The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 625

Chapter 625: The Decisive Battle The Second Berserker Syndrome

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong felt his body freeze, his heart turn to ash.

A second gap!

The gap opened by Duan Gequan had still not been filled when yet another hole had been opened up in the Myriad Stars Formation. Wang Chong looked around and saw that even more places were on the verge of breaking. The screams of dying Annan Protectorate army soldiers could be heard all over the mountain.

Do the heavens really wish for the death of my Great Tang

Wang Chong's entire body was trembling, his heart dripping blood as endless waves of anguish washed over him, so intense that they almost made it impossible to breathe.

Why? Why does it have to be like this?

Why did the heavens let me reincarnate only to have me experience all this again?

Was my last life not enough? Do I have to let the Central Plains and the Great Tang experience the same fate again?

Wang Chong's eyes were bleeding as he inwardly let out roars of fury and unwillingness. For a moment, the scenes from his last life flashed before his eyes: the flames of war scorching the Central Plains; the broken dragon banners; the sundered Great Tang; the countless corpses strewn across the land, their faces contorted in fear, their bodies decaying into bones. And then there was that cold river of cavalry, the foreign invaders spreading death and despair

All of this began from the collapse of the southwest. If not even the tragedy of the southwest could be averted, how could he avert the Great Tang's fate?

Wang Chong was in so much pain that he found it impossible to breathe.

The pain, reluctance, helplessness, and hatred that he had felt in the moment of his death during his last life once more floated to the top of his mind.

No, even if I die, I'll never let those scenes repeat themselves!

Wang Chong grasped the Wootz Steel sword in his right hand and the Little Yinyang Sword in his left, the veins on the backs of his hands bulging as he unleashed a heaven-shaking roar of anger.


As if in response to Wang Chong's roar, the winds exploded over the summit and a blue streak of lightning thrust through the clouds. Horses shrieked as this sudden thunderclap momentarily stunned the entire Mengshe-Tsang army.

At the base of the mountain, even Dalun Ruozan appeared shocked.

No matter what happens, I'll never concede!

No matter what happens, I'll never concede!

No matter what happens, I'll never concede!

This world has never had any savior or any fate. I am the master of my own fate!

The voice in Wang Chong's mind grew louder and louder. Suddenly, a strength that he had never felt before blazed to life within his body, the flame growing more and more vigorous. Anger, boundless anger! Antipathy, intense antipathy! Then!


The hum of a sword crescendoed as Wang Chong held his sword aloft and soared into the sky.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!

"Kill! Kill! Kill!

"Death! Death! Death!

"Even if the entire world retreats, I will never back down! Even if everyone gives up, I will never surrender!

"The southwest will not be lost, the Great Tang will not lose I will never lose!"

These final words become a roar that shook the heavens!

Whoosh! The sword flew through the air, and a row of Mengshe-Tsang soldiers was quickly felled. Roiling streams of blood energy flew out of their bodies and gathered in Wang Chong.

This blood energy was like a kind of bait, stimulating that thing hidden very deep inside Wang Chong's body.

Kaclack! The cracking of bones like frying beans came from within Wang Chong's body. Wang Chong's body impossibly began to grow larger, and within his body, a majestic and inconceivably powerful energy was beginning to explode outward.

Rumble! His dantian shook, and in the space of a single breath, a brand-new Halo of Thorns began to spread under Wang Chong's body. And at almost the same moment, Wang Chong finally broke through that stubborn bottleneck, truly stepping into the Profound Martial realm.


The air howled as a bloody energy began to spread through Wang Chong's body. In a flash, Wang Chong's black hair had transformed into a demonic shade of bloody red.

And it wasn't just his hair. Even Wang Chong's eyes had become bloody red, filled with a desire to kill, madness and brutality.

But Wang Chong could no longer see. The only thing in front of his eyes was blood.

"No matter what happens, I'll never concede!"

Unwillingness and anger grew ever more intense as they flourished in Wang Chong's mind. Rumble! Wang Chong suddenly exploded in speed, shooting forward like a lightning bolt. Crash! A bloody edge flashed in the air as more and more Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers were felled.

"I won't lose, I won't! Never!"

Wang Chong's body once more shot through the air. In a chorus of screams, yet another batch of Mengshe-Tsang soldiers was killed. Bloody energy continued to madly flow into Wang Chong's body under the influence of some invisible attractive force.

The Little Yinyang Art resounded within Wang Chong's body. Now that he had broken into the Profound Martial realm and shaken off those shackles that had restrained him for so long, the blood energy surging into his body was now causing Wang Chong's strength to rise at an almost insane speed.


His dantian shook, and in a flash, Wang Chong had reached Tier 1 of the Profound Martial realm. Behind him, several dozen Mengshe-Tsang cavalrymen toppled together with their horses.

"Seize Wang Chong and be made marquis of ten thousand households!"

More and more Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers continued to excitedly charge in, and it seemed like their numbers were limitless.

Swish! A flash of cold light, a scream, and more rows of heads went flying into the air.

Profound Martial Tier 2!

Wang Chong's strength was still crazily climbing

"Kill him! He's alone! Don't be afraid!"

There was a massive bellow as a giant figure climbed up the mountain: a mighty Skyquaking Giant! Roar! Before the giant had even stood up properly, it was swinging down its tree trunk of a metal staff at Wang Chong.

"He's mine!"

The Skyquaking Giant roared, speaking in a language that only he could understand.

Clang! The thick staff was suddenly cut in two, the cut as smooth as a mirror. The Skyquaking Giant looked in a daze at the remnants of his staff, but before he could react, squelch! A sword thrust deep into his heart, ending his life.

Profound Martial Tier 3!

The Skyquaking Giant's eyes were wide open in disbelief as he collapsed in front of Wang Chong, his vigorous blood energy surging into Wang Chong's body.

"Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill everyone in front of me! PowerI need massive power, endless power!"

The blood in front of Wang Chong's eyes was getting redder and redder.


Leaping Dragon Spear!

Wang Chong once more shot into the air. This time, however, the flood dragon was not azure, but crimson red. Boom! Wang Chong shot down from the sky and crashed into the summit.

"Aaaaaah!" Hundreds of Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers fell as they screamed, a bloody mist exploding out of their bodies and surging into Wang Chong's body. Wang Chong once more advanced

Profound Martial Tier 4!

"Damn it! What's that?"

When Wang Chong used the Leaping Dragon Spear to crash down, the blazing bloody glow was so obvious that he attracted the attention of a powerful Mengshe Zhao general of the Profound Martial realm!

Although he couldn't make out the figure within the bloody glow, there was no doubt that this bloody glow was impeding the army.

Clang! His sword unsheathed, the Mengshe Zhao general began to charge his Erhai steed, a cold glint in his eyes.

Fifty zhang, thirty zhang, twenty zhang When he was only ten zhang away


His weapon gleaming, the Mengshe Zhao general leaped from his horse, flying over the countless Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers, a mighty hurricane descending upon Wang Chong.


The Mengshe Zhao general's sword smashed against Wang Chong. There was a rumble, dust rising into the air and Stellar Energy flying everywhere as the two clashed, red and black energies surrounding the two in the middle.

Wang Chong's mad slaughter was finally stopped by this general.

"Hmph, brat, you're dead!"

The Mengshe Zhao general howled, his gaze fiercely staring into the depths of that bloody light.

But then, squelch! A sword was stabbed into his heart.

His eyes widened in shock as he stared at that sword in his heart. Bang! Wang Chong threw him, leaving his body to strike the ground and lie unmoving.

Profound Martial Tier 5!

Wang Chong's strength swelled once more as he absorbed the energy of this Mengshe Zhao general.

"Kill! Kill! Kill! PowerI need endless power!"

Kaclack! Wang Chong's joints cracked as his already-large body once more began to swell, growing larger and larger. A thick and persistent fog had gathered around him.

The Little Yinyang Art had revealed its greatest power in this intense battlefield. The more Wang Chong killed, the more energy he absorbed, and the more terrifying he was. His strength, speed, and dexterity were all improved, completely transforming him.

This was the first time in this world that the Little Yinyang Art had displayed its terrifying power on a proper battlefield.

"Congratulations to user for killing a Mengshe Zhao general in a head-on confrontation on the battlefield! You have fulfilled the second condition for the Bane of Generals Halo!"

A voice echoed in Wang Chong's mind, but it was quickly drowned out by the numerous warnings from the Stone of Destiny. Yet Wang Chong could hear none of this.


Wang Chong lowered himself to the ground and charged forward. Boom! A powerful energy exploded, followed by another set of screams. Countless Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers and horses were thrown into the air.

"Kill him!"

Two Mengshe-Tsang generals joined forces, attacking from the left and right.

Swishswish! Two heads flew through the air. The pair had not even been able to keep up with his speed or notice where he was.

Profound Martial Tier 6!

The energy of these generals allowed Wang Chong to advance another level.

Chaos, slaughter, blood all of this had become Wang Chong's nourishment. And even more frightening was that another, even more powerful energy was continuing to increase his strength.

"Killkillkill! Fightfightfight!"

A powerful killing intent was quickly dominating Wang Chong's mind. This killing intent was so concentrated that his veins were beginning to bulge and twist out of his skin.

This intense killing intent almost took physical form and continually grew stronger, almost tearing apart his chest. And as Wang Chong's killing intent grew increasingly intense, his body grew even redder, the bloody fog around him even thicker, and his presence grew increasingly obvious on the battlefield.