The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 736

Chapter 736: Fierce Battle With Dayan Mangban I
Chapter 736: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Om! Ma! Me! Hung!"

Dayan Mangban was pushing his strength to its limits, his mouth chanting a four-word mantra. Each of these words was imbued with endless profundity and power, and each one boosted Dayan Mangban's power.

Behind him, light and shadow began to intertwine, forming a golden crown that emerged out of the air, swiftly swelling and transforming into a vision of a golden mountain covered in snow.

But in a flash, black smoke billowed out of it. Other than the snowy-white peak, the rest of the mountain became pitch-black. Roooar! As everyone looked on, a lifelike black dragon, savage, evil, and seeking the destruction of the world, emerged from behind Dayan Mangban.

"Black Dragon Break!"

Shouting, Dayan Mangban shot into the air, becoming one with the dragon and rushing toward Wang Chong.


As bellows shook the heavens, a black dragon split off from Dayan Mangban, and then a second, a third, a fourth A total of nine of these savage black dragons appeared, blanketing the skies as they charged toward Wang Chong from every direction.

The Devil Dragon Art of the Great Snow Mountain!

Wang Chong's eyes flashed. Raising his head to look at the nine black dragons shooting toward him, he instantly recognized the supreme technique of the Great Snow Mountain that Dayan Mangban was using.

-Tsang's Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple was well-known throughout the world and was the source of all -Tsang's supreme martial arts. The techniques used by the Tibetan commanders on the battlefield were intimately connected to the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, either originating from a side branch of one of the Holy Temple's martial arts or coming directly from the Holy Temple.

A few of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple's supreme techniques were particularly well-known, with the Devil Dragon Art being one of them.

In the myths of -Tsang, a black devil dragon once broke out of the earth and wreaked havoc over the plateau, devouring countless livestock and killing countless shepherds and warriors.

None of the experts of the plateau were a match for it, and their corpses were strewn across the land. Only when the evil dragon charged to the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple and encountered the high priest was it ultimately sealed beneath the Great Snow Mountain.

It was through this ancient legend that all Tibetans knew that the Devil Dragon Art was created.

In his last life, Wang Chong had long ago heard of the Devil Dragon Art's power, but because this supreme technique was far too murderous, very people cultivated it and he never had a chance to see it.

Wang Chong had not expected Dayan Mangban to be using this mighty technique.

Boom! The nine black dragons crashed down, and the bannister that Wang Chong had been standing on was crushed into scrap metal. But by this time, Wang Chong had already taken off into the skies.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was already being pushed to its maximum extent. The sun and moon, golden and silver, sat on his shoulders. Wang Chong was also pushing out all the Stellar Energy he could in seething streams of energy, like thousands of dragons shuttling around his body and roaring.

Boom! With a subtle shift, Wang Chong once more dodged Dayan Mangban's attack.


Wang Chong's eyes turned cold as he jabbed out with the middle and index finger of his right hand. Instantly, a dazzling ray of white light, brighter than the sun, shot forward and toward an area three inches below Dayan Mangban's armpit.

This Sword Qi finally caused a slight flicker in Dayan Mangban's expression. This energy gave off a feeling so sharp that it was comparable to the sharpest of weapons.

Bang! Dayan Mangban twisted his body and dodged, causing the Sword Qi to shoot past him and punch a large hole through a metal bannister on the wall.

Dayan Mangban's eyes widened at this sight. It was well-known that of all warriors, Metal element warriors were the most difficult to deal with.

And of all Metal element warriors, those who used the sword were the most terrifying. Wang Chong was only at the Imperial Martial realm, but this Sword Qi of his was infinitesimally close to the Saint Martial realm. It could even pose a threat to someone of his level.

Just how many secrets does this boy have?

At this moment, Dayan Mangban finally put away his disdain.

'If he isn't killed, he'll be a massive problem for my -Tsang!' At this moment, Dayan Mangban recalled those words that Dalun Ruozan had said before he was imprisoned and suddenly began to understand.

But the stronger Wang Chong was and the more martial arts he knew, the more Dayan Mangban wanted to kill him.


Dayan Mangban raised his black and red spear in his right hand while his left hand controlled the Devil Dragon Art. Pushing his movement techniques to the limit, he instantly transformed into a furious storm that swept toward Wang Chong. Boomboomboom!In a few short moments, Dayan Mangban had attacked with his spear more than ten times, each strike containing enough power to shatter mountains.

Meanwhile, the Devil Dragon Art was causing even more black dragons to emerge from his left hand, attacking Wang Chong from various directions as if they had minds of their own.

On the other side, Wang Chong had uncharacteristically chosen to enter a fierce battle with Dayan Mangban. Bangbangbang!Although Wang Chong was only at the Imperial Martial realm, no one knew what the final result of this battle would be.

Dayan Mangban's body was brimming with a fierce and destructive Stellar Energy, but at least forty percent of it was being redirected or nullified through the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Not only that, Wang Chong was using the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to make his movements unpredictable. Its terrifying attractive force was not restricted to altering and restricting the attacks and movements of his opponents. It could also be used to alter his own direction and speed.

The clearest sign of this was that while Wang Chong was flying through the air, he could alter his course and speed in complete defiance of gravity and common sense. Even a Tibetan brigadier general like Dayan Mangban, an elite expert of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, found it impossible to judge where Wang Chong would be moving.

All judgments and predictions were useless in front of Wang Chong. More than seventy percent of Dayan Mangban's attacks ended up missing the mark.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Winds raged as waves of energy shot everywhere. Wang Chong's left hand was using the Art of God and Demon Obliteration while his right hand was wielding his Wootz Steel sword, both his palm and sword working together with the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, as he engaged in an intense battle with Dayan Mangban.

Dayan Mangban was publicly acknowledged as an elite expert of the Tibetan Plateau, only second to Imperial Great Generals like Dusong Mangpoje and Huoshu Huicang. He had a deep store of battlefield experience, but Wang Chong seemed to have even deeper stores.


Wang Chong slapped a palm against the thick black smoke of the Stellar Energy barrier around Dayan Mangban. Although he hadn't cared at the start, Dayan Mangban suddenly felt an extreme uneasiness. A sharp and pure energy had pierced through the barrier, heading straight for his heart.

"Damn it!"

Dayan Mangban was startled. Even though he was a composed person who rarely revealed his emotions, even he couldn't suppress this sensation that made his blood run cold.

His Stellar Energy barrier hadn't been broken, yet the energy from Wang Chong's palm strike had still gotten in, attacking his body directly. This matter was simply absurd and impossible to believe.

Dayan Mangban had never seen such a thing in all his life.

Without any time to think, Dayan Mangban brought his right hand around, using the spear to disperse the bolt of lethal energy.

"Brat, just where did you learn this martial art?"

Dayan Mangban was never one to waste time on such useless words, but he truly couldn't keep this question down. The Great Snow Mountain had an ancient legacy and a collection of martial arts manuals as vast as the sea, but Dayan Mangban was sure that not even the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple had such a strange and unexplainable technique.

"If you can last, I'll tell you!"

Wang Chong's body was a blur, his Sword Qi crisscrossing the air and sending it into turmoil. It was simply impossible to pin down his actual position.

The Stellar Energy Piercer was an ability that Wang Chong had obtained from the Stone of Destiny. It wasn't very powerful, but it seemed particularly effective against an expert like Dayan Mangban, who was at a higher level than him.

Wang Chong had already upgraded the Stellar Energy Piercer to an astonishing level.

"Seeking death!"

At these words, Dayan Mangban instantly turned furious.

"Do you really think I can't deal with you? Devil Dragon Slash!"


A heaven-shaking dragon cry resounded over the City of Steel and a roiling black smoke began to envelop the area. Dayan Mangban suddenly vanished from sight, but a massive evil dragon flew out of the smoke.

Boom! The moment it appeared, the dragon turned and charged at Wang Chong, its speed suddenly accelerating.

This attack was far more powerful than the previous attack. Not only was it as fast as a lightning bolt, impossible to dodge, but the range of the attack was massive.

Even Wang Chong couldn't help but widen his eyes, sensing an intense danger.

"Leaping Dragon Art!"

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong used a supreme technique that very few people in this world knew.


As thousands looked on, Dayan Mangban in the form of a black dragon crashed like a meteor into the sturdy steel walls of the City of Steel.

Wind exploded and steel clattered with a sound that was almost deafeningly shrill. For a moment, everyone even believed that the black dragon had annihilated a part of the walls.

But the City of Steel had still managed to take the blow. Not only that, everyone could clearly see a small dot rising out of the black smoke like a bird, barely managing to dodge Dayan Mangban's lethal strike.

Leaping Dragon Art!

Using this technique, Wang Chong could spiral into the air like a coiling dragon. At Wang Chong's current level, this martial art was not that profound, but it displayed unimaginable strength at this moment, allowing Wang Chong to dodge Dayan Mangban's 'Devil Dragon Slash'.

At Wang Chong's current level of cultivation, with his memories from two worlds and his experiences from his last life at the peak of the Saint Martial realm, he no longer restrained his choice techniques based on power and level. He wasn't some inflexible diehard; he would use whichever technique was appropriate for the occasion.