The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Fierce Battle With Dayan Mangban Ii
Chapter 737: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


On the city wall below, the black smoke scattered, revealing the figure of Dayan Mangban with his black and red spear. As he raised his head to look at Wang Chong high in the air, a cold light gleamed in his eyes.

"Where are you going!"

Dayan Mangban stamped his foot down and took off like a furious gale. The spear in his hand even transformed into an evil dragon, sending out black coils of smoke as he pursued Wang Chong with astonishing speed. In the air, there was no place to get a foothold to weave or dodge, making one far less agile. In these circumstances, Dayan Mangban couldn't possibly let his target go.

But Dayan Mangban had deeply underestimated Wang Chong's reflexes and speed. Buzz! His right hand snatched out at a distant wall, and without a single handhold, Wang Chong altered his falling trajectory, quickly appearing on that wall.

"Sanyuan, Shixuan, dispatch a group of soldiers to clear up the White Braves in the city, and strengthen the guard around the gate. In addition, Xu Keyi, Guan Yu, Chen Bin Death's Scythe!"

Wang Chong proudly stood on the city wall, his eyes locked on Dayan Mangban and exuding a cold light.

The Great Snow Mountain's Devil Dragon Art, a Saint Martial cultivator of the brigadier general level, his tyrannical Stellar Energy, and his extraordinary experience and skill on the battlefield made Dayan Mangban probably the strongest and most troublesome opponent Wang Chong had encountered since his reincarnation.

His cultivation wouldn't be enough to hold down and kill this major enemy of the Qixi Protectorate. He needed to borrow the strength of others.

"Yes, Milord!"

Shouts came from various places on the walls. In the blink of an eye, Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, Xu Keyi, Chen Bin, Guan Yu the officers of the City of Steel gathered and took formation behind Wang Chong.

Death's Scythe!

This was a small-scale joint attack formation that was used to challenge solitary elite experts!

Previously, Xu Shiping, Xu Andun and the others had used the formation with only eight people, but only in Wang Chong's hands would Death's Scythe show its true power. As more and more of the elite experts under Wang Chong's command gathered, he continued to grow stronger and stronger.

Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

The number of experts behind Wang Chong quickly doubled, and it continued to increase, quickly reaching twenty and rising.

And when the number of experts behind Wang Chong reached thirty-two


There was a flash of light and space began to twist. Thirty-two people, or thirty-three including Wang Chong, formed into 'Death's Scythe', all of their gazes locked onto the distant Dayan Mangban.

The energy of these thirty-three people fused into one, their combined Stellar Energy growing even stronger.


A howl could be heard, brimming with the thick stench of death. Above Wang Chong's group, a massive scythe, three-some zhang long and incomparably sharp, manifested in the air.

And behind this scythe, a black and twisted figure, several times the size of an adult man, appeared.


Dayan Mangban extended his legs and landed on the wall across from Wang Chong. As he looked at that image manifesting above Wang Chong's forces, he couldn't help but pale.

He had some understanding of the martial arts of the Central Plains, as -Tsang had many spies in the Central Plains. But the formation being used here still took Dayan Mangban by surprise.

To put it simply, Dayan Mangban had never seen this sort of formation.

Yet Dayan Mangban could sense that this formation was incredibly fierce. At the very least, it was not one that he could treat lightly.

"Dayan Mangban, now we can have a good fight!"

Illuminated by the dim light from the furnaces outside the walls, Wang Chong stood on the wall, a thin smile finally emerging on his lips. There was still a massive gap in strength between him and Dayan Mangban, so in the battle, he had been very constrained.

But boosted by Death's Scythe, his strength was on a completely different level. Borrowing the power of these thirty-two officers, he had now reached the peak of Imperial Martial Tier 9. Although he was still not at the Saint Martial realm, this was enough strength for Wang Chong to challenge Dayan Mangban.


With a stomp of his foot, Wang Chong shot into the air. For the first time, he was the one on the offensive.


Behind him, Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, Xu Keyi, and the others shot into the air at the same time, closely following Wang Chong in attack. The greatest advantage of joint attack formations was that all the strength of the people in the formation fused together. Thus, it wasn't just Wang Chong who received a boost in strength. All the other officers did as well.

"Impudent! You really think that just calling over a few more people will help you out?"

Dayan Mangban was enraged by this. An imposing Saint Martial expert was being challenged by a measly Imperial Martial expert! This was simply a disgrace!

Boom! He stomped his foot down, causing a circle of black inscriptions to explode outward and the wall to tremble and vibrate. Borrowing this strength, Dayan Mangban lunged toward Wang Chong's group like a furious dragon, his spear shuddering.

But the result of this exchange took Dayan Mangban completely by surprise.


An explosion of Stellar Energy threw the surrounding air into complete turmoil. Ding! In this fierce battle, no one noticed Wang Chong stretch out his left hand and touch the surface of Dayan Mangban's heavy and tough spear. Hwoom! Like a balloon being punctured, Dayan Mangban suddenly lost control of his Stellar Energy, part of it flooding out and entering Wang Chong's body.

"Brat, what evil art are you using?!"

Dayan Mangban was dumbfounded.

Wang Chong only sneered as he grabbed at the air with his right hand. Rumble! Another flood of Stellar Energy and blood energy was drawn into his body. Through the power of Death's Scythe, Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had also been strengthened.

A Brigadier General like Dayan Mangban had extremely condensed and firm Stellar Energy, making it much more difficult to absorb.

But it was just a question of difficulty.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was a legendary art of the evil path, the name of which would cause even many experts of the evil path to tremble in fear. Dayan Mangban at his strongest would still be classified as 'normal'.


Stellar Energy seethed, and in a radius of several hundred zhang, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art began to transform the wind into furious dragons that roared and howled as they crashed against Dayan Mangban from all sides.

These dragons of air could do little harm to an expert like Dayan Mangban, but they made him furious. These turbulent streams of wind might not have been able to hurt him, but they were a constant disturbance, affecting his ability to fight.

This was incredibly dangerous!

Although Wang Chong was still weaker than Dayan Mangban, he was not so weak that Dayan Mangban could completely disregard him. In terms of strength, Wang Chong could actually rival normal Saint Martial experts.

And his fighting experience and techniques gave even Dayan Mangban a headache.

"Damn it! Damn it!"

Dayan Mangban's long hair and beard were in disorder and a fury was welling up in his heart. He wasn't just angered by Wang Chong's strange technique that could nullify forty percent of his strength, but also Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, and the other clowns.

"Xu Keyi, you attack above the waist!

"Chen Bin, attack below the waist!

"Shixian, you and I will attack his right ribs together!

"Everyone, work together and help Young Master!"

Cheng Sanyuan and Su Shixuan were not sitting idly by while Wang Chong was attacking. While Wang Chong was holding Dayan Mangban down, the thirty-two officers showered down attacks on him from all sides.

In normal circumstances, when Wang Chong wasn't suppressing him, he would be crushing a few of these 'ants' every minute. But now, these 'ants' were acting wantonly, assaulting him without any fear.

Not even Dayan Mangban could block thirty-two people, sixty-four hands, launching attacks from every direction. Bangbangbang! Attack after attack crashed against Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy barrier like a thunderous rain.

Although his defenses remained solid, Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, and the others were forcing Dayan Mangban to exhaust his Stellar Energy. Now that Wang Chong had used Death's Scythe, the battle had become a competition of energy reserves.

No matter how formidable Dayan Mangban was, he was just one man, and the Tibetan Plateau worshiped individual strength and valor, not joint attack formations. Although the Great Tang had battle formations like the Mighty Miracle God that could combine the power of tens of thousands of soldiers, even hundreds of thousands of soldiers, such a thing was impossible in -Tsang.

"Buffoonish clowns, you're truly seeking death!"

Dayan Mangban clenched his teeth, his eyes madly twitching. Pushing Wang Chong back, he immediately changed the target of his spear. Although it had been aimed at Wang Chong just moments ago, with a boom, it suddenly shifted toward one of the officers of the Death's Scythe formation behind him.

As the spear struck, the air exploded with waves of energy, but the Brigadier General's determined strike had unexpectedly missed.

"Dayan Mangban, don't forget your objective. Your target is me!"

Wang Chong coldly laughed. His Wootz Steel sword suddenly began to ring, instantly producing thousands of sword images. Wang Chong's aura also underwent a sudden transformation, becoming a sharp and straight sword that had descended from the heavens.

'Art of God and Demon Obliteration'. After the southwestern war, after the game of chess underneath the scholar tree, Great Tang War God Su Zhengchen had taught Wang Chong this supreme sword art.

In terms of pure power, the Art of God and Demon Obliteration might not have been as strong as the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, but it definitely ranked in the top three.