The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Vengeance Of A Gentlemen

Chapter 6: Vengeance of a Gentlemen

Talk wasnt sufficient for the little girl, she wanted to take action as well. Wang Chong knew of her fearsome strength and if she were to be allowed to strike a blow out of rage, Ma Zhou would probably die on the spot. If so, his plan would be screwed as well.

Little sister, cool down!

Wang Chong patted the shoulders of his youngest sister and hurriedly cajoled her. Leave this kind of little things to me. Dont forget, we have an agreement. It cant be that you are refusing to listen to my words?


Little sister was conflicted. She knew that her brother being grounded for a week was a result of the doing of this Ma Zhou bastard.

Given her personality, a person who dared to hurt her family would be killed in a single punch of hers. However, she couldnt disobey the words of her brother.

Alright then.

Little sister lowered her head, choosing to obey her brothers words in the end.

Wang Chong smiled. This was exactly as how he remembered his youngest sister!

Ma Zhou, putting everything in the past aside, you used my name to rape a female villager in daylight. Did you think that I wouldnt know anything at all?

Wang Chong said indifferently. He glanced at Ma Zhou and the coldness of his gaze penetrated the other partys bones. For some reason, everyone felt terrified and uneasy. It was as though he had become an entirely different person.

Things have blown up!

This fellow actually knows of it all?

F***, who was the one who told him?

The impression Wang Chong gave them today was one who was suddenly enlightened. To think that he would suddenly awaken from his dreams! The scions immediately retreated backward. Subconsciously, they felt that it was impossible to settle the matter today peacefully.

On the other hand, disbelief and shock reflected on Ma Zhous face. Eventually, all of it faded into calmness. Even the right hand that was grabbing onto his cheeks had loosened and fallen downward.

Truthfully, Ma Zhou didnt expect Wang Chong to suddenly become so smart. It felt as though nothing could be hidden from him anymore.

As though everything that had been done in the past had been exposed.

Wang Chong, you were the one who asked for it!

With a dark expression, Ma Zhou howled savagely.

Of all things possible, Wang Chong should have never slapped him in front of so many brothers. How could his pride allow him to take it lying?

Even more so, he shouldnt have pointed everything out. If he was truly smart, he should have known to just drop the matter instead of speaking of them. At most, he could have just chosen not to roam on the streets in the future.

Wasnt hanging out with other people, even if hypocritically, better than this?

Did he think that just because he called him Young Master Chong in the past, he had become the head of the group?

Ma Zhou stared at Wang Chong coldly and haughtily, not even trying to hide the disdain and mock in his gaze at this moment.

Damn, Ma Zhou is going to rage!

What the heck, we should hurry up and get away! Ma Zhous rampage isnt a joke!

The last time, Ma Zhou had crippled a scion who was in Imbued Bone realm. Given how Wang Chong is only at Imbued Blood realm, he is in for a difficult time now that he had angered Ma Zhou!

The surprise and dumbfounded looks on that bunch of vile young faces were replaced with a gloating one.

Ma Zhou was a bastard, but the others werent fools. If he werent capable, there was no reason for them to take him as their leader.

This fellow was never an easy figure!

Everyone could already see Wang Chong been thrown around by Ma Zhous punches with his teeth scattered all around the road.

Ma Zhou was feeling unhappy now, extremely unhappy.

Wang Chong was only a puppet beneath him, yet this puppet was trying to climb over his head now.

How could Ma Zhou stand this?

Kacha, the crisp sound of bones cracking could be heard from Ma Zhous body. Blood surged through his body steadily as though a stream and a powerful strength burst from the depths of his body.

Imbued Core realm!

Ma Zhous strength had already reached Origin Energy Tier 4. He had already reached the level of drawing Origin Energy to cleanse his bones of impurities. He was much stronger compared to the little Young Master Wang Chong, who was still at Origin Energy Tier 3!

To think that you would dare disrespect me, you are looking for it!

Ma Zhou sneered savagely.

Is that so?

Wang Chong smirked coldly. There wasnt a hint of fear in his eyes. Ma Zhou was taken aback. For some reason, the feeling Wang Chong generated in him was extremely bizarre, as though he was an entirely different person.

Putting the matter aside, Ma Zhou stepped forward, advancing as though a strike of lightning, and shot a punch straight toward Ma Zhou. Kacha. The crisp sound of bones breaking echoed in the air. Ma Zhou seemed to have heard the sound of Wang Chongs bones breaking. Before he could even cheer, he heard exclaims from the surroundings:

Ma, Ma Young Master Ma, your nose!

The youngsters by the side had their eyes wide in fear as they stared intently at Ma Zhous nose, as though something it was something fearsome.

Whats wrong with my nose?

Ma Zhou was astounded by their words. The moment such a thought flashed across his mind, he immediately felt a pain that penetrated straight through his heart. A fire seemed to be burning in his nostrils and searing fresh blood with flavors of all kind, sour, bitter, spicy and sweet, seemed to gush out simultaneously.

My nose!

Ma Zhou howled in agony. That voice was sharp and distinct, causing everyone goosebumps. In this instant, Ma Zhou realized that the sound of bone breaking came from his nose breaking, not from Wang Chong.

The nose bone was the softest bone in the entire human body, as well as the weakest one.

Upon being punched in the nose, Ma Zhou felt his entire body losing its strength as he slumped into a kneeling position on the floor while clutching his nose. Clearly, he had lost all fighting will.

Ma Zhou was still unable to understand how he sustained that punch!

Given how even Ma Zhou himself was unable to comprehend the situation, the others were even more confused. In their vision, they only saw Wang Chong walking half a step to the side, causing Ma Zhous punch to hit empty air. At the same time, Wang Chongs punch struck Ma Zhous nose.

They felt their blood curdle!

It was not the first time they were hanging out with Wang Chong and they knew Wang Chongs fighting prowess well. To think that an Origin Energy Tier 3 Imbued Blood realm was able to defeat an Origin Energy Tier 4 Imbued Core realm?

This wasnt right!

He sure is vicious!

Upon seeing Ma Zhous pathetic situation, the others felt their goosebumps rising on their arms once again, and a few of them immediately ran away.

Ma Zhou, these two slaps are for the people who you have once oppressed!

Wang Chong grabbed Ma Zhou by his pair and pah pah, two slaps were bestowed upon him. Ma Zhou was the type who only possessed brute strength. In terms of technique and fighting intuition, he was far inferior to Wang Chong.

Even if you wanted to going about scamming and oppressing others, there should be a limit to it. To actually rape a married woman Dont you know that I hate this kind of action the most?

As he spoke, pah pah, another two slap rained down on him, knocking Ma Zhous teeth out of his mouth.

Brother, good slap! Good slap!

The ten-year-old younger sister was cheering by the side. Watching the scene, she felt her own resentment being vented. Although she wasnt able to do it herself, watching her brother deal with this fellow was also exhilarating.

Only after sending any two fists onto him did Wang Chong feel his anger subsiding slightly. Regardless of whether it was this life or his previous one, Wang Chong hated those who bullied the weak. He found it exceptionally unbearable when Ma Zhou and the gang used his own name to commit such atrocity.

This was precisely the reason why his parents grounded him and the Wang Clan was humiliated. As such, Wang Chong struck even harder and viciously!

AHH! You bastard, you will pay for it!

Ma Zhous eyes were red with frenzy and his body trembled with rage.


Wang Chong suddenly kicked Ma Zhous crotch and vaguely, one could hear the sound of something shattering. The pain caused the latter to howl in pain as he hurriedly grabbed his crotch.

His entire face turned pale and perspiration beads fell from his forehead profusely as though rain. Only the sound of his pained exhalation could be heard.

Ma Zhou, dont think that I do not know that you are Yao Fengs subordinate. He is making use of you to deal with me. Living off the authority of others, did you really think you are really something big?

Wang Chong walked over and glared down at Ma Zhou coldly.

Ma Zhou was a person without any background. Without anyone instigating him from the back, how could he dare to make a fool out of Wang Chong?

Upon seeing Ma Zhous flabbergasted look, Wang Chong knew that he had guessed correctly. In the entire capital, the only one who wanted to deal with him was Yao Feng.

Even though Yao Feng didnt have a grudge against him, he had some conflicts with Wang Chongs Big Brother and Second Brother. As such, he instigated Ma Zhou to deal with their younger brother.

Wang Chong, dont you dare get gleeful! Acting so haughtily in front of me, I dare you to do the same in front of Young Master Yao! Indeed! I used your name to rape a woman outside, but what about it? It was all instigated by him, go at him if you dare!

Ma Zhou stiffened his neck and roared.

Heh, Ma Zhou, did you think that I dare not to?

Wang Chong was waiting for these words. In order to enter the Vast Crane Pavilion, he needed this brother to lead the way for him.

I dare you to lead the way then. I would like to see what Yao Feng has to say about this affair.

Wang Chong sneered coldly.


Ma Zhou seemed to have found energy from some unknown source and abruptly forced himself up. A cold gleam flashed across his eyes and from it, one could feel bone-piercing hatred:

Wang Chong, follow me if you are a man! Whoever who backs out will be a cowardly bastard!

If he didnt get back at Wang Chong for this, his pride wouldnt allow him to live on!

He wasnt able to deal with Wang Chong, so he could only leave it to Yao Feng to avenge him!

Things went even smoother than Wang Chong expected, With Ma Zhou leading the way, Wang Chong soon arrived at Vast Crane Pavilion.

At the center of the bustling city, an octagonal pavilion appeared. It was built with an arched roof with majestic pillars propping it up. There were four levels to the pavilion and golden-plated red lanterns hung layer by layer down the eight corners, bringing out an elegant disposition to it.

Returning back to a familiar land and seeing a familiar infrastructure, Wang Chong couldnt help but recall the past.

In his previous life, when he returned to this Vast Crane Pavilion, it was already old and in tatters. The corners were filled with dust and spider webs, far the previous prosperity and liveliness it had once experienced.

This was the turning point for the destiny of the Wang Clan!

In his previous life, even on his deathbed, his father couldnt help but remember this Vast Crane Pavilion. As such, Wang Chong also visited this place over and over again, touring the tattered remains of the Vast Crane Pavilion to reminisce the past.

If that didnt happen, everything would probably be different!

Wang Chong thought.

Now that everything had returned back to the starting point, he finally gained the opportunity to stop everything in his tracks in the place of his father, as well as to salvage everything. Just that, his father no longer remembered anything.

Wang Chong, I dare you to enter with me!

By the side, Ma Zhou was already done conversing with the guards in the Vast Crane Pavilion. He angrily beckoned Wang Chong over. The Vast Crane Pavilion had already banned all customers from entering. Other than those from the Yao Residence and King Qis subordinates, no one was allowed to enter.

However, Ma Zhou was an exception. He was a lackey of Yao Guang Yi and he was acquainted with the guards of the Yao Residence. The only one who could allow Wang Chong in was this Ma Zhou.

Why? Are you afraid?

Ma Zhou snickered coldly in an attempt to taunt him, fearing that Wang Chong might go back on his words.

Hmph, cut the nonsense and lead the way.

Wang Chong scoffed.

Estimating the time, his father should have already entered the Vast Crane Pavilion. How everything would go from now on depend on what he did today. Taking a deep breath, Wang Chong, along with his little sister, walked into the Vast Crane Pavilion.

Only upon walking into the Vast Crane Pavilion did one realize how vibrant the tavern was. This was nonsense. In every floor, there were more than two hundred seats but there wasnt a single person on any of it.

Wang Chong could clearly tell that the people in here were Yao Guang Yi and King Qis subordinates. There were even those who once followed King Song.

In scheming against his father, those who betrayed King Song played a vital role. Yao Guang Yi had truly put a lot of effort into this matter.

However, Ma Zhou seemed to be ignorant of the matter. He couldnt tell what was different with the atmosphere and all he did was to taunt Wang Chong forward, as though afraid that he would back out and retreat at the last moment.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Rascal, are you regretting your decision now?

After suffering such indignance, how could Ma Zhou simply let this matter slip? All he wanted now was to use Yao Fengs hands to teach Wang Chong a lesson.

What are you hurrying me for, do you think that I am afraid of Yao Feng?

Wang Chong behaved as though he had fallen for his taunting, but he was sneering coldly inside. He was thankful for his relationship with Ma Zhou. If this fellow knew what was going on in the Vast Crane Pavilion at this moment, he wouldnt dare to bring him here even if he had ten times of his guts.

Flinging his robe, Wang Chong followed Ma Zhou up the stairs.

The child and two teenagers did not catch anyones attention.

The chapter title, Vengeance of a Gentlemen, came from a saying.
Ten years is not too late for a gentleman to exact his vengeance
Simply put it, if circumstances before you are looking bad, it might be wiser to take a step back. After all, a vengeance is still a vengeance no matter when you exact it.
It is normally used in persuading people, especially when they have a grudge against someone who is in a better position than them.