowly missing his heart as it thrust through his organs and out the center of his back.

Luo Ji!

Invincible Iron Spear Luo Ji!

Only one person in the Annan Protectorate army possessed such mighty spear arts that could completely disregard the defense of Jiaosiluo's tough flesh and Stellar Energy: Iron Spear Luo!

Wang Chong's Wootz Steel spear coupled with Luo Ji's terrifying spear arts had pierced straight through Jiaosiluo's Shanzhong acupuncture point, tearing apart the organs in his chest. Even more terrifying was that Luo Ji's incredibly sharp Stellar Energy had already entered Jiaosiluo's body through his spear and was now wreaking havoc amongst his meridians.



Roars came from all around as the eyes of the distant Tibetan warriors instantly turned red.


Too sudden!

Jiaosiluo had clearly been the pursuer, seemingly unstoppable and incomparably valiant, slaying all who dared to stand before him. Moreover, he had seemed ready to take Zhao Wujiang's life when the situation was reversed in the blink of an eye. Jiaosiluo had turned from pursuer to pursued, to the ambushed.

At the base of the mountain, the commanders of the Mengshe-Tsang army felt their hearts stop!


This had been a through-and-through ambush. Zhao Wujiang's injury and escape had all been an act to lure Jiaosiluo into range!

"Damn it! We've been fooled!"

Dalun Ruozan's pupils constricted as the fan in his hand stopped. His eyes turned up to that thin youth on the summit.

Although Iron Spear Luo was famed for his spear arts, he was not known for his wit.

Zhao Wujiang could never have anticipated that it would be Jiaosiluo who would appear after these fierce exchanges!

Dalun Ruozan could think of only one person who could predict, when Duan Wuzong was entering the field, that Jiaosiluo would eventually show up. It was that young Great Tang boy, Wang Chong!

We've fallen for his scheme!

Dalun Ruozan's sleeves fluttered as his right hand clenched his feather fan. For the first time, he felt like he had lost his poise.

There were very few things in the world that could make him feel like he had lost his poise, but this incident was definitely one of them. Dalun Ruozan's loss of poise was certainly not because of Jiaosiluo. Jiaosiluo had merely induced it.

The true reason was that Dalun Ruozan felt that he had encountered a true opponent.

Jiaosiluo was someone that Huoshu Huicang had arranged to send out on the spot. When Duan Wuzong's Whitestone Corps was just beginning its assault, no normal person could have been thinking about trapping Jiaosiluo, and sent out Zhao Wujiang to deal with both.

Dalun Ruozan didn't understand military affairs!

But this incident now had nothing to do with military affairs. Dalun Ruozan felt like he had encountered an opponent who exactly matched him Even if they weren't at his exact level, they were definitely a strategist on the same tier.

We can't let this brat stick around!

Dalun Ruozan's eyes narrowed as his killing intent blazed to life. He had originally felt that this boy's life should be preserved if possible so that he could obtain his military strategies, but now, Dalun Ruozan had changed his mind.

This level of opponent had to be killed without the slightest delay!


Sounds like that of popping beans came from next to Dalun Ruozan. Huoshu Huicang remained motionless, his stalwart figure looming like a mountain, but his tightly clenched hands and ashen complexion clearly divulged his emotional state.

Although the offensive capabilities of Jiaosiluo's Swordfanged Beast transformation were inferior to the abilities of Longqinba, it far surpassed Longqinba in terms of the toughness of its flesh, the strength of its defense, and its abilities to safeguard one's life.

The Swordfanged Beast transformation was a supreme defensive technique of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple. Jiaosiluo had chosen to pursue a completely different path from Longqinba, and it was precisely because of this that neither Dalun Ruozan nor Huoshu Huicang had been very worried when Jiaosiluo had gone off in pursuit of Zhao Wujiang.

But Huoshu Huicang could have never predicted this sight taking place before his eyes.

"Tell Huoba Huiyuan to get ready to attack!"

"Yes, Milord!"

Putting aside the movements at the base of the mountain, everyone on the mountain was dumbstruck by Jiaosiluo's situation.


A howl of terrible pain resounded through the sky. As Jiaosiluo and his assailants began to drop down from the sky, Jiaosiluo suddenly snatched Luo Ji's spear with his right hand, preventing Luo Ji from further pushing the spear into his chest.


A steely palm fiercely shot toward Luo Ji. As everyone looked on, palms met, and Jiaosiluo borrowed the force of his collision with Luo Ji's palm to break free of the spear and streaked toward the ground, covered in bloody light.

"Get out of my way!" Jiaosiluo roared, his arms opening wide as majestic Stellar Energy flooded out along with a canopy of blood.

"Aaaah!" Screams filled the air as Tang soldiers were cast aside.

Jiaosiluo, stimulated by the pain, was even faster than before, carving out a bloody path through the crowd as he charged down the mountain.

"Don't let him escape!"

In the rear, Luo Ji's spear hit the ground with a bang while a look of surprise flashed through his eyes. Jiaosiluo had still been able to run despite his Shanzhong acupuncture point being run through and the Stellar Energy wreaking havoc in his body!

The constitution of this foreign cur was far more formidable than he had imagined.

Without another word, Luo Ji gripped his spear and began to run after Jiaosiluo with a cold glint in his eyes. Jiaosiluo had already been run through by his spear, and if he really did manage to escape, Luo Ji would become a laughingstock!

"Hand over your life!" Luo Ji bellowed, the mountain trembling at the fury in his voice.

Jiaosiluo was on his list of people who had to die! In this war, he had killed countless soldiers of the Annan Protectorate army, and Luo Ji had wanted nothing more than to find and duel him.

Alas, Jiaosiluo had been incredibly vigilant, almost always noticing him and fleeing. Moreover, he had almost always been accompanied by a large number of soldiers and was practically inseparable from the Crown Prince of Mengshe Zhao, Fengjiayi.

Although Luo Ji was extremely confident in his spear, he did not have the confidence to deal with Jiaosiluo and Fengjiayi at the same time, much less the large number of experts around them!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Luo Ji pushed his movement techniques to their maximum extent, leaving behind blur after blur as he moved down the mountain.

"After him!"

Xu Shiping, Xu Andun, Zhang Long, Zhao Hu, Chen Qiong, Li Zhi, Fang Tang, and Zhou Han stared blankly for a few moments before quickly giving chase. The smoothness of this fight had caught them by surprise.

Although Death's Scythe had been taught to them by Wang Chong, there had been too little time for them to confirm its strength.

It could actually dispel Jiaosiluo's Stellar Energy transformation. I simply can't believe it! Xu Andun thought as he continued to accelerate.

The closer one was, the more one understood just how powerful Jiaosiluo was. This sort of ferocity and brutality was like that of a primordial behemoth. It wasn't something any ordinary person could deal with.

In addition, he had far more Stellar Energy than the vast majority of generals.

But no one could have expected that single strike to instantly dispel his transformation.

Young Master's planning abilities are truly inconceivable. A brute like Jiaosiluo is nothing more than a plaything in Young Master's palm!

Zhang Long, Zhao Hu, Chen Qiong, Li Zhi, and the other elites were also invigorated.

Zhao Wujiang's feigned retreat was a secret from almost everyone. Only they had understood from the beginning that this was a trap, a net meant to snare Jiaosiluo. It was precisely because they knew this that they all felt a deep admiration for Wang Chong.

The more time they spent with Wang Chong, the more the Black Dragon Bandits admired him. They also now completely understood why their lord, who had managed to singlehandedly defeat the Black Dragon Bandits, showed so much respect to only Wang Chong.