The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 672

Chapter 672: Driving A Tiger To Swallow A Wolf

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"What is that?"

"How could there be something like that? No wonder we couldn't get out."

"What sort of person wants to attack our Wang Clan? They're far too bold!"

All the people of the Wang Clan were greatly alarmed, each one of them furious and shocked. But the reaction of the black-robed men outside the walls was not something as simple as alarm.

Thumpthumpthump. Several of the men had become unsteady, vomiting blood, and then suddenly dropped from the roofs.

"Bastard! This foul brat is actually using Lu Wu to deal with us!"

The black-robed men on the roofs were infuriated and flabbergasted.

The black shroud created by the formation used their Stellar Energy as its source of power. All of them formed a part of the formation. By having Lu Wu crash against the shroud, Wang Chong was driving a tiger to swallow a wolf, using Lu Wu's strength to deal with the black-robed men.

If it weren't for the fact that Wang Chong was still imprisoned in the shroud, their collective rage would have burned him to death.

But this was far from over

Boom! In the blink of an eye, there was another thunderous crash. The monstrified Lu Wu had once more been baited back to collide with the black shroud.


Five or six more of the black-robed men screamed as they seemed to be struck by lightning. Vomiting blood, they dropped down from the roof. Lu Wu's current strength was unthinkably massive. No one could stop it.

Thus, Wang Chong had not tried to resist, instead choosing to lure Lu Wu into dealing with the black-robed men.

This was yet another scenario that they had never imagined.

"Leader, if this continues, this will become a battle between us and Lu Wu. We might end up dead before that brat does. Can we control Lu Wu so that he doesn't crash into our barrier?"

A black-robed man stood up and looked worriedly toward the leader standing on a nearby roof.

"There's no way! That brat is far too cunning!"

The leader clenched his teeth, his expression far more furious than those of his subordinates.

"He's controlling the time and place that Lu Wu appears. Whenever I want to control Lu Wu, Lu Wu has already disappeared. The time is too short for me to do anything! That fucking bastard!"

Control required time, a very short amount of time that wasn't a problem in normal circumstances. However, the transformed Lu Wu was now much stronger and faster, and coupled with Wang Chong's intentional baiting, the leader simply lacked the time necessary to control Lu Wu.

Moreover, Wang Chong was constantly changing the area he lured Lu Wu to. There was no means of predicting where Lu Wu would show up, and by the time they realized where Lu Wu was, they would be too late.

Most despicable of all was that Wang Chong was also commanding the Wang Clan guards to fill the gaps in the walls with rolls of cloth so that their vision remained limited.

"I want to kill him!"

The leader of the black-robed men clenched his teeth, an unprecedented feeling of helplessness surging up within him. When Lu Wu attacked, he always left no survivors, and the current situation was truly something that had never happened before.

He currently had an indescribable feeling. It was like Lu Wu had become that brat and his own group had become Lu Wu's target.


While he was thinking, another boom shook the black shroud. Another batch of black-robed men vomited blood and stumbled from their rooftops.

With each batch lost, the formation grew weaker and weaker. Even the darkness of the shroud had grown faint, no longer as dense as it was at the start.

"Leader, what do we do?"

The black-robed men were growing more and more concerned.

"Wait a little longer. Once Lu Wu transforms, he gets stronger and faster as time goes on. I don't believe that he'll be able to control him forever."

The leader was truthfully more worried than all his subordinates, but his voice revealed none of his concern.

With the battle at this state, they no longer had any choices. If they opened up the domain and let their target escape, all their previous work would be for nothing.

In comparison, if Lu Wu managed to kill the target, a few deaths on their side meant practically nothing.

At this very moment, Wang Chong's situation was more perilous than anyone could see or imagine.


Lu Wu angrily howled as he fired stream after stream of violet flame at Wang Chong. A mere touch from these flames would cause blood to boil and bones to melt.

And besides these pillars of fire, Lu Wu also had that hammer of keratin at the end of his long tail. Boom boom boom! Lu Wu's hammer tail had an enormous weight behind it, each strike leaving a large hole in the ground.

Wang Chong dodged and jumped above, around, and below Lu Wu's violet flames, tail, and claws, all the while charging forward. Many times, Lu Wu's violet flames or tail would shoot right under Wang Chong, and even more times, Wang Chong was almost struck by a full charge from Lu Wu.

This was dancing on a tightrope, the sensation of death clinging to him like a shadow. The smallest misstep would lead to his demise.

Boom boom boom!

Under Wang Chong's guidance, Lu Wu crashed again and again into the black shroud hanging over the Wang Clan Residence. Onlookers saw Wang Chong moving agilely and easily, but only Wang Chong knew just how much danger he was really in.

"Everyone, scatter! Don't get close!

"Wei Guo, Wei Wu, hurry and use silk rolls to cover those gaps, and tell people to keep their distance."

Wang Chong's voice resounded over the Wang Clan Residence. Wang Chong had dispatched Shen Hai and Meng Long to Jiaozhi to guard Zhang Munian, so the Wang Clan guards were currently led by Wei Guo and Wei Wu.

"Third Brother, I've come to help."

Wang Xiaoyao was rushing over.

"Little Sister, no, hurry and leave!"

Wang Chong paled in fright.

His little sister had always had an impetuous attitude, but now was not the time to be willful. This monster's strength had swelled to several times its initial levels. Not even Wang Chong dared to take a blow from it.

But it was clear that Wang Xiaoyao would not listen to Wang Chong's words. Just when it seemed like she was about to run over

"Xiaoyao, stop right there!"

A cold and harsh voice came from behind her. Madam Wang's voice made Wang Xiaoyao shudder and finally come to a stop.


Lu Wu's speed was clearly increasing, and the situation was getting more and more dangerous, but Wang Chong had no time to think about such things. No one in the entire Wang Clan could deal with this monster, so luring Lu Wu to attack the black shroud was the only method.

Once, twice, thrice Wang Chong was beset by perils from all sides but still succeeded in having Lu Wu crash into the black shroud. As Lu Wu grew stronger, his collisions had a more devastating effect on the black-robed men outside.

Thud! More and more black-robed men vomited blood and dropped from the roofs. Wang Chong had succeeded in transferring Lu Wu's strength to them.

As he saw the corpses dropping from the roof, the leader of the black-robed men gained an expression nastier than the face of a dead man.

A simple assassination in the night had, under Wang Chong's direction, become some strange race for time. The black shroud was the dividing line, with Wang Chong inside and the black-robed men outside being the participants.

The one who could last the longest would gain the final victory.

Boomboomboom! A strange stillness settled in, the black shroud rippling and trembling in the night

Once, twice, thrice

After some time, with a great boom, the black shroud crumbled. Thump! Another set of black-robed men vomited blood and toppled down.

At this moment, all the remaining black-robed men had ashen expressions. Even though they had spent so much time and paid such a great price, Wang Chong had managed to successfully use Lu Wu to shatter their safeguards.

And this was not all

"Leader, it's bad. The city guards and Imperial Army are already coming this way," one of the black-robed men shouted in alarm.

With the black shroud shattered, the massive disturbance had awakened many people. The capital was an important area, and the smallest oddity was enough to attract the attention of the city guards and Imperial Army, much less a ruckus like this.

The barking of dogs could be heard, and homes near and far were beginning to light their lanterns, families hearing the disturbance and rising from their beds.

"Who is it?"

"Can't someone get some sleep in the middle of the night?"

"So much noise Is something going on?"

The leader's face contorted in an extremely ugly visage. Lanterns were being lit wherever he looked, and he could even see from the silhouettes cast on windows that some people were putting on clothes and preparing to see what was going on.

If this continued, they would soon be completely exposed.

"Leader, what do we do?"

A worried and urgent voice came from his side.

"Wait a moment, wait. I can control Lu Wu now," the black-robed leader said through clenched teeth.

"But we no longer have any time! The city guards and Imperial Army are already here," a black-robed man said.

No matter what, they could not attract too much attention in the capital. This was a basic rule for all their external operations. Once they were exposed, they would all be killed.

This was why they had always remained hidden when assassinating someone and had even used this black shroud formation.

They no longer had much time!

The leader was quiet, his eyes indecisive. He wanted to delay for a while and take control of Lu Wu to have him kill Wang Chong, but Wang Chong had clearly expected this move.

Once the shroud had vanished, Wang Chong had retreated swiftly back into the estate. In addition, the Wang Clan guards could be seen everywhere piling up rolls of silk to block out his vision.

Eliminating Wang Chong would not be a short affair. At the very least, it could not be done before the city guards and Imperial Army arrived.

"Leader?!" the black-robed man prompted.

"Damn it! Even if we can't kill the brat, I won't give the Wang Clan an easy time."

The leader finally made his decision, his heart brimming with unwillingness.

"Just let Lu Wu flatten the Wang Clan. After fifteen minutes, have him burrow into the earth and leave Everyone else, withdraw!"

Although he was most reluctant, the leader was still forced to give the retreat order. Concealment would always be their first priority, no matter what.


After sprinkling down powder to dissolve the corpses, the black-robed men vanished into the night.