The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 626

Chapter 626: The Decisive Battle Surge In Strength

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Who's that? The Mengshe Zhao Great General has already opened a gap, so why haven't we broken through yet?"

At the base of the mountain, a Tibetan general at Profound Martial Tier 7 noticed the hundreds of Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers being cut down near the summit, and his eyes chilled as an astonishing killing intent flashed through them.

Clang! Unsheathing an exquisite scimitar, the powerful Tibetan general immediately charged up the mountain. In a few moments


Weapons clashed, an explosive energy emerging. The Profound Martial Tier 7 general was covered in such powerful Stellar Energy that it had jolted the surrounding soldiers away.

A halo reverberated at his feet, energy transforming into a yellow fog at his feet and then madly surging into his body, instantly increasing his strength.

The Halo of Earth!

Compared to the people of the Central Plains, the Tibetans did not have as great an understanding of the principles of the world. Although this general did not have much power to command the laws of the world, he understood enough to absorb energy from the earth and strengthen himself.

But this thunderclap of a strike that could sunder stone ran into the strength of a mountain.

Rumble! Energy exploded, nearly leveling the summit of the mountain. Wang Chong's entire body was red, and his blood-red hair streamed out behind him. By using his two swords, he had managed to block the full-force blow of the Tibetan general.

How can it be?

The general's eyes narrowed, his heart turning cold at the sight of his opponent's ruthless and insane red eyes. This strike had had all his strength behind it, but his opponent had blocked it with his two swords and his feet seemed as steady as if they were rooted in the earth.

This strike was capable of shattering steel, but Wang Chong's body was like a mountain. Not only was it unmoved, it repelled a great deal of energy.

How could his body be this strong?

The Tibetan general's eyes were wide in disbelief.

Wang Chong's strength definitely did not exceed Profound Martial Tier 7. For him to take a blow of the same level and not even move should have inflicted severe injuries to his organs.

Not even he could have done something like that.

No, no martial artist at Profound Martial Tier 7 would be capable of such a feat, not unless their fleshly body had reached an inhuman level of toughness.

And this was only the start of the Tibetan general's surprise

Kaclack! The sounds of gears beginning to turn rang out in the air. Lights began to shift behind Wang Chong as a massive six-armed Vajra Guardian appeared. Buddhist mantras could be heard in the air.

"The Six-Armed Ksitigarbha Vajra Guardian! Isn't this one of our Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple supreme techniques"

The Tibetan general was flabbergasted.

It was already enough that this fellow's fleshly body was so strong that he could take his most powerful blow head-on, but he even knew a supreme technique of -Tsang's Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple!!


Bolstered by the Six-Armed Ksitigarbha Vajra Guardian, Wang Chong's hands let out a powerful strike. Boom! With this single strike, the Tibetan general was sent shooting over the ground, leaving a trail of dust in his wake.

"This is impossible!"

An astonished look flickered across the general's face. While he was still shocked at the fact that he had been sent flying, a bloody light suddenly charged toward him. Swoosh! There was a pain at his neck, and then his head was flying through the air.

How fast!!

The Tibetan general's vision went black and he knew nothing else.

Ten, one hundred, one thousand Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers were constantly falling around Wang Chong. The corpses of humans and horses as well as shattered weapons piled up around him, creating mountains of bodies and seas of blood.

More and more corpses were falling around Wang Chong, but he was like a machine that knew no fatigue, continuing his mad slaughter on the summit. The killing intent exuded by his body grew thicker and thicker, causing space itself to distort.

And those deceased Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers had their Stellar Energy sucked out by the Little Yinyang Sword. Countless streams of energy formed a bloody mist around Wang Chong's body in their haste to enter it and push his strength to even higher levels.

The Little Yinyang Art was said to be the evilest art in the world. Its ability to endlessly advance a warrior's strength was being displayed in all its gruesome glory.

Slowly, unbeknownst to even Wang Chong, a powerful and oppressive aura began to emerge from his body.

At the start, all the Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers had tirelessly charged toward him, but now, anyone who reached a certain distance from Wang Chong would feel an intense unease and fear. It was like the person that was standing before them was not a person, but a demon god.

"What's going on? How did he get so strong?"

"After fighting for so long, why is it that the energy in his body isn't getting weaker, but actually stronger and stronger?"

"This fellow can't be a person! No person could be able to last this long!"

"Everyone, be careful! Don't get too close!"

"Why is it like this? Whenever I approach, my entire body starts trembling so badly that I can't even hold my weapon properly!"

At the start, the soldiers believed that they could rely on their numbers to crush Wang Chong, but now that Wang Chong had advanced to Profound Martial Tier 7 or 8, everything was different.

Every person could feel an intense danger from Wang Chong. It was like some sharp knife could plunge into their hearts at any moment.

"That fellow is the Great Tang commander-in-chief?"

In a place that Wang Chong couldn't see, a towering figure squinted at him, exuding a cold light. Wang Chong had undergone a massive transformation, but Tumi Sangzha had still been able to determine who he was at a glance.

In this battle that had lasted for more than half a month, the figure of that youth standing under the banner high up on the mountain had been branded into the mind of every general of the Mengshe-Tsang army.

And the Tibetans in particular now knew that the Great Minister hated this youth to the bone. He had even issued an order that even if they had to let the rest of the Annan Protectorate army go, they could never let this boy called Wang Chong escape.

"Hmph, if I kill him, I'll be the greatest warrior of the plateau!"

Tumi Sangzha jumped onto the left shoulder of a massive metal giant at his side. Rumble! The earth quaked as the black metal giant raised a massive sole and began to stride up the mountain with Tumi Sangzha.

Behind him, another metal giant was following with many more metal men.

"Make way!"

A thunderous voice in Tibetan echoed over the summit. All the Tibetans heard this order and began to yield the path. Only the Mengshe Zhao soldiers did not know what he was saying.

But before they could react, the sky darkened, and two massive metal soles, stirring massive winds, proceeded toward that bloody glow on the mountain.


The earth sank and shuddered like the deck of a ship being struck by a massive wave. As everyone looked on in shock, the fists of two metal giants accurately flew toward Wang Chong's head.

Hiss! There was a burst of gasps as Wang Chong raised his head, his two glowing red arms rising up to firmly block the fists of the metal giants.

The two mighty punches had done no harm to him.

At this moment, every soldier felt a deep fear!

"Hmph! Take my saber!"

A voice resounded through the air. When Wang Chong blocked the punches of the two metal giants, Tumi Sangzha jumped off the shoulder of his metal giant.


A saber glow tore through the sky, Tumi Sangzha merging with his saber and hacking down at Wang Chong, leaving behind a long trail of saber energy in the air.

Boom! A bloody shroud of light instantly exploded out of Wang Chong's body. In this shroud of light, Wang Chong raised his two swords to block Tumi Sangzha's lethal blow.

But the majestic energy contained in Tumi Sangzha's saber forced Wang Chong's weapons into the ground. The rocks underneath him began to splinter, his body half-sinking into the ground.

"Damn! You're still not dead!"

Tumi Sangzha's pupils constricted as he looked down at the ground. He had used the two metal giants to hold Wang Chong down so that his final blow would be the lethal one. But unexpectedly, Wang Chong had survived.

Swish! Tumi Sangzha held his saber aloft, prepared to unleash a flurry of attacks while he still had a chance. But then there was a bloody flash of light, and Wang Chong vanished from his position.

This caught Tumi Sangzha completely by surprise. Before he could react, he heard a faint whistling of air at his ear. This speed was so fast that even Tumi Sangzha felt a deep shock.

"Not good!"

In shock, Tumi Sangzha immediately stood up and jumped onto one of his metal giants. Crash! At almost the same moment, the bloody tip of a sword swept past Tumi Sangzha's original position.

Though the sword had missed, the metal fists of the giants had been severed, leaving behind smooth cuts as they flew through the air.

Even Tumi Sangzha was stunned by this scene, goosebumps rising over his body. If he had been just a little slow, it would not have been his giants that had been cut, but himself.

But this was far from over. An arc of bloody light once more swiftly approached Tumi Sangzha.

Boom! Tumi Sangzha barely managed to block this blow when another bloody light swept toward him, not from in front this time, but from behind.

How could he How could he be this fast!

Tumi Sangzha was even stronger than Jiaosiluo, let alone those other ordinary generals. Purely in terms of cultivation level, not even Wang Chong was a match for him.

But the speed and dexterity Wang Chong was displaying were at levels that not even an expert like Tumi Sangzha could reach.


Too, too fast!

The entire mountain seemed to be covered in the blurs left behind by Wang Chong. The bloody lights were all around him, surrounding his metal giants. For a moment, even Tumi Sangzha couldn't keep up with Wang Chong's speed. He was incapable of distinguishing between true and false, only feeling that the entire world was covered by Wang Chong's blurred figure.