The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 669

Chapter 669: Finding A Clue

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Damn it! What sort of technique does this brat have that he's even able to absorb Lu Wu's energy?"

Outside the Wang Clan Residence, the black-robed leader wearing the demon mask, seated on a roof to the northwest, suddenly stood up. His teeth were clenched as he viciously glared at Wang Chong.

"Leader, we did not receive any information on the target having this ability. He was probably hiding it," said a black-robed man from the side. His bearing was that of an attendant, his expression extremely respectful.

Bang! Before he could finish speaking, a massive stream of energy struck and sent him flying twenty-some zhang.

"What hidden ability? It's clear that your investigation was poor. You essentially gathered no information about the target."

The leader's eyes were spitting flames, his expression wrathful.

This was not Lu Wu's first operation. He had existed for more than a century and handled even greater opponents. Never had he needed to use this much time. It usually only required a few moments for Lu Wu to smoothly dispose of the target, with the rest of the time taken up with winding things down.

But in this operation, the same Lu Wu was finding himself hindered at every turn, and the target could even absorb Lu Wu's strength. Such a situation had never occurred.

No one could endure Lu Wu's energy. In past experiments, all people who interacted with his energy died without exception. But now, right before their eyes, someone could extract Lu Wu's strength without the assistance of any sort of tool or device.

If they were not witnessing it, they would have never dared to believed that such a thing was possible.

"Leader, should we dispatch people within to work with Lu Wu to kill him?" another black-robed man proposed.

"Have you gone senile? Lu Wu can't tell friend from foe. When he starts killing, he won't let anyone go. How could we work with him?"

The black-robed man who had offered the suggestion immediately fell quiet.

"We can't do anything right now except maintain the boundary. In addition, the information that the target can absorb Lu Wu's energy must be immediately reported," the black-robed leader harshly commanded. "Also, recite the mantra for hardening the formation and prepare to stimulate Lu Wu's strength. No matter what, we have to kill the target as quickly as possible."

"But, Leader, this will harm Lu Wu and lessen his life. The Lord will not be happy."

"This isn't something you should be worrying about. All of you know just how powerful Lu Wu's energy is. Only the heavens know what will happen if the target is able to absorb large quantities of it. If the mission is failed, who here can bear the responsibility? Do you want all of us to die here?"

The surrounding men quickly fell silent, no one stating any further objections to their leader's orders. They began to chant strange spells, causing black smoke to roil up and vanish into the dark shroud covering the Wang Clan Residence.

Within the estate, the battle between Lu Wu and the trio of Wang Chong, Li Siye, and Wang Xiaoyao had reached a fever pitch. Smoke roiled everywhere while gravel and wood shards were sent flying this way and that by waves of energy.

As these pieces of debris struck the surrounding walls, they left a dense patchwork of holes, each about the size of a finger.


Cries of alarm came from the distance. The maids and servants trembled in fear, their faces pale.

The Wang Clan was a clan of ministers and generals, its perimeter patrolled by the Imperial Army. It considered itself to be absolutely safe in the capital.

None of these people had ever experienced something like this. That human-shaped monster had already destroyed more than half of the Wang Clan Residence, leaving only ruins and desolation.

"What's going on? Such a major incident, so why hasn't the Imperial Army arrived?"

Several dozen zhang away, Wang Chong's mother, Madam Wang, stood next to an artificial mountain, her face ghastly pale and fraught with concern.

"Madam, the steward has already left to call them, but for some reason he hasn't returned," a servant girl said in a trembling voice, her face pale and her lips pursed.

"Take some people to go and see. We have to get the Imperial Army here," Madam Wang said.

Wang Chong and Wang Xiaoyao were both extremely strong, but it was clear that the brother and sister pair along with Li Siye were on the losing side.

Even someone like Madam Wang, who did not practice martial arts, could tell that Wang Chong's defeat was only a matter of time.

"Little Sister, get control of his legs!

"Li Siye, pay attention to his hands! Do all you can to suppress him! Don't give him time to attack me or my sister.

"Little Yinyang Art!"

Wang Chong was constantly working together with Li Siye and Wang Xiaoyao to hold down Lu Wu.

Wang Chong could already tell that the Little Yinyang Art was critical for dealing with this monster. As long as he could absorb the monster's energy, the monster could be constrained to a certain level of strength.

But this was still far from enough, as this monster had a very unique strength. As time passed, he would grow stronger and stronger, with not even the Little Yinyang Art capable of halting this trend.

"No! If this continues, we'll be exhausted to death!" Wang Chong suddenly said.

In the southwestern war, he had killed more than ten thousand Mengshe-Tsang soldiers in a row, but against this black-scaled monster, Wang Chong was like a child trying to hold down a giant beast. There was a constant feeling that he would get shaken off and lose control.

Moreover, the monster's violet flames still presented an enormous threat. Wang Chong could use the Little Yinyang Art to replenish his energy, and his little sister was born with a godly strength, so she could manage without Stellar Energy.

But Li Siye was clearly reaching his breaking point.

More than half of his energy had been burned away by the violet flames. If this continued, Li Siye would soon drop out of the battle, and then they would all be dead.

"Young Master, hurry and leave. I'll hold it down while you and the madam withdraw! Our strength alone isn't enough to deal with this monster! We have to call over the experts of the Imperial Army and work with them," Li Siye said, his chest heaving, his body drenched in sweat. It was clear that he had consumed a great deal of strength.

"No, you take my little sister and leave while I delay him!"

Before Wang Chong could finish speaking, he heard a childish and dissatisfied voice at his ear.

"Hmph, the two of you can leave if you want, but I won't! I don't believe that I can lose to him."

Wang Xiaoyao's face was stubborn, and her fuming demeanor was enough to give Wang Chong and Li Siye headaches. Wang Xiaoyao was completely different from how she was before. With her mind set, not even Wang Chong and Li Siye together could change her mind.

Perhaps this could have been put aside at any other time, but right now, this was fatal!

Li Siye said nothing, only shot Wang Chong a hurried glance in a brief interval in the battle. This little lady of the Wang Clan had a willful demeanor, a high status, and most importantly, an astonishing level of strength. Li Siye did not have the authority to order her around.

He could only rely on Wang Chong for that.

"Little Sister, don't mess around!" Wang Chong said with a deep frown.

"Hmph, I don't care!"

Wang Xiaoyao was resolved, charging forward to fight with Lu Wu. Waves of energy shot out, causing the clouds of dust engulfing the Wang Clan Residence to grow thicker and thicker.


Wang Xiaoyao had departed quickly and now returned just as quickly. With a boom, a black silhouette shot out of the dust and crashed into the ground in a spray of debris.


After sending Wang Xiaoyao flying with a punch, Lu Wu immediately lunged at Wang Chong with a roar, his crimson eyes shining in the darkness.

"Something's wrong!"

As he looked at those crimson eyes, a thought occurred to Wang Chong, an idea that was growing clearer and clearer. This monster was definitely aiming at him, and amongst the trio, he was the one that had been pursued the most.

This made Wang Chong feel somewhat like he was prey.

But this was not the most important point. As Wang Chong listened to Lu Wu's roars, he realized something.

Ever since the battle had started, Wang Chong had not heard this monster shout anything except 'Kill kill' or 'Kill everyone'.

This wasn't the reaction of any intelligent being.

And in the monster's eyes, Wang Chong could only see endless madness and chaos.

If there's only madness and chaos, then one can't differentiate between friend or foe. Little Sister and Li Siye would also become his targets. He definitely wouldn't be attacking only me like he is now. At the very least, it's clear that his primary target is me. A monster descended into madness shouldn't be able to do this.

Wang Chong scanned the surroundings. At a glance, everything seemed normal, but then, Wang Chong felt his heart thump as he noticed that something was strange.

The capital was at the feet of the Son of Heaven and held a population nearing ten million people, making it the most prosperous and bustling place in the world. Even though many stores had closed for the day by now, businesses would continue to operate until late into the night.

And even at the latest hour, there were many wealthy clans near the Wang Clan Residence who would have lanterns lit in their homes or large red lanterns hanging down from their eaves.

But all Wang Chong could see was pitch-black. He could see no other lantern lights except those within the Wang Clan Residence.

Moreover, even though they had fought for so long and created such a ruckus, there was no sign of activity from outside, not even the bark of a dog.

This isn't right. Something abnormal is going on.

Wang Chong's brow creased as he began to understand.

Roar! A silhouette suddenly lunged out from behind. Wang Chong immediately jumped, barely dodging the attack, but the artificial mountain next to him was not so lucky.

Boom! The artificial mountain that had been as high as two people was pulverized by some invisible energy, leaving nothing behind. It was like it had been vaporized.

Wang Chong landed on the twisted branches of a plum tree and hollered out, "All Wang Clan guards, hear my order! Immediately leave and inspect the surroundings! Seize any suspicious persons!"

That monster was extremely powerful, and the violet flames he emitted would immediately kill people who were too weak. Thus, all the Wang Clan guards who were still alive had been driven away and were hiding some distance away.