The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Su Bai Is Treating

Chapter 71: Su Bai Is Treating!

Wei Hao was a martial arts fanatic, but to his misfortune, his ordinary talents in the field made it impossible for him to practice most of martial arts techniques. This was a problem which even the Duke of Wei was helpless before.

As such, Wei Hao held an intent craving for power!

Wang Chong giving him a martial arts manual was completely out of Wei Haos expectations. One must know that in this era of martial arts, other than those commonplace martial arts techniques which were publicly known, all martial arts manuals were worth a ton. No power would easily impart their secret arts to an outsider.

Thus, Wei Hao was honestly surprised by this matter.

Flipping through the pages, Wei Hao was initially browsing through it casually, but it didnt take long for him to be absorbed into it.

Even though he hadnt tried cultivating it yet, Wei Hao sensed that the technique which Wang Chong had given him was much stronger than the one he was cultivating.

Seeing Wei Hao slowly getting engrossed into it such that his breathing grew faint, Wang Chong nodded his head with a smile.

Wang Chong had always felt guilt toward Wei Hao.

Wei Hao had always regarded him as his best buddy, but due to several misunderstandings, Wang Chong fell out with him, losing this precious friend of his.

Even so, Wei Hao didnt give up on him. During this hardest times in his previous life, he chose to help Wang Chong despite the disapproval of his clan.

The Wang Chong back then couldnt be of assistance to Wei Hao at all. He could only watch as Wei Hao was swept away by the catastrophe like the many others.

Thus, upon given a chance to do it all over, Wang Chong wanted to do something for him.

Martial arts has always been Wei Haos weakness. His ordinary talents had limited his growth, and this wasnt something the Duke of Wei could solve despite his power and wealth. Thus, even at his very last breath, Wei Hao had never grew strong.

Wang Chong had always wanted to give him a hand on that, but it was difficult to find a suitable cultivation technique for him. After spending a long time recalling all of the cultivation technique in his head, he finally found one which was the most suitable for Wei Hao.

This was also the reason why Wang Chong took so long to pass this on to Wei Hao.

Time slowly ticked by and Wei Haos attention was completely into the manual. Wang Chong didnt interrupt him and sat quietly in the carriage.


After a period of time, Wei Hao exhaled a huge breath and finally lifted his gaze from the book.

Mountain Ascension Formula? Such a weird name. Why havent I heard of it in the past? Wang Chong, where did you obtain such a powerful martial arts manual from?

Wei Hao stared at Wang Chong in shock, as though he had become a complete stranger.

For some reason, from the moment Wei Hao started flipping through the manual, he felt extremely fond of the cultivation technique. It was as though a mysterious energy was tugging on him, prompting him to read on.

Thus, only when he finished reading through the entire manual did he finally turn his gaze away from it and exhale deeply.

Wei Hao didnt know where Wang Chong got this cultivation technique from, and with a single look, it felt wild, completely different from the other martial arts of the Wang Clan. But for some reason, Wei Hao liked it a lot. While flipping through the manual, he had a feeling that it was tailored for him, and this made him feel extremely excited.

Why, you dont like it? Return it to me then!

With an impassive face, Wang Chong stretched out his hand as he said.

Scram! Since youve given it to me, its mine now. You stinky brat, dont even think about getting it back!

Wei Hao held the Mountain Ascension Formula tightly in his embrace, as though saying that Wang Chong would have to get past him before getting back his manual.


Wang Chong retracted his right hand and burst into laughter.

Seeing Wang Chong laugh, Wei Hao couldnt help but chuckle as well. The two brothers seemed to have gone back to the times when they were extremely close to one another, and the slight estrangement in their relationship that arose from Ma Zhous incident vanished completely.

Stinky brat, this Mountain Ascension Formula shall be my reward for the effort I have put in for the past few days, so dont even dream about getting this back! Right, if you have any more of such stuff in the future, make sure to tell me.

Dream on!

Wang Chong reprimanded him with a smile. Wang Chong wasnt surprised that Wei Hao would become so fond of this cultivation technique. This cultivation technique was created for people with average talents like Wei Hao.

As everyone knew, rather than geniuses, ordinary humans with ordinary talents were the most populous in the world.

Even though they were destined to achieve little, there were always exceptions to the rule. Regardless of what it was, there was always hope.

Mountain Ascension Formula was such a hope.

This cultivation technique didnt demand much of ones talents, but one had to put in ten times or even hundred times the effort to make up for it.

As the saying goes, the dumb bird learns to fly first. If ones talent couldnt match up with the others, one had to put in much more effort than them!

This was the concept behind the Mountain Ascension Formula!

There was no limit to this cultivation technique. From Origin Energy Tier to True Martial Tier, then to Profound Martial Tier, and on to Emperor Martial Tier, one could continue cultivating this cultivation technique upward, but one would have to put in much more hard work than the others. The further one advanced, the more hard work one had to put in, sometimes even up to a thousand times more.

For this cultivation technique, hard work was probably the only limit!

Even so, Wang Chong didnt have too great of an impression of this cultivation technique. In fact, he nearly failed to recall its existence. That was because even though this cultivation technique had mystical effects, it wasnt compatible with Wang Chong.

Everyone had a cultivation technique that was compatible with them. This cultivation technique may be formidable for Wei Hao, but to Wang Chong, it couldnt even compare up to an ordinary cultivation technique.

Furthermore, no one had been able to complete this cultivation technique in his previous life. The reason was simple:

Lack of time!

One needed a huge amount of time to practice this cultivation technique. Furthermore, there were less diligent people than geniuses in the world.

Its sufficient that you know of this. Dont talk about this cultivation technique to anyone else, including your father.

Wang Chong instructed.

Dont worry, I understand. After I become stronger, I will teach that brat Wei Zhe a lesson.

Wei Hao spoke indignantly.

Hearing Wei Hao speaking of his cousin, Wang Chong could only chuckle. Even though Wang Chong didnt find the possibility likely, he didnt say anything about it.

Everyone was fated to meet a nemesis in their life.

Wei Haos nemesis was his cousin, Wei Zhe.

In the younger generation of the Wei Clan, Wei Zhe was indisputably a genius. Even though he was younger than Wei Hao, his cultivation far surpassed his.

Perhaps he was angry that his fathers official position was lower than that of Wei Haos father. Or maybe, he wished to vent his fathers frustration on Wei Hao in his place.

Every time he came to the Wei Residence, he would target Wei Hao and look for reasons to beat him up.

This made Wei Haos father, the Duke of Wei, extremely angry. Furthermore, Wei Hao didnt inherit the Duke of Weis strength, possessing only ordinary talent. Thus, Wei Haos plight actually wasnt any easy as he usually behaved.

This was also one of the reasons why Wang Chong gave Wei Hao the Mountain Ascension Formula.

Putting this aside, I have something I need to trouble you on.

Diving straight into the topic, Wang Chong opened the wooden crate in the carriage and 17000 gold taels immediately appeared before their sights.

Here is 17000 gold taels. Take it and help me gather some rations, such as cow, goat, pig, banana, sorghum, millet It is fine as long as it is edible.

You sold the sword out?

Wei Haos eyes widened. The previous 37000 gold taels had been passed to the two Sindhi monks, so this additional 17000 gold taels must have come from the sales of the sword.

Un, I sold it for 35000 gold taels. Only half of the sum is here.

Wang Chong nodded his head, not hiding anything from Wei Hao.

Dont worry! This isnt a difficult matter to attend to as long as there is money. Leave it to me.

Wei Hao said.

Wei Hao didnt possess absolute say in the Wei Clan. Even so, as long as the money came from him, and it was just simple and profitable trade, the Wei Clan wouldnt obstruct him.

Also, I need your help on something.

Wang Chong whispered his thought. Hearing his words, Wei Hao nodded his head and said, No problems, leave this to me as well!

After instructing everything required, Wang Chong hopped off the carriage, leaving it to Wei Hao for him to transport the gold, and returned to his own residence.

His little sister was currently having the time of her life. After obtaining the huge sum of a few hundred gold taels from Wang Chong, she became a tycoon. Thus, she has been spending her days following behind Cousin Wang Zhu Yan, and sometimes, she didnt even return home.

Given the strict house rules of the Wang Clan, such actions were usually forbidden. However, since she was with Cousin Wang Zhu Yan, mother would allow the matter slip as long as the latter sent a note over.

After arranging the matter with the Sindhi monks, Wang Chong was completely free for the next few days. He would wake up in the middle of the night to cultivate his Dragon Bone Art and Herculean Fist. During the day, he would head to the Ghost Tree District and make a move with his black stone, dueling it out with the ex-God of War Su Zhengchen, who was still hiding in the shadows.

The days went by peacefully and orderly.

Come! Lets toast to Young Master Su!

I dont concede to anyone, but Young Master Su is an exception. Young Master Su has always been the person that I respect the most.

Zhang Wei, I agree with you! Come, Young Master Su, let me propose this toast to you. You have always been a person which I respect the most. In the capital, who hasnt heard of Young Master Sus name?

Indeed! Given the authority the Duke of Su possesses, who would dare to offend you? Even the Yao Clan and Wang Clan would have to tread carefully around you!

In the Eight Gods Pavilion, wine cups knocked against one another. A large group of people was gathered around Su Bai and they were busy fawning over him. Su Bai, lying horizontally on his chair, raised his wine cup and accepted their praises readily.

These scions gathered around him were of the most influential bunch in the capital. But honestly speaking, Su Bai didnt think highly of them.

Su Bai knew that they were fawning over him, but there was something that they were right about. That was, his father, the Duke of Su, Su Fuwei, was one of the most influential people in the Great Tang capital.

Even existences like the Yao Clan and Wang Clan couldnt disregard his fathers existence.

Right, Young Master Su, why would you suddenly call all of us over to treat us?

The group of scions put down their wine cups and asked curiously.

Su Bai wasnt a stingy person, but he wasnt a generous one either. Even his acquaintances found it hard to meet him in the Eight Gods Pavilion and have him treat them to a meal. Given how they were completely unrelated to him, the entire matter was probably out of question.

Yet, he took the initiative to invite everyone to the Eight Gods Pavilion to treat them to a meal. This has caught many of them off guard.

As the saying goes, the dumb bird learns to fly first.
Meaning, due to lack of talent, they would try their hand at something before anyone else could so that they could catch up with the others.