The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 627

Chapter 627: The Decisive Battle Imperial Martial Realm

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Tumi Sangzha pushed the strength in his body to its limits, the scimitar in his hand creating a watertight defense, each of his blows using all the power he could muster. But against Wang Chong's storm of attacks, he was simply a punching bag with no ability to counter.

Wang Chong's speed had completely surpassed the limits of his cultivation; even Tumi Sangzha could not keep up. When Wang Chong advanced to Profound Martial Tier 7, bordering on Tier 8, his Phantom Steps also underwent a significant transformation, advancing to a brand-new level.

Tumi Sangzha grew more and more shocked, eventually culminating in a shout.

"All Tibetan soldiers, hear my order. The Wang Chong that Great Minister wishes to kill is here. Everyone, quickly come and kill him!"

Tumi Sangzha's nervous and furious roar was like a thunderclap exploding over the mountain, reverberating over the entire battlefield. It not only attracted the notice of the Ngari generals on the mountain, but that of Dalun Ruozan at the base of the mountain as well.

"Wang Chong!!!"

Dalun Ruozan's gaze chilled as he immediately shot his gaze toward that voice. The words 'Wang Chong' were like a spell, instantly provoking Dalun Ruozan.

If there was one thing that Dalun Ruozan cared more about than the outcome of this battle, it would be Wang Chong's death.

"Pass on my order. Ignore the Annan Protectorate army; first kill Wang Chong for me! No matter what, he can't be allowed to leave alive! Have Longqinba and Ciren Xiangxiong go up together!"

Dalun Ruozan looked up at that bloody glow near the summit, the killing intent in his eyes bared for all to see.


Dalun Ruozan's order was transmitted to the entire battlefield, and with this order, the Tibetan army immediately changed course.

"The Great Minister has ordered for Wang Chong to be killed!"

"All soldiers, hear my order and attack the southeast!"

A mighty roar suddenly exploded from the mountain. Looking down from the sky, one could see warhorses neighing as the dense ranks of TIbetan cavalry began to surge from various areas to the southeast region of the summit.

"Over there! Kill Wang Chong! Become the greatest warrior of the plateau!"

Warhorses galloped onto the mountain, the Tibetan generals upon them staring with sharp gazes, storms of energy raging around their bodies.

Compared to normal soldiers, the generals of -Tsang were much fiercer and more vicious.

Rumble! Steel clattered as Halos of Thorns began to expand, each representing one Profound Martial general of -Tsang.


As their warhorses gave out heaven-shaking cries, ten-some Tibetan generals charged toward Wang Chong, their eyes glowing with a vicious light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Horses screamed as they struck the ground with massive holes in their bodies. Before they could even approach, the Tibetan generals had fallen under a thunderous assault.


A Tibetan general was in the middle of jumping from his horse when a bloody light flashed by, leaving both him and his horse cloven in two.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Two, three, four one general after another was felled by Wang Chong before they could get close. After they died, the energy within their bodies gathered into a bloody mist and surged into Wang Chong's body.

Kaclack! In just a few short moments, Wang Chong's strength swelled once more. From Tier 7 of the Profound Martial realm, he ascended to Tier 8, then Tier 9, finally stopping at the peak of Tier 9.

"Not good!"

Tumi Sangzha's face paled. No matter how slow he was, even he had realized by now that he had just committed an enormous mistake.

His original intention had been to call over more elite experts and have them surround Wang Chong so that they could finally finish off this disease threatening the livelihood of -Tsang.

But Tumi Sangzha had forgotten that with Wang Chong's current level of cultivation, many Tibetan generals were no match for him.

These lower-level Tibetan generals charging up the summit could only become nutrients for Wang Chong. With their cultivation snatched away, Wang Chong would only become more and more terrifying.

When Wang Chong was on the border of Tier 7 and Tier 8, he was already a powerful threat to him, even giving him the impression that he was standing on the precipice of death. Now that Wang Chong had absorbed the energy of these Tibetan generals, didn't that mean

As this thought flashed through his mind, Tumi Sangzha's body went stiff. A faint wound, as thin as a thread, suddenly appeared on his forehead. Then it spread down to his nose, his mouth, his chest In the end, it spread down to the metal giant, cleaving this massive being in two.

I didn't think that I would actually die at his hands!

Tumi Sangzha's eyes were wide, his entire body as cold as ice. Wang Chong had been too fast, far too fast. He didn't have the time to think about pulling out his scimitar before being killed.


Under countless gazes, Tumi Sangzha, standing on the shoulder of the metal giant, suddenly exploded into pieces.

And with his death, those metal men and giants summoned by the Halo of Black Iron instantly collapsed into powder and pieces.


A constant stream of Tibetan soldiers charged up the mountain, hoping to drown Wang Chong under their massive wave. Any general in these circumstances, no matter how powerful, would ultimately end up running out of energy and dying.

But Wang Chong was different.

He was a tireless killing machine constantly piling up more and more corpses on the mountain, massive numbers of Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers dying at his hand.

During this massacre, Wang Chong's strength was only increasing, ascending. In the end, under countless fearful gazes, he proceeded toward the Imperial Martial realm desired by countless warriors.

I won't lose! I won't! I'll never lose!

The cries in Wang Chong's heart grew louder and louder. He no longer felt pain, and the countless sabers and swords hacking down at him were either blocked by his sturdy armor or jolted away by that majestic barrier of bloody Stellar Energy.

Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, forty-five minutes

Time ceased to have meaning for Wang Chong. He had already forgotten about the outside world, about himself, about everything except fighting.

The piles of corpses on the mountain grew higher and higher. After some time, a majestic energy, as hot as lava, burst from Wang Chong's body.


Wang Chong heard a massive sound in his mind.

In that moment, the entire world seemed to fall quiet. For the first time, that endless flood of Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers, who had once seemed heedless of death, now showed signs of panic and fear.

"The Imperial Martial realm! He reached the Imperial Martial realm!"

"How could this be?!!"

"We're only True Martial realm soldiers! We're no match for Imperial Martial realm experts!"

"Retreat! Hurry!"

"The Great Minister has given the order! Those who retreat will be executed! If we can't reach the summit, we'll all be killed!"

The soldiers surrounding Wang Chong all looked at him with fear and shock, some of them even beginning to tremble.

By now, Wang Chong had killed thousands of Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang soldiers. Each of them had thought that he would eventually run out of energy and die, but in reality, not only had Wang Chong not fallen, he had only grown more and more terrifying, even breaking through into the Imperial Martial realm.

Wang Chong stood amidst thousands of corpses, his hair being blown across his face by the wind. But this could not conceal that pair of vicious, cruel, insane, and bloodthirsty eyes, red and monstrous.

Wang Chong only needed to glance around him to stir cries of panic. This boundless killing intent caused all the horses and soldiers to stumble back in retreat.

"Make way! I'll kill him!"

A cold and icy voice came from above, and a massive figure plummeted from the sky and crashed down in front of Wang Chong.

Clang! A massive ten-armed bodhisattva appeared, his ten arms pointed up to the sky like sharp swords. For a moment, he appeared like a blazing sun of gold.

The ten-armed bodhisattva slightly leaned his body to look down at Wang Chong, energy crackling around him.

Finally, Longqinba, the leader of the Five Tiger Generals, had appeared.


Before anyone could react, a golden saber energy, ten-some zhang tall, suddenly descended from the sky, and Longqinba appeared to not even have moved.

In terms of speed and strength, Longqinba had always been one of the best. He could only be above Wang Chong, not below.

Buzz! Longqinba was fast, but Wang Chong was no slower. Wang Chong suddenly raised his arms and swiftly blocked Longqinba's blade.

Rumble! The mountain trembled, dust filled the air, and a fissure ten-some zhang long appeared across from the bodhisattva.

But the area several zhang around Wang Chong was calm, the ground unbroken. There was no sign that any saber energy had passed by.

Longqinba's powerful blow had been completely blocked by Wang Chong.

How could this be? He actually blocked an attack from my bodhisattva?

Within the ten-armed bodhisattva, Longqinba's pupils constricted, a look of shock appearing on his face. In all three sides of this conflict, besides the elite commanders like Wang Yan, Xianyu Zhongtong, Huoshu Huicang, Duan Gequan, and Geluofeng, only Sun Liuyue could fight on even terms with him.

But not even Sun Liuyue could use this sort of method to take the full force of his saber. He did not dare to believe that Wang Chong, a youth known for his intelligence and schemes, was actually such an accomplished martial artist that he could exchange blow for blow with him.

What sort of martial art is he cultivating? No one can contend against the arts of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple! This is impossible!

Longqinba felt a massive shock.

For Wang Chong to rise so greatly in strength in such a short time defied all the principles and common sense of martial arts that he understood. Not even the Great Snow Mountain, with all its secret martial arts manuals, could accomplish such a thing.

"Brat, what in the world are you?"

Longqinba suddenly realized that both he and the Great Minister had completely underestimated this youth of the Great Tang. Everything about him could not be appraised using common sense.


Regardless of what Longqinba thought, such things were completely meaningless to the current Wang Chong. A moment after Longqinba attacked, Wang Chong quickly began his counter.