The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 673

Chapter 673: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Steps Onto Stage

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Those people have retreated!"

As Wang Chong looked around at the vacant surroundings, a tinge of unhappiness flitted across his face. These people could use their eyes to command the monster, so Wang Chong had believed that they would use the moment the shroud broke to take control of the monster and use it to hold him down. Consequently, Wang Chong had ordered Wei Guo and Wei Wu to set up many walls of silk and cloth within the residence to block their line of sight.

But he hadn't expected the black-robed men to be so restrained.

These people are really quite cautious. They're not willing to leave behind a single clue, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

He had exchanged blows with these people quite a few times, but even so, he had still not managed to get any information on them or their background.

They were apparently very focused on keeping their identity hidden and covering their tracks, leaving behind no trail for outsiders to follow.

"Young Master! What do we do now?"

A set of panicked voices came from the distance. Wei Guo was standing atop a wall, a bow and arrow in his hands. Across from him, the monstrified Lu Wu was charging at him.

Although the black-robed people on the outside had retreated, the Wang Clan's troubles were far from over. Lu Wu was currently unstoppable, with certain death awaiting anyone who ran into him.

Moreover, the Wang Clan was surrounded by residences, so if this monster ran out, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Wang Chong's brow creased as he swept his gaze over the Wang Clan. There was no one left who could stop the monster. His little sister definitely couldn't step forward, and Li Siye's state was extremely worrying. And anyone else would be burned to ash upon first contact with the violet flames.

Wang Chong could only delay, but this was no long-term solution. The most frightening thing was that the more he delayed, the more frighteningly powerful the monster became.

When its speeds reached a certain level, the walls of the Wang Clan would no longer be able to hold it.

"Chong-er! Stand aside! Let me do it!"

Suddenly, an elderly yet domineering voice came down from the sky, resounding as a clap of thunder. Whoosh! There was a flash of light as a dark figure dropped out of the air like some giant bird and landed in the Wang Clan Residence.

Before anyone else could react, that person's figure blurred. When they next appeared, they were in front of Lu Wu. Lu Wu's massive body made that figure seem even more thin and fragile, but in Wang Chong's eyes, the figure appeared to be as majestic and lofty as a mountain.


Wang Chong was elated, immediately recognizing the dark figure as his master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"Chong-er, withdraw. Leave this beast to me!"

A wave of the Demonic Emperor Old Man's sleeve seemed imbued with an intense self-confidence. Just by standing there, that frail figure seemed to be rooted into the earth, as sturdy as a mountain.


The giant beast roared. Lu Wu appeared to sense the energy on the old man's body and immediately turned, his crimson eyes like two red lanterns in the night as they stared at the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Boom! The claws of four thick limbs crashed down as the three-meter-tall beast exerted all its energy. It cannoned into the air, shooting like a lightning bolt toward that seemingly frail and tiny old man.

Mid-leap, the massive monster opened its mouth. Boom! A pillar of violet flame shot out, surging toward the Demonic Emperor Old Man.


Cries of alarm came from all around, and even the distant Wang Chong couldn't stop his heart from coming up to his throat. While Lu Wu's violet flames at the start could only ignite a person's internal energy, his violet flames were now so dangerous that not even Wang Chong dared to risk touching them.


Wang Chong didn't have time for a warning as the massive pillar of flame crashed onto the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"Master!" Wang Chong and Wang Xiaoyao shouted out at the same time, their hearts on edge.

But to everyone's shock, that destructive pillar of violet flame crashing on the Demonic Emperor Old Man's body was like a waterfall crashing onto the hardy rock of a lofty mountain. An invisible energy had stopped it and cut it into countless strands.

For the first time, the ever-harmful violet flames of Lu Wu had been ineffective.

"Beast! You still dare act recklessly before me?"

His voice thundered over the Wang Clan Residence. The Demonic Emperor Old Man extended a palm through the violet flames and snatched one of Lu Wu's feet.

Boom! Dust roiled and the earth seemed on the verge of cracking apart. As everyone watched on with wide eyes, the monstrified Lu Wu was thrown to the ground by the Demonic Emperor Old Man, his four feet facing the sky, his vicious aura scattered.


Wang Chong gawked at his distant master, as did his little sister standing next to Madam Wang. Her eyes were wide open and her jaw seemed ready to drop to the ground.

The young lady of the Wang Clan had never seen the Demonic Emperor Old Man in action. Wang Chong was in a somewhat better situation. Although he knew that his master had lost all his cultivation, he also knew that the Demonic Emperor Old Man was rapidly recovering and was cultivating the extremely formidable 'Myriad Spirit Sea Art'.

But not even Wang Chong knew that his master had achieved such a high level of martial arts. Not only was he unafraid of being burned by the violet flames, he had also smashed the ever-strengthening monster to the ground with a single palm.

"This this is too impossible!"

The most shocked of all were the Wang Clan guards. They had personally witnessed the terror of this monster, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man had sent him to the floor in a single exchange, dispelling much of the monster's terror.

Everyone was dumbstruck by this scene!


Lu Wu howled as he flung his head around and got up. He still wanted to attack the Demonic Emperor Old Man, but then another palm shot out and pressed against his forehead.

Bang! The massive Lu Wu seemed to receive a heavy blow, his four thick legs splaying out as he dropped. The impact was so great that the earth sank down, leaving a deep depression.

The seemingly impervious Lu Wu now howled in extreme pain after being struck by the Demonic Emperor Old Man's palm.

"Chong-er, remember that people have myriad acupuncture points, and so do beasts. Whether man or beast, no matter how powerful their cultivation, how hardy or dense their scales or armor, it is impossible to block off the acupuncture points of the body, and each acupuncture point is a spirit sea."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's vigorous and domineering voice rang out in Wang Chong's ear. The monster's flames had already completely receded and dimmed.

The fierce Lu Wu was just a docile kitten to him.

"And this is the essence of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art. You must learn how to sense the acupuncture points of your opponent. Don't just rely on your sword. Only this way can you become a true expert."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man pressed down with his right hand, completely pushing the giant monster Lu Wu into the ground and dispersing his energy.

In the distance, Li Siye was leaning against a shattered wall, gasping for air, dumbfounded by this sight. This was his first time seeing the Demonic Emperor Old Man at work. He had personally experienced the power of that monster, how even the peerlessly sharp Wootz Steel sword had been useless against him.

And yet Lu Wu's impervious skin had been useless against the Demonic Emperor Old Man. With a single move, he had left the monster heavily injured.


Li Siye was frozen in place.

He had met the Demonic Emperor Old Man a few times on the spirit vein mountain. At the time, he had felt like the old man was extremely weak and barely a threat. Only at this moment did Li Siye realize that he had made a mistake.

He never could have imagined that the ordinary old man he had seen on the spirit vein mountain was this terrifying. No, 'terrifying' didn't even begin to explain it.

Wang Chong was no less shocked than Li Siye. However, his mind was occupied with other thoughts.

"Spirit sea"

Wang Chong muttered to himself as he contemplated his master's words.

Whether it was the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, the Myriad Spirit Sea Art, or the Art of God and Demon Obliteration these supreme techniques were things that Wang Chong had never even interacted with in his last life.

And in terms of pure strength, the Demonic Emperor Old Man at his prime was a legendary existence. After Wang Chong became the War Saint, the number of people who had the qualifications to guide him and become his master became very small, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man was definitely one of them.

The Myriad Spirit Sea Art was definitely one of the most supreme techniques.

Every martial artist had a spirit sea, but his master's Myriad Spirit Sea Art was definitely unique in its ability to craft a supreme technique from the spirit sea. Such a grand and magnificent technique had escaped the bounds of the evil path and now belonged to the righteous path.

Moreover, Wang Chong was well aware that the Demonic Emperor Old Man was currently using this method, borrowing the monstrified Lu Wu, to teach him. The black scales could protect the body from lethal harm, but they could not protect the qi acupuncture points of the body, as those points were present throughout the body.

Thus, as long as one could grasp the location of their opponent's acupuncture points, even if the opponent was impervious to weapons, one could still attack them.

His master was clearly communicating this principle to him.

"The Myriad Spirit Sea Art I didn't think it was this powerful!" Wang Chong muttered to himself as he looked at his master. History had already changed, and construction could not exist without destruction. A Myriad Spirit Sea Art that was cultivated after the destruction and reconstruction of one's spirit sea had never happened in the last few centuries, so there was naturally no one who had seen it or knew of its might.

But there was no doubt that this was an extremely powerful technique. The Demonic Emperor Old Man had only revealed a fraction of his power to completely subdue the monster.


The earth suddenly began to quake, drawing Wang Chong's attention. As he came back to his senses and raised his head, he noticed that dust was rising from where his master was standing. The massive beast was roaring as it dug through the earth. In the blink of an eye, it had vanished underground.