The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 755

Chapter 755: Zhangzhung Wiped Out

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The general's intervention had instantly altered the course of this battle. Wang Chong's Wushang Cavalry had initially been charging through the Tibetans as if cleaving through bamboo, but this Tibetan general had put a stop to that, immediately dealing them a setback. Not only that, the Tibetan cavalry were clearly beginning to rally, gathering behind him to form a new line of battle.

"Hmph, Dayan Pugyal!"

Wang Chong's gaze chilled, his gaze passing over that red highland steed as he instantly recognized the general. If everything was as expected, then the highest commander of Zhangzhung Recruit Training Camp should be 'Dayan Pugyal'.

Like Dayan Mangban, he came from -Tsang's renowned Dayan Clan.

If one said that Dayan Mangban was -Tsang's Asura, a 'mad dog' or 'venomous snake' to be used against the surrounding countries, then Dayan Pugyal was -Tsang's 'source of vitality'.

In Dayan Pugyal's decades presiding over Zhangzhung, he had trained countless soldiers for the -Tsang Empire. Batch after batch of herdsmen, ordinary Tibetans, and tribal warriors entered this camp and were trained by Dayan Pugyal into the fierce and valiant Tibetan cavalry that made all the surrounding countries tremble in fear.

It was precisely the existence of Dayan Pugyal that allowed a madman like Dayan Mangban to crazily pursue his conquests without fear of consequence.

Dayan Pugyal had been managing this training camp for a very long time. Based on the information Wang Chong had in hand, this general had begun to preside over Zhangzhung in the era of Great Tang War God Wang Zhongsi, even before Geshu Han had made his name.

Many of the soldiers that Wang Zhongsi had battled against in Longxi had been trained by this man.

In -Tsang, these two cousins, Dayan Mangban and Dayan Pugyal, were often called the 'Two Heroes of Dayan'. Although Dayan Pugyal rarely headed to the front lines or took part in battle, he was no less of a threat than Dayan Mangban. From a certain perspective, he was an even greater threat.

"Since I've run into you, then I might as well just kill you!"

Wang Chong's pupils constricted and his eyes instantly began to explode with killing intent.

Dayan Pugyal was extremely powerful. From his attack just now, although he was not as formidable as Dayan Mangban, he was at least at the Saint Martial realm, stronger than Wang Chong. At any other time, Wang Chong was truly not necessarily a match for him, but now that he had his five thousand formidable Wushang Cavalry, everything was different.

"Cutting Formation!"

With Wang Chong's order, the Wushang Cavalry elegantly scattered, once more dividing into the fifty hundred-man groups. Each of these groups was like a chain that ripped into the Tibetan army.

Their adjustment was so fast, their strength so formidable, and their cooperation so superb that even Dayan Pugyal couldn't help but widen his eyes. He had been training the soldiers of the plateau for decades and had seen all levels of soldiers. But not even the strongest of the soldiers he had trained could be so well-trained as this, working with such superb cooperation and discipline This level of soldier was not something any normal commander or military camp could produce.

If he had not seen it for himself, he would have found it very difficult to imagine that there was an even more capable trainer of soldiers than him, and this person would be a Tang, from a people who did not emphasize cavalry!

But it took only a moment for Dayan Pugyal to regain his composure.

"Die for me!"

With a chilling gaze, Dayan Pugyal waved his scimitar in Wang Chong's direction. He could already see that this seventeen-year-old youth was the commander of this strange group of Tang cavalry. If he could just kill him, the Tang would naturally collapse and the crisis would be averted.


His warhorse neighed as Dayan Pugyal became one with it, lunging forward like a celestial dragon toward Wang Chong.


On the other side, Wang Chong looked on with cold eyes and sneered. Slap! Patting his warhorse, he turned around and also became one with it, blurring into a straight line as he charged toward Dayan Pugyal.


A cry shook the heavens, Wang Chong pointing his sword at Dayan Pugyal as he gave the final order to charge.



The two commanding generals were travelling at such high speeds that the distance between them instantly shrank to nothing. There was a massive boom as the two figures leapt into the air and clashed.

At the moment of collision, Wang Chong's body suddenly flashed, the radiance spreading out from Wang Chong's feet and attaching itself to Dayan Pugyal.

Dayan Pugyal's strength immediately dropped. Even someone as determined, composed, and steady as Dayan Pugyal couldn't help but pale at this moment.

The Martial General Halo! In this clash, Wang Chong had chosen without hesitation to unleash the powerful halo he had obtained from the Stone of Destiny.


The earth quaked and the heavens shuddered. As countless soldiers watched, a dazzling light, like a sun descending upon the mortal world, exploded from the point of collision, rapidly expanding outward.

Whoosh! A fierce wind and intense Stellar Energy ripped through the area like a hurricane. All the soldiers in this area, whether they were ordinary Tibetans, Wushang Cavalry, or Qinghai Soldiers, were sent flying.



In front of these two commanders, the clash of the two strongest experts on the field, all the soldiers fearfully began to flee. Dayan Pugyal was an expert at Tier 3 or 4 of the Saint Martial realm, but even all his years in Tsongkha, this was the first time his soldiers were seeing his power.

As for the Great Tang youth

Although no one knew where he had come from, that he could go toe-to-toe with Dayan Pugyal was proof enough of his strength. As everyone was fleeing, they all heard an intense cry.


A scarlet figure suddenly shot into the sky like a ray of light. Before anyone could react, this figure fiercely slashed at Dayan Pugyal.

Boom! This was a blow from Li Siye that mustered all his power, and even Dayan Pugyal was visibly shocked. Li Siye was strong himself, and he had also borrowed the charging power of a Ferghana horse. At this moment, even someone of Dayan Pugyal's strength found it difficult to cope with both Wang Chong and Li Siye.

Buzz! Dayan Pugyal's Stellar Energy barrier instantly dimmed. But this was only the beginning. More neighing could be heard from all around as the five thousand Wushang Cavalry fighting with the Tibetan army suddenly began to turn around.

The fifty groups of cavalry shot like lightning bolts toward Dayan Pugyal. By the time Dayan Pugyal, Wang Chong, and Li Siye landed, all the Wushang Cavalry had arrived.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One after another, the Wushang Cavalry charged at Dayan Pugyal.

At this moment, Dayan Pugyal's face was contorted in fear. He wanted to dodge, but it was already too late. When Wang Chong had given the order for his five thousand cavalry to scatter, he had already set their objective as Dayan Pugyal.


Thousands of warhorses flew by him as their riders slashed at Dayan Pugyal. "Aaah!" There was a miserable scream as Dayan Pugyal's Stellar Energy barrier wavered like a candle in the wind. In the blink of an eye, he had dropped from Tier 3 or 4 of the Saint Martial realm to Tier 1 or 2, and then to Tier 8 of the Imperial Martial realm, and then Tier 6

Boom! A Wootz Steel sword taller than a man stabbed through Dayan Pugyal's body in a single thrust.

And during the entire process, Wang Chong had been using the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to constantly hold Dayan Pugyal down!

In the end, there was a massive thud as Dayan Pugyal fell backward, his eyes wide open and his arms spread wide. More than half of the Stellar Energy within him flowed into Wang Chong's body.

Dayan Pugyal's body sent dust flying into the air as it crashed down and became motionless. Against the charge of thousands of Profound Martial cavalry and the suppression of Wang Chong and Li Siye, even an elite general like Dayan Pugyal, a Saint Martial expert, had failed to hold on and met his end.

"Let's go!" Wang Chong called out to Li Siye, only glancing at Dayan Pugyal's corpse for a moment before mounting Dayan Pugyal's red highland steed.

Wang Chong's Turkic warhorse had been pulverized just moments ago in that clash of Stellar Energy. Although the high-quality warhorse of the Turkic steppe had a physique that could match the best Arabian horse, it couldn't be compared to the divine steed Dayan Pugyal had received from the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple. It was clear that it was not strong enough to endure a clash of supreme experts.

"Arrow Formation, charge!"

Wang Chong waved his sword and gave another order to charge. Ordinary cavalry after a battle like this would have been in chaos and would have been incapable of forming up so quickly.

But it took only a few seconds for the five thousand Wushang Cavalry to carry out Wang Chong's order, immediately assuming the 'Arrow Formation'. Boom! In a single charge, the Tibetan cavalry that had just reformed were immediately scattered again.


Screams filled the air, as did the sounds of warhorses crashing against each other, neighing, and the clashing of weapons, all of it forming a discordant symphony. Even when Dayan Pugyal was there, the Tibetan army had still been incapable of stopping the Wushang Cavalry charge, and now that Dayan Pugyal was dead, the remaining Tibetans had lost the buff of his halo and were even less of a match.

The battle on the steppe had instantly turned into a one-sided massacre!