The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 668

Chapter 668: The Enraged Little Sister

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Hmph, so what if they have three Imperial Martial realm experts? Against Lu Wu, it's still useless. They'll still die in vain!"

Very quickly, a black-robed figure seated in the northwest corner, wearing a metal mask depicting a savage demon on his face, began to sneer. He was now glad that they had decided to use Lu Wu for tonight's operation. Otherwise, with these three hidden Imperial Martial realm experts of the Wang Clan, they truly might have suffered grievous casualties.

"Everyone, listen up! Put everything into maintaining the boundary! In just another hour, the battle will be over!" the man with the demon mask coldly ordered.

Lu Wu's body was impervious to all weapons. Moreover, as the battle continued, his fury increased, as did his strength. In the end, everyone in the Wang Clan, including the target of this operation, would still end up dead!

Probably not even the people of the Wang Clan would have expected that this formation was not purely to prevent the people of the Wang Clan from fleeing, or to prevent outsiders from realizing that a battle was taking place within. Its more important purpose was preventing Lu Wu from injuring his own side.

Once Lu Wu had fought for more than an hour, he would reach a breaking point. His speed, strength, and the violet flames within him would undergo a qualitative transformation. In a short time, his speeds would climb to inconceivable levels.

Once Lu Wu went berserk, he would need only ten minutes to flatten the entire Wang Clan Residence. Only after ten minutes, when all targets had been eliminated and there were no living beings in his surroundings, would Lu Wu finally calm down.

But not even the black-robed figures could predict everything. The situation developed a little differently from what they imagined

"Yaaaa! I don't believe that you're stronger than me!"

In the melee, Wang Xiaoyao suddenly exploded with a barbaric strength, provoked by the shocks that Lu Wu had given her. Bang! Her foot stomped down and Wang Xiaoyao lithely leaped onto the back of Lu Wu's shoulder.

She held onto him with one hand while snatching at his neck with the other.


Lu Wu's body trembled in pain and he yowled, but all his cries were restricted to the Wang Clan Residence, with no sound able to leak out.

"I let you hit me, I let you hit me!" Wang Xiaoyao harshly shouted, gritting her teeth. She was never one to admit a loss, and the fact that she had been on the losing side of this fight against Lu Wu this entire time had already pushed her temper to its breaking point. Bangbangbang! Her tiny fists pummeled Lu Wu with the strength of mountains, each strike causing Lu Wu's body to shudder, each strike more powerful than any attack of Wang Chong's or Li Siye's.

Lu Wu was born with extremely tough flesh, but the young lady of the Wang Clan was born with an astonishing strength that was a complete match for Lu Wu.

Hoooowl! Lu Wu howled in pain as he finally succeeded in using an elbow to throw Wang Xiaoyao off.

"Little Sister!"

Wang Chong made an arc through the air as he shot over, his right arm agilely extending to snatch his sister's back.

"Third Brother, I'm fine! Hmph, what a monster! He still let me rip out a few of his scales!"

Wang Xiaoyao spit out some saliva and opened her hand, throwing aside the pitch-black shards in her palm.


Wang Chong's eyes widened as they followed the shards that Wang Xiaoyao had thrown away. Close by, he noticed several fine black scales inconspicuously lying in a pile of debris, their surfaces glimmering with a cold light.

Although these scales were unremarkable against the rubble, the sight of them instantly caused massive waves to rise in Wang Chong's mind. His gaze suddenly turned toward the nearby Lu Wu, still being held down by Li Siye.

At a glance, nothing seemed different about this mysterious giant, but Wang Chong quickly made a new discovery. On his neck, Wang Chong could clearly see that several small scales were missing, faint violet blood seeping out from within.

"This is"

Astonished, Wang Chong suddenly understood something and turned his head toward the innocent face of his little sister.

He had always known of his sister's godly strength, but ever since his sister had gone to the spirit vein mountain to be taught by the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wang Chong did not know much stronger she had gotten. During the southwestern war, his sister had also done her utmost to avoid him, so it had also been some time since Wang Chong had seen her fight.

Wang Chong had not expected his little sister to be this strong. Not even his Wootz Steel sword utilized with all his strength was capable of breaking one of that giant monster's scales, but his little sister had mounted his neck and succeeded in ripping his scales off with her bare hands!

"Li Siye, think of a way to hold him! I'll be there soon!"

Wang Chong didn't have any more time left to think. He once more raised his sword, placing both hands on its hilt. Boom!There was another heaven-shaking boom as the sword roared. Wang Chong shot up from the ground, his Wootz Steel sword drawing a massive arc through the air as it slashed down!


Violet flames were cleaved apart by the sword while the massive figure of Lu Wu was also forced back into the ground.


Waves of energy spread outward as the bloody flame in Lu Wu's eyes strengthened. His massive arms swung down at Wang Chong's head.

The touch of a single palm would cause even steel to crumple and rock to shatter, let alone a body of flesh and bone. But as Lu Wu's arms flew through the air, clang! A sword taller than a man slashed at his arms. Lu Wu howled in pain as his arms were jolted away by Li Siye.

Lu Wu's left hand came in to strike Wang Chong, but Li Siye swiftly turned his sword around and again jolted it away.

This pair worked with extreme speed and harmony. While Li Siye was fending off Lu Wu's attacks, Wang Chong reached out two fingers and plunged them into the gap made when Wang Xiaoyao pulled out the scales.

By ripping off the scales, Wang Xiaoyao had also created several small wounds.

"Little Yinyang Art!"

With his two fingers inserted into Lu Wu's neck, Wang Chong instantly activated the most heretical of the world's techniques, the Little Yinyang Art. The Little Yinyang Art originally required the use of the Little Yinyang Sword as well as for the opponent to be heavily injured or on the brink of death. However, Wang Chong had greatly advanced in the Little Yinyang Art, causing it to undergo a qualitative change.

From a certain perspective, a perfected Little Yinyang Art already possessed a part of the abilities of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. Even if Wang Chong didn't use the Little Yinyang Sword and his opponent wasn't heavily injured or dying, he could still absorb their energy.

This was the true face of the world's evilest art, but Wang Chong's abilities were still shallow. He couldn't be like the Demonic Emperor Old Man, instantly sucking away his opponent's energy and transforming them into a dried-up husk.

Even so, this was enough for Wang Chong.

Rumble! A rich, cold, and domineering energy began to surge from Lu Wu's body into Wang Chong's body, instantly dispersing into Wang Chong's meridians.

Wang Chong suddenly felt like he had been dropped into an ice house, his meridians and blood energy seeming to freeze. Strangely, however, this icy and domineering energy also seemed to contain the heat of a volcano.

The contrast of these two opposite energies, hot and cold, made Wang Chong feel like his body was being torn apart.

Wang Chong had never experienced something like this. After all the opponents he had fought, this was the first time Wang Chong had ever encountered such a strange energy.

"What sort of monster is this?"

Wang Chong's entire body shivered. Even Great Generals wouldn't possess such a complicated Stellar Energy, but this strange monster did.

However, Wang Chong quickly discovered the advantages of this energy. A boundless vigor began to surge through his body. His Stellar Energy reserves had been greatly exhausted through this battle, but not only were they now replenished, Wang Chong discovered that the injuries inflicted by violet flames were instantly healed. Even his muscles and cells were invigorated.

Wang Chong had truly never encountered such a unique form of energy.


In a flash of light and a gust of wind, two black silhouettes swiftly began to hurtle toward Wang Chong. Boom! Wang Chong's eyes flashed as his body jumped away from Lu Wu's head, barely managing to avoid Lu Wu's lethal attack.


Lu Wu's eyes blazed with killing intent. As he saw Wang Chong leap away, he raised his head, pushed with his legs, and shot like a cannonball into the air in pursuit.

But before he could get very far, two steely hands caught his ankles and flung him back down to the ground.

"Get down here!"

Li Siye's furious roar shook the heavens. Time and time again, Lu Wu had managed to beat him down, stimulating the rage of this proud and irritable Invincible Great General.

His fist burst into violet flame and his Stellar Energy was continuously burned away. Even the clothes on his chest were burned away, revealing his bulging muscle, yet Li Siye did not care.


Lunging forward, his eyes spitting flame, Li Siye charged toward Lu Wu like a beast, punch after punch landing against the giant as they fell into combat.

Meanwhile, Wang Chong had landed on the nearby ruins of a wall. With a light leap, he shot back into the fray, his fingers once more plunging into Lu Wu's neck. The Little Yinyang Art was activated again and that icy and domineering energy once more surged into his body.

Wang Chong's strength was quickly increasing. In a few short moments, he had returned to his peak energy levels. In contrast, Lu Wu, whose strength had been swelling this entire time, suddenly found his strength wavering like a candle in the wind under the effects of the Little Yinyang Art.

Although his strength was still rising, the rate had clearly been slowed.