The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 666

Chapter 666: Lu Wu Ii
Chapter 666: Lu Wu (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Miyasame Ayaka was extremely fast. In the entire Wang Clan Residence, she had been the first to arrive to the scene, so she was also the first to strike. Miyasame Ayaka had been appointed by Wang Chong as the first expert to respond to any incidents at night, while the entire Wang Clan was sound asleep.


Just as she had expected, Miyasame Ayaka's sword stabbed at the chest of the giant. But rather than the sound of metal entering flesh, there was a spray of sparks and clang of metal. Miyasame Ayaka's sword had failed to break through.

"How could this be?!"

Miyasame Ayaka was shocked, her beautiful complexion paling as she lost her composure. Although the sword in her hand seemed unremarkable, it was actually a Wootz Steel sword that Wang Chong had personally forged for her, so sharp that a hair blowing by on a gust of wind would be cut in two.

Hardly anything could block this kind of weapon. Even the renowned plate armor of -Tsang seemed to not exist before a Wootz Steel weapon, much less any other kind.

But this giant had relied purely on his flesh to block the Wootz Steel sword. This outcome was utterly inconceivable for Miyasame Ayaka.


Miyasame Ayaka was stunned, but the giant was not. There was a flash of light as a steely fist the size of an alms bowl hurtled toward Miyasame Ayaka.


With a scream, Miyasame Ayaka was sent flying along with her sword. Her body smashed into a roof ten-some zhang away, crashing through countless roof tiles.

Roar! Upon sending Miyasame Ayaka flying, the giant paid her no further attention, immediately resuming its charge toward the lantern-lit study.

"It's an assassin!"

The entire Wang Clan was now in an uproar, the loud clash having long ago roused everyone from their slumber. Countless guards were rushing out of their rooms, streaming in from all directions to stop the giant.


With a single punch from the giant, guards were sent screaming into the air, many of them bursting into violet flames in midair. Their bodies and clothes were burned into ash that dispersed through the air.

Boomboomboom! No matter how many people came at the giant or how powerful they were, they were all like sheep before a tiger. A single punch was enough to pulverize them and burn their remains to ash.

Even all together, the Wang Clan guards were naught but ants before the giant. Not a single one of them could take even a single blow.

Flames began to spread through the estate, incinerating all the halls, towers, pavilions, and promenades. The massive giant was like a destroyer, leaving only ash in his wake.


Just when it seemed like the giant was about to annihilate the Wang Clan Residence, kill all the guards, and continue unimpeded toward Wang Chong's study, a roar came out of the night.

Boom! In a flash, just when the giant seemed about to break out of the encirclement, a massive figure equipped with heavy armor clashed with him.

In the study, Wang Chong sat cross-legged by a lantern. After returning from the Imperial Palace and paying respects to his mother, Wang Chong had entered the study and begun to cultivate.

This was how Wang Chong had spent the majority of his time since his return to the capital.

But this night was bound to be different from the rest.


Scream after scream came from outside. At the start, Wang Chong had not paid them much attention. After all, although the Wang Clan couldn't be considered a den of hidden experts, there were still many experts gathered here. It was not a place some ordinary person could barge into.

And besides, Miyasame Ayaka and Li Siye were patrolling in the darkness.

But Wang Chong gradually began to feel that something was wrong, as the screams outside seemed to only grow more intense, and were soon joined by the booms of buildings collapsing.

This was certainly not a sign that the conflict was coming to an end.

"What's going on? The capital is an important area under the feet of the Son of Heaven. How could there be someone capable of intruding into a place like this?"

Wang Chong's brow furrowed as he stood up. Throwing the door open, he walked out of the study. Even though Wang Chong had already mentally prepared himself, he was still given a massive shock when he saw the scene outside.

Although the Wang Clan's residence could not compare to the luxury of King Qi or King Song, it was still a clan of ministers and generals. Its buildings had been constructed in a distinguished style, with all the pavilions, towers, gardens, and ponds appropriate to a clan of its status.

But when Wang Chong walked out of the study, he was greeted with an entirely different scene. A vast stretch of the buildings, gardens, and ponds had been destroyed, flattened.

Flames were still blazing amongst the ruins, and everywhere Wang Chong looked, the ground was covered in a thick layer of black ash. In the center of this black ash was a giant 2.7 or 2.8 meters tall, his muscles bulging, his body towering like a mountain in the ruins of the estate.

Across from him, the Invincible Great General Li Siye was currently engaged in fierce combat.

Although he had not seen the battle, the smell of burnt flesh in the air was enough to make Wang Chong instantly pale.

"What sort of monster is this?"

Wang Chong had seen his fair share of experts, including Huoshu Huicang and Duan Gequan, but not a single one of them had given off the feeling Wang Chong got from this monster.

This was a killing machine constructed for the purpose of slaughter. Wang Chong could not feel any emotion from his body, only an intense desire to kill and destroy.


Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong extended his right hand and pulled out his Wootz Steel sword. Bang! His foot slamming down, Wang Chong cannoned into the air.

"Leaping Dragon Art!"

A dragon roared as Wang Chong's body spiraled in the air, exhibiting his most powerful technique. This technique was originally meant for use with a spear, but Wang Chong had modified it so that it could be used with any kind of weapon while still maintaining its original strength.

Boom! Wang Chong streaked down from the sky like a shooting star and smashed into the giant's head, his Wootz Steel sword aimed accurately at his Baihui Point.

At Wang Chong's current level of strength, the Leaping Dragon Art possessed a monstrous power. The earth trembled at the moment of impact, the ground beneath the giant's feet cracking as his feet sank down.

How could this be

Wang Chong's pupils constricted as his heart shivered. At this moment, Li Siye's voice rang out.

"Young Master, careful!"

Before Wang Chong could react, he saw a fist the size of an alms bowl, suffused with a destructive energy, quickly filling his field of vision as it hurtled toward him.


Wang Chong immediately sent a fist flying out in response, striking the giant's. Boom! A powerful wave of energy swept through him and Wang Chong's body shuddered. Despite his incredible strength, he was incapable of standing against this power and was sent flying.

Hwoom! A violet flame suddenly began to blaze from the hand that Wang Chong had used to punch the giant.

"What sort of monster is this?"

The Stellar Energy within Wang Chong exploded, instantly extinguishing the violet flame, but he had to expend quite a significant amount.

"Young Master, be careful. This monster is extremely dangerous. The energy within him can ignite our Stellar Energy. Anyone with insufficient strength will end up being burned to ash. This was how those guards died."

Li Siye forced the monster away with his sword and retreated to Wang Chong's side. Wang Chong noticed that his fist was also scorched black. He had clearly also been wounded by that giant's strange violet flames.

"But the strangest thing of all is still the black scales on his body. Our Wootz Steel swords are unable to wound him."

Li Siye's chest was heaving as he stared at the giant, deep shock evident in his eyes. His cultivation and the large Wootz Steel sword he carried on his back had been enough for Li Siye to kill countless formidable opponents. However, he had never encountered an opponent so frightening and dangerous.

A monster that could block Wootz Steel swords with its body shouldn't have existed in this world.

Wang Chong said nothing, only stared at the giant. Although he hadn't noticed before, Li Siye's words had made him examine the giant's body more closely. The giant truly was covered in a dense coating of black scales.

"This isn't something a human can have!"

Wang Chong's eyes widened. The being before him had surpassed the bounds of a human being. Li Siye was the tallest person he had ever seen, but this being before him was somewhat taller than Li Siye, a true giant.

And those black scales on his body capable of blocking Wootz Steel swords were certainly not normal.

Wang Chong had no recollection of such a monster in his memories, not in this life or the last.

"Kill! I want to kill you all!"

Although Wang Chong and Li Siye had stopped, the giant was still going. His gaze quickly turned, shifting from his former opponent Li Siye to Wang Chong, the bloody light in his eyes flaming to life.


In a flash of light, a gout of violet flame plunged out of the sky toward Wang Chong and Li Siye.


The flame splashed down and exploded, carpeting the ground in stone shards and violet embers. Wang Chong and Li Siye dodged to the left and right respectively to avoid this attack.

"Hahaha, that brat came himself!"

"Lu Wu has already locked onto the target. That brat is dead for sure."

"No one can stop Lu Wu. That fellow's strength is limitless and no edge or tip can pierce his body. Just the violet flames on his body are enough to burn them to ash."

"Pay attention to the shroud. Starting from now, no one is allowed to see or discover what's happening here. The longer Lu Wu fights, the angrier and more powerful he becomes. All we need to worry about now is taking care of the aftermath."

"Once the target is eliminated, we'll immediately take our leave."

The black-robed figures sat around the Wang Clan Residence, their eyes glimmering with cold light. When Lu Wu struck, he would not stop until the last person was killed.

The people of the Wang Clan were doomed!

All they needed to do was maintain the formation. In the gloom, the dark shroud continued to enclose the Wang Clan Residence, growing darker and darker, trapping within all light and sounds of battle.