The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Kunwu Training Camp Developments

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong was dumbfounded, but he quickly gave a faint smile.

This was actually the first time since the conclusion of the southwestern war, where he had completed the Trial of Destiny and become Controller of Destiny, that the Stone of Destiny had given him a reward. Although Wang Chong had already gained a significant amount of Destiny Energy, 1000 points was still quite the large number.

I'll keep this Destiny Energy for now. In the future, once I've understood the secrets of the energy arts and power, I'll start to slowly exchange the points for rewards, finding the best method to use them, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

Ever since he had been promoted to Controller of Destiny, the Stone of Destiny had opened for him a brand new set of rewards. However, Wang Chong had still not understood their contents, so he had not exchanged for any rewards.

"It's good enough. All participants of this operation will be rewarded three hundred taels of gold. Jingdian, I'll leave the rest to you."

"Yes, Young Master."


Once everything was settled, Wang Chong quickly left the mine.


When the news that Wang Chong was gathering a large amount of sand, crushed rocks, lime, and clay to repair the roads got out, the capital once more began to buzz with activity. The Wang Clan was currently the focus of attention in the capital and wielded an astounding amount of influence.

The matter of the fief in particular had made everyone pay attention to Wang Chong's every move.

In the Great Tang Empire, repairing roads and bridges was not any big deal. All the wealthy clans would do something like this, but the massive amount of wealth Wang Chong had invested in this project made things different.

Besides that, Wang Chong was also involving the Bai Clan, the Zhao Clan, the Xu Clan, and many other renowned clans of the capital in this project.

But this time, not even the Bai Clan or the Zhao Clan knew what this 'cement road' that Wang Chong spoke of actually was. (TN: In Chinese, the word cement is , or literally water mud, which would be quite confusing in an era where cement did not exist.)

"Ling-er, what is the Wang Clan up to?"

"The lime and clay aren't an issue, but what's going on with this matter of building roads?"

"Our Bai Clan is quite the prosperous enterprise, so it's not like we can't put forward the money, but what sort of task is repairing roads? Our Bai Clan is a prestigious clan of the capital. Talk of this matter will bring great shame on our house."

In the courtyard of the Bai Clan, a marble table sat amidst artificial mountains, ponds, and gardens. Next to this table, several elders of the Bai Clan had surrounded Bai Siling and were engaged in an alternating offensive.

Previously, when Bai Siling had mentioned that Wang Chong was gathering large quantities of lime and clay, the Bai Clan had believed that this was an excellent chance to get in on the ground floor of one of Wang Chong's plans.

When it was learned that the sword smiths and shops of the capital had engaged in large-scale forging of metal components for Wang Chong, the entire Great Tang Empire had begun to regard the seventeen-year-old youth as a god.

Countless clans wanted to better their relationship with him. Just like during the southwestern war, they hoped to share in some of his transcendent glory.

But the lime and clay that Wang Chong had gathered was actually for the sake of repairing roads! The matter had now become rather awkward.

The Bai Clan was one of the elite clans of the empire. Involvement in this matter would instantly result in a drop of its prestige, and it wouldn't be able to show its face in front of the other great clans.

Hence the current scene playing out.

"Third Uncle, Second Uncle, Big Uncle I really don't know anything about this matter."

Bai Siling's fists were clenched beneath her sleeves as she inwardly cursed Wang Chong. This bastard had dug a hole for her.

Bai Siling had truly wanted to help Wang Chong, but she hadn't expected Wang Chong to have her Bai Clan repair roads. But at this time, before her elders, not only could she not reveal her emotions, she also had to speak on Wang Chong's behalf.

"Moreover, Third Uncle, Second Uncle, Big Uncle, Wang Chong has never done anything without purpose. Perhaps he has a bigger plan that he hasn't told anyone yet," Bai Siling said as she inwardly wished for Wang Chong's death.

But at this moment, Wang Chong was completely clueless.

In Kunwu Training Camp, outside the capital, the place echoed with cheers of 'Wang Chong'.

"Young Master, our Kunwu Training Camp is truly popular right now! Countless students from the training camps want to enter our Deflecting Blade Manor, and I've received six or seven thousand applications in this time period. I'm not able to look through them all alone, so I had to find a few people to help me."

The blustering wind made the banner of Deflecting Blade Manor rustle and snap. Beneath the banner, Wei Anfang stood shoulder to shoulder with Wang Chong, both of them looking down the mountain.

When the news got out that Wang Chong had returned to Kunwu Training Camp, Deflecting Blade Mountain became surrounded in a sea of people, everyone coming out to welcome Wang Chong.

In the excited crowd, one could occasionally hear cries of 'Young Marquis' or 'Empire's Eighth General'.

Of the Great Tang's Three Great Training CampsLongwei, Shenwei, and KunwuKunwu Training Camp originally had the lowest reputation. However, its relationship with Wang Chong had allowed it to rise above the other two.

Many noble scions now put aside Longwei and Shenwei, electing instead to join Kunwu Training Camp.

"This is a good thing. Isn't this exactly what we wanted?"

Wang Chong held his hands behind him, his sleeves drifting in the wind as he smiled. The current Wang Chong was greatly changed from the him of the past. His every move was imbued with a formless power, and he carried himself with an admirable confidence and dignity.

"But it's about time that we have our brothers in the manor temper themselves on the outside," Wang Chong said.

The Kunwu Training Camp of this life was very different from the one from his last life, its influence far greater. Wang Chong had given a cursory glance of the name list that Wei Anfang had sent over and had noticed that many famed generals from his last life who had attended Longwei or Shenwei had joined Kunwu Training Camp in this life.

But Wang Chong could not wait for a calamity to arrive to have them mature. Wang Chong needed them to mature far before the calamity arrived, and this was the primary reason for his return.

"I've already planned things out. This is the first batch."

As Wang Chong spoke, he took a white sheet of paper from his sleeve and passed it over.

"Have these people move out as quickly as possible. On the southwest border, small-scale conflicts with Mengshe Zhao and -Tsang are constantly breaking out. This is the best opportunity for you to temper yourselves. In addition, I've communicated with the northern border. Although An Sishun has his issues with me, he can't refuse King Song. All of you will still be taken care of," Wang Chong indifferently said, his words bursting with elegance, a grandeur that seemed to command the world.

This was the best chance to train his soldiers. Wang Chong's Kunwu Training Camp had already gathered far too many famed generals from his last life. Under normal circumstances, they needed the great calamity to finally mature.

But there was no need this time. The political authority and influence of the Wang Clan and King Song, as well as his new title of marquis and reputation as the Son of Heaven's disciple, meant that Wang Chong could send the students to any corner of the empire. There, he could have them mature as quickly as possible.

"Haha, Sun Bufan will definitely be ecstatic once he learns of this. He's often dreamed about something like this."

Wei Anfang lowered his head to glance at the paper and immediately smiled. The name of Sun Bufan leaped out of the paper at him, as it was placed at the very top.

Wei Anfang had spent all this time at Deflecting Blade Manor, so he was deeply aware that Wang Chong's achievements in the southwest had made the entire Deflecting Blade Manor and Kunwu Training Camp anxious to leave for the border and make a name for themselves.

"Anfang, seeing how excited you are, if you want, I can also arrange to have you sent to the border for training," Wang Chong suddenly said with a smile.

"Young Master, absolutely not. I certainly don't want to make any name for myself. All I want is to remain at Young Master's side."

Wei Anfang waved his hands at Wang Chong's proposition, his face covered in 'terror'.

"Haha, if you don't want to, you won't. There's no need for that expression of terror."

Wang Chong shook his head and chuckled.

Seeing that he had been exposed, the look of terror on Wei Anfang's face vanished, his expression now much more natural.

"Young Master should still keep me at your side. I feel that remaining at Young Master's side and assisting with the tasks that I'm capable of handling is enough. Moreover, in comparison to making a name, isn't staying at Young Master's side even better?" Wei Anfang said.

Wang Chong couldn't help but roar with laughter.

Wei Anfang only faintly smiled. He wasn't lying. Wang Chong being made a marquis was like the rising tide raising all the boats. Wei Anfang was now highly valued within his clan.

And he wasn't trying to be humble with his words. Wei Anfang's current position was currently craved by countless people.

After all, not everyone could be so trusted by Wang Chong and stand so close to him.

As the two were conversing, they were suddenly interrupted by a rush of steps. Wang Chong subconsciously turned his head and saw that a familiar figure was striding up the mountain.

"Instructor Zhao?"

Wang Chong's brows rose in surprise, but he quickly walked up to welcome him with a beaming face.

"You bastard scoundrel, you came but didn't even give me a greeting."

The first to speak was Zhao Qianqiu. He strode over, gave Wang Chong's shoulder a light punch, and then let out a hearty laugh.

"How could I? The first thing I did upon arriving was to go and find you, but they said that you had gone out and weren't in the camp. When I asked where you had gone, nobody knew."

Wang Chong laughed and embraced Zhao Qianqiu.

The sight of Zhao Qianqiu caused warmth to surge through Wang Chong's heart. In the entire training camp, Wang Chong felt the greatest affection for Zhao Qianqiu.

He still remembered how Zhao Qianqiu had thrown a tiger into his room in the middle of the night. Alas, their test had been interrupted by the Goguryeo assassination attempt.

"Oh, Instructor Zhou, you also came?"

Wang Chong still had a faint smile on his face as he looked at the sword instructor behind Zhao Qianqiu, Instructor Zhou Huang. Suddenly, he seemed to realize something.

"You two rarely appear together, and when you do, something has happened. Speakwhat do you need my help with?"

"Foul brat, as crafty as ever. I can't hide anything from you."

Zhao Qianqiu and Zhou Huang glanced at each other with bitter smiles on their faces. They had planned to wait a while to broach the topic, but they hadn't expected Wang Chong's eyes to be so sharp, immediately noticing that they had come with purpose.

"In truth, it's not that big of a deal. The Abbasid Caliphate sent over a princess who explicitly mentioned that they wanted to attend Kunwu Training Camp and enter Deflecting Blade Manor.

"Wang Chong, I can really only leave this matter to you," Zhao Qianqiu said with a bitter smile.