The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 738

Chapter 738: Fierce Battle With Dayan Mangban Iii
Chapter 738: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


White light exploded, and shallow tears appeared in the air, lingering and not dispersing. Meanwhile, Wang Chong's sword images had already cut through Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy barrier. In defiance of all reason, the intangible barrier of Stellar Energy had been instantly cut in two like it was a watermelon, startling Dayan Mangban.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it!"

Dayan Mangban's teeth were clenched, his eyes wide open. The Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple had a legacy of one thousand years, and was the source of all martial arts on the plateau. Its long legacy was enough for it to stand on equal terms with the Central Plains. Dayan Mangban had visited the sacred mountain, entered the holy temple, and met its masters, yet he had never seen one person display so many powerful techniques.

Wang Chong was clearly weaker than him by an entire realm, but he seemed to have a limitless reserve of strange techniques. That evil art that could absorb energy was astonishing enough, and now he had this kind of inconceivably sharp Sword Qi.

People who simultaneously knew so many powerful arts were rare, even in the holy temple.

"Squads three, four, seven, and twelve Death's Scythe Formation! Dayan Mangban, ha, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware that the oriole is close behind. I'll first get rid of you, and then I'll get rid of your White Braves! I'd like to see then what -Tsang will use to fight against me!"

Wang Chong's eyes were bright and fierce, as sharp as blades in the darkness, and his voice was like a peal of thunder, booming over the city. In military strategy, it was said that quality of soldiers was better than quantity. The environment of Qixi was complicated, so there was nothing wrong with Dayan Mangban's use of several thousand White Braves to assault the city.

Purely in terms of the art of war, Dayan Mangban had already surpassed many Tibetan generals, even some renowned Great Tang generals. Wang Chong had to admire him for this, even though they were enemies.

Unfortunately, there was always someone better in the vast world, and Dayan Mangban had run into him.

As long as he could kill Dayan Mangban, then to Wang Chong, fighting an urban battle against the White Braves bereft of their horses would be a simple task.

Wang Chong could even open up the city after killing Dayan Mangban and kill all the Tibetans before daybreak.

Moreover, with Dayan Mangban's death, a massive threat to Qixi would be eliminated.

"Yes, Lord Marquis!"

Determined voices came from all around the city, and in a short time, the elite soldiers who had fought in the southwest formed into squads and merged their energies, becoming unstoppable floods of steel.

After the conclusion of the southwestern war, Wang Chong had engaged in a large-scale expansion of the Death's Scythe formation in the army. At this moment, his efforts were finally proving their worth.

"Everyone, let's go and help Lord Marquis!"

"The enemies this time are extremely powerful. Everyone, be careful!"


With these last words, the squads set off. Stellar Energy churned as the names of various martial art techniques were yelled out. The advantage of being trained in a great clan immediately became apparent.

"Coiling Dragon Roar!"

"Qi Spear Art!"

"Consecutive Seven Execution!"

Each fighting squad, consisting of seven to ten members, launched various attacks at Dayan Mangban that incessantly assaulted his barrier.

"Squad three, attack from the southwest, targeting his Mingmen Point!

"Squad four, from the southeast, target his Bijing Point!

"Squad seven, withdraw!"

Wang Chong had barely spoken when, boom! The seventh squad barely managed to avoid a destructive black dragon made of Stellar Energy. If not for Wang Chong's timely order, the seventh squad would have come away with heavy injuries.

"Continue! Squad twelve, take the place of squad seven!"

As he issued order after order, Wang Chong's superb ability to command revealed itself. What was a simple warrior-against-warrior battle had now been forcibly converted into a battle of one against many.

On one side of the battle were Wang Chong and his nearly one hundred elites. On the other side was the infamous Tibetan Brigadier General Dayan Mangban. Dayan Mangban had brought two or three thousand White Braves with him, but at this moment, the existence of the City of Steel meant that they practically didn't exist.

"Squads twenty-one, twenty-two, and twenty-three, get ready Enter!"

Wang Chong was still gathering more elites and bringing them into the fight. The area on the walls was narrow, but Wang Chong was fully using this terrain and the differences in altitude to attack.

Thump thump thump! One squad after another answered Wang Chong's summons and entered the fight. At this moment, the only elites that hadn't been called over were the ballista teams.


The booms were constant and unending. Wang Chong only had four ballistae, but he had countless bolts in bundles laid out on the ground, far more than necessary.

Although Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, and the other elites were now fighting elsewhere, the practiced operation of the ballistae and their innate power meant that the White Braves were still unable to make much headway on the walls.

The more than two thousand White Braves were unable to get onto the walls in large numbers, so they naturally couldn't get the gate open. Naturally, these elites of the Tibetan Plateau also did not know that their commander-in-chief, Dayan Mangban, was currently about to go crazy from Wang Chong's incessant assault.

"Damned thing!

"Die for me!"

Dayan Mangban's eyes were twitching, his mind growing increasingly annoyed. Rumble! He threw his spear, not at Wang Chong, but at the Great Tang 'Death's Scythe' teams.

The nature of this battle was shifting, and Dayan Mangban had never imagined that these Great Tang soldiers that would usually be barely worth his time could be so annoying.

It had taken barely any time for Wang Chong to summon twenty-some squads, a hundred and seventy to eighty soldiers. They filled the area around Dayan Mangban, launching attacks at him from every direction.

This was now him against Wang Chong and nearly two hundred soldiers.

This would have never happened normally. Anyone who would try to deal with him by slowly exhausting his energy would be so foolish as to be seeking their deaths.

But Wang Chong had made this possible.

"Wang Chong, do you really think I can't deal with you? The Great Snow Seals, the Devil Dragon Destroys All!"

Dayan Mangban's eyes turned vicious. Even he found this constant exhaustion of his energy to be somewhat unbearable. Boom! A seething black energy exploded out from him as he shot into the sky like a black meteor.


Winds howled as the black meteor reached its zenith. At that moment, all the workmen and guards in the city suddenly saw a massive snowy mountain in the sky.

This snowy mountain seemed even more real and physical than the last, and even larger as well. It was more than a hundred zhang tall, enough to astonish anyone who saw it.


A massive dragon bellowed. Dark clouds roiled beneath the snowy mountain, and a savage and wicked dragon coiled within, its eyes red and bursting with an energy that could annihilate the entire world.

"Before absolute strength, all techniques are insignificant tricks. Let me show you what true strength is!"

Dayan Mangban's voice echoed over the sky, resounding over the City of Steel like the voice of a god.

At this moment, the entire world was still, all being silent, all staring at the massive evil dragon, all feeling a fear that came from the darkest, deepest depths of their soul.

"The Great Snow Seals, the Devil Dragon Destroys Allthis is the strongest and most profound of the Devil Dragon Art's techniques."

Dayan Mangban had relied on this technique to shatter Lesser Balur, utterly destroying its fortifications and causing this minor kingdom of the Western Regions to submit and become a vassal of -Tsang.

This technique was so powerful that it could destroy everyone on the walls, including Wang Chong.


Wang Chong sneered, his hair blowing in the wind as he fearlessly looked up to the heavens.

"Dayan Mangban, your way of thinking is too simple. Who cares about the Great Snow Mountain? Who cares about the Devil Dragon? Let me show you what the true martial arts of the Central Plains are like!

"Yin and Yang interchange, the heavens and earth reverse! Great Yinyang Art!"

With a howl, Wang Chong suddenly gathered up all of his strength, as well as that of the thirty-two officers, and soared into the air like a hawk. Buzz! The illusory sun and moon on his shoulders suddenly became corporeal, turning respectively into gold and red streams of energy that began to spiral together, forming a sun-like Yin Yang forcefield with a radius of ten-some zhang.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was not a technique purely meant for battle. Its greater purpose lay in absorbing an opponent's energy to rapidly increase a cultivator's strength. Fighting was not its primary mission.

But this did not mean that it was ineffective in battle. On the contrary, the reason the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was known as the supreme evil art, which made all the masters of that path quiver in fear, was precisely that it was so terrifying in battle.

As the number one evil art for several thousand years, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had three top-notch techniques that could be used in battle.

'Yin and Yang interchange, the heavens and earth reverse, the Great Yinyang Art' was one of these three!

Each of the three battle techniques of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had extremely harsh requirements. For example, the Great Yinyang Art was a technique that was specially meant for fighting stronger opponents, like Dayan Mangban now.

But this technique still required an extremely high level of cultivation to use. If Wang Chong were not being boosted by the Death's Scythe Formation and had also not absorbed a part of Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy, he would have never reached the requirement.

In addition, using the technique also required a great deal of blood energy and mental energy.

One would suffer a drastic drop in strength after using this technique, so if one could not finish off their opponent, one was highly likely to end up being pursued and killed. This was why Wang Chong did not lightly use this move.


In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong, cloaked in gold and red Stellar Energy, smashed into Dayan Mangban. The sound of the collision was so massive that it seemed like the heavens were about to tear open. The sound waves were so intense that everyone felt deaf and began to see stars.

"Cover your ears!"

The nervous workmen began to put their hands over their ears, their faces twisted into grimaces, but many more were staring at the sky with eyes wide open.