The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 670

Chapter 670: Enemy Discovered

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Yes, Young Master!"

"Didn't you hear? Hurry and go!"

The guards immediately took off.

"Madam, Young Master, it's bad!"

Not long after the guards left, a set of panicked shouts could be heard from the direction of the Wang Clan's main gate. The brown-robed steward who had left on Madam Wang's orders to seek assistance was now running back with a crowd of maids and servants, shouting as he ran.

"The main gate has been blocked by something. The maids and I tried everything and still couldn't get out!"

"You couldn't even get over the walls?" asked one of Madam Wang's yellow-robed personal maids worriedly.

"It was useless. We tried getting over, but something was stopping us. Miss Zhang even bloodied her face," a pretty maid behind the steward said, her face a ghastly shade of white. It appeared like she had received a rather major shock.


At times, when the speaker might not have meant anything by their words, the listener might interpret their own meaning. While the Wang Clan maids in the distance were still dumbfounded, Wang Chong felt his heart jump as he suddenly dropped back to the ground.

While he might have only had conjectures at the start, Wang Chong could now be sure that tonight's sneak attack did not consist solely of this monster. There was assuredly a group of significant size outside.

And these people had come specifically for him.

Jiange the black-robed people

As this thought shot through Wang Chong's mind, he suddenly understood and his face twisted into a nasty grimace. After the major victory in the southwest, Wang Chong had become the thorn in the eyes of all the foreign countries: -Tsang, Mengshe Zhao, the Turks, Goguryeo. They wanted nothing more than to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

However, the assassination attempts of these various foreign countries did not exceed the bounds of human capability. Arrows, sabers, spears, powerful martial arts experts all of these were normal and reasonable.

But this scene playing out within the Wang Clan Residence had already exceeded the bounds of ordinary martial arts. Whether it was that giant bell that had dropped out of the sky in broad daylight, this human-shaped monster who had suddenly appeared in his home, that unique violet flame energy, or the unknown power shrouding the entire Wang Clan, all of these were not normal martial arts methods.

In Wang Chong's memories, only those black-robed figures who had assassinated Geluofeng's wife and daughter, pursued Jiannan Governor Zhang Qiantuo, and shot that mysterious black arrow at him could do such things.

These bastards are quite bold!

After understanding the cause, Wang Chong clenched his fists, his expression instantly turning furious. The capital was at the feet of the Sage Emperor, garrisoned with the tens of thousands of soldiers of the Imperial Army and presided over by the Sage Emperor himself. Moreover, the Wang Clan was a clan of ministers and generals and important vassals.

These bastards actually dared to launch such a major assault in the middle of the capital with the intent of destroying one of the Great Tang's influential clans. The word 'daring' could no longer describe such conduct. This was a complete disregard for laws and principles. No secular law or custom could bind them.

But these thoughts persisted in Wang Chong's mind for only a few moments. He very quickly calmed down. Rage would not be able to solve any of his problems. Now that he understood that this monster had companions, the urgent mission was to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Even though we've fought for so long, there's still no sign of any activity outside. The steward also mentioned that something seemed to be blocking them from leaving. This means that these people are using some sort of special formation, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

The martial path took many shapes and forms. His father and Xianyu Zhongtong could gather the strength of many people to transform into powerful war weapons like the Mighty Miracle God and the Vajra God.

This was just a manifestation of martial arts and internal energy.

Wang Chong knew that a few formations could form a closed domain, but these formations could not create domains so large and tough that they could envelop an entire estate.

If all sound was cut off and all images were obscured No, it wasn't possible for all images to be blocked out! That energy shrouding the Wang Clan Residence might be able to greatly obscure the vision of outsiders attempting to peer in, but it couldn't block their vision completely.

If the master of a mad dog couldn't see their target, then they wouldn't be able to incite the mad dog to bite the enemy!

The perimeter wall!

Wang Chong glanced at the high perimeter wall in understanding. Estates like theirs always had high perimeter walls, both to protect themselves and keep out the peering eyes of outsiders.

But at a moment like this, this wall became the best assistant for those people in preventing their activities from being discovered.

In other words, at this late hour, if those patrolling watchmen and Imperial soldiers couldn't discover what was going on, no one would know what was happening. Even if the Wang Clan Residence were flattened, no one would know until sunrise.

If this is the case, their position is very easy to identify!

Wang Chong's eyes flashed with a cold light. Boom! His body shot forward as he pushed the Phantom Steps to their limit, dodging Lu Wu's destructive blow.

Immediately after, Wang Chong thought of a method.

"Wei Guo and Wei Wu, immediately send people to the northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest corners, and pile things up until the pile is three zhang high!" Wang Chong suddenly said. "If there's nothing appropriate, then use cloth. Start from the corner and work along both walls so that it extends for at least ten zhang on both sides!"

"Yes, Young Master!"

In the distance, two tall figures affirmed their orders and set off with guards. The Wang Clan might not have much else, but it had an uncountable amount of cloth, silk, and gauze.

This was common for most of the noble clans of the capital.


It took only a few moments for walls of cloth to be piled up along the walls of the four corners of the Wang Clan Residence. And outside the Wang Clan Residence, the black-robed figures had still been focused on Wang Chong, so they failed to notice what the guards were doing.

It was only after their vision went black as piles of cloth and silk began to rise over the walls that the black-robed men began to pale and cry out in alarm.

"Oh no! That brat, he managed to get us!"

"He noticed us!"

"Leader, we've lost communication with Lu Wu!"

They were all caught by surprise. At this stage of the operation, the black-robed men suddenly realized that they had been forced into a dire situation by their target. He was too smart, his reaction too fast.

And they still didn't know how he had figured out that they were outside the walls.

Moreover, all the cloth had been positioned precisely to block their vision, block the areas that they used to peer into the Wang Clan and direct Lu Wu.

"This is a problem. In order to prevent outsiders from seeing, we enclosed the entire Wang Clan, even its walls. Now that he's raised these walls of cloth, we can't do anything."

Another black-robed man, who seemed to have quite some status, stood up, his brow furrowed and a troubled look on his face. This was called making a cocoon to tie oneself up. They had known that their opponent was hard to deal with, but they hadn't expected him to be this formidable.

In just a few moments, he had already dealt them many setbacks. Their operation was now suffering from all sorts of problems. The man finally understood why all their previous operations had failed.

This was the kind of target that was the most difficult to deal with.

"What do we do?"

The black-robed man subconsciously turned to the leader, the one wearing the demon mask. With this ploy from Wang Chong, they had lost control of Lu Wu. They were now outside the bounds of the plan.

This was truly a particularly unique target, a most thorny and intractable one.

In the current situation, if they withdrew the black shroud over the estate, they would be playing right into their target's desires. There was an extremely high chance that he would escape or that the Imperial Army would notice.

But if they did not do this, it would be impossible to deal with the target.

In truth, the best method was to command Lu Wu to destroy the cloth on the walls, but they didn't even know where Lu Wu was or which direction he should head in.


Dust roiled up from beneath the piles of cloth. Although they could not see anything, much less hear anything, the rising dust was enough for the black-robed men to guess that the brat was starting on his next move.

And this move made them extremely uneasy.

"Damn it!"

The leader's bones cracked and groaned. From the start, this operation had not gone smoothly. He hadn't expected that even using Lu Wu would prove so troublesome!

"Forget about him. Lu Wu will be fine for the moment, and no one can kill him. A long night brings many dreams. Continue chanting the spell and increase Lu Wu's abilities as quickly as possible so that he can kill everyone in the Wang Clan. As for the loss of Lu Wu's lifespan if there are any questions from above, I'll take the blame!"

The leader spoke these last words through clenched teeth.


His subordinates affirmed and quickly set to their tasks. Ancient and profound spells, suffused with a powerful energy, were constantly sent into the formation.

Gradually, the black shroud began to be suffused with tinges of faint blood. Strange symbols, exuding an ancient aura, began to flicker on the shroud.

For the moment, however, no one noticed any of this.


In the estate, Wang Chong's plan was beginning to show results. Amidst a forest of fallen plum trees, a wall of cloth had been erected.

In the center of the cloth, Wang Chong was sitting upside down, his thumb thrust into Lu Wu's muscular neck. Beneath him, Lu Wu was like a wild beast, having descended into complete madness.

Wang Chong's judgment had been correct. With the cloth now blocking off the four corners of the residence and the gazes of any outsiders, Lu Wu no longer had any particular preference for Wang Chong.

Li Siye and Wang Xiaoyao had also become his targets.

Most importantly, a monster with no rationality and no set target was much easier to deal with than a monster that was being controlled.

"Li Siye, travel along the edge!

"Little Sister, it's your turn!

"Attack his eyes! As long as you attack his eyes, he'll make you his target.

"Keep switching, make the monster indecisive"

Wang Chong hung by his feet from Lu Wu's head, issuing order after order. This monster might have impervious skin, peerless strength, and strange violet flames, but now that Wang Chong had grasped his weakness, it was much easier to deal with this stupid and irrational monster that only knew of slaughter and madness.

On Yuanfeng Mountain, Wang Chong had commanded an army of one hundred thousand soldiers. Commanding Li Siye and his little sister was as easy as turning his palm.