The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 576

Chapter 576: The Decisive Battle Dalun Ruozans Hidden Move
Chapter 576: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozan's Hidden Move!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Anyone who stops me dies!"

Putting aside Zhang Long, Zhao Hu, Chen Qiong, Li Zhi, and the others in the rear, up ahead, Jiaosiluo was bellowing as he plowed a bloody path, charging forward with more strength than he had ever used in his entire life.

Impossible! Impossible! My Swordfanged Beast Halo is a supreme technique of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple! Master said to me before that with my abilities, as long as I didn't encounter someone like Wang Yan or Xianyu Zhongtong, no one would be able to menace me. How could it be dispelled in a single move?!

How could the Great Tang have someone like this?

It was impossible to describe the panic in Jiaosiluo's heart.

The joint attack had completely annihilated all his confidence. Right now, Jiaosiluo only had a third of his original Stellar Energy, and this Stellar Energy was being depleted at an astonishing speed.

Such were the results of having his beast transformation forcefully dispelled.

A joint attack skill? Which skill was it?

In this battle, only Jiaosiluo was aware that the truly lethal blow that had blown away his Stellar Energy was not Luo Ji's spear or Zhao Wujiang, but the joint attack formation formed by those eight other people.

By the time Luo Ji's spear had stabbed into his body, his Stellar Energy had already been broken.

The Great Tang definitely doesn't have this sort of formation. It must be that brat, it must be

Jiaosiluo was both astonished and afraid, his entire body trembling. That figure had risen unbidden in his mind. If there was one person who could design such a formation, it was unquestionably that brat.

In this more than a month, Jiaosiluo had never seen such a joint attack formation from the Great Tang. If they had such a thing, they would have used it long ago.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it

Jiaosiluo's entire body was shaking, but not with rage. The only thing in his mind was a profound fear. He could guarantee that Zhao Wujiang's feigned defeat to bait him was planned by that boy.

In Jiaosiluo's entire life, he had never felt such fear toward a youth who was weaker than him.

Although that boy was clearly much weaker in terms of strength, Jiaosiluo could not stir any thoughts of revenge. All he felt was fear and an ardent desire to leave this place, leave this mountain.

From the battle together with Fengjiayi to the ambush in the rain and then the ambush of Zhao Wujiang and nine others just now Jiaosiluo could find no interest in fighting in front of that youth.

Jiaosiluo had felt this feeling before, in front of the Great Minister!


A peal of thunder came from below the mountain as the neighs of countless horses and the clattering of armor mixed together. Jiaosiluo could sense that the Great General had already begun to move and that a new batch of cavalry and experts was currently charging up the mountain. But they would arrive too late.

I have to get back to the army. Only by returning to the Mengshe-Tsang ranks can I have any hope of survival!

Jiaosiluo's heart was beating fast and he could smell the stench of death. Never had Jiaosiluo felt death so close. It felt like a dagger was prodding into his back, pursuing him like his own shadow. No matter where he went, he could not escape.

"Hand over your life!"

A heaven-shaking roar suddenly rose behind him. After such a long time, Luo Ji had finally caught up. Clang! While a dragon's call echoed through the skies, Luo Ji stomped a foot on the ground. His entire body took off like a cannon shot, the spear in his hands seeming to dance. It was no longer some simple spear, but a dragon, a flood dragon rising from the depths of a deep pool.


Luo Ji's eyes turned cold as the spear in his hand called out. Suddenly, it transformed into a bolt of lightning aimed right at Jiaosiluo's back.

"Not good!"

Jiaosiluo was greatly startled, feeling like his soul had left his body. In the past, he would have been able to block Luo Ji's spear, but right now, his strength was utterly insufficient.


Suddenly, a Tibetan scimitar flew out of the void and struck Luo Ji's spear. This spear which had been imbued with destructive energy was jolted away.

"Protect General!"

A mustachioed Tibetan officer riding on a horse brushed past Jiaosiluo, his eyes narrowed and gleaming with a sharp light as he leaped toward Luo Ji.


Jiaosiluo's eyes widened in shock. He recognized this officer, but it wasn't one of his subordinates

But Kubatuo paid no attention to Jiaosiluo! Clang! His scimitar was already slashing at Luo Ji!


Such was Luo Ji's strength that even Jiaosiluo was wary of him, so why did he need to fear these other Tibetan officers? Bang! A single palm was enough to shatter the horse's head and send the body of that muscular highland steed flying off together with the general on its back.

But mere moments after he dispatched the Tibetan officer, more neighs could be heard as another seven or eight Tibetan officers charged forward on their highland steeds.

These Tibetan officers all had fierce gazes and seemed anxious to fight, their Halos of Thorns shining under their feet. They were clearly ready to offer their lives to take down their enemies. Luo Ji blocked five or six of these exceptionally fierce Tibetan officers, but even a peerless spearman like Luo Ji was somewhat slowed by this onslaught of Tibetan officers and was unable to continue his pursuit.


Luo Ji was far from the only being delayed. These Tibetan officers who had seemingly come out of thin air were heedlessly charging at Xu Shiping, Xu Andun, Zhang Long, Zhao Hu, Chen Qiong, Li Zhi all the people chasing Jiaosiluo were being obstructed.

"Damn it! Even like this, he still managed to escape!"

On the summit, Chen Shusun was stamping his feet in vexation.

Jiaosiluo was an enormous threat on the battlefield, and he had killed a great number of Tang soldiers. If he managed to escape from Wang Chong's trap this time, then it would be even more difficult to kill him in the future.

Moreover, though Luo Ji's spear had pierced through his chest and dealt him a severe injury, this sort of injury was not enough to be lethal. Besides, the Tibetan army had no small number of medicines from the secret reserves of the Great Snow Mountain with them.

As long as Jiaosiluo didn't die, he might soon be bursting with energy once more. By that time, his renewed caution and his inherent ferocity would lead to the deaths of countless more Tang soldiers.

But this was not the greatest of Chen Shusun's worries.


While Luo Ji, Xu Shiping, Xu Andun and the others were being held by the Tibetan officers, they suddenly heard a scream. This scream was not from Jiaosiluo, but from Zhao Wujiang behind them.


Zhao Wujiang hollered as he was suddenly sent flying out of the ranks like a ragdoll, hurtling toward the summit. Bang! The metal walls trembled as Zhao Wujiang smashed against one of these thick steel pieces. Vomiting blood, his entire person seemed much weaker.

At some point, a stalwart figure, brimming with a destructive aura, had stood up from the crowd. His hair lay spread out behind his back in a wild fashion and the scarlet scimitar in his hand was striking beyond compare.


This sudden sight stupefied everyone. Even Luo Ji paled, and in his panic, almost lost a limb to a Tibetan officer. He recognized that muscular figure. The Annan Protectorate army and the Tibetan could both recognize the high-ranking generals of the opposing side.

Longqinba, the head of the Five Tiger Generals!

The strongest offensive general under Huoshu Huicang's command!

This person's fighting power was even more terrifying than Jiaosiluo's, and his martial arts far surpassed Jiaosiluo. But this was far from Luo Ji's only concern.

How did he appear here?

Luo Ji's heart shivered as he suddenly felt an intense danger. Longqinba was the leader of the Five Tiger Generals, but Luo Ji had not noticed him at all until he struck.

Moreover, only a short time had elapsed since the initial ambush of Jiaosiluo. Even if the Tibetans wanted to rescue him, they didn't have time, not unless

Dalun Ruozan!

In the blink of an eye, Luo Ji and Chen Shusun, in separate places on the battlefield, immediately had the same thought.

There was only one possibility for Longqinba's swift appearance: before Jiaosiluo's ambush, he had already quietly mixed into the army.

Only two people could have made such arrangements. If it wasn't Dalun Ruozan, then it was Huoshu Huicang!

"Zhao Wujiang's in trouble!"

There was no time to think. A chorus of neighs and furious bellows came from the summit as the high-ranking generals of the Annan Protectorate army began to mount their horses and charge down to Zhao Wujiang's location.

But all of this was too late!

Jiaosiluo was no fool, so for the sake of baiting him, Zhao Wujiang had truly taken a blow. It was only because Longqinba had noticed this that he had thought of ambushing Zhao Wujiang.

At present, Jiaosiluo was still alive while Zhao Wujiang seemed to have entered desperate straits.


With an arch of his right foot, Longqinba jumped off the ground like a loosed arrow aimed straight at Zhao Wujiang. His sharp and fierce energy penetrated through space to lock onto Zhao Wujiang!

Boom! This massive strike sent that metal wall section weighing several thousand jin flying away while Zhao Wujiang himself barely managed to dodge.

"Stop him!"

"Quickly save Lord Zhao!"

This sudden mishap had truly taken everyone by surprise. At almost the same time, Luo Ji, Xu Shiping, Xu Andun, Zhang Long, Zhao Hu, Chen Qiong, Li Zhi and others all put aside Jiaosiluo and lunged toward Longqinba.

Jiaosiluo had already avoided one disaster, and the experts of the Mengshe-Tsang army had already gathered around him. Pursuing him was not guaranteed to result in anything, but if they ignored Zhao Wujiang, then he truly might die.

Longqinba was not an easy person to deal with.

"Hahaha, Great Minister, Great General!"

Jiaosiluo rejoiced upon seeing that Longqinba had come to his aid. He didn't need to think much to know that this had been a plan of the Great Minister and Great General. The Tang had schemed against him, but the Great Minister had schemed against the Tang.