The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Defeating Huang Botian

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The moment the stone spear appeared, an invisible energy began to modify it. The internal composition of the stone grew increasingly dense, making the spear tougher and tougher. Moreover, gravel began to accumulate on the surface of the spear, rapidly drawing out spiraling designs upon it.


There was a flash of light as the massive stone spear smashed into the area where Wang Chong had been standing, creating a massive pit in the earth. Debris flew several dozen zhang into the air while dust billowed and filled the air.

"Can you really escape!" the Stone General thundered, his voice still hanging in the air as he stepped forward. With an extreme speed and agility that did not match his massive body, the Stone General approached Wang Chong and threw a punch.

Even before the fist landed, the massive strength behind it was already sending ripples through the air. The area in a radius of several dozen zhang began to unleash a teeth-aching sound, and everything began to twist and contort.

If such a fist were to land, no one doubted that the only result would be shattered bones and a broken body.

"Hahaha, Protector Huang, your Stone General truly is at a superb level, but unfortunately, you're still missing a little tempering!"

Wang Chong's first words were to heartily laugh, but his last words were extremely cold and grim.


In the blink of an eye, as countless people looked on, the smiling Wang Chong leisurely avoided Huang Botian's attacks, constantly dodging them as his clothes flapped in the air.

But in the final moment, Wang Chong suddenly stood his right foot on its toes, straightening them out so that he could step onto the right fist of the Stone General. Boom! This simple tiptoe seemed to contain the weight of ten thousand jun. The Stone General's right fist was pulled down by an enormous power and crashed to the ground, sending up massive clouds of dust.


All the Wushang villagers who saw this sight were stunned. Huang Botian was the outermost Protector of Wushang, and they had all personally witnessed his strength. No one had ever penetrated into Wushang, but the farthest most of them could get was here, where Huang Botian would stop them. No one had ever been able to pull down Huang Botian's right arm with just a single clash.

"It's useless. In this place, you're simply no match for me!"

Huang Botian's voice was still cold and severe. Even though one of his arms had been pulled down, he remained stoic. With a thunderous rumble, the moment Wang Chong pushed down the right arm, Huang Botian's Stone General raised the spear in his left hand and thrust it like a lightning bolt.

At the same time, crsshcrussh! Countless pieces of stone arose from the earth and flew to Huang Botian's right shoulder. In the blink of an eye, another stone arm, exactly the same as the first, had taken shape. Rumble! Its five fingers came to life, forming a fist that hurtled toward Wang Chong.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Huang Botian was truly enraged. His two fists worked with the spear to unleash a flurry of blows on Wang Chong. Everything within a radius of several hundred zhang was in range of his attacks.

Each fist of Huang Botian's had the weight of several thousand jin behind it. Even steel would shatter when struck by his punches, much less a body of flesh and blood.

Even more frightening was the Stone General's unusual speed. This and his mighty strength were enough to make any opponent pale.

"I'd like to see just how long you can dodge!" Huang Botian sneered. In a flash, his right hand pulled another fifty-meter-long spear out of the ground.

Wielding two spears, the Stone General's attack speed and level of threat multiplied. But no matter how fierce Huang Botian's attacks became, Wang Chong's voice remained calm, as clear as crystal amidst the rain of spear attacks.

"I'm not dodging, I'm just experiencing the Stone General. Since you want to fight with me, I'll fulfill your wish."

Wang Chong suddenly changed his attitude. Thump! His toes pressed against the ground and Wang Chong shot into the air like an arrow, instantly flying through the chink in the storm of spears and hurtling into the Stone General's chest.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

Hanging from the chest with one hand, Wang Chong spread out the fingers of his other hand and thrust them into the Stone General's chest. As he used the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art taught to him by the Demonic Emperor Old Man, a powerful attractive force emerged onto stage.

The Little Yinyang Art required a physical connection, the use of the Little Yinyang Sword, and a whole pile of other conditions, but the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was different. Wang Chong didn't even need to be touching his opponent to absorb their energy.


Under countless shocked gazes, the thirty-meter-tall Stone General froze in his posture of fierce assault, paused in time.

"This is impossible! What evil art did you use?"

In the chest of the Stone General, the extremely panicked and shocked voice of a middle-aged man arose. The moment Wang Chong had used the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, the Stellar Energy in his body had immediately begun to surge out like water leaving a sluice gate.

Even more frightening was that he instantly lost control over the Stellar Energy in his body, trapping him inside the Stone General without any ability to move.

Rumble! In a place that no one could see, a torrential flood of Stellar Energy was flowing ceaselessly into Wang Chong's body.

As he received Huang Botian's internal energy, Wang Chong's already-impressive strength began to swell, bringing him even closer to new heights.

"Not good! Protector is in danger!"

"This outsider is strange! Everyone, let's go together! Help Protector deal with him!"

The Wushang began to panic as they realized that Huang Botian had been captured. Not a single person had ever come to Wushang Village without their tail between their legs, and many outsiders didn't even need a Protector's intervention to be captured.

But now, even a Protector had been captured. To the Wushang, this was both impossible to accept and unimaginable.

"Assume the formation!"

"Protect Young Master!"

At the same time, Gao Feng, Nie Yan, and the other elite guards began to move. In a flash, before the Wushang could rush over, Gao Feng and Nie Yan had led the ten-some soldiers in forming a tight formation. This was a formation that Wang Chong had created after the southwestern war, one that excelled in both attack and defense, in charges and in melee, the 'Dragon Snake Formation'!

The Dragon Snake Formation did not require many people, and only ten-some people were required to form a small-scale one. With this formation, one could advance in attack or retreat in defense, and would condense the strength of the people of the formation into one, making it into a sharp blade and allowing them to display a strength far above normal.

Whether one was fighting against many opponents or an expert on a higher level, the Dragon Snake Formation could allow a group of soldiers to maximize their power.

But the Dragon Snake Formation had very high demands on the soldiers using it. The soldiers not only needed to be extremely strong, but also have an extremely high level of teamwork.

Gao Feng, Nie Yan, and the other soldiers were Wang Chong's 'Dragon Snake Team', the strongest soldiers with the highest level of training and understanding of this formation.

This was also why Wang Chong had brought them with him on this excursion to Wushang Village.


As Gao Feng and Nie Yan swiftly assumed the formation, the Wushang villagers noticed what they were up to and lunged forward. Both sides were brimming with killing intent, and just when it seemed like a fierce battle was about to break out


A voice drifted out of the sky. Wang Chong lightly pulled his fingers out of the Stone General's chest and shot back to the ground. In mid-air, his speed began to slow, allowing him to gently drop to the ground without disturbing a single speck of dust.

As Wang Chong returned to the earth, countless stones dropped from the sky. The thirty-meter Stone General had instantly begun to crumble, leaving only two legs and half its body standing.

And as the stones toppled away from what would have been the Stone General's chest, the figure of a thirty-some-year-old man appeared, his face weathered and extremely composed.

"Protector Huang, can we end this battle?"

Wang Chong looked up at the middle-aged man and faintly smiled.

His expression was relaxed, his demeanor confident. If it weren't for the fact that the ground was bruised and massive boulders were rolling around, it would be very difficult to believe that he had just gone through an intense battle.

The battleground was silent, and even the Wushang villagers and Qin Qicheng came to a halt and looked in a daze at the pair.

In the remains of the Stone General, the middle-aged man looked down at Wang Chong, his eyes going through countless emotions. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Other than Wang Chong and Huang Botian, no one knew what had just happened.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art could be hailed as the supreme evil art, even the most powerful and legendary of the Central Plains' Ten Supreme Arts, not merely because of its extreme power. It was not only capable of defeating all people on the same level, but it could also allow the user to easily challenge opponents a level higher, even several levels higher.

Many experts of the martial world, while much stronger than their opponent who was using the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, would still end up being defeated and dying to the user of that evil art.

One could easily imagine the fierce reputation this supreme evil art had in the martial world.

But Wang Chong had come to subdue and recruit the Wushang, not kill them. Thus, Wang Chong had restrained his technique. After absorbing Huang Botian's energy and making it impossible for him to control the Stone General, Wang Chong had returned the energy!


As Wang Chong looked up at the Stone General, where the middle-aged man had just opened his mouth to speak, the situation suddenly changed


Although nothing could be seen in the surroundings, in a dimension not visible to the naked eye, a condensed bolt of mental energy bored into Wang Chong's mind like a sharp awl. Buzz! Wang Chong's complexion instantly paled, and he was frozen in place.