The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 758

Chapter 758: A Method For Dealing With Altitude Sickness

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"In the attack on the Zhangzhung Training Camp, eighty were heavily injured, the majority when Dayan Pugyal sent out that explosive wave of energy," Xu Keyi said. "In addition, thirty suffered minor wounds and seven were killed. All of them, including those killed, were brought back on the horses. In addition, the heavily injured have already taken the medicine provided by Lord Marquis and are out of danger."

Currently, Xu Keyi was responsible for logistics.

"Lord Marquis, we killed more than twenty thousand people this time, but we only suffered one hundred and ten injuries, and only seven deaths. That's truly incredible."

"That's right! The Wushang are truly powerful warriors!"

Upon hearing this number, the gathered officers couldn't help but sigh in wonder. Given how greatly the forces of Zhangzhung had outnumbered theirs, that they had come away with only a hundred-some casualties was truly unbelievable. If this casualty ratio were told to others, probably no one would believe them.

But when Wang Chong heard this number, he gave an almost imperceptible frown.

This number was larger than he had expected.

Cavalry fought differently from infantry. When two forces of infantry clashed, it wasn't strange for one side to kill one thousand while suffering eight hundred losses. Even an elite force of infantry might suffer grievous casualties in a round of battle. But cavalry were different, as they relied on the power of the collective charge.

Like a sharp knife, once they got into the enemy force, they would inflict massive damage, but the cavalry themselves would suffer few casualties owing to their high speed. Thus, it was perfectly normal that if one pitted ten thousand cavalry against one hundred thousand infantry, the infantry might lose more than half their number while the cavalry losses wouldn't exceed one thousand, perhaps only several hundred.

The Wushang Cavalry had just been trained and had already suffered eighty heavy injuries, thirty light injuries, and seven deaths. These casualties were greater than Wang Chong had expected.

Around him, Xu Keyi, Cheng Sanyuan, Su Shixuan, and even Li Siye had sensed Wang Chong's frown. Even someone as composed as Li Siye couldn't help but click his tongue. It appeared that Wang Chong's requirements were even higher than they had thought.

In a battle of five thousand against twenty-seven thousand, they had only suffered a hundred-some casualties, with only seven actual deaths. Even the Great Generals of the border would be envious at this ratio, yet Wang Chong wasn't satisfied.

I've only been training them for around half a month. It seems like I'll have to step things up. In addition, the production of the Meteoric Metal and Wootz Steel swords has to be hastened. Those two things have to be sent over as quickly as possible, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

The Mamelukes from his last life had each been equipped with a Wootz Steel sword and had been nearly invincible. Alas, when the otherworldly invaders attacked and the Abbasid Caliphate was vanquished, those ten thousand Wootz Steel swords were lost. Thus, even in the end-stages of the world, Wang Chong's Wushang Cavalry did not have those invincible Wootz Steel swords to use.

But now, everything was different. Wang Chong could not only provide all his Wushang Cavalry with Wootz Steel swords, he could even equip them with the 'Meteoric Metal' armor, many times sturdier than the Tibetan plate armor. The Wushang Cavalry would be raised to an unprecedented level, even stronger than the supreme Wushang Cavalry of his last life.

But it was precisely for this reason that Wang Chong regarded this force with such importance. After all, the people in Wushang Village were limited, and each death was one that could not be replaced. These were the elite of the elite, and it wasn't excessive for Wang Chong to view them with this much importance.

Cousin left around three months ago, and he was sailing with the monsoon winds. Based on this, it should be about another month until he returns.

As he thought about his older cousin Wang Liang, a bright light appeared in Wang Chong's eyes.

On his first voyage, Wang Liang had been tempered, experiencing the fickleness of the human mind and the dangers of various environments as he journeyed across the seas in search of those islands holding Meteoric Metal, wasting several months. But with the experience gained from his first success, aided by those practiced sailors, he was now in a completely different situation.

At the very least, he would not have to experience all the dangers and obstructions of the first voyage, nor would he need almost half a year. By using the monsoon winds on both the voyage there and back, he would need only around four months.

I'm truly looking forward to it! Wang Chong excitedly said to himself.

With the feedback from the first voyage, Wang Chong had invested even more on the second, dispatching Wang Liang with an even larger group. This also meant that more Meteoric Metal could be brought back, much more than from the first voyage.

Wang Chong's mind was occupied with these thoughts for only a few moments before he regained his composure.

"That's right; after descending from the plateau, what is the situation of the army? Have you checked?" Wang Chong said, glancing at Xu Keyi.

At this question, all the officers slightly paled.

Before Xu Keyi could say anything, Cheng Sanyuan butted in. "Of the five thousand, more than one thousand are suffering from diarrhea. In addition, around three hundred have a light fever. The rest of the soldiers only feel a mild discomfort."

It was actually rather strange. These symptoms had not appeared while on the plateau, but once they descended, the five thousand soldiers began to suffer from various adverse reactions.

Cheng Sanyuan and Xu Keyi had already spent a very long time discussing this problem worriedly with the other officers.

Everyone said that the Tibetan Plateau was a blessed land bestowed by the heavens to the Tibetans. In the past, Cheng Sanyuan and the others had never put much stock in this phrase, even snorting in disdain whenever it was brought up. But none of them dared to think this now.

They had all witnessed the strength of the Wushang Cavalry, but if even they ended up like this after venturing onto the plateau, then one could only imagine what would happen to ordinary soldiers.

"Lord Marquis, is this altitude sickness?" Li Siye said, staring at Wang Chong.

With all the time he had spent with Wang Chong, he knew a little.

"Mm." Wang Chong nodded, a hint of worry in his eyes.

Altitude sickness truly was a very big problem. This also had to do with the fact that after exterminating Zhangzhung Training Camp, he had quickly given the order to retreat.

The Wushang villagers spent every day traversing the mountains, and their physique surpassed that of ordinary people in many aspects. Wang Chong had originally believed that they wouldn't suffer any serious problems, but it now appeared that he had deeply underestimated the severity of altitude sickness.

The Tibetan Plateau was said to be a land blessed by the heavens, and it was also said that anyone who invaded this plateau would be cursed. By relying on this formidable natural barrier, the plateau's inhabitants could naturally attack and withdraw as needed, constantly disturbing and attacking the surrounding countries.

"Lord Marquis, the plateau truly is the domain of the Tibetans. It appears that it will be very difficult for us to stay for extended periods on the plateau."

Xu Keyi, Cheng Sanyuan, and the other officers all looked concerned.

Wang Chong said nothing.

When altitude sickness became serious, it would truly make one's breathing slow, even lead to death. In comparison to this grave result, the five thousand Wushang Cavalry had actually gotten off lightly.

However, no matter how serious the altitude sickness was, it was still a high mountain that Wang Chong needed to scale.

It seems like I'll have to bring that item up on the agenda, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

In this era, most people still felt an ignorant and blind respect toward altitude sickness. Even the aggressive Turks felt a deep respect for the plateau.

But Wang Chong knew that there were ways to deal with and overcome altitude sickness.

This matter needed to be carried out secretly. Otherwise, if too many people found out, it would definitely have a negative effect.

"We'll rest here for a few days before returning to the City of Steel," Wang Chong said.

"Yes, Lord Marquis!" the officers all deferentially replied.

After resting for a few days at Heaven Pillar Mountain, the army journeyed back to the City of Steel. Immediately after getting back, Wang Chong summoned the steward that Yang Hongchang had sent to the City of Steel.

"Lord Marquis!"

The old steward stepped into the reception hall and gave Wang Chong a respectful bow.

"Steward Yang, notify your patriarch to buy some things for me in the Western Regions."

Wang Chong was seated in an armchair, his palm holding a white porcelain cup, his other hand using the lid of the cup to lightly clear away the foam on the tea.

"What is it that Lord Marquis requires? As long as our Yang Clan can get it, we'll make any sacrifice to do so!" the old steward sternly said.

"There's no need to be so serious. I just need your patriarch to buy a small thing." Wang Chong went straight to the point. "It's a little red flower that grows on the Tibetan Plateau called roseroot."


The old steward frowned, a confused look in his eyes.

He often travelled the Western Regions and knew the area like the back of his hand, but he had never heard of anything like roseroot.

"Lord Marquis, forgive me for being ignorant, but based on what I know, no one in the Western Regions sells this 'roseroot' you speak of."

The old steward had dipped into the field of herbs, and the Yang Clan had been in the business, but he had no recollection of any such flower. Admittedly, -Tsang did not sell many things to the Western Regions, but if there was something like this roseroot, he would definitely have remembered it.

"Haha, if no one's selling it, that's even better. Have your patriarch begin to inquire about purchasing them. That little red flower is a wildflower very common on the plateau. Have your patriarch ask the Arabs to buy it for him. Tell the Arabs that it's to feed the horses to make them defecate more easily."

As Wang Chong spoke, he opened a drawer and took out a sheet of paper, handing it to the steward.

"I've already drawn what roseroot looks like. If your patriarch buys something that matches the drawing, he won't go wrong."

"Understood, Lord Marquis. I will do so."

The old steward quickly left with the drawing. With the drawing of roseroot, everything would be much simpler. With the power the Yang Clan had built up through its many years in the Western Regions, it would definitely find this flower for Wang Chong, even if it had to dig deep into the ground.

After watching the old steward leave, Wang Chong half-closed his eyes and took a sip of tea, leaning back in thought. "After all this time, still no one knows about roseroot. That's truly surprising."

The Tibetan Plateau was a natural barrier that protected the -Tsang Empire. The people from any other empire that entered that place would suffer a significant reduction in strength. This included the Arabs and their mighty Mamelukes.

But this natural barrier was not impossible to attack, and this roseroot was one of the ways.