The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 667

Chapter 667: Lu Wu Iii
Chapter 667: Lu Wu (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dust roiled and waves of energy spread through the Wang Clan Residence. Lu Wu was like a beast in human form in his mad pursuit of Wang Chong. His strength was unfathomably vast, and no wall or building could halt his steps.


Li Siye tightly gripped his sword, his mood nervous to the extreme. From the moment Wang Chong had appeared, this monster had placed all his attention on Wang Chong.

Wherever Wang Chong fled, he would follow.

Wherever he passed, not even a roof tile would remain!

"Li Siye, try his armpit, belly, back, tailbone, and Life Gate!"

Wang Chong shot out of a dust cloud and into the sky, rolling in midair before smoothly landing on a nearby roof.

Such was the enormity of this giant's strength that not even Wang Chong's Imperial Martial strength was capable of standing against him. Moreover, his skin was so impervious that not even a Wootz Steel sword could make any headway, causing Wang Chong's Little Yinyang Art to also be ineffective.

"It's useless! This monster doesn't even have any lethal acupuncture points. It's simply not possible to deal with him with our strength."

Li Siye's voice came from the rear. His sword was taller than a man and capable of cleaving open mountains, but when it struck the giant's body, it felt like it did nothing at all.

"I can't believe it! Just how tough is this monster?"

Li Siye clenched his teeth, his mind in turmoil. His sword could not be blocked by just a powerful defense. It would also require an incredible resilience.

The scales could block the edge of a Wootz Steel sword and the flesh could resist the impact of Stellar Energy. These kinds of capabilities were simply absurd. Neither Wang Chong nor Li Siye had ever encountered such a bizarre opponent.

"He must have a weakness. Someone with no weakness doesn't exist. Try his eyes. I don't believe that his eyes can block a Wootz Steel sword."

Wang Chong called out, and as he spoke, his fingers shot out two dazzling streams of almost solid Sword Qi toward the giant's eyes.

But Wang Chong's Sword Qi soon splattered against an invisible barrier and quickly faded away.

Both Wang Chong and the nearby Li Siye slightly paled at this sight. This giant's cultivation had already reached an extremely astonishing level.

His defense was utterly comprehensive and all-encompassing.

If even his eyes possessed such powerful defense, it was difficult to imagine any other method of defeating this monster.

Boom! While Wang Chong was thinking, Lu Wu raised his right hand and sent another punch at him. There appeared to be nothing flying through the air at him, but Wang Chong still widened his eyes and immediately took off into the air.

Down below, the earth quaked as the two-storey building crumbled and began to blaze with violet flames.

Lu Wu's attacks were noiseless, and it was often the case that when he was still several zhang away, his attack would come forward like an invisible tide of energy. If one was slow to react, one would die without even knowing why.

And the violet flames he concealed within his body remained a persistent and enormous threat.

"Just what is this thing?"

Countless thoughts were flitting through Wang Chong's mind. He had been attempting to discover the origins of this giant the entire time, but he had so far met with failure.

Even with memories from two lives, Wang Chong had been unable to recall any sort of information about this monster.

Such a thing was simply impossible!

As the world's Grand Marshal, Wang Chong had possessed the highest authority in that world. Whether it was the secrets of the Great Tang, -Tsang, the Turks, the Abbasid Caliphate, or even something like the Skyquaking Giants, Wang Chong was able to learn of it.

But he couldn't find a shred of information about this monster, much less investigate his abilities.

This was a complete anomaly!


Suddenly, while Wang Chong was still thinking, a figure rapidly began to approach.

Shit! How did he suddenly get so fast?

Wang Chong's face was slightly stunned.

Although the giant was strong, he couldn't compare to Wang Chong's speed, which was crucial to Wang Chong's ability to easily maneuver around it. But now, for some reason, the giant had clearly gotten much faster.

Boom! A large pillar behind Wang Chong was pulverized. Meanwhile, Wang Chong had suddenly turned into three, his Wootz Steel sword slashing at the giant's neck.

Clang! There was a burst of sparks as the Wootz Steel sword was once more blocked by the dense covering of black scales covering the giant's neck. Clangclangclang! Li Siye had chosen the same moment to bring his massive sword to bear, unleashing a flurry of blows on the giant's head, neck, back, thigh

Showers of sparks lit up the night, but both of their Wootz Steel swords had failed to make a single mark.


The giant raised his arms, and a wave of endless and violent energy exploded out from him.

With this one strike, the once War Saint and future Invincible Great General were sent flying like ragdolls.

Violent flames spread across their bodies like they were covered in oil.

"Damn it!"

Wang Chong gritted his teeth. He could sense that this monster was seemingly getting stronger and stronger. Moreover, the violet flames were like maggots on his bones, constantly consuming Wang Chong's internal energy.

On the battlefield, Wang Chong wouldn't care, as the Little Yinyang Art could replenish his energy at any time.

But now, in this different location, the Little Yinyang Art had become completely useless.

"Kill! Kill everyone!"

Lu Wu's eyes blazed with a bloody light as his body cracked and groaned. His already giant figure of 2.7 to 2.8 meters now grew even larger, to around 2.9 meters. He seemed even larger, more muscular, more terrifying, even more powerful and imposing.


His pillar-like legs pushed against the ground and he left behind afterimages as he shot into the air. With a thick killing intent, he lunged toward Wang Chong like a bolt of lightning.

"Young Master, be careful!"

Li Siye was stunned. The energy exuded by the giant was clearly growing more crazed, violent, dangerous, and lethal.

But the thing that worried Li Siye the most was still the fact that the giant's energy was continuing to increase.

"Don't kill my brother!"

Suddenly, the voice of a girl rang out in his ears. Several dozen zhang away, a crowd of Wang Clan maids and servants were shivering in fear. The middle-aged beauty and the eight- or nine-year-old girl standing at the front of this crowd were particularly striking.

The little girl was furious, viciously glaring at Lu Wu. Bang!With no warning whatsoever, the girl suddenly charged forward.


"Little Sister, get out of the way!"

Wang Chong paled, but his voice was still echoing in the air when Wang Xiaoyao's petite figure, dragging a blur behind it, crashed into the mountainous figure of Lu Wu.

Rumble! The earth shook as these two completely contrasting figures rammed against each other, but the sound was like the roar of some giant beast.

Waves of energy exploded, throwing the winds into chaos and even causing the roof tiles and debris on the ground to go flying.

Boom! The small figure was sent flying out of the dust, but that figure quickly recollected itself, gave a snort, and went charging back in.

"Little Sister!"

Wang Chong was stunned.

"Li Siye, hurry and move!"

Wang Chong became one with his sword and flew into the dust. At the same time, Li Siye let out a roar and followed Wang Chong in.


Heaven-shaking booms came from within the dust. The trio of Wang Chong, Li Siye, and Wang Xiaoyao were now engaged in an intense melee with Lu Wu.

Both Wang Chong and Li Siye were elite experts of the age, so the truly shocking thing was Wang Xiaoyao's display of strength. This youngest daughter of the Wang Clan had been born with a divine strength, and with the guidance of Wang Chong's master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, her astonishing talent had been unearthed, causing her strength to soar to even more frightening levels.

In the southwestern war, Wang Xiaoyao had essentially not used any sort of martial arts, but with her metal hammers in hand, she had been unstoppable. Whether it was man or horse, they were all taken care of with a single hammer blow.

Even generals had not been able to take a single blow. Such godly strength was truly terrifying!

In terms of pure fleshly strength, neither the greatly empowered Wang Chong nor the future Invincible Great General Li Siye could compare to Wang Chong's little sister, and it was no small gap.

They weren't even on the same level!

But even so, the combined strength of this trio was only barely enough to stand against the giant Lu Wu.

Roooar! "Kill! Kill! Kill! Everyone must be killed!"

Lu Wu continued to roar, his arms flailing, each blow carrying enough strength to shatter mountains. Meanwhile, his body was giving off wave after wave of Stellar Energy, his special energy causing the Stellar Energy in the bodies of the three to ignite into violet flames, rapidly draining them of their strength.

"What a powerful little girl! How could this Wang Clan have so many formidable characters?"

Upon seeing the fierce Wang Xiaoyao suddenly charge out and stymie the advance of the giant Lu Wu, the black-robed figures surrounding the Wang Clan Residence were flabbergasted.

One Wang Chong was powerful enough. Their organization had attempted to assassinate him several times, but he had predicted their strikes each time and avoided them. And this Li Siye was also able to engage in direct combat with Lu Wu. Now, this little girl who wasn't even ten had suddenly appeared. Though she seemed delicate and refined, her strength was simply astonishing. She was even fiercer than Li Siye

None of these black-robed figures had ever expected this.

It was already enough for an average great clan to have just one expert at this level, but this tiny Wang Clan had actually managed to gather three!