The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 676

Chapter 676: Counterattack Ii
Chapter 676: Counterattack (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In the southern part of the city, a massive estate stood by the Yuan River. This estate was even larger than the estates of many nobles and ministers.

This was the residence of a Philanthropist Yang. All the people living in the southern part of the city knew of Philanthropist Yang as a famous man of wealth involved in many fields of business: mining, butchery, precious gems, tea leaves He had accumulated enormous wealth, but he was also very kind and charitable. He would often set up porridge kitchens to feed the city's beggars and impoverished.

To those tenant farmers facing difficulties, he would often generously excuse them from paying rent.

As a result, he had an extremely high reputation in this area of the city.

But at this moment, no one knew that Philanthropist Yang's residence was covered in corpses. The bodies of maids and servants were scattered everywhere.

A group of black-robed people had gathered amongst the corpses.

"Damn it! An entire day has passed, so why hasn't Lu Wu returned?"

"Could Lu Wu really have been killed? That's impossibleLu Wu is impervious to weapons and has a powerful vitality. What sort of person would be able to kill him?"

"Have you sent someone to investigate?"

"No! The area around the Wang Clan is under heavy guard. It's not even possible to get close."

A group of black-robed people walked into the main hall, appearing greatly annoyed and uneasy. Lu Wu had 'disappeared'. Not even if they were beaten to death would they have ever dared to believe that such a thing could happen.

A short black-robed person, around 1.5 meters tall, fearfully said, "Leader, if those above learn that we've lost Lu Wu, we'll probably all be killed!"

"What are you afraid of? They still don't know, right?" said the black-robed leader wearing the demon mask impatiently.

"No one can kill Lu Wu, no one. Send someone to go and see. I need to know what happened after we left!"

"If you want to know what happened, I'll tell you!"

The candles in the hall flickered as a bright and young voice came from outside. Upon hearing this voice, the hall fell into an uproar.

"Who is it?!"

With a shout, all the black-robed people turned to the door, several of them immediately jumping toward it. But before they could get very far, boom! The doors fell inward as the corpse of a black-robed man was thrown through them like a stone, crashing into the center of the hall.

"Everyone, long time no see!"

Outside the door in the flickering light, Wang Chong stood smiling in a purple cape and confidently strode over the threshold.

"It's you!"

Although the black-robed people were stunned at the sight of Wang Chong, they immediately noticed that they had made a mistake. They had never 'seen' Wang Chong before, and their words just now had essentially been a confession.

But none of this was important now. Wang Chong should never have appeared here in the first place.

"Hmph, after so long and all the gifts you've given me, it's about time we met," Wang Chong said with a grim smile.

Even though he had been attacked by these black-robed people three times now, this was Wang Chong's first time seeing their true selves.

"Li Siye, strike!"

At Wang Chong's command, the walls of the hall collapsed and countless people charged in.

"Shit! Run!"

The leader of the black-robed people paled as the hall collapsed. He shot a hurried glance through the clouds of dust and saw that the yard outside was full of people. Wang Chong had brought thousands of people with him, and all of them were top-notch experts.

This was the strength of an elite clan. Since Wang Chong had discovered their nest, he naturally wouldn't come alone, instead calling over all the helpers he could find.

With the Wang Clan's current status, Wang Chong only needed to give the call for thousands of experts to respond. Wang Chong had only brought a small portion of them.

In dealing with these black-robed people, Wang Chong was a lion going all-out against a rabbit, sparing nothing. Since they had dared to attack him, they shouldn't think about leaving alive.

Bang! The black-robed leader stomped on the ground, sensing that something was wrong and immediately leaping out of the hall, quickly vanishing into a cloud of dust.

"Hmph, can you escape?"

Wang Chong made no attempts to pursue as he looked in the direction that the leader fled. He had gathered so many experts to deal with these black-robed people that it would be stranger if they actually managed to succeed in their escape.

"Everyone, don't be afraid. Work together and kill this brat."

"As long as we can capture this brat and use him to coerce the rest, we can still escape."

Kill this child of destruction and those above will definitely reward us."

Seeing that they were surrounded, the black-robed people in the hall felt rage blossom in their hearts, their foul situation stimulating their daring. Shouting, the black-robed men lunged at Wang Chong like hungry wolves.

The air vibrated with the clanging of steel, strange pitch-black Halos of Thorns emerging at the feet of the black-robed men.

The energies of these ten-some people swelled as they savagely assaulted Wang Chong.

"Not knowing your own strength!"

Wang Chong sneered as he shot forward. Bangbangbang! Each of the black-robed men was struck by a single palm from Wang Chong. Time seemed to stop, and all of them seemed to freeze, stuck in place.


In the blink of an eye, a bloody mist suddenly burst out of their bodies, flowing to Wang Chong's body like rivers returning to the sea.

With thud after thud, the black-robed men dropped to the floor, their large bodies withering into dried-up husks.

"What evil art is this?"


A few of the black-robed men who had planned on assisting their comrades saw them being sucked dry. Their faces became covered in fear as all their courage and ferocity vanished into nothing and they swiftly turned to flee.

Boom! His eyes glimmering with cold light, Wang Chong made a snatching motion with his right hand. A fierce gale stirred as a powerful attractive force emerged from Wang Chong's body.

Before these people could make it a few zhang, they were stuck in place, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art absorbing their blood energy and causing it to surge into Wang Chong's body.

Bloody mist madly surged through Wang Chong's pores, and he instantly sucked them dry. After absorbing all this blood energy, Wang Chong once again received a significant boost in strength.

This was the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. At this level, the Little Yinyang Sword was no longer needed, and when the gap in strength was significant, Wang Chong didn't even need to touch his opponent to use the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Thud! Thud!

The withered husks of the black-robed men dropped to the ground.

Such was the might of the supreme evil art!

So powerful!

Wang Chong looked at the surrounding corpses, a feeling of abnormal power welling up inside him. This was Wang Chong's first time using the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art in battle after using Lu Wu to cultivate the evil art.

These black-robed people had all been very powerful experts, but they were utterly powerless against the supreme evil art. Wang Chong had managed to very easily absorb their decades' worth of energy.

This energy had been obtained so easily and came with a rush of ecstasy. It made one want to immerse themselves in it, to do nothing more than absorb more and more energy.

Someone without an abnormally strong resolve will probably end up becoming a bloodthirsty murderer.

As these thoughts flew through Wang Chong's mind, his eyes flashed with a bright light. He swiftly suppressed the surging blood energy and that incessant desire to absorb more and more.

The ecstasy of killing caused by the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was far greater than that of the Little Yinyang Art and much more difficult to control. But to Wang Chong, no matter how hard it was to control, it could never be as difficult as contending against fate.


Screams rang out at his ear. The battle was progressing far more quickly than Wang Chong had imagined. Knowing that these people were the true criminals behind the late-night assassination attempt in the Wang Clan, the experts that Wang Chong had recruited were enraged. All of them did their utmost to encircle and besiege the black-robed men.

Each of the black-robed men was surrounded by several dozen experts, so their fate was easy to imagine.

"Child of destruction, your arrogance won't last for long!"

"The master will avenge us!"

Suddenly, the remaining black-robed men roared, their eyes widening in rage as they bit down on the poison sachets in their teeth. Streams of black blood quickly dribbled from their mouths and they thudded to the ground, lifeless.

"Damn it! So fast!"

Wang Chong paled. These people were exactly as Solitary Wolf had described, hiding a sachet of deadly poison in their teeth. But Wang Chong hadn't expected them to be so resolved, committing suicide without even attempting to escape.

Wang Chong quickly regained his composure. No matter how cautious these people were or how decisive, it was impossible for them to not leave any information behind this time!

"Chong-er, I've brought you the people you wanted."

An energetic voice came out of the roiling dust. His sleeves drifting through the air, the Demonic Emperor Old Man descended.

Thump! While still in the air, the Demonic Emperor Old Man flicked his wrist, dropping a person to the ground. It was precisely the person who had tried to escape first, the black-robed leader wearing the demon mask.

For this operation, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had been on stand-by precisely to prevent anybody from escaping. Even a savage existence like Lu Wu had been like a docile lamb in front of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, much less this black-robed leader.

An armored man ran out of the dust and gave Wang Chong a respectful bow before giving his report. "Young Master, we've captured two of the black-robed men. The rest have been executed. The operation is now concluded."