The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 739

Chapter 739: Frightening Away Dayan

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the air, Wang Chong's Stellar Energy fiercely clashed with Dayan Mangban's. Wang Chong was far weaker than his foe, but by using a strange energy, he was able to borrow at least half of Dayan Mangban's energy and use it for his own purposes. This Stellar Energy combined with the energy around Wang Chong, transforming into a mighty flood that thundered toward Dayan Mangban.


The massive dragon roared and the mountain of snow crumbled. In that one moment, it was possible to hear a groan of pain. In a flash of light, a figure crashed down from the sky, falling atop the walls.

Boom! At this time, everyone could clearly see that the one to drop from the air had not been Wang Chong, but Dayan Mangban.

"How is this possible?"

Xu Keyi and the others were stunned by this sight. They had personally experienced Dayan Mangban's power. That nearly two hundred army elites were required to surround and attack him was testament enough to his power.

When Wang Chong soared into the air, everyone had expected him to fail and had prepared for the aftermath. Yet to their surprise, the seemingly much more powerful Dayan Mangban had lost this contest of power, and it seemed like his wounds were not light.

"Brat, I'll give this one to you. I didn't expect you to use this sort of method. But this is far from over! I'll be coming again, and you might not be so lucky then Retreat!"

Dayan Mangban's voice echoed over the City of Steel, brimming with savagery and loathing. Before anyone else could react, Dayan Mangban suddenly jumped over the city wall and vanished.


The suddenness of this left everyone dumbfounded. No one could have predicted that Dayan Mangban would choose this moment to retreat.

Buzz! Mere moments after he jumped down the wall, there was a flash of light, and Wang Chong floated down from the sky to the place on the wall that Dayan Mangban had fallen.

He looked over the wall and outside. The fearless White Braves who had seemed ready to keep up the attack forever had been thrown into chaos at Dayan Mangban's sudden retreat.

Many of the White Braves were still confused as to what was going on. They only saw Dayan Mangban jump down from the wall, mount a horse, and ride off into the distance, so they followed him.

The undaunted valor of the White Braves had instantly evaporated.



With a grim expression, Wang Chong raised an arm and gave an order. Creakcreak! The archers from the great clans within the city began to jump back onto the walls and pull on their bowstrings.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A dense rain of arrows descended like a cloud of locusts from the 'beehives' installed fifteen meters above the ground, bursting toward the several thousand White Braves.


Warhorses cried as they reared up on their hindlegs. Some of the arrows struck the hindquarters of these horses, causing them to throw off their riders in their painful contortions, while others were struck in vital areas and dropped on the spot.


At this sight and the sounds of the neighing warhorses and panicked White Braves, the entire city exploded with cheers.


"We've won!"

"I just knew that with Lord Marquis here, no one could ever capture the City of Steel!"

The City of Steel was an ocean of cheers, and on the walls, the clan experts and soldiers from the army found themselves regarding Wang Chong with utter admiration.

At the start of the assault, the archer teams from the great clans had been ready to fire a volley of arrows, but Wang Chong had stopped them.

Everyone had been puzzled by this order, but now, no one questioned Wang Chong's decision.

Although these Tibetans were equipped with thick armor, and their horses similarly equipped, not even the formidable Tibetans could protect the hindquarters of a warhorse.

This was the only weakness in their defense.

This was not because the Tibetans had been careless or neglectful. The hindquarters were where warhorses excreted their waste, and there was also the long tail to consider. Armor for this area was difficult to make and very uncomfortable for the horses, and they often kicked it away.

This wasn't usually any big problem, but at this moment, it became the Achilles' Heel of the Tibetans that Wang Chong now exploited.

Neeeeigh! In a few short moments, one to two hundred Tibetans were brought down to the ground.

"Quickly, save them!"

Hearing the activity behind them, the White Braves began to turn their horses around with the intent of aiding their dismounted comrades. But what welcomed them was a shower of sharp and powerful ballista bolts.

Boom! A White Brave who had just turned his horse around and begun to charge back had his head blown through by a ballista bolt. The Tibetan's eyes widened and his body trembled as he went rigid and toppled from his horse.


One ballista bolt after another was fired from the walls. When the White Braves began to flee from the walls, the four ballistae no longer had anything to fear and began to freely fire on the White Braves.

While the Tibetans were panicked and fleeing, the ballista team fired away. In just a few moments, thirty to forty White Braves who had turned around to aid their brethren were struck down.

"Retreat! Retreat!" a White Brave officer in the distance hurriedly shouted. Although they were very unwilling, the remaining Tibetans quickly took off.

"Lord Marquis, a good chance! Let's pursue."

On the walls, Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan and the others hurried over to Wang Chong, the joy visible on their faces. Dayan Mangban had been defeated by Wang Chong and the Tibetans were in disarray. This was a superb opportunity to chase them down and expand on their victory.

"There's no need!"

Wang Chong put a stop to this idea.

"Now is not the time to chase them. Xu Keyi, take some people and finish off those dismounted Tibetans. Without their warhorses, they won't be able to run very far."

With these words, Wang Chong gave a light cough, tinged with a hint of weakness. Startled, Cheng Sanyuan and the others raised their heads and finally noticed that Wang Chong's face was pale, his breathing weak. He had none of the appearance of a proud victor returning from battle.

"Lord Marquis!"

They hurriedly went up to support Wang Chong.

He truly deserves his rank of Brigadier General of -Tsang! Future King of Generals, I underestimated you!

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he looked in the direction that Dayan Mangban had fled toward. The gap in strength between him and Dayan Mangban was still there, and even though Wang Chong had used the Great Yinyang Art in the final attack and even turned a part of Dayan Mangban's own attack against him, Wang Chong had still failed to absorb his energy, much less severely wound him.

Dayan Mangban was currently only frightened and surprised. Once he came back to his senses and realized that he wasn't as injured as he imagined, the City of Steel would truly be in danger.

"Hurry and clean up the area. Sweep the battlefield," Wang Chong said.

"Yes, Lord Marquis."

The officers all lowered their heads.

With these words, Wang Chong jumped off the wall. In the air, he used the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art on the wall, using the attractive force to slow his fall into a float.

"Ho, he's the Tang commander! Kill him and we'll have succeeded!"

Wang Chong had barely landed on the ground when he was greeted by Tibetan shouts from all sides. Though their warhorses had been killed, the dismounted White Braves did not flee upon seeing Wang Chong. Rather, their first reaction was to pull out their scimitars and charge.


Wang Chong only sneered. Without even glancing at them, he activated the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. Four of the White Braves were still several zhang from Wang Chong when their faces froze in shock. Their bodies trembled as Stellar Energy flooded out of them and into Wang Chong's body.

"Evil evil art!"

The White Braves shuddered as they were quickly sucked dry, their corpses left to drop to the ground.


Wang Chong gave a long sigh. With the energy of the White Braves, he immediately felt much better.

Now, it's time to end this battle!

Wang Chong opened his eyes and looked around at the nearby White Braves. Buzz! In a flash of light, Wang Chong appeared ten-some zhang away in front of a White Brave, his right hand pressed on the unlucky soldier's head.

"Save save me!"

The White Brave's eyes were wide open and full of fear as he was quickly sucked dry and killed.

What followed outside of the City of Steel was scream after scream. The murderous and fierce White Braves of the Tibetan Plateau had become Wang Chong's prey.

This was not a battle, only a one-sided massacre.

A few moments later, the battle was over. Nearly two hundred White Braves had added their number to the corpses outside the city. These elite cavalry whose strength was nearly equal to the Mamelukes of the Abbasid Caliphate were merely ants before Wang Chong.

An army's advantage was in its numbers. Without an absolute advantage in numbers, soldiers fighting against an elite expert would fare little better than fighting one-on-one.

Eight-hundred-some zhang from the city, Wang Chong had his eyes closed in meditation, attempting to soothe his seething blood energy, when he suddenly heard a familiar voice at his ear. "Lord Marquis, the battle within the city is also over. All sixteen Tibetans have been eliminated and order has been restored. Our brothers have already begun to clear up the corpses."

Wang Chong's eyes opened as he asked, "Have you found out how they managed to sneak in?"

The City of Steel had a long expanse of walls, and if one wanted to, it was completely possible to attack and enter the city from another direction. However, that was in the case of a powerful foe who was engaging openly with the defenses. But to climb over the walls and enter the city without anyone noticing or making any noise? That was simply impossible.