The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 706

Chapter 706: The Peril Of The Lunar Eclipse Ii
Chapter 706: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The moment Wang Chong spoke, everyone else in the room trembled and raised their heads to stare at Wang Chong. Even Li Siye widened his eyes and looked at Wang Chong with disbelief on his face.

Anyone from the capital knew that the 'Lord Zhangchou' that Wang Chong spoke of was the new Minister of War, Zhangchou Jianqiong. He had another title, that of Annan Protector-General, and an even better-known one, 'Tiger of the Empire'.

This title not only represented Zhangchou Jianqiong's sterling reputation and prestige. It also represented the strength of an elite Imperial Great General, a strength that countless people in the world could only look up to.

All Imperial Great Generals were transcendent experts at the peak of the Saint Martial realm!

Although Li Siye was confident in himself, he also knew that he was quite a way from reaching the Minister of War, the Tiger of the Empire. And yet Wang Chong had just said that even if Minister of War Zhangchou Jianqiong were here, he would also be forced to retreat in defeat

"Heh, you should have noticed at least a little. Correct! That chief of Wushang Village is a Saint Martial expert on the same level as Zhangchou Jianqiong!" Wang Chong lightly said. "With his strength and the strength of all those elders and villagers, even Zhangchou Jianqiong would be forced back, much less us!"


These words from Wang Chong said in such a careless manner were like a boulder crashing into the minds of his subordinates, like massive waves thundering at their ears. All of their eyes widened in shock and awe.

Although Li Siye's reaction was not as obvious, the shock he received was no less.

"A Saint Martial realm expert?"

"How is this possible?"

"That white-bearded man? He barely seemed capable of walking!"

Although all their minds were in disorder, none of them doubted Wang Chong's words. In things like this, Wang Chong's judgment would never be wrong.

Truthfully speaking, they had actually been extremely angry at the unreasonableness of the Wushang. Not only had they refused to respond to a decree from the Imperial Court, they had even attacked the soldiers. Some of the guards had even wanted to have the army attack Wushang Village.

But now that they heard that Wushang Village had a peak Saint Martial realm expert presiding over it, none of them dared to harbor such thoughts!

"Lord Marquis, what is the background of these Wushang? How could an ordinary village be this formidable?" Gao Feng couldn't help but ask, his eyes wide.

"This question is one that I'd also like to know the answer to."

As Wang Chong looked at the numerous stars outside the window, a light flashed in his eyes.

There were many secrets regarding Wushang Village. That the Wushang could traverse the mountains so easily could be set aside. After all, this was truly a very steep and arduous environment, so developing such skills over a long period of time wasn't that strange.

But the formation and mental attacks used by those two elders on the perimeter of the village could not be explained by the environment.

And before stepping into Wushang Village, Wang Chong had never imagined that the Wushang Chief was a peak Saint Martial realm expert.

There were many secrets that not even the Wang Chong of the last life knew about.

Of course, the him from the last life had no chance to delve into these secrets. But now he could try again. All the Wushang elders were still alive, and even Fang Xiaoyan had not yet matured into that naughty and savage girl from his last life.

He could finally explore the roots of Wushang Village!

But before all that, it was far more urgent to change the Wushang Chief's mind and recruit the first batch of soldiers from Wushang Village.

"Just leave this matter to me. All of you should go and rest first."

With these words, Wang Chong quickly fell into thought.

Ice three feet thick would not form from a single day of cold, and the traditions of Wushang Village could not be altered in one day and night, especially when the great calamity had not yet occurred.

But no matter how difficult the task was, Wang Chong had to think of a way to change their attitude.

He had once commanded the Wushang, and at a time like this, he needed the help of the renowned Wushang Cavalry more than ever.

If my predictions are right, that incident is about to take place!

With this thought, Wang Chong slowly looked up at the sky. A crescent moon hung in the sky, a common night scene in Wushang Village.

But if one looked carefully, one would notice that the crescent moon was undergoing a subtle transformation. It was growing thinner and thinner, fainter and fainter.

And as the crescent moon underwent this transformation, all the stars and the entirety of Wushang Village also began to grow darker. Everything seemed to be covered by a dark veil.

This was a lunar eclipse!

Wang Chong clearly remembered that before the calamity, Wushang Village experienced an incident where many of its elders and villagers suddenly died in a single night.

On that night, two or three thousand Wushang died, and Fang Xiaoyan's grandfather, the white-haired elder who Wang Chong had spoken to during the day, ended up heavily injured. He survived, but half his body was paralyzed and his strength suffered a drastic drop.

And Fang Xiaoyan's Granduncle Jiu, Wu Jiumei, also died in this incident.

If not for this incident, Wushang Village would not have suffered such great losses in the future.

If Wang Chong had not seen what he saw during the day, he could have put aside the matter, but now that he knew that the Wushang Chief was a peak Saint Martial realm expert on par with Zhangchou Jianqiong, Geshu Han, and Fumeng Lingcha, he could not sit by and do nothing.

Each peak Saint Martial expert was a most precious treasure for the current Great Tang. Not a single one could be allowed to suffer any sort of mishap.

If he were to allow the peak Saint Martial Wushang Chief to be lost as he watched, he would feel a deep regret for the rest of his life.

There wasn't much information about that incident. Wang Chong only knew that it took place during a lunar eclipse, when Yin energy was at its strongest.

This was why, before he left the capital, Wang Chong had requested some calculations from the Bureau of Rites.

In the ten years around the calamity, a lunar eclipse occurred three times in the Great Tang. One was five years ago, another was three months after the calamity, and the other one should be right now. If everything goes as expected, that incident should be taking place right now, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.


In a flash, while Wang Chong was still thinking, a scream came from outside the room, breaking the serenity of Wushang Village.

"Elder Du! Hurry and send help!"

The silent Wushang Village suddenly fell into chaos. While that voice was still hanging in the air, another scream came from yet another direction.

Wang Chong paled and he shot out of the room like a loosed arrow.

"Li Siye, Gao Feng, Nie Yan, and the rest of you, follow me. Bring those things I had you prepare!"

Wang Chong's voice was still echoing in the room, but he had already vanished.

Wushang Village at night was very peaceful. This place was cut off from the world, surrounded by the mountains, and all its people maintained the custom of working during the day and resting after sunset.

Thus, when Wang Chong and his group entered the stone house to rest, they heard no sounds from outside.

But the current Wushang Village was in complete mayhem. Standing on the main plaza, Wang Chong could see that the pitch-black Wushang Village was now brightly lit. He had heard only one or two screams at the start, but they were now coming from all corners.

The wailing of women and the sobbing of children, the sounds of people alarmed by the screams and rushing out of their homes to give aidall these sounds were coming from every direction.

It really did happen!

As the wind roared around him, Wang Chong raised his head and glanced at the sky. The moon had already completely vanished, leaving the entire world dark. At this moment, Wang Chong's mind was in as much disorder as his disheveled hair.

Even though he had heard about that incident in Wushang Village, only by experiencing it for himself did he truly know how severe it was. This was not a problem of one or two people, nor a problem of one hundred or two hundred people. This was two or three thousand people simultaneously being afflicted by a lethal disaster.

There was nothing he could do if he wasn't there, but since he was in Wushang Village, as their former commander, he could not allow this to continue. After all, although the Wushang were a little proud, during the calamity, they were the most loyal, courageous, and respected soldiers in the entire world.

The five thousand Wushang Cavalry fought until the last man, never retreating. Until their final moments, they fought a battle to the death with the otherworldly invaders, defending this land, defending the Central Plains.

They were the best warriors, the most loyal subordinates. This was why Wang Chong needed to subdue them no matter what.

The Wushang were unruly, xenophobic, and difficult to tame, and they also had a deep-rooted tradition, but once he subdued them, they would become the most reliable warriors.

A fiery steed was difficult to tame! This was a principle that every horseman understood!

"Granduncle Jiu!"

A heart-wrenching scream suddenly broke through the night air. Wang Chong paled and instantly rushed toward the voice. Winds howled around him as countless stone houses flitted by.

At this moment, Wang Chong's mind was filled with countless thoughts

In all of Wushang Village, only one person was addressed as 'Granduncle Jiu', the Wu Jiumei he had met during the day. In Wushang Village, Wu Jiumei was only second to the Chief in terms of seniority. Although he had an inflexible personality, 'Granduncle Jiu' was extremely caring toward Fang Xiaoyan.

Thus, back then, other than the passing of her grandfather, Fang Xiaoyan felt the greatest sadness and regret over the death of Granduncle Jiu. This event would continue to weigh her down for many years. On the anniversary of Granduncle Jiu's death, Fang Xiaoyan would be particularly depressed, spending the entire day wallowing in grief.

Now that everything could be done over and he was now in Wushang Village, Wang Chong could not permit this event to take place again.