The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 674

Chapter 674: Imparting The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Not goodthis fellow wants to escape!"

Wang Chong was shocked. Despite having fought Lu Wu for so long, he never knew that this thing could dig through the ground like some sort of pangolin. Whoosh! Wang Chong immediately rushed toward the place that Lu Wu had made his escape. But he was only able to make it a few steps before he heard a vigorous voice at his ear.

"Hmph, do you think it's possible to escape in front of me?"

Rumble! The Demonic Emperor Old Man seemed unperturbed by the cloud of dust before him, his black robe fluttering in the wind while his expression remained unchanged. However, a stern and domineering energy was rising from his body, the space in a radius of three zhang around him beginning to twist.

Bang! He stepped forward and the earth shook like a wooden plank on the high seas. As everyone looked on, the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly unleashed a dazzling white glow.

And all this white light began to condense, traveling down the right foot that the Demonic Emperor Old Man had stomped down. It poured like a mighty river into the earth, and the impact was like a boulder being thrown into a lake. In an instant, the ground began to roil and shudder.

"Owwww!" A shrill cry of pain came from deep underground. Even the servants and maids of the Wang Clan who knew nothing of martial arts knew that the monster deep underground had been heavily injured, and their eyes brightened.

"Get out here!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's cold voice was neither loud nor soft, yet it carried a majesty that echoed in everyone's ears. Rumble! The earth split open as if some massive invisible hand was extending out of the earth.

Crackcrush! Everyone looked on as the ground fractured and swelled, rising six or seven zhang above the surrounding earth. At the center of the fracturing was a strange monster, more than three zhang tall and covered with an uneven layer of keratin scales. Its every acupuncture point was gushing out white light as it once more appeared before the people of the Wang Clan.

These milky-white streams of light were like chains, running through its acupuncture points, intersecting and weaving together. Lu Wu was bound in place, unable to move.

"Chong-er, it's your turn now."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's pitch-black hair danced in the wind. His voice was cold and calm, suffused with a strange power.

"Right now, I will teach you the mantra for the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. 'Let heaven and earth reverse, all blood go against the flow, energy flow as I will, and the sea of heroes revolve' This monster's energy contains an extremely powerful vigor. It will be of great help to you in cultivating the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and in treating your Berserker Syndrome. Hurry, absorb his energy!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man said these final words with a face that brooked no objections.


There was a flash of light as Wang Chong, who had already rushed close to the Demonic Emperor Old Man, immediately shot toward Lu Wu. Buzz! Wang Chong positioned himself upside-down on Lu Wu's body and thrust his thumb into one of the bloody wounds on the monstrified Lu Wu's skin.

This was a wound it had suffered from its battle against the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"This wound is too small. Let me help you with that!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice rang out in his ear, calm and composed. Swish! The wound that had only been the size of a thumb suddenly expanded to the size of a fist. The massive Lu Wu yelped in pain as faint violet blood began to flow out.

With the Demonic Emperor Old Man taking control of its acupuncture points, that layer of keratin that had even been tougher than the black scales had become completely useless. Against the Myriad Spirit Sea Art, it could only wait for death, incapable of putting up any resistance.


A violet energy, cold and biting, began to flow into Wang Chong's palm. Wang Chong had already reached the peak of the Little Yinyang Art, and now with the mantra of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art taught to him by the Demonic Emperor Old Man, he was instantly able to absorb an inconceivable amount of strength.

He was absorbing the strange frigid energy in Lu Wu's body at ten times the rate he had previously, the energy madly surging into his body.


The beast's howls could be heard far across the capital. It struggled, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man had locked down its acupuncture points, making its struggles pointless.

"Damn it, who are these people? Can not even Lu Wu escape? How could this damn Wang Clan be this powerful? How many hidden moves do they have?"

In the distance, the black-robed men who had already fled very far away shivered as they heard Lu Wu's wretched howls. The monstrified Lu Wu was impervious to weapons and possessed inconceivable strength.

If it appeared on a battlefield, this Lu Wu would be enough to easily destroy an army of ten thousand regular soldiers. Moreover, Lu Wu was able to burrow through the ground, naturally gifted with the ability to avoid defeat.

But now

Just the thought of it made the black-robed men shudder. For a moment, they wanted to turn around and see for themselves what sort of person could capture Lu Wu.

But rationality quickly took hold.

The Imperial Army and city guards were already rushing to the location, the sound of their galloping horses resounding through the night air. Whether they wanted to or not, they could no longer return to that place.

Within the Wang Clan Residence, Wang Chong's body was upside-down as he continued to absorb that frigid energy from Lu Wu. Crackclack! As Wang Chong absorbed more energy, cracking sounds began to come from his body, and his skin was covered in layers of faint blue ice.

And at his wrist that was touching Lu Wu's body, a thick layer of blue ice had formed and was quickly spreading, first to Wang Chong's arm and then to the rest of his body. In mere moments, Wang Chong's complexion began to pale.

The severe cold even began to make his body shiver. The level of Lu Wu's energy was simply too high, surpassing the level of Wang Chong's energy and also the level of energy that he could endure.

Just when Wang Chong's entire body was about to freeze, a voice rang out in his ear. "Calm your energy, focus your mind, gather your energy. Pay attention to your acupuncture points, the Yongquan, the Shanzhong, the Jinghong Link them all together. The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art has a long legacy and its strength is supreme. In this world, there is no internal energy or Stellar Energy that cannot be absorbed."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man stood in his flapping black robes, his expression domineering and confident. As the holder and master of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, as the number one individual in the world of evil practitioners, the Demonic Emperor Old Man naturally spoke these words with confidence.

'The sea accepts all rivers, and greatness rises from an all-encompassing heart.'

In this world, there was truly no energy that the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art could not absorb. Wang Chong was only freezing because he had not mastered the essence of this supreme evil technique. Only when its power was being used improperly would such a thing occur.


Wang Chong instantly responded to his master's words. That domineering energy began to flow through these acupuncture points, and with a boom, the flow of energy in Wang Chong's body became like a thawing river. Countless streams flowed out and a powerful attractive force emerged.

The thick layer of ice covering Wang Chong's body rapidly began to crumble. Whoosh! A mighty river of energy began to flow through his body. After one cycle, this energy gathered in his dantian like a dragon returning to the sea.

Wang Chong's energy swelled like a boat rising with the tide. From Tier 2 of the Imperial Martial realm, he rose to Tier 3, and then Tier 4, his energy rapidly rising as he made his way to Tier 5. The energy in Lu Wu's body was far too powerful.

For Wang Chong, this energy was equivalent to that of quite a few top-notch experts.


The galloping of horses came from outside, followed by shouts of cries of people. Soon after that, another wave of people arrived, coming to a halt in front of the gate of the Wang Clan Residence.

"We are the city guards. After hearing a disturbance, we have come to offer our assistance!"

"This is the Imperial Army. What has happened here? May we enter to investigate?"

A hubbub of voices could be heard outside.

By the shattered wall, Li Siye's eyes were unfocused. Propping his right hand on the wall, he finally got up.

Young Master is cultivating and can't be disturbed. This monster's background is far too complicated. Until we've investigated it fully, we can't let too many people know about it.

This thought flashed through Li Siye's mind as he clambered up and headed toward the Wang Clan's gate. As he walked, he gave orders. Meanwhile, Wei Guo and Wei Wu had already commanded people to fill the gaps in the walls and stand guard.

Far too much had happened tonight. More than half of the Wang Clan Residence had been destroyed, and Wang Chong's decision was needed to decide how to handle it.

Li Siye quickly met up with the city guards and Imperial Army outside the gate.

Within the residence, Wang Chong's absorption of Lu Wu's energy had reached a critical stage. Wave after wave of domineering energy nourished Wang Chong's flesh, repairing the internal injuries he had suffered in battle.

In this short time, Wang Chong had risen to Imperial Martial Tier 7, and a powerful aura began to explode from his body.

Gradually, Wang Chong began to exude a little of the dignity and majesty he possessed in his last life.


While Wang Chong was focused on using Lu Wu's energy to cultivate the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, a violet flame suddenly burst out from Lu Wu's body. This violet flame was fierce and tyrannical, tinged with black.

In a flash, the massive Lu Wu was burning inside and out.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong was astonished and he immediately sent out an icy stream of energy to extinguish the flames and freeze Lu Wu. But it was already too late. The flames were traveling too fast and were too fierce.

In the blink of an eye, the massive monster was burned by those violet-black flames into ash, leaving behind nothing but a section of black scorched earth.

"Damn it!"

Wang Chong jumped and rolled to the side, looking at the former location of Lu Wu's body with a grimace. This monster was extremely strange. It could take the form of both human and beast. No human force was capable of accomplishing such a feat.

And the level of energy in its body far surpassed that of ordinary warriors. This thing definitely contained an enormous secret. By successfully capturing it, he might have been able to use it to learn more about the origin of those mysterious people.

But now, nothing was left.